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I have an idea!!

can you please make it so you can choose diffaculty also i had an idea about the walls! i expanded my raft and started putting walls up thinking that they would keep the sharks away but apperntly they are just for show....can you please make it so when you turn it on easy they wont attack the sides with walls n stuff?????



im not hating but making the game more realistic would be more fun and adding all teh of the features that have been reqested (of course not ALL of them ). The only reason im asking of this is because when you play for a really long time you have food recorses because of the nets so the only thing to do is sit there and wait for the shark which is kinda boring.


And please make the sound Q for the shark alittle louder because i have my headphones turned up on the second floore of my raft but when i come back down half of my faft is gone because i can never here the sound QAND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO!!! just to make it a little more ominis maybe play the JAWS music when your in the water because the shark starts swimming towards you just to make it kind of scary.


I was thinking you could ad defence mekinisms and there have been alot of reqest of adding spikes and stuff but alot of people have been talking about weight so i dont think those would even be possible. what i as thinking of is somthing more....suttle. For instance when you kill the shark he always comes back!! theres no breaks inbetween! hes alllwaaaaays there. so i was thinking maybe when they try to eat the nets that are on the outside of the raft they would get caught in it delaying the spawn of another one.


This is kinda overkill but maybe the shark could have a family a kind of...reason why te sharks keep coming back and maybe when you killong of the sharks th eone from far out can smeel the blood and when they spawn the come rushing twords where ever the other one died.


Maybe in the game sence the only things you can collect on the surface are planks scraps etc. when the shark isnt looking you could dive under water. this could increase your fatiuge when you diving in regularly.

6. GEAR (Last one!)

This is pretty much just an add-on to number five but SCUBBA GEAR WOULD BE AWSOME!! it could be used to stay under water longer because maybe when you go under water ynext to your fatuige you have a blue breath meeter and building peice-by-peice scubba gear would help you when your under water as far and moving and searching goes!!

These are alll ov my ideas for the game sorry if there really long but i spent really long time typing and coming up with these so please implement al LEAST one :3

Love It