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Pick up the sail and then press the button that’ll let you keep it. It’ll come out by itself

The source code is only available to our 10$+ patrons. It was made in game maker!

Hi! Please contact the helpdesk for this problem. They will be able to help you.

we use Unity and Gamemaker: Studio

I can't promise you anything, but maybe in a few months when I have a bit more time I'll start on an update perhaps. So there won't be an update for at least 3 months.

performance should be a lot better now! so that should probably fix it, check out v1.0.1!

Trying to fix this crash - do you remember exactly what you were doing when this happened?

thanks for the report, will look into it today!

Are you on OS X or on Windows?

you need this driver:

Hi! Sorry, there’s no save feature in the game, ran out of time to make something like that. I’ll add it to the description to make it more clear!

implemented a pause menu in version 1.1! thanks for the feedback

if you're still having an issue please contact the helpdesk!

No you should be able to update it. Where are you having problems?

it is almost that. They build the market mid-game or not at all. If they reach sky tower base it is too late. Most important thing to do is research currency relatively early (this means you need an early meteor)

maybe i can send you all the raw sprites? would that help? 

yeah i felt especially bad about it cause it only happens when you've been playing for a while and that's when it's the most frustrating...

I contacted about the "claim key" button not appearing.

Their reaction was that it could be cause by a lot of different things and suggested everyone that experiences this problem you contact their helpdesk personally! 

yeah i found the memory leak! should be fixed in 1.4.11

Yeah i agree on the poison berries! I understand the problem and am trying to fix it!

First 2 points are very good suggestions.

The other two i got rid off because it makes the UI overwhelming especially for new players. But I get your point of view. It was a decision based on the reactions of testers. I hope you understand!

it's a bit more complicated than that but here are a few:

(t = temperature, h = humidity)

t: 0 - 25 & h: 20 - 50 = grass (with enough trees it's forest)

t: 0 - 25 & h: 0 - 20 = wasteland

t: 0 - 25 & h: 50 - 100 = swamp

t: 25 - 40 & h: 40 - 100 = tropic

t: 40> = desert

t: 30> & h: <40 = desert

t: 25> & h: <10 = desert

t: <0 & h: <30 = tundra

t: <0 & h: 30> = snowfields

tiles can be flagged with a *special* number resulting in mountainous/oil/volcano/town/city

sea and deep sea tiles are locked unless a meteor changes it

Hi! are you sure you grabbed the latest version? v1.4.10 should have this fixed!

gamemaker studio

i'll double check the code

yeah they don't see raw meat as food since it's uncooked and i suppose they don't after the apple tree since they don't have an axe?

There seems to be a bug where the button doesn't appear, i contacted the helpdesk. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Hi. They do prioritize grabbing food items when there is less food than there are humans. However, I looked into it and now changed that even when their hunger bar is totally depleted they will still gather food if it already is lying on the floor. How that will help! That update should be live later today or tomorrow probably.

Yeah I've had a few reports of this problem.
I'm really scratching my head here trying to figure it out. Such a weird thing to happen. Anyways thanks for being patient, I'll try my best still!

woah zerg you are on a roll

these are good ideas

oh, thanks ill fix that

Good ideas! The next 2 months i probably won't have a lot of time and it'll depend a bit on how the game does from now on. But I'd like to add more stuff, especially with the animals :)

Thank you so much for the love! <3


thanks! Should be fixed in the new build that’s coming out tomorrow!

Uploaded a Linux version! Let me know if it works :)

I’m aiming for this friday. It has to pass Steam’s content review and I’m trying to polish everything as much as possible this final week! 

sorry, will do that as soon as possible!

Implemented! It's in skidlocked v1.0.1 :)