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v1.05 is here! I didn't have long to play it but here's some stuff I found:

  • I played my "off-the-map" save from 1.04, but the ocean was under my raft instead of empty sky. I still fell through the map like before though.
  • I was getting 6-8 FPS and it was painful. I hit ESC and went to Options->Video and set the water quality to lowest and unchecked all the graphics boxes. That got me up to 12-14 FPS.
  • The crafting recipe for palm tree plots now requires nails.
  • Sharks only yield 4 pieces of meat now (I killed two, same thing for both).
  • The shark seems to have a little more variation. It took me 3, 4, or even 5 spear jabs to get it off my raft.