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would be nice with a day and night cycle. i would like temperatures so it is possible to freeze to Death. thanks for making such a awesome game


yeah it would be soo cool.. then the crafting of clothes would be and option as well.. i dont know if it's possible to use shark skin as cloting.. if not.. a new animal with fur should be added in the game like a seal or walrus..

a firepit for light is not an option because it will burn down the raft and it's not logical... if you can make metal foundation then it would be and option to make a firepit..


"tub '\" or curved, slightly dished, item made from scrap may hold a fire and be placable/ movable to allow for expansion/ changes.

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I like the idea, and I think if it is combined w/ other ideas I saw, like difficulty and an open fire that would warm you up, It could be very fun and realistic.

New locations would be great, perhaps the arctic, with icebergs to mine off of!