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I feel that a good addition to the game could be a "creative mode" in which you have unlimited resources to build infinitely. I think that this could be a good addition now especially since they do not have a way for the different versions to be compatible with each other. In this mode you can build with no limits, and the shark will not attack. However, you can turn this off, that way you can play normally once you are done building. Please let me know what you guys think! I really love this game and it's a lot of fun to play, it just sucks that your gamesave does not carry over between updates, so this might be a happy medium for those who still want to play, but do not want to start over. If the devs see this, awesome work and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this game in the future! Cheers!


the creative mode wouldn't be fun I think there should be a building mode where you take no damage and don't starve or dehydrate but you have to get your own resources outside of building mode. Building mode should be turned on and off in main menu and in game toggled with the buttons 'ctrl b' in game. You shouldn't be able to do much in building mode apart from opening chests, building and breaking. In building mode you don't get resources back from stuff you built if you break it.

I suggested creative mode due to the fact that they game saves aren't backwards compatible. I myself put over 5 hours of work into my save in v1.03 and sadly cannot play in that same world in the newer versions. Creative mode would be a quick way for users to quickly regain any lost progress.