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I played this game for 1 hour and I love it! Very nice idea. I would like to see more features.

1. More animals like turtles, we could see fish as well. Maybe birds, like seagulls. Shrimps

2. Some kind of way of collecting dirt, from the bottom of the ocean or from the barrels, becouse tree cropplot contains dirt (we should have it from somewhere).

3. More crops: Wheat, Carrots, beetroots.

4. All survivors should have rum for drinking :D (from barrels or something).

5. Wrecked ship, containing treasures.

6. Multiplayer!!! Making your own server, playing with friends and other people.

7. More building materials

8. Bait for the fishing rod.

9. Some events, like storm

10. We could see coral reef in the mirror of water.

11. Cloth for clothes and "??"

12. Saw for making furniture.

13. Fishing net

14. In game key setting, sounds

15. Nice music (When storm -Pt.9.- spooky music??)

16. Flint - becouse how we can start the fire without it.

17. Hammock. For resting and gaining energy

18. Knife

More coming soon <3


Multiplayer is currently not planned by the devs.

The crops shouldn't include beetroot