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Building hammer controls

A topic by SilverMoon8978 created Jan 07, 2017 Views: 4,950 Replies: 11
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I know it says all the controls in the readme.txt, but when I try to open build menu in the game, it doesn't work. Please help me

You should be able to change what you are building with the hammer by holding down r and moving your mouse.

holding down R is rotate

Silvermoon8978 which problem you have ?

Holding the right mouse button should open the build menu.


When I try this, nothing happens. If it helps, I downloaded it on a mac book pro

Can't say I know much about macs :/ Maybe you can reconfigure it; on the Input tab in the Raft Configuration window you should be able to change RightClick to a different key(double-click on the entry in either the Primary or Secondary column). I have a qwerty keyboard so I changed mine to the 'Q' key.

You hold down with 2 fingers and then you move them to select an item

lo as descargado de aca el juego o de yt ?

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im not 100% sure what you said, but I downloaded it from this website

I can't use the building hammer fully, I can only build more rafts and I cant open up the menu to select stairs or anything like that. I have a macbook air and I have tried pressing right on the key pad but it doesn't work :(.

On a MacBook, You go to the hammer, and you hold down on the track-pad with two fingers and then select the item by moving your fingers on the track-pad (Which are still holding down on the track-pad.