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copy and paste the file in a different folder and it should work!

lab is the right route and playing thunder on/near the lightning rod will give you batteries!

You need this driver:

sometimes it happens on my computer even though i made the application. when i shut off my firewall it usually works.

hey, yeah i took out the critter cards because they weren't done yet, but the game still counts them. sorry!

could be! as it downloads information from a database. this can sometimes cause a security issue

yeah I think it is possible through and I plan to do so!

hi, that's odd. can you try switching between fullscreen mode with alt+enter and see if that works?

Hi, i think it will take me about another month. It will be a big update!

yeah exactly!

thanks! Would still love to do a mobile version

I was thinking of some kind of way to incite attention to an object, maybe trough a god ray or the like and the humans will instantly check it out.

Yeah I do want to add roads! Would be funny if they need crossings.

love both those ideas!

thanks that's a really good suggestion!

use the mouse!

never seen that before on mac i’ll have to look into it

Thanks for the suggestions! I just started working on a new soko loco, and I'll definitely add an endless mode and much more in that one. Hope you'll be as excited for the new version as I am!

it's on the to-do list!

thanks, that’s very helpful!

hah yeah that card is a WIP and i hid it for that update, no idea how you got it. could be a weird bug or maybe something happened to the save file.

ok thanks! yeah it definitely forgets to clear memory somewhere before reassigning so that memory usage stacks and stacks until it blows up. I hope I'll find the source soon. The gathering thing is a bug that I might have fixed but not sure yet!

how did you spawn a chicken? that should not be possible in this build!

is there an error message?

you first need to buy the quake card

Hi! Maybe your train didn't have correct wagon? (the different wagons transport different resources) 
There are a few video's of the game on Youtube you can always check those out for reference!

Thanks! I've thought about doing an expansion, but I can't promise anything yet.

hi im sorry, i understand this is annoying.
do you know if this happens early in the game? did you restart many times without exiting the application? 
it is probably either a leak that has to do something with resetting the world or it's a leak that has something to do with the gameplay itself. if you know the answers to these questions it will help figure out the problem! :)

hi! Thanks you for the feedback!

I’d love to help out with the wiki (didn’t see it yet haha) ill contact you soon then

hey thanks for the feedback i will write it down and work on it!

ohh nice a to do list! this is actually quite helpful thanks :)

hi! it’s funny that you say that ‘cause this is already in the works :) 

thank you !!
could be a bug, but i have seen people get it, so i'm not sure what could be the problem...

thanks! yeah gunpowder is automatically created at the base camp when they need it if i remember correctly. You can get cars if the base develops into a factory and the rocket if the base develops into a laboratory.

hi, if you copy the file and paste it into another folder it’ll work!

The tutorial text issue should be fixed in v1.3.3! Thank you for the bug report and for playing!

thanks! that’s very helpful :)

at some point you can't spend coins anymore, but yeah you will still get them.

there are a lot of different discoveries that you can find, but since I changed the amount of IQ you get for each discovery I should probably check if that achievement is still possible for next update!