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Hi, the Super Bundle only includes all games up until when you buy it. Whenever we add games, the Super Bundle price increases too. Sadly, doesn't support a  "complete the set" bundle  like Steam does, so you can't get just the new ones in a bundle. We do also have bundles of 8 at 25% off.

If you want to get the new games as they come out too, the best way would be to subscribe to the Patreon. Hope that answers your question!

Yes! Steam keys will be added here once the game releases on Steam.

Glad to hear you had fun, sorry for the loss of progress :(

I just uploaded a v1.1 build that should fix the claim new card crash, it also saves every time you enter or leave areas now, so if it'd still crash you'd hopefully not lose your progress again!

Thank your for playing :)

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you don't need to run the server unless you want to play the offline version. in that case there is a separate download called however it's only for windows and it's an older version right now (has some bugs)

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There's a known issue of some games not loading correctly on web,  but your game seems to load just fine on my device... Sorry, but I don't think I can help you with it.

Hey! Oh, that's really odd - I can play your game just fine! Have you tried using another browser, or another device entirely? And does work for you at all?

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Does it work if you right-click, then select  "Open" instead of double-clicking

Edit: the instructions are on the download page!

No, there's no controller support for this game.

half of our games are made in Unity, the other half in GMS

hi, send an e-mail to and i will take a look!

it's not sprite stacking! i just draw some lines and circles mostly.

thanks, fixed it

This was made in Game Maker,  but we also use Unity.

I think you have to use the mouse wheel to scroll down, don't think there's another way!

You probably don't have DirectX, which is needed to play game maker games! You can download the necessary driver for free with this link:

Hope that helped!

Did you check the download instructions - should be able to fix your issue!

i uploaded a new build (1.5b)!

Thanks! No, no Linux is planned, but most of our games are compatible with Proton on Linux. No guarantees, though!

yes, it's up

Thank you! The savefile is in %localappdata%/city

next week!

No, we need money to live!

On keyboard you can run with shift!

yeah that's probably kinda misleading haha

winter wolves in glacy pass?

You can run by holding the right-trigger!

sent you an e-mail!


no, sorry! no linux support is planned!

It’s a sequel with different gameplay!

Hello, maybe you couldn't find it on Steam? here is the link:
if you buy the game here on you also get a Steam key!

Use mouse + left click to aim and dig :)

Should be fixed in skelets v1.0.1b :)

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ah nvm i can see it in the screenshot. 
sorry about this! i can only make mac builds in the office, so the fix will be up somewhere on monday! (it's already fixed for windows)

is this on mac?

are you on mac?

hi! thank you!

i think mac doesn’t have built in support for xbox controllers. so they normally don’t work unless you download some kind of driver or third party app. you can probably find something on the internet!

you’ll get a steam key here when it’s released on steam so no need to buy it twice! I think it would be cool on switch as well :D

ah nvm i found the problem. i believe it's only on mac, however, the earliest i can make a new mac build with the fix would be somewhere tomorrow! it also should work if you plug in a controller.

are you on windows or mac? and did you have a controlller plugged in?