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Either the .pck file is missing, or my exporter to your OS (Probably windows) failed. If it's web... then I don't know what to tell you. This is an old project that's being going for...almost 6 years on three different game engines. (Blender,Godot2.4,Godot3.1) Your best bet is to download Godot3.1 and the source off of gitgud. And play it through the editor itself.

Sorry for the late post, I don't log on here often.

Because I have a hard time explaining it. "What's a node tree system?"

Hmm I did not know about PackedScenes being compatible, Thank you.

Signals are a requirement. Even in games where you don't think you need them. Anything that deals with buttons, collision, multiplayer, ETC. Needs to have some form of a signal. I dare anyone in this jam to make a game without them.

Dude signals are practically a requirement for collision. Just highlighting them is not giving them justice.

signal fire_ready
func _ready():
    NODEA.connect("fire_ready",self,"print",["Come in."])
#Honestly I could have used the built in signal "ready", but this was to show how to create them as well.

Hey so I've been using godot since 2.2; (or 2.6 I forget?) I can give you some really neat speed tips for the engine.
'export' key word for 'var' can help a lot if your re-using code. It allows for modulation between scripts.

export var i = 0 #This variable can be changed in the editor
export(String) var s = "Four" #This variable can only be a string, it's never a float, bool, or int.
export(int) var num = 4 # Like String before it, this can only be an integer
export(bool) var torf = false
export(float) var f = 0.5
export(Vector2) var vec2 #Yep every known variable can be used in the export.
#Now for some unorthodox methods
export(String,FILE,"*.json") var dialog = "" #This allows you to open files, And the .json bit is a filter, you can have unlimited filters.
export(NodePath) var nodey #You can grab another node.
export(COOLTOOLBARS) var toolbar #Yep you can even use enums for the export key word, pretty neat huh?  

Slow down the excitement dude!

The balloon is slow enough for you to hit it while in air. Dude you can have infinite jumps.

Man screenshots make this game look fun. I wish It wasn't in unity though so I could play. Hope your game does well in the jam.

unity WebGL


Won't load for me. Unity has outdid itself again.

Can't I'm a Linux dude.

You apologize for gratifying me twice? What sick psycho are you?

You broke the pacifist rule. Cause this game is killing my brain.

thankyou again


Genius. At first I said "Why is this game so broken?" Then slowly I started seeing how it all works. BLAST YOU FOR BEING CLEVER!

I'm surprised you liked it.

Yeah the main reason I didn't add a gameover menu was because I figured I'd be out of time. So I just let the game quit. THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!

Like the weapon variety. But after reading SOL games comment... Yeah there's really one you're ever going to use. I like the map, the ruins are perhaps the best zone. Enemies can easily be grouped into one place. I feel like the game did bug out on me. This is probably construct3 cause all the spawn and explosion effects I see on the screenshots appeared as thin white lines.


GENIUS! Though the title screen bugged out on me. (It got bigger than my screen.) Playing it was fun. You thought sound waves instead of water waves, which was pretty clever. You also seem to put some effort into audio too, so props.

AH! I can't play it! The title screen gets too big, and my laptop can't view what's going on beyond the screen.

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Took me a while to realize the mines were the strange circles. And they "blow up" when they despawn. To be honest I didn't have fun.

Once you've figured out the houdini water trick. All Challenge is lost. Still a fun toy, but there need be something to prevent me from houdini-ing the boat to the side.

Not bad. Kinda wished there was a push & pull ability rather than just pull.

Side note: When I was making the game I did not intend to do Card 2. It was a pleasant mistake.

He "Lawyered it" in.

Oh thanks! I'll remember that next update. Sorry for the unexplained crashes.

AFTER THREE YEARS OF DEV HELL! And procrastination it is done!