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  • The problem I have is that it is way too easy and pretty much dies off after an hour of gameplay. It would be challenging if the stuff actually deteriorated over time. Once you build something, it will last forever, which takes away from the survival point of the game. Maybe stuff should have a certain number of uses.
  • Is there a way to add a day/night cycle? Maybe everything goes pitch black at night, or some nights, and you need a lantern. Or maybe a thick fog, so that it can be random.
  • Maybe have the sun begin to give sunburn over time, and the player needs to go under a second floor or stairs to avoid a heatstroke. The sun could also cause fires on upper floors (Because the bottom floor is touching water) and needs to be put out with water. (Salt or Drinkable)
  • Are ladders possible?
  • As the player adds more stuff onto their raft, it starts to sink? It forces them to build more levels. And it keeps them from making the raft out further. I was able to make a bridge on the water, but stopped after a while since it was a little odd to be able to make it out so far. The limit of stuff would also keep people from making the raft out so far.
  • Spoilage.
  • How crazy did you want to go with the game? Like... 'lore'-wise? Maybe add things in the distace. Weird things. Loud Kraken sounds from below. A ship in the far distance. Red eyes. No explanations.
  • Random bottles with messages. Add all kinds of silly stories or messages. Maybe some chilling stuff. You slowly get bottle messages from someone you can't see, and they talk about their experience. Maybe use bottles and wood with scrap to make a telescope.
  • Stockpiling food attracts... something? More sharks, pirahnas, a mysterious creature?
  • Maybe more to come, who knows.

kraken sounds? HELL YEA AND HELL CREEPY *stops playing the game*

The only issue i have with this comment is that the sun starts fires. That could cause some issues i think. Lightning storms maybe to cause lightning strikes that catch the raft ablaze?


I mostly meant in the summer since that would be the hottest time. But heck. Why not both lightning storms AND fires. But when I say it starts a fire, there would be some sort of sound cue as it starts to heat up, then, if the player doesn't douse it with water in time, it grows. the whole raft won't go up in flames though. I mentioned that the lower floor is safe since it is actually touching the water.

I dont know, I think that raft is a game that you make things because your stuck on a raft and not to find something out from a story

having a taller raft vs a wider raft would make the center of ass heavier leading to more sinking it would be mor realistic to hae wider rafts per floor becaues the area of center of mass becomes larger so a woder raft would be able to hold more weight and have the need of objects more toward edges vs center to make it more balance rather than sink or tip