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Thank you! I used a scanner :)

thank you!! i used game maker!

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It's already out on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2618090/Mistward/ 

What's more, if you buy it on itch.io, it actually also comes with a Steam key!

hi! no sorry, maybe in the future!

We will not send any lawyers after you if you pirate our game, so you probably won't go to jail, but just be careful that you don't accidentally download any malicious software when trying to pirate! I don't think anyone's put this game up for free yet since it's so small, though... Sorry you can't afford it! 

Best of luck, 

- Ruben

You can import the .gmz with Game Maker, and it will transform it into a .project.gmx!

It can be applied to any engine!

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Hi, a lot of people had trouble with the green stone. It's unlikely that it disappeared completely, but maybe you've pushed it behind something unknowingly while walking?

In any case, I've changed that specific part of the game in v1.3 to prevent such a thing from happening again. Read more: https://sokpop.itch.io/frogs-adventure/devlog/576568/v13-bug-fixes

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Thanks for the report! Will try and fix this as soon as i’m back from holiday! -Ruben

You probably don't have DirectX yet or you are missing a driver either way. You can download the necessary driver for free with this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

Let me know if it works!

Just added a Mac build! Be sure to check the Download Instructions to get it to open. Let me know if it works!

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Sorry, that's a bug! I'm  making a new build at the moment, please hang on a second!

Edit: fixed this in v1.0!

Thank you!

1) yes, there is a Discord server! The game itself actually has a link to it in the settings menu.

2) you can use the bomb at the bottom of the build shop to destroy things.

Hope that helped!


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I do backface culling, frustrum culling, distance culling (with level of detail), and most of the shapes are kept very simple. -Ruben

Thank you! The game was made in Game Maker: Studio, but I encourage you to use any engine you want.

usually it reboots itself in a few minutes but if it stays down let me know!

thanks for the report. will fix it!

See the reply to your comment above!

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Updating trash cans so they remove their lid as well when bombed. Sorry about the crash! Could you maybe send me your savefile so I can recreate the crash? It should be at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\tuin. Thanks for reporting!

Edit: might be fixed in v1.4. If not please let me know!

Press the +/- button next to the exit button!

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Thank you! Nope, just checked and that's a bug! Gonna try to fix it soon, thanks for letting me know.

Edit: fixed it!

Hi, this issue should be fixed in the new version! Download the game again to update.

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The MacOS build is currently not working, so I took it down for the time being to save some headaches. Trying to fix it right now, will give an update when it works!

Edit: MacOS version is up now!

Hi, yes it's a free to use font we got from the internet, so you're free to use it!

The source is not available anymore. Sorry!

Thank you! Yeah honestly the fences are not very helpful at all, and also overpriced at 1 coin... I kind of kept them in because they were working anyway and thought it was a shame to take them out!

love it! my hand got sweaty just like with real climbing 10/10

Just uploaded a new build (still v1.9) in which this slope should be walkable :) thanks for playing!!

Ahh that's a bug indeed! Just uploaded a new version (v1.9), hopefully it's better now?

Actually had the idea to have a compost mechanic in the game early on!


Should be fixed in v1.2!

thanks, fixed it in v1.4c!

oops! should be fixed now in v1.4c

fixed it in v1.4!

thanks for the report! i think i have found the bug.

nope, didn't get it. are you sure you got the e-mail address correct? otherwise try to DM us on twitter

i can’t find it, can you resend the mail to us@sokpop.co ?

mustve missed the email, i will take a look today