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Share Your Gameplay Tips and Tricks!

A topic by Willonilla created Jan 02, 2017 Views: 7,064 Replies: 16
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Raft is a lot of fun and I'd like to catalogue the things we discover about the game! Here's some stuff I learned(Version 1.04):

  • You can jump on palm trees when they're small and they'll carry you to the top like an elevator!
  • I use WASD to move, and have an easier time using the 'F' key to use items instead of the 'E' key.
  • No stairs? No problem! You can jump to the next floor using a cooking station. Alternatively, you can build a wall, place a chest on the same square as the wall, and jump up using both. Good for compact rafts.

What can you do in Raft that you want to share with other players?


The developers should probably sticky this topic. Would be a great place for people to learn new things about this game. Great idea Willonilla!


Watch out for nets between foundations: they will trap you and you underwater and you will die under the foundation.
But you can use some hacks to recover it, just check out youtube to how. Developers, if you're seeing this, DON'T FIX JUST THIS because it's your fault who cannot come with brilliant ideas to keep people from bugs and they deserve to recover death from bugs.


I've never had an issue jumping back out of the water if I accidentally fall in a net...


Between foundations. You will fall in and get stuck. The fact you never did so doesn't make it's gone.
If the net is next to another net/water block, this is not relevant.


I always put my nets between foundations in order to keep the shark from destroying them. Still never had the issue. I'm not saying it doesn't exist though. Have fun!

Have you tried tho?

how do you jump out of the water?

You press jump

If PC  just space ;D

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  • It takes 15 spear jabs to kill the shark.
  • Coconuts and cooked food replenish thirst, hunger, and health. Uncooked food only replenishes hunger.
  • I found out that if you attack the shark often enough it won't go after the raft. What I do is jump in the water and jab the shark at least 3 times(it dives after 3, if you're quick you can hit it a 4th time as it goes under). Swim parallel to your raft to avoid getting pushed under. Go shark-hunting to avoid raft attacks!


Coconut fun:

  • They can be caught in nets! If it rolls in you won't see it in there, but it will appear in your inventory when you empty the net.
  • Apparently the ocean isn't that deep. Watch your coconut when it falls off the raft and you should still see it about a couple meters under the surface(my graphics quality is set to "fastest"). You can jump in and grab it, too!
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v1.05 is here! I didn't have long to play it but here's some stuff I found:

  • I played my "off-the-map" save from 1.04, but the ocean was under my raft instead of empty sky. I still fell through the map like before though.
  • I was getting 6-8 FPS and it was painful. I hit ESC and went to Options->Video and set the water quality to lowest and unchecked all the graphics boxes. That got me up to 12-14 FPS.
  • The crafting recipe for palm tree plots now requires nails.
  • Sharks only yield 4 pieces of meat now (I killed two, same thing for both).
  • The shark seems to have a little more variation. It took me 3, 4, or even 5 spear jabs to get it off my raft.


  • I'm pretty sure nowhere is safe from shark attacks.
  • You can play a 1.04 save on v1.05, but I experienced some glitches: resources not spawning, no coconuts on palm trees and split-second "swimming" just from walking on the raft. If a game was saved on v1.05, you can't play it on v1.04.


  • You can't stand on a dead shark anymore :( Kill them close to the raft if you want the meat.
  • As far as I know, sharks no longer retreat if you jump in the water to fight them. I killed two with 15 straight jabs without them diving under.
  • Item Nets show their health when you repair them now.
  • You can destroy building structures and get your materials back! Be careful on what order you remove things; if you remove a foundation with a wall on it, you'll only get a plank and rope while the wall is just gone.

hey how do I destroy the things?

Hi, use the axe on destroy building structures and to remove items like cooking stations.

Hi everyone,

Cool trick when you build several floors is that there is no fall damage. Nice when you try to build the highest tower possible (9 level so far).

You can place salted water on the water purifier when one is already done ^^ the same with food is possible.

If you manage to kill the shark, you can gather 4 shark meat, Nice meal for sure ^^

Have fun ^^