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hi im sorry, i understand this is annoying.
do you know if this happens early in the game? did you restart many times without exiting the application? 
it is probably either a leak that has to do something with resetting the world or it's a leak that has something to do with the gameplay itself. if you know the answers to these questions it will help figure out the problem! :)

hi! Thanks you for the feedback!

I’d love to help out with the wiki (didn’t see it yet haha) ill contact you soon then

hey thanks for the feedback i will write it down and work on it!

ohh nice a to do list! this is actually quite helpful thanks :)

hi! it’s funny that you say that ‘cause this is already in the works :) 

thank you !!
could be a bug, but i have seen people get it, so i'm not sure what could be the problem...

thanks! yeah gunpowder is automatically created at the base camp when they need it if i remember correctly. You can get cars if the base develops into a factory and the rocket if the base develops into a laboratory.

hi, if you copy the file and paste it into another folder it’ll work!

The tutorial text issue should be fixed in v1.3.3! Thank you for the bug report and for playing!

thanks! that’s very helpful :)

at some point you can't spend coins anymore, but yeah you will still get them.

there are a lot of different discoveries that you can find, but since I changed the amount of IQ you get for each discovery I should probably check if that achievement is still possible for next update!

If we want to build for Linux we need to get a Linux computer and haven't really decided on doing that yet!

hi thanks for the feedback!

the last 12 cards are secret and will become available next update!

you're right! used this to debug the collisions, then forgot to turn it off again... fixed now in v1.3.3

Great that you finished it! World record is 52min right now,  haha :o

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oops that’s exactly what that is - i used it to debug the collisions. thanks for reporting, removed them now!

download an install the directx driver in the game page description

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i am aware of this bug - if two trains intersect at a crossing or split at precisely the wrong time, it can happen that they split or take the wrong path. Looking to fix this in a new build soon.

EDIT: fixed this in version 1.3.2!

i think it’s a few cards that i made but had to hide when i was fixing a crash. but they will be available next update

thanks for the feedback, i'll try to add an option for the next update

thanks! sorry to hear you had some issues. The crashes should be fixed in version 1.3 though! Could you check if you were playing the latest (1.3) build?

Also, you could try to fix the tutorial skipping by switching to windowed mode!

thanks for the suggestion. the smelter and refinery should already place produced items next to them on a land tile. are you sure they get dropped from the smelter/refinery into the lava/oil?

thanks <3

thank you! haha, not before the postcard update ;)

hi, you can switch between fullscree and windowed mode with alt+enter maybe that helps?

oh yeah still need to make dropping tools. and i wan to do something with the UFO maybe. but the telescope is now also needed for the rocket.

yeah it is intentional. they wont disappear when fully grown and sampled. i wont happen to resources that aren't regrowable.

well, they are late game resources that you don’t really need so naturally they are hard to obtain right? The last slot is a weapon that they wouldnt use just yet

oops! I’ll try extra hard to fix this

plague card creates a deadly disease, cards will spawn in endless once you bought at least one of them.

download and install the directx driver in the description and it’ll work!

Hi! That’s useful information for fixing this bug thanks!

thanks! will fix that

looks like i was able to fix it, thanks for notifying!

yeah this helps thanks!!

thanks! do you remember if the construction site was there before the oil tile was spawned?

that is strange. i think it might depend on where you spawned the meteor.

do you have the directx end-user runtime driver installed? and did you download the .exe or the .zip?

thank you for the love and support :)

yes. it’s not that hard but usually people get a laboratory or church before that