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Great addtion thanks

a skill tree

i argee

Night time and torches

You Can Also Use Wineskin for now

Can you make it so your items do not disapear please

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Thank you Here is the video for the devs


What type of game delevping software do you use if you can respond with what it is

I can find a video for you to add multiplayer since it such a largly requsted thing

How many saves can you have?

Yup you have to re-download it every time there's a new update

This has happend to me i even placed a pillar underneath to see if that worked and it didn't so i gave up i tried agian in thirty minutes and i saw it go green for a split sec. So i started clicking like madnees so when it went green it would place it.

Can you fix the croplot thing i can't plant my potato

Also a way to destory things to place other thing that are in ther way of that thing

there NEEDS to be a button to get yourself un stuck (I am getting stuck when trying to get to other places i get stock on pillars)


You press R

To Rotate it is The Key R on the keyboard

Can you make a more enchaned crafting (like adding a crafting table or some thing like that)

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Same with me my internet is good i have a dencent computer