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Wall Purpose?

A topic by plushiebunneh created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 5,159 Replies: 8
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Maybe this is a dumb question. and I know it says "walls for protection" or something like that in the game.. but is there Actually a purpose for them? like do they make anything easier? or are they just for asthetics

I believe it's only for astheics :D

cool good to know. I kept building them cause i thought they would do something. but then they just blocked my veiw of the shark attacking me. thanks ^ ^

I wish they were for more than decoration. I built some, hoping it would stop coconuts from rolling off the sides of my top floors. Pretty useless walls if they can't stop rolling fruit :P


I see them roll through when it's directly between two walls but other times they're stopped. I think placing tree plots a little off-center helps with that ^-^

Thanks. I'll try that next time.

i thought maybe the shark couldn't bite thru them? but was quickly proven wrong. I'd love too see something to help with the shark later on. maybe like a late game creation

So I've been testing some things out, and I believe that it takes the shark longer to eat your raft with a wall on it.

Yeah, I thought it would stop the shark as well. Nope. Maybe add some defense to it, we have a spear to stab the shark, why not put them on a wall preventing the shark from jumping up.