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What is more frustrating

A topic by KinGabe created Jan 29, 2019 Views: 436 Replies: 2
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I know that the random is part of the game, but random too much is bad, and without any tip of how things are going, without any feedback of the humans, give me more frustration than enjoyment. Why Civilization is such a great success, it's because you can choose a large amount of things to guide your civilization, but every-time you select one new technology, you know what expect next and how things are going. For example, I achieved IQ 200 and build a lot of things, but not the rocket, even avoiding church. So, where I LEARN how to achieve it? I have cars, weapons, electricity, but still unable and without any guide..


do you have gunpowder researches?

yes, even weapons, cars, batteries, plutonium, aliens