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What kind of e-mail were you expecting?


hi thanks for notifying. the website i used for hosting online gameplay kinda banned me for "abusing" their database, so i have to move everything and make new builds, which will take some time! 

we agree, in most of our newer games we have video's and gameplay gifs as we came to the same conclusion, but thanks for the feedback nonetheless.

it is almost done!

OK then it might be blocked by your anti virus. The .exe in reality is a .zip that creates a temp .exe to run the game. Sometimes computers don’t like that there is a new executable out of nowhere and block it.

wow never heard of that error before

i looked it up and as far as i can tell something goes wrong with the path when it tries to create a file

the only instance i found was that it can happen if a folder or something else in the path has a space in it, but that doesn't seem to be the problem looking at what you posted. I wish I could help but it seems like it has something to do with specific files/folders on your computer. You could try to navigate to C:\Users\SeanMcDonnell\AppData\Local\Temp\ixp001.tmp\peppered.exe when the error shows and see if a folder is misnamed.

otherwise please feel free to contact the helpdesk and get a refund!

are you on windows? is there anything else that happens?

it's size, knockback absorb, knockback time, running speed decrease (weight) and stamina refill speed while shielding iirc

it means how well the weapon's damage will scale with that stat. if it says " - " it will not make a difference and otherwise scaling is ranked as D -> C -> B -> A -> S
skill also increases weapon speed!


you get it after a hidden boss fight in the starting area!

Looks like you are missing a driver, go to download and install the driver. :)

no sorry!

hey thanks! the jagged dagger bug will be fix in the next update.
you can delete a save file by clicking on the red X next to the save file (click on it twice)

There will be! We were having some issues with our Mac but we're gonna look into them! - Aran

there should be still enough yeah!

On Windows you could go into regedit, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\sokpop\clutchball and then delete all the keys there! That should work :)

do you have gunpowder researches?

copy and paste the file into a different folder and it should work again!

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Pick up the sail and then press the button that’ll let you keep it. It’ll come out by itself

The source code is only available to our 10$+ patrons. It was made in game maker!

Hi! Please contact the helpdesk for this problem. They will be able to help you.

we use Unity and Gamemaker: Studio

I can't promise you anything, but maybe in a few months when I have a bit more time I'll start on an update perhaps. So there won't be an update for at least 3 months.

performance should be a lot better now! so that should probably fix it, check out v1.0.1!

Trying to fix this crash - do you remember exactly what you were doing when this happened?

thanks for the report, will look into it today!

Are you on OS X or on Windows?

you need this driver:

Hi! Sorry, there’s no save feature in the game, ran out of time to make something like that. I’ll add it to the description to make it more clear!

implemented a pause menu in version 1.1! thanks for the feedback

if you're still having an issue please contact the helpdesk!

No you should be able to update it. Where are you having problems?

it is almost that. They build the market mid-game or not at all. If they reach sky tower base it is too late. Most important thing to do is research currency relatively early (this means you need an early meteor)

maybe i can send you all the raw sprites? would that help? 

yeah i felt especially bad about it cause it only happens when you've been playing for a while and that's when it's the most frustrating...

I contacted about the "claim key" button not appearing.

Their reaction was that it could be cause by a lot of different things and suggested everyone that experiences this problem you contact their helpdesk personally!