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Hi, use the axe on destroy building structures and to remove items like cooking stations.


  • I'm pretty sure nowhere is safe from shark attacks.
  • You can play a 1.04 save on v1.05, but I experienced some glitches: resources not spawning, no coconuts on palm trees and split-second "swimming" just from walking on the raft. If a game was saved on v1.05, you can't play it on v1.04.


  • You can't stand on a dead shark anymore :( Kill them close to the raft if you want the meat.
  • As far as I know, sharks no longer retreat if you jump in the water to fight them. I killed two with 15 straight jabs without them diving under.
  • Item Nets show their health when you repair them now.
  • You can destroy building structures and get your materials back! Be careful on what order you remove things; if you remove a foundation with a wall on it, you'll only get a plank and rope while the wall is just gone.
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v1.05 is here! I didn't have long to play it but here's some stuff I found:

  • I played my "off-the-map" save from 1.04, but the ocean was under my raft instead of empty sky. I still fell through the map like before though.
  • I was getting 6-8 FPS and it was painful. I hit ESC and went to Options->Video and set the water quality to lowest and unchecked all the graphics boxes. That got me up to 12-14 FPS.
  • The crafting recipe for palm tree plots now requires nails.
  • Sharks only yield 4 pieces of meat now (I killed two, same thing for both).
  • The shark seems to have a little more variation. It took me 3, 4, or even 5 spear jabs to get it off my raft.

Hi eyal100, you can recover health by eating coconuts or cooked food.

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Hi SpacingRapier! Hold right click, then move your mouse.

Coconut fun:

  • They can be caught in nets! If it rolls in you won't see it in there, but it will appear in your inventory when you empty the net.
  • Apparently the ocean isn't that deep. Watch your coconut when it falls off the raft and you should still see it about a couple meters under the surface(my graphics quality is set to "fastest"). You can jump in and grab it, too!

Can't say I know much about macs :/ Maybe you can reconfigure it; on the Input tab in the Raft Configuration window you should be able to change RightClick to a different key(double-click on the entry in either the Primary or Secondary column). I have a qwerty keyboard so I changed mine to the 'Q' key.

Hi, the Sprint control should be one of the 'Shift' keys. To change the configuration, use the Raft Configuration window when you start the game. Go to the Input tab and you will see the controls of the game. Scroll down and find 'Sprint' in the Control column. Now double-click directly on the key you want to change(in either the Primary or Secondary column)and then press the key you want to use when you sprint. Hope this helps!

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Cool! Do you remember how far out you had to go?

Holding the right mouse button should open the build menu.

V1.04 already has the sprint ability.

Replied to acegeek in Wall Purpose?

I see them roll through when it's directly between two walls but other times they're stopped. I think placing tree plots a little off-center helps with that ^-^

I believe it can, yes.

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  • It takes 15 spear jabs to kill the shark.
  • Coconuts and cooked food replenish thirst, hunger, and health. Uncooked food only replenishes hunger.
  • I found out that if you attack the shark often enough it won't go after the raft. What I do is jump in the water and jab the shark at least 3 times(it dives after 3, if you're quick you can hit it a 4th time as it goes under). Swim parallel to your raft to avoid getting pushed under. Go shark-hunting to avoid raft attacks!

Hi, when you start the game you should see a Raft Configuration window. Go to the Input tab and you'll see the controls of the game. Double-click directly on the key you want to change(so click on the 'w','a','s' and 'd'), then press the key you want to replace it with. Hope this helps!

I just tried it and can't change it back either. I'm just guessing but maybe deleting and redownloading the game will reset it?

Oh I see, thanks! That really sucks to have happen, tho.

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Raft is a lot of fun and I'd like to catalogue the things we discover about the game! Here's some stuff I learned(Version 1.04):

  • You can jump on palm trees when they're small and they'll carry you to the top like an elevator!
  • I use WASD to move, and have an easier time using the 'F' key to use items instead of the 'E' key.
  • No stairs? No problem! You can jump to the next floor using a cooking station. Alternatively, you can build a wall, place a chest on the same square as the wall, and jump up using both. Good for compact rafts.

What can you do in Raft that you want to share with other players?

The updates are free rn but you can donate if you'd like to. For now at least, you can't play the updates without starting a new game. When I went from V1.03 to V1.04 my save was preceded with "old" and I couldn't play it.

Voici les instructions d'installation:

1.Extraitez les fichiers en cliquant avec le bouton droit sur le fichier téléchargé et en choisissant extraire ici. Assurez-vous que le fichier .exe et le dossier Data se trouvent au même emplacement.
2. Exécutez le fichier .exe.
3.Choisissez les paramètres, puis appuyez sur play.

Avez-vous téléchargé le jeu et extrait les fichiers? Trouvez et cliquez l'application-- pour moi, c'est V1.04_Raft_ Win64. Vous devriez voir Raft Configuration où vouz pouvez changer les options graphiques et les commandes du clavier(l'onglet "Input"). Cliquez "Play!". J'espère que ça vous aide.

Replied to WormGrunter in Bug reports

The same thing has been happening to me(I'm on Windows 8.1). I can't replace the foundation just by itself, but I can place some surrounding foundation and finally replace the missing piece because it connects to the new pieces.

I like your ideas, especially upping the danger factor and having degrading items.

Version 1.04 allows us to stack items manually! I'm not sure what "Tools to work after 45 mins ( ish ) of game play" means, can you clarify?

