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Have an option to enable auto build materials. 

I'm getting tired of turning thatch into rope then into the object I want.

I want the thatch to be instantly be changed into rope when I craft the object. Instead of going through my inventory and trying to clean up the uncrafted thatch.

Also have a way to upgrade your thirst and hunger bars. They do become a chore to manage if your playing for a long time.

Created a new topic Semi game entry

I've been doing two projects at once. I can not focus on one if the other requires my attention. So I'm going to sort of release my game, but only the source code.

It's on github right now.


Feel free to use this as a base for your game.

If you wish to run it on windows you'll need godot and the source code, this program was made for Linux.

I choose a game about isolation, and loneliness where your shadow is your biggest enemy as well as your best friend.

The main goal was to have a puzzle game where the body has to reach the end, the shadow can pass through walls, activate doors and stuff like that, but if the shadow touches the body, it resets to the last check point. That was the plan anyway. Sadly I could not finish it. So you can activate the switch, but you can't go through the door.

You can grab the source code off of github. https://github.com/lavaduderDev/G17-CramJam-MolyDe...

Can I release it while it's in pre-alpha?