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Enjoying this game, however Hound will not show me anything about the node I scan. I don't know if I should be looking for the info somewhere, but I can't see it in any obvious places. I've already lost 3 proxies to honeypots even though I scan every single node and it never tells me anything.

Edit: Lost the game because it expects me to know things that it never tells me. Everything you need to know about each node to not die is only given to you once you've already lost proxies to it.

Got this game from the Bundle for Ukraine, so good! Also, after playing this, I almost instantly recognized your bird art in The Zium Museum! Good stuff!

There seems to be a small issue with Halfheart Fruit and Garnish with Grease Toroid, Bowl of Warm Cubits, and Honey Drink where the drink's original location seems to place it partially within the wall, and as such it will always fall over when loading the area or placing it back manually. Other than that, a really cool experience!

Interesting game and surprising mechanics!

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This is the most interesting, strange, confusing (initially), and fascinating game I've ever played. Not at all what I expected. Well done!

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Fun game! Only wish that the p's in the font you used didn't look like long n's lol. Also wish that right click would close the paint menu again, so I don't have to go back and click on the X button.

Enjoyed the game! Took me ~20 quills before I found one I could write on, but wasn't too bad. Left some song lyrics by one of my favorite small artists!

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I think I found a bug, where being lost in somewhere will loop me infinitely falling instead of the intended result.

Otherwise, love the game!

I mostly agree with this sentiment, would appreciate a way to disable it.

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Would it be possible to split the 64-bit and 32-bit versions into separate downloads? Currently, you are forced to download both (1.65GB total), and when launching via the itch app it asks you which .exe you want to run (but they're both labeled exactly the same, so you have to check the file size to verify which is which).

Edit: Got the game running, but the mouse sensitivity is insanely low. To turn 360 degrees I literally have to move the mouse a little more than two feet. Would greatly appreciate an option to change mouse sensitivity.

Such a creative and unique game! Def seems like a trend for you. I wish I had this amount of creativity.

Love this

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The best strategy-based rage game I've ever played.

But in all seriousness, a very neat game! Pretty tough, but probably easier if you're experienced with chess.

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I agree with all of this. I rarely skip audio or text in video games, but in this game I got to a point where I just realized  that the monologues were only ever going to explain the written notes, and from then on I just skipped every piece of dialogue, except for when the main character was reading the notes themselves. I'd say that the way that The Witness (which, to be fair, is fairly different in style) handles quotes is much better for me personally. They just read the quote with enough emotion to allow you to comprehend the message that is being conveyed, and they leave it at that. They don't try to explain it, they just let you try to understand it for yourself. Also, you can control your character while the quotes are read, so the length is never of any burden.

My only complaint with this game is that you cannot water the plant while also standing on top of the plant.

Interesting game! Just wish I could click and hold for fire instead of it always being on when selected.


Nice green world with cool grooved patterns and small bumps! Makes it feel like a miniature world full of canyons and  spikes and tiny hills. 

My new super jump came in handy!


Modded myself some higher jumps and directional jumps for more mobility, so far they're proving  useful!

I know of two programs that should be able to extract most (if not all) of the code and assets from the game, if that's of any help!


Random seeds time. I love finding weird pattern geometry.


Surprisingly, it fits the name!


A deservedly unique seed.


Honestly, I did this as a joke, but it ended up looking cool enough that I just couldn't resist posting it here.


This world is clearly very good, as you can tell by the title alone.


Green's last seed for the night, and it honestly lived up to the name!


Submitted by a viewer, the name accurately reflects Green's mental state after becoming addicted to this game.


Also courtesy of GreenGunGuy

Cool seed, AND free advertising for one of my favorite games!


Also courtesy of GreenGunGuy

What's interesting is that all of the spikes are square-ish instead of pointy.


After realizing that Bit's seeds don't really create what they're supposed to when giving them to Bot, I decided to go through my older seeds to see if any were actually interesting. Most were flat and bland, but this one was pretty good!


