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Very fun gameplay loop!  Fantastic work! I'm very excited seeing this get developed more. 

Thank you for your response, I have tried reloading the game to no success and unfortunately hitting "Export Save" doesn't do anything, nothing gets copied to clipboard nor does a file gets created.  It's okay, it's one of those bugs that happens with development.  You have a fantastic game here so far.  I hope you keep developing it, it's one of the best incremental games I've seen on this website. 

It seems things got a bit stuck. How can I unstuck the game? 

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Wonderfully paced game, does get a little tedious pressing the arrow keys after a while, but overall good!  One bug I've noticed is that clicking "Export Save" doesn't seem to do anything. Also a major bug is that it's possible to get stuck with your character being nowhere on screen and no way to reset the level. This is rather unfortunate as I had just reached the point where I was getting millions of Elemite. Unless there is someway of respawning that I don't know?

Either way had an enjoyable time with it!

Sure!  I'm using Windows 10 Home, and using Google Chrome. I'm not sure why it's doing this.  I tried reloading, but no effect. 

Wonderful game!  But I am encountering a bug with the settings menu.   I'm unable to see the whole thing and there doesn't seem to be any way to scroll over. But all in all a wonderful game regardless!  It had a great progression and a good mix of being active and being idle!  Great work! 

I feel like I would be repeating a lot of people's feelings with this.  The platforming is really unforgiving, but the concept is really unique!  It's cool to see a platformer incremental/idle game. Fantastic work! 

Interesting game!  It's really neat to see the intracite details of a clock in a 3D idle game!  I did have an issue with running out of upgrades to buy and it wouldn't let me buy crowbar, crank or wrench upgrades that were in the 11 hour price ranges.  It's also ended up with the maximum amount of time being around 12 hours 30 minutes or so, which ended up me having nothing to do and sitting in the dark.  Also a save feature would be nice, ended up losing all my progress and having to restart.  I would love to see this game developed more, I see this as a new big idle game, the 3D spin on it is fantastic!  Thanks for the fun!

Really fun little game!  I'm confused what the scroll at the top is.  It always reads zero.  I have bought everything available up thru getting a television for the tavern and completed all the quests that were available, but I could never figure out what the scroll number was for.  Great work on this game!  Really would like to see this fleshed out into a larger game sometime. 

That was an otherworldly experience. Completed everything and harvested every stalk of grain from the field, finding all that was hidden.  The soundtrack is wonderful and I do hope that you sell a bunch of copies, such chill tunes. The gameplay was well balanced, it was fun seeing all the little guys harvesting huge swaths from the field, making crop circles in the process.  Thank you for the great game!

A few hours of playing and I left the game on overnight.  I also did use an autoclicker for some of the running as it was starting to hurt my hand.  So I would say over a day's worth of playing. I think it's well paced as is.

I had a lot of fun with this.  Managed to make it to where I'm running in space with the entire world behind me. The idea of pressing left and right to simulate running is a fun control mechanic and it can be legitimately tiring after a while, as it should be. I do wish there were more than just 'amateur races' to participate or were at least labeled differently after a point.  I really like the art style and everything!  Great work on this game!  Thanks for the fun!  

Fun little game with a nice lesson about environmentalism and anti-pollution.  Great work!

Really enjoying the update!  The hacker powerups make things interesting!  I've been having a wonderful time playing.  The only bug I am seeing is that the export doesn't actually save it to the clipboard on your computer.  It seems to save it to some kind of internal clipboard that only works in the game.  You can't like paste your save to notepad for backup or anything.  Aside from that, the game is running fantastic!  You did a great job with this!

Thank you for continuing to work on this game!  I've been having a lot of fun with it and I'm excited to see where it goes!

Really enjoying the update!  The new upgrades are wonderful, the elevator is now up to over 1.7^e12m now and I don't know if I can even get it back down anymore!

What a fantastic game!  It was really well paced and new things would present themselves in a nice timely fashion to keep things interesting!  Fantastic work! 