You can also throw items away by placing them anywhere that's not an inventory slot. They drop on the ground as tiny barrels :D

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I had some more ideas:

  • I think there should be more things that can hurt the player if done wrong: poisonous fish, drinking saltwater, some uncooked food items, getting caught in bad weather, running the fatigue meter down, touching jellyfish in the item nets with bare hands, touching spikes. Things that would be common sense or can be learned through trial and error. The only way to get hurt right now is by the shark, which you never have to worry about if you never leave the raft. There would be more challenge and variety to the dangers the player faces. I think it'd be good since players can eat food to restore health, and in later gameplay it's all too easy to keep the hunger bar full.

^ Working with dangerous items like spikes, traps, fire, or stronger fish on a hook could require skill checks that hurt the player if failed.

  • More reasons to get in the water. Perhaps bigger nets or underwater structures that require getting wet to place and repair. I feel like just making the sharks more numerous or more destructive would get more frustrating than fun, and it'd be more interesting if part of the challenge was from players themselves risking the shark.

^ To discuss an already-existing reward: I recently found out that if I regularly combat the shark(letting it bite me and so I can hit it until it dives under) my raft is attacked way less. Please please keep this in. I find it allows me to work on my raft on my own time without getting interrupted, plus I'm eating food as soon as I can produce it to keep my health up, so I don't have a crazy surplus of potatoes. Also it's fun decorating the seas with the carcasses of my enemies >:D I always have something to keep me engaged by playing this way.

  • Shark repellent that works on a time limit, maybe something crafted from poisonous fish/plants that affects so much area for a few minutes. This could help a player defend larger rafts or let them sleep securely if that's implemented.
  • Fires should require fuel. In order to use the water purifier or cooking station __ number of times, they could be stocked with planks or thatch or rope in various amounts.
  • A standard, multi-use campfire. Food or water can be cooked with equipment add-ons, and items that require heat to make can be crafted there.
  • The ability to dive down a few feet. The player could use it to dodge the shark or even pursue it when it dives itself. Maybe shallow sealife could be encountered. But even if there's nothing to see under the water it would keep the player from getting stuck under the raft(about which I already submitted to the bug forum).
  • Have scrap exclusively come in barrels while removing palm seeds. Have coconuts float by as a rare item. Allow rope to be an uncommon barrel-item. As the game is right now I think this would cause some balance problems, but if it could be done later I think it would feel more realistic.

These ideas are more "out there" but would be pretty cool:

  • A free-diving game mode. Not so much open-world but limited movement and visibility. Presuming that the raft and player are drifting on the ocean currents, they wait for their playable area to move over new items stuck to the ocean floor. It would be very similar to how resources float by the raft on the surface, except the player grabs everything by hand.

^This would only be possible during special events, when the raft is drifting over a shallow area. The player has the opportunity to dive once per event.

^ The player would need to craft a tether and post so that they 'anchor' themselves to the raft. It'll explain why they can't go far.

^There's a breath meter. Running the meter down starts decreasing health until the player surfaces or dies. Not sure about the fatigue meter. The player can risk running out of breath by waiting to drift over good items.

^The player could collect things like sand, rocks, decorative shells, and seaweed, and could grab crabs or spear fish.

  • Hard Mode: Rats. An extra challenge in addition to the shark. They float in on barrels, hide in palm trees, can climb pillars and walls, can chew through chests and destroy items inside, gnaw on potatoes, bite the player if held too long, and eventually multiply if two can make a nest. The player can get rid of the rats by eating them or throwing them off the raft(hope that they're whisked away by the current before they swim back). They can't chew through chests, walls, doors, or floors that are reinforced with metal.

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I agree. Maybe we could be able to place priority on items for whether they go to the inventory first or the bar first, since you might pick up a can of water to drink immediately from the bottom bar, but want rope and planks to always go in the inventory.

Posted in Bug reports

The shark can push the player under the raft where they get stuck and drown. When it happened to me I was in the water with my back against the raft where the shark swims up and attacks me. I stab it 3 times with the spear and it swims forward while diving- pushing me under the raft. I can't break the foundation above me because the bobbing motion of the water throws me off-target before I can finish breaking it.

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I'm loving this game so far! I think the beginning is very engaging in trying to balance survival, fending off the shark, and building up the raft, though later gameplay could be made more complex. Some ideas:

  • Please have coconuts and those tiny barrels float?
  • The option to put labels on chests.
  • Not having resources constantly flowing by the raft. Right now, once the player builds enough nets to catch everything that floats by it's not important to really hold onto anything. Once the player has progressed far enough in the game, having new resources float by should slow to more of a trickle, or become an event. I think this would encourage players to utilize chests, value their scrap(the one thing they can't produce right now), and place more focus on self-sufficiency.
  • Day/night cycles and the option(or need) to sleep to recover health.
  • Weather: fog that reduces visibility, no wind/still water(no new resources flow by), rain that puts out unsheltered cooking fires, dangerous hot and cold temperatures. Also windy storms- the unsheltered player can be blown about, but lots of new resources flood the ocean. There could be some kind of visual cue that indicates what's coming.
  • Shark variation: how much health they have(could be indicated by their size), how fast they are, and how often they attack the raft.
  • Friendly or neutral AI, like crabs that scutter around the raft if you drop them. Maybe birds? They could be hunted or caged and have nests with eggs to collect. Maybe dolphins could appear in an event where if you feed them they could temporarily repel sharks or gift rare items from the sea floor.

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