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-Armored Foundations

-new enemies

-dont have to drink every ten seconds

-player armor or suits maybe you can see your own character and customize him/her


-Beds that you can save in, and if you die you can respawn. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

-Platypuses, why you may ask? because.

-things to customize a house with.

-more things to build a house with


-Sharks with laser beams attached to their backs, ohhh and, sharks with laser beams attached to their backs that are tamed, so you can ride around and take ovah de Atlantic.

- the one above i was joking, but the game has potential for easter eggs, wink wink

-bigger inventory or craftable backpacks

- night day cycle making use for items like beds or lights, and you know how games tend to get harder at night make it easier because sharks dont have great eye sight so at night the shark does not attack you, but you need light to build or you need fire to stay warm.

lovee the game you guys have a lot of potential, keep up the work, you guys are amazing, oh yah one more thing new fish. -Kohl

Night and day would be cool.Maybe different creatures spawn at different times of the day, seems like something that could be interesting.And yeah less drinking would be nice along with a save feature.Great ideas! :)