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  • I'm pretty sure nowhere is safe from shark attacks.
  • You can play a 1.04 save on v1.05, but I experienced some glitches: resources not spawning, no coconuts on palm trees and split-second "swimming" just from walking on the raft. If a game was saved on v1.05, you can't play it on v1.04.


  • You can't stand on a dead shark anymore :( Kill them close to the raft if you want the meat.
  • As far as I know, sharks no longer retreat if you jump in the water to fight them. I killed two with 15 straight jabs without them diving under.
  • Item Nets show their health when you repair them now.
  • You can destroy building structures and get your materials back! Be careful on what order you remove things; if you remove a foundation with a wall on it, you'll only get a plank and rope while the wall is just gone.

hey how do I destroy the things?

Hi, use the axe on destroy building structures and to remove items like cooking stations.