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Raft community · Replied to AArcaini in Update

Yes. It will be in a separate folder. I have a folder called Raft, and I put 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 inside of it. They don't install, so nothing replaces anything. You just extract the folder with the game in it.

The thing about game bugs is just because you have no issue, doesn't mean others aren't. I had not issues getting stuck in nets, yet some other people did have the issue. A issue that was game breaking for a lot of people. If you search these forums you will see various posts about bugs from Mac users or Linux users who can't even get the game to open, let alone play it.

If they keep releasing Mac and Linux versions but don't fix the bugs that will inevitably come up, those version will become unplayable after a while and riddled with bugs. It sucks, but when you have a tiny dev team that is doing this game on the side as a hobby (basically), you're asking too much for them to make it perfect for all platforms. Even bigger developers tend to focus on one platform at a time, then release others after the first one is relatively bug free. We're kinda lucky there's any more development happening on this game at all, right now, with the time constraints and real life obligations these people have.

Maybe in the future, they will bring back support for other OS's. In the meantime... there's always Wine...

Raft community · Posted in Update

The game doesn't require installation, just download and play. If you download the new version and just open the 1.5 game, you can still play your 1.4 save in it.

It might help if you can say what the error message says.

Raft community · Posted in problem

I'm not sure if this is a bug or it's intentional to reduce lag from extra graphics. You can still get the items out of the net, either way.

They are dropping support for Mac and Linux at this time. They don't have enough knowledge or time to fix the issues with those platforms. Sorry.

Check the dev blog:

Yes, download it again. The new version that you want to play.

Download the new version, extract the files.

Hello. I had a glitch where the shark attacked through my raft and started biting a net. It started because I was standing in a net by accident and the shark started attacking me, when I moved out of the way, he swam through the raft and started biting.

Screen shot:

Also, not sure if this is a glitch or intended... But you can no longer fall into nets, but the game still considered you inside because your get fatigued and the shark can attack.

Thank you.

You have to craft it, make sure it's in your main inventory, select it, it will appear on the screen and you will get to choose where to place it.

Hold right mouse button when you have the building hammer equiped.

Nope. It happened when I had just one floor and the shark was just swimming in the air around me lol. He did this at least twice in my current game. I also can't seem to kill this shark at all, no matter how many times he comes to my raft normally and I attack with the spear. I think my shark in this game is just glitched; Immortal and has flying powers. I'll start a new game eventually and see if that one acts better.

Thanks. I'll try that next time.

I always put my nets between foundations in order to keep the shark from destroying them. Still never had the issue. I'm not saying it doesn't exist though. Have fun!

I wish they were for more than decoration. I built some, hoping it would stop coconuts from rolling off the sides of my top floors. Pretty useless walls if they can't stop rolling fruit :P

I've never had an issue jumping back out of the water if I accidentally fall in a net...

My bug/glitch is similar to this except the shark will continuously float around my raft in circles, in the air. I can only stop him by attacking with the spear. This almost always happens when he goes to attack a foundation.