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thx, waiting for it.

Are you planning any promo soon?

It's a nice game, nice kind of gameplay, but I would suggest you to make the npcs more alive, like moving around, having behaviors, instead of a static frame. The guy who is a woodcutter, make him walk around, plant some trees, water crops, something nice, or you're fated to be one more in an ocean full of games of this kind.

Master piece!

Awesome, I hope all the success!!

good to know

Wha do you think? xD

Alt + F4

yes, even weapons, cars, batteries, plutonium, aliens

I know that the random is part of the game, but random too much is bad, and without any tip of how things are going, without any feedback of the humans, give me more frustration than enjoyment. Why Civilization is such a great success, it's because you can choose a large amount of things to guide your civilization, but every-time you select one new technology, you know what expect next and how things are going. For example, I achieved IQ 200 and build a lot of things, but not the rocket, even avoiding church. So, where I LEARN how to achieve it? I have cars, weapons, electricity, but still unable and without any guide..

I finished the game in Story mode today, and man, spectacular. Can I have your contact info to talk about an idea? I know you're busy with the new game, but talk about a possible idea wouldn't hurt, right? Thank you very much for finishing the game, it's a pearl and deserve its place as a classic rpg in the hall of best of all time RPGs.

I follow this game since the begin, since RPGMaker 2000 (or this was 98, or 2002, I don't remember exactly), and followed you in DeviantArt, forum, but never saw the game complete. Buying on Steam to satisfaction and nostalgia. Thank you for taking time to complete it, I love the game in the instant I saw it and the pixel art / tileset still a reference for me.

control doesn't work...

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Hi, I have a concern to you. Stick with one platform or two, and be active there. Suggestion: and steam. The problem of making forum and other communities is future, you'll be able to maintain it for at least 20 years? And what will happen if only 1 visit happens by month? Hear it and avoid a lot of sadness.

I reached the oil pump refinery and the factory, watching an irritant alien flying around and lagging the game, then, the game crashed.

The game need a lot of improvements and tutorials. Also, I prefer the old screen, this new one with windows is not good, it lack by occupying the whole screen and disorganizing everything.

Also, the humans need to be priorized for something, because they start one thing, leave it to start another one and never finish anything.

It's a platform character template, but I included some poses from behind.

Any update??

Hi! It's in PNG, and you can import to aseprite as well.

I can be very, very nice if you add the same mechanics of the old classic Mario Teach Typing xD

only the .exe version

I tried many times to keep playing, but it still crashing on windows 10 64bits