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ah! reverting back to 1.3 for now, thanks for noticing!

edit: v1.4 is back up and should be working now!


how exactly is it not working? are you downloading the windows or mac version? do you get the zip? maybe your security program blocks it?

That's really rough :( I uploaded a build in which that issue should be fixed (v1.2). I'm sorry for the lost progress. The glowing wand thing was a bug as well, also fixed!

Ah no :( Sorry for that! It should be fixed in the new build (v1.2)

Hello! Thanks for playing! There was bug that caused the camera to focus on a certain point, but the issue (hopefully) is gone in the new builds (v1.1)! Would that've been it? 

copy and paste the file into a different folder and it’ll work!

I've received the file and found a fix on the server! You should be able to upload it now :)

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I found a problem on the server that might have caused this. Please try again - if it doesn't work, could you send me the local.sok file on Then I can have a closer look to see if it's a server issue or a client issue. Thanks!

Hi! This might be a bug, or you might have run into some kind of size limit.  If you go to C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\sokpop\sokworlds, what size is the biggest file there?

Hi! Just pushed an update that should resolve both of those issues :)

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hi do you still need your password? if so, send us a private message somewhere and i'll look it up for you.

windows doesnt have integrated support for playstation controllers so you’ll need another program or driver for that!

Yes, it will! Might take a few more days before it gets accepted there.

Try rubbing the cloud!

thank you!! yes your starting flower is your base flower. if it gets captured you're done!

No, there is not since the game tries to stay within the screen. The only way would be to make the other screen your primary one. Sorry!

Haha, oh no! Luckily you can break the meteor though!

are you on windows or mac?

Thank you - I've fixed the issue with the Steam version (on Windows) last Saturday. Should work fine now!

Hi, thanks for the report. I'm looking into this bug now: did this happen in the version, or the Steam one?

Try moving the executable to a different folder and running it from there :)

are you sure? typing on mobile sounds like hell to me!

you can't!

go to

Thank you! Have you built a platform near the lumber camp? The lumber and mining camps need at least one platform to work properly.

It's in Game Maker.

You can right-click to remove!

Thank you! This version should be fixed now as well, sorry for the wait!

Fixed this now!


Thanks for playing! There's actually more people speedrunning this game, check out the runs here:

I did have someone report the work-around working. But if you don't want to go through that trouble and still really want to play, the game is still also on sale on Steam, and it definitely works there.

Hi! I'm trying to find a fix for this; Game Maker: Studio 2 exports are being flagged by OSX. There's a work-around, but it's quite technical:

Hope that helps - sorry we can't do more at this point!

Hi! I'm trying to find a fix for this: Game Maker: Studio 2 exports are being flagged by OSX. There's a work-around, but it's quite technical:

Hope that helps - sorry we can't do more at this point!

Hmm, it appears I can't open it on Catalina after I download it again either. Seems like this is an issue with Game Maker: Studio 2 on OSX. You can get around it using Terminal here:

Unfortunately there's not a lot more I can do!

It has something to do with the cloud!

Try moving the file to a different folder before opening. If it still doesn't work, right-click the file, select open, and select open again in the context menu.

Click on planks, bricks and steel to collect them!

i think it should be at Library/Application Support/com.sokpop.chatventures