This seed gives some REALLY cool surface texture across seemingly the whole world, along with some valleys.


It gave me cool.

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Honestly one of my favorites. The color scheme even matches a little!


Courtesy of GreenGunGuy on Twitch

A  very polygonal world.

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Aww, that sucks. Would there be any way to recover some of the game files from the release? I'm not too familiar with this sort of thing.

Enjoying the games, although I can't jump in The Samosa Explosion while using arrow keys.

Enjoying the game, but I think it could really use some quality-of-life features, namely:

  • Slight acceleration on movement, as the instant speed change feels uncomfortable.
  • Mid-air movement control, because it helps a ton in a first-person shooter game, especially when platforming is involved, and making any mistake with aiming your jump puts you so far back. Take this platform as an example. If I miss this jump, I will be sent back all the way to the last checkpoint I reached. Do I jump? Do I just walk off of the platform? Do I sprint off of the platform? The fact that I have no idea which to do, and will get punished for choosing incorrectly, makes me frustrated as a player. If you want an example of good mid-air control, refer to almost any other first-person shooter game. Also, I figured out (by missing the platform) that (1), the platform is bouncy, despite zero indication of such, and (2) what it wanted me to do was to hold W until I safely reached the platform on the other end. And it took me a minute to get back to where I was.
  • Ability to look farther up or down. I can't count how many times I've wanted to shoot someone in a cool way by jumping over them in slow motion and shooting them from above, just to realize I can't because the player character seemingly has severe back issues.
  • The lasers are so slow that they're not really even an obstacle, but just a way to slow you down (unless you happen to accidentally jump towards them, in which case you have zero way to stop yourself from hitting them). I feel that they should be up for a maximum of two or three seconds, while staying off for a similar amount of time.
  • Fixed spelling and grammatical errors :P.
  • Invincibility frames. Basically, the player should have some sort of damage invulnerability for a short time after being hit. This makes it so that if I so happen to be hit by three enemies at once while I'm busy focusing on another enemy, I don't lose the game instantly.
  • Please make it so that losing a life will respawn you a small distance behind where you died, and losing all three lives sends you back to the most recent checkpoint. With how easy it is to die in this game, it isn't fun to lose all of your progress because you missed a jump and got hit twice at the same time.

I've just started playing this game, and the fact that enemies one-shot you and have insane reaction time is kinda off-putting. I've read the other comments saying that the primary focus is the telekinesis, but I'm only in the tutorial and I'm having trouble managing to juggle stunning enough enemies before shooting them, or trying to throw them into a wall just to be shot by a different person. The fact that they don't even have to be facing me to shoot me, and can shoot instantly after getting up really makes it difficult for me as someone who rarely plays these kinds of games. Makes it feel more like a telekinesis game with a gun than a shooter game with telekinesis.

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Things I would suggest:

  1. Key rebinding
  2. When using echo, surrounding geometry should still be visible for a bit (or decay as you move). It can become very disorienting being in constant darkness, which causes you to have to echo more than normal
  3. Toggle to hide in lockers instead of having to hold F
  4. Severely dampen how far echo travels through walls. Currently, if you're in a room and there is a room next to it, enemies in the other room can still hear you if you use echo
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Enemies cannot seem to kill you while you are crouched :P

Edit: They can, but they generally have great difficulty doing so.

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It's pretty good, but I just wish that button prompts were shown as their keyboard equivalents if a controller is not attached :(

And since my brother usually has our only controller, and is currently sick, I'm basically stuck without one.

EDIT: I have a controller now, so I'm planning to fully play this.

Also, bug report: Foreground elements can display over the menu (both pause menu and map menu) 


Also, imo the character drifts way too much when no input is held. If I just move in a direction for a second and let go, I can drift a large distance, seemingly without any deceleration. Can get annoying when I decide to put the controller down for a second without pausing. Also, the character keeps its speed through restarts, meaning it can accidentally go backwards through a room transition, or worse. Just noticed this happen in a different game with the same controller, so it could just be my controller.