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Wonderful little game!  The rotation was super smooth and I could instantly tell what was gonna harm me and the goal, love the ramp up in difficulty. The physics were great and felt just right!  Fantastically done!  5 stars all around! I would love to see some more levels with this!

Very fun game!  It was really fun seeing all the different effects that could be placed on my little triangle definitely kept me engaged, it was all very clean and simple.  The only thing I would recommend would be more enemy types to vary up the gameplay a bit, but other than that this game is fantastic!  The music was great, the visuals were nice and readable.  I had quite a chuckle out of 'you are a triangle, but the background will blind you'  Great game!  Can't wait to see what you will develop next!

Amazing game!  This is absolutely polished and wonderful and the soundtrack and the sound and the art and gameplay and the puzzles are all fantastic!  This is wonderful!  You could absolutely make a few more levels and then package this as a complete game!  Fantastic job!  You guys rock!  Can't wait to see what you will develop next!  Cheers!

Very pretty looking characters, everything is very legible on what is a bullet and what is an enemy, but I had a lot of difficulty picking up items as being near them and then having to mouse over it was a bit awkward.  Could really benefit from any music or sound in the game, but it's amazing for a game made in 48 hours!  Great work!  Can't wait to see what you make next!

It can get really hectic playing as one person and trying to keep track of which character has what keys, but a very fun kind of hectic!  Amazing visuals and great music and sound design!  Really cool that things were randomized allowing for replayablitiy!  Fantastic work!  

Cute little idea!  Nice vibes, everything was amazingly adorable!  Love the design on the cats, and even the space cat that would block my view.  Music was pretty chill, only thing is that game was kinda too easy and a little too short, but that's understandable for being made in 48 hours. Great work!

It was very topical, things are definitely out of control. I did notice though that I could kill more people that I even had in the country.  It looked pretty crisp, but I could use some more feedback on how well or poor I did. Great work, can't wait to see what you make next!

Very impressive for the short time period! It's really fun to blast, but I would run out of fuel in the first 12 seconds then I'm just floating shooting at whatever comes my way.  It the fuel system was tweaked a little (maybe it recharges over time?) then I think you would have a solid game here!  Fantastic work!

It's a neat idea, but the game isn't a whole lot of fun waiting for gravity, and especially when it was shifting in the wrong direction for you.  The sound effects got to be a bit much, but the music was nice!  Great work in getting something done in 48 hours and I look forward to what you make in the future. 

Everything in the game was very readable, the minimulism really helped show what was a danger and what wasn't.  Great work!

Nice game, but didn't feel like I was making any interesting decisions, basically felt like playing whack-a-mole until everyone got infected.  The sound design was really nice in it, everything felt really nice. This game does seem like it has potentional!  I can't wait to see what other kinds of games you create! Great job!

Adorable looking character!  Fantastic work with it, plays a lot like Monkey Ball, which isn't a bad thing!  Fantastic design, it gets very hectic.  Nice job!

Glad you liked the idea!  It is hard trying to strike that balance between the knight moving too fast to react versus moving so slow it becomes a slog.  Thanks for the feedback and thank you for playing our game!

Thank you! I'm really glad you like the sprite work! I'm an artist by trade, so it was fun getting to put my skills toward this game jam.  With more time the characters would have had proper walking animations instead of hopping around like chess pieces. Thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for playing our game!  If we had more time we would have worked out a better difficulty curve.  Glad you enjoyed it! 

So kind of like blackjack but with dice, seems like a cool idea, but really could use some work with the visuals.  It's very dark and hard to see and the UI is very tiny.  Some polish and this could be a nice minigame in a casino setting. Great work, I hope you keep at it. 

Amazing graphics and really neat idea, but it could use with a larger play arena to mess around with the rockets before exploding.   Great work!  Definitely a top tier game! 

Wonderful game!  Love the music and the cute little frog.  The gameplay is top notch, very clever idea!  Great work!

Nice concept for a game, but really needs some tweaking.  Didn't have enough people to assign to the roles, still would be interested in seeing this fleshed out into a fuller game!  Keep up the great work!

Wonderful game!  Great work, nice variety of levels!

Nice little game, got a bit difficult because can't really predict effect the explosion would have on the ball, sometimes it barely moved, other times it flew across the screen, but still this is a fantastic little game with really nice physics of the bouncing ball, everything felt properly weighty.  Great work!

I can't get the game to run.  I try clicking play but then everything freezes and the music stops, won't even close, I have to force close the program thru the task manager.  It's a real shame because from the screenshots this looks absolutely adorable, I would love to play it!  Definitely would be right up my alley. 

Thank you for the feedback!  Yeah, we do want to release version after the jam is over that offers mouse support and several more levels.  Didn't think about the pause screen transparency thing, but you are totally correct!  Thanks for playing the game and we are really glad you like it!

Nice game!  I like how the game encourages you to control your breathing while playing it! 

Very neat game!  Definitely fun!  It's really difficult to try and keep track of what key you are pressing and the balls as they bounce around, definitely a good kind of difficult.  Great work!

Cute little game, I like the pixel art style and you have a few different enemies.  The jumping feels really snappy.  Nice work!

Adorable looking characters!  Love the little snake friend. Nicely done!

Very clever idea for a game!  Unfortunately, it kept crashing half way in, but it definitely did capture that feeling of being locked out of your car.  Wonderful job!

This is actually a really fun little game!  The nature of the game really does depend on RNG for the most part, but I really like the fact that everything stops for you to line up your next shot, it makes the whole thing into this cosmic game of billiards. The fact that you lose by getting your ship knocked off the screen is elegantly brilliant too, you don't have to worry about health, you only need to focus on staying centered and staying out of the way of the increasing number of enemies.  I really think this could be made into a full game, maybe not with the randomized intensity of the shots, but a game of space billiards would be a wonderful experience.  Fantastic work!

All the seems to be a title card.  From the description it sounds really interesting, I just wasn't able to play it at all.  I look forward to seeing what you make in the future.

Wouldn't run. Sorry, better luck next time. I look forward to see what you make. 

Cute little game.  Needs more, but it was pretty good.  Love the concept of seeing the room from a different perspective once you 'change sizes.'  Would like to see you do more with this concept. 

No problem!  It was fun to play!  For sound, I recommend looking into a free program called BFXR, it makes random sound effects which you can use for your games. 

Fun little game, it was a little hard to see in the environment and it was a little easy to get turned around with how sensitive the mouse was, but overall a nice little game!  

There is a nugget of a good idea in here.  Just really needs to be fleshed out, it could lead to some interesting situations where you have to determine where you are going to do the least amount of damage, but this REALLY needs work.  The graphics are pretty static, there was no music, the game crashed after the 3rd screen and there is no description or screenshots or anything on the game's itch io page.  It was good for an early attempt at game creation, don't give up and keep at it. I really am looking forward to what you create in the future.