Fun game!  Nice message to go along with it!  Great job!

Really fun game, unfortunately the game freeze up entirely after a point (I left it on overnight)  Either way it's got a nice flow and I enjoyed what I got to play of it.

Very fun game!  Would love to see this fleshed out into a longer game!  Great work on this! 

Fun little short game!  Nicely done!

Wonderful game!  Not sure if anything is beyond deep space.  I got to 1.10^e7m.  This was a fantastic game, the upgrading mechanic was really balanced and the idea of going up faster is fun!  Really great work!  Had a whole lot of fun with it!

Sadly, it breaks.  But it was a nice start!  I hope this gets developed more!

This was a fun little physics thing!  Great game!

I can't get it to do anything.  How do you play?  It's just a white screen with a coffee stain in the corner.  Clicking or pressing space or any other key doesn't seem to do anything.  I see a lot of screenshots posted in the comments of what looks like a fantastic game!  Am I missing something? Please help

Completely played the game all the way thru, got all the prestige upgrades!  It's a wonderful idle/incremental game!  Great work!  The only thing I would say is that the UI could use some work, it's a bit hard to read some what the upgrades cost or do.  I would also recommend a 'buy all' after a certain point and the prestige menu is really awkward to navigate.  That said, overall I really enjoyed my time with it!  It was a lot of fun digging to center of these planets!  Fantastic little game!  Would like to see you expand upon this!  Thanks for the game!

Thank you!  I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!  We thought about having 3 games that you are switching between, but it would have been a bit too ambitious for 48 hours. 

Nice game, but the combat needs a bit of work, too many enemies without any letting up, could kind of cheese it by staying against a wall.  Interesting game though and I would be interested to seeing you flesh this out a bit more!  Great job!

It's interesting, but I don't feel like there were that much interaction switching between both, it was like you were solving a level once, and then going and doing it a second time, there weren't enough interesting decisions.  I really liked the visuals of this, it's very clean.  I would probably do without the rotating camera though.  I would be interested to see where you take this going forward!  Great work!

Really adorable game!  Got stuck a few times and my characters couldn't move, but I'm sure that will be fixed in a future patch!  Really adorable art style and I love the music that was put with it!  Fantastic work!

Really adorable game!  Got stuck a few times and my characters couldn't move, but I'm sure that will be fixed in a future patch!  Really adorable art style and I love the music that was put with it!  Fantastic work!

Interesting game!  It was really artistic, I didn't quite get it, but it seems like something that would absolutely be at an art museum, the music was really trippy! Could have used more stakes or dangers, but I'm not sure if that's the point.  Very great work!

Absolutely amazing game!  Really loved it, my time was 426, I kept getting stuck in the part with the lava.  Since you shoot with the mouse button, it might have been better to make that how you aim as well.  I liked the momentum the cube had and the whole game was pretty fun!  I would love to see this fleshed out into a full game!  Wonderful job!

Nice game!  I really like the way you can get the trash swinging around you in a circle if you can get the momentum up.  I kept running into glitches where I wouldn't appear when swapping screens.  Would love to see this kind of moment of weapon developed more into a full game!  Great work!

Interesting way of doing it!  It needs more to develop with more puzzles, with more things to figure out and keep track of.  It's nice and clean visuals.  Good work on this!  I hope you keep it up and make some more levels!

Really charming visuals.  The wheel mechanic seems interesting, though it does seem like it needs a bit more refining.  It could be used to augment your attacks, but not be the sole way you do the attacks.  Everything just comes down to what basically amounts to a coin flip, of which there isn't much strategy. Really nice game though!  I would love to see this developed more into a full game! 

Fantastic game!  Fun puzzles!  I like how you implimented the reality swapping/merging mechanics!  Great job! 

I'm looking forward to the post Jam version! 

Really fun!  I liked how bouncy the characters were!  It's got really pretty visuals.  The gameplay gets a little bit tough in the second level.  Great work on this!