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it will turn into the full game when it’s finished

Kind of both!

Ahh thank you! Hope you have fun :)

The game is not out yet - this page is a placeholder so that you can download the game once it's released.

are you using the clear save option from the options menu?

it will release on Steam today - maybe you can buy it there?

it's new since 1.0.5 :)

yes :)

good idea! 1.0.4 will have a seperate screen for selecting resolution

Sorry! If you're okay with clearing your save file, you can do the following:

The save file is stored in the Windows Registry. Open Registry Editor, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/sokpop/Stacklands, then delete the key that starts with "save_". That should clear your save from outside the game.

Try the following:

- right-click program -> show package content
- navigate to Contents/MacOs
- Open Terminal in that directory
- Type -> "chmod 775 Stackland"

english only as of now!

if you can send over your player.log from C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\sokpop\Stacklands\player.log i can try to fix what's wrong. You can email it to

what platform are you on?

will come to steam next week!

if you go back to the main menu it should be fixed when you continue. will fix it soon.

ah sorry! maybe you can still play with the 1.0.2 version?

thanks for the kind words! that 10 ideas quest is broken, will fix in 1.0.3!

try something with a wolf :)


go ahead!

Next week!

The second villager always spawns in the 8th pack you buy, but it was kind of broken v1.0.1. It's fixed in v1.02!

Some of the missing recipes were missing - fixed in v1.0.2! -Aran

Market bug is fixed in v1.0.2 :) Thanks for the info on the stuck in combat bug - ran into that before but wasn't sure what caused it. I'll look into it! -Aran

thanks for playing! i really like the suggestions, i even think the ambiguity of punch slime when there are multiple slimes could translate into punching a random slime, like, if you don't specify that's your own fault, but would be useful if you can tank the enemies anyways or if there's only one enemy to begin with. should've thought of this earlier haha.

copy the file and paste it into a different folder and it will work

No, unfortunately we were not able to include Steam keys to the older games, because of a setting we did concerning the itch keys for the Patreon. We tried to rectify this with the team but they never managed to.

Did you get an error message, and can you send it to me? Then I can maybe see what's wrong.

it's gamemaker

i can’t promise it for this game but i will consider it for future games!

The music was done by @bbtombo and will be available soon on his Bandcamp, as well as on the Sokpop Spotify account!

soon! somewhere coming weeks

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Not online, but this will be possible in the Steam version (via Remote Play Together)! Your purchase will include a Steam key once the game releases on Steam.

it should auto fill in the password, if not, send us an e-mail to and we'll help you from there!

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i actually added this yesterday to the update, should be live already, so if you redownload the game it should work like that

This happens because OSX puts the game into quarantine. Use this guide to lift the quarantine and play the game.

thank you! this is really great

thanks! i will try to address these issues in the next update

thanks i'll fix this issue