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Raft community · Posted in Water?

1. Craft Empty Can

2. Fill empty can with sea water (Press E)

3. Boil empty can

4. Drink clean water (left click holding the can)

5. Repeat from #2

Honestly there's really not much that can be done now.

1. Craft Empty Can

2. Fill empty can with sea water (Press E)

3. Boil empty can

4. Drink clean water

5. Repeat from #2

You can read the full blog post here: https://raftsurvivalgame.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/...

To summaries it:

- Developers are 3 final year students
- Don't foresee much time to include new content till at least summer (Unsure what the future will be even after summer)
- Currently will only be bug fixing

I'm sad. :(

You can't get items back but it's not difficult to craft it again. :)


2 days ago, the developer posted on this topic.



Not many requests :(

Nice review, thanks for sharing. :D So I know I only need palm trees actually. :D

Yeah the chest thing is a known bug. But thankfully I don't face that.

Ok I'll try again.

=( I did look at the tree and hit it with an axe. But like what you said, the circle fills around and suddenly my tree is gone. And I didn't get any stuff.

Difference between Tree Cropplot and Cropplot? How to harvest the coconuts?

When I use an axe to "chop the coconut", my entire tree cropplot disappears and I get nothing in my inventory.

I believe it's only for astheics :D

Hey everyone! Seeing that there is currently no Facebook group created for this awesome game, I thought I go ahead and create one where we can share stuff! Come on in to join! Open to all!


Welcome in!

There is storage included in update 1.04.

Please include "Difficulty Settings".

Easy : Thrist/Hunger Drop Slowest + Lesser Sharks

Normal: Normal Settings

Hard: Opposite of Easy :D

Download from https://raft.itch.io/raft

Good start so far though! :)