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Oh thanks! I'll remember that next update. Sorry for the unexplained crashes.

AFTER THREE YEARS OF DEV HELL! And procrastination it is done! 

Oh yeah. Mac users rejoice! If you have a problem with it working on your OS tell me.

Did you make this on your own? It looks deceit. I can't play it on my platform(GNU/Linux). But Judging a book from it's cover i'd say you did a deceit job with the visuals.

To quote the main page "Create a game in any one of these three game engines in 7 days." Dude your game is much older than that. This game is disqualified. 

Fun, Fits all three themes, and that sound effect when you get a kill. Nice.

Broken. Can't move. wasd only rotates the spinner.

how do I get this version?

If you love Super/Open Hexagon, then you'll love this game, The game has this 80s or 90s arcade appeal. As bright color are noted with WARNING SEIZURE! The game's main goal is to collect 8 cubes, then head towards the portal in the center. what changes is the insanely fast geometry. This is by all means an action-puzzle game. It's going to take reflexes and a sharp mind, to get past any level.

Thanks for linux support. Good Grief, that was awesome.

Thanking you for posting, AND PLAYING!

also, what error messages? Please quote directly.

Have you tried downloading Godot, and running it through that?


No sound? Well the game has no sound effects, but you should be hearing music at least.

I'm trying find out why it isn't quiting myself. Hopefully it'll be patched when I'm done with Chapter 1.

I'll see what I can do about the introductory. I will also try to explain game mechanics better.

Thank you for posting!

Well... I didn't know escoria had the feature the return to main menu.... (Hahaha...whoops.) Still the window's button doesn't work. I don't know why escoria did that, but I plan on fixing it anyways.

What do you mean "Ah, with JessyMusic next to the game the audio works. Alright."?

The game is like old point and clicks, like Monkey Island. You'll need to press interact/use in order to interact with objects.

Thank you for your critism. The following will be changed. (In the Jessy chapter 1 update)

  1. Options. Full screen is fully capible in Godot, and done easily
  2. Jessyweird2 (The font) will be changed out with a newer/readable font
  3. I'm not sure on this one, but the removal of the big X, it was a quickfix. for the windows exit button not working.

Dude I made it to 456.

Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but can we get rid of Visual Studio in the source code, and replace it with open source alternatives?

I have way too many issues with Unity, but the 2 big hitters are.

1.It's not free as in freedom. (Open source.)

2.It's Editor does not support Linux.

Besides, I love Godot. I ain't giving it up, anytime soon.

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Uh dude. You do realize that screen shots are for your game. Right? This uh... how do I put it. Gives the wrong impression.

Use that for your profile.

For some reason I had to reload the game, It wasn't starting. It takes too long to start going. I like how the jets are sync with the music. The cover art reminds me of skyroads.

A cool effect suggestion:

Have the background rotate as well, this will give the feeling of the ship actually moving around in the pipe. 

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dos?....DOS! I-I am impressed, Wow, this is awesome.

Where can I download this?

Godot? Yeah bro! More love to that engine I say.

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-ish. Emulators, and wrap layers exist. But if I were to go down that route, I'd use wine (Windows wrap layer). 

So it needs to be built for GNU/linux. (More importantly, the libraries a distro uses, possibly an AppImage. But I won't get into all the details here. ) 

Web-Browser games work on all platforms. 

Seriously no body has voted on anything. Some one could give a 1 star, and that person would win. I'd vote, but nobody is supporting my platform of choice.

Love the level design! Each new mechanic is taught in it's own zone. Then you try to replicate it.

Fun little boxxer.

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Boring, yet... Err... Yeah boring. The highlight of the game was finding out that all items are highlighted with 4 grass tiles around them, anything else is a trapdoor. Wish I knew that before picking up what I though was "bonus chest". After the second level, I refused to bother with coins. They were only a distraction. The maps were larger than I thought. Props to that. More enemies might may have made the game more enjoyable. The final boss was... a... Akward. ha-ha. 

Not bad graphics though.

Can I submit more than one game?

You may use it freely


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I'll try,

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wasd to move 

Enter to continue conversation.

For the wire puzzle. 

    To move a box click and drag.

    Click on a small circle (terminal) and drag to form a wire, drag and let go on a circle to form a connection. When you are ready, press the on switch on the power box

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Sure... Sorry about that.


wasd to move 

Enter to continue conversation.

For the wire puzzle. 

    To move a box click and drag.

    Click on a small circle (terminal) and drag to form a wire, drag and let go on a circle to form a connection. When you are ready, press the on switch on the power box

I'm using Godot. It's MIT open source. It's the best engine (in my view) for starting from stratch. You don't need to pay for features, YOU GET IT ALL!