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Plz Help Me

A topic by superjes1 created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 2,167 Replies: 14
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First off, How do i kill a shark? i'm on day 90 and haven't gotten a bone yet
Secondly, what do i have to do to get babies? I'm mass producing kebabs and haven't gotten one yet
Thirdly, how do i get rid of the 100+ sharks circling my raft? Can i stop them from attacking me somehow?
Are walls useful to keep them away? Any other tips would be nice (already read the FAQS section)


1) Currently, you can click a shark to attack them. But only with a ranged weapon, or when they are attacking your raft.
2) Your survivors when making babies when there is a lot of food and they are healthy. We intend to add a more specific way to make babies like a social system.
3) 100+ sharks are insane. We'll check if it's a glitch or something.
4) Wall can protect your raft(It will last longer). Spike wall can provide protection and also deal damage to attacking sharks.

Thank you :D The sharks keep running away before i can kill them, and i cant get arrows without bones. Any particular way to make sure i can kill them and stop them running?


Forgot to reply this post , sorry about that.

The number of sharks is a serious bug. 

We have fixed it in mac ver, but still lack time to upload a win ver.

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I have the same problem, icant get bones :( Too many shraks are circling around my raft, can you reduce nuber of shraks please, it is really annoying. My survivors must be happy, i have 35 kebab, full water tank, full watercollector, full HP. What else they need to breed? Now I am only repairing raft and planting new trees. I noticed only my survivors and sharks, where are seagulls?

ok, so iv been doing experimenting and i think this should help.
The number of sharks is a glitch. Your survivors need to have no jobs cued to have a baby. The sharks and sea gulls? well, your screwed. i had to restart that save to get a bone, and then i happened all the time. seemed like the further out you built, the more sharks and the stronger they got, so build up. To get gulls back, your gonna have to restart the game and play on a new save.

can we even have babies with the new update


We'ill publish a patch to fix the issues this post mentioned.

Sharks are too many.

Unlimited moss.

Hard to breed babies.

Rafts are easy to break.

@superjes1 @mkoo7mk @linearzora

I have the same problem too,i have 50 kebab, full water tank, no bone( The sharks keep running away),no babies and just have 100+ sharks ...(repairing raft  forever ,die and have a new game.) REPEAT  

TQ i love this game Waiting for updates or fixes 


A bug-fix patch has been published.

And sorry for publishing this lately, since we are sparing no effort on developing new features in master branch.

wow good news to me .expectancy XD 

you should make a breed option after a 5 star's have been reched through social interaction of 2 characters also make a way to show the relation between only 2 at a time so have you seen dragon city thier breeding thing where you scroll until you find the one you want something like that might make it easier to have the social system up


Cool idea.

System same as you mentioned is under developing currently.

please. i beat the game on easy, cuz i wanted to mass produce children. problems:

1 had nothing qued, ppl still didnt have a kid. how long, you may ask? 30 minutes enough?

2 moss is ANNOYING and ultimately an infinite source of food. my people could literally live off of moss and it would still keep building up.

3 it is impossible to make a weapon BEFORE you kill a shark. i feel that you should give the shark a little more health, but add a beginners weapon such as a knife or club or somthing

4 how do i hang the hammock and drying rack? i tried a million different ways. help.


please respond and try to fix these bugs... its kinda hard to play the game. also, I know that i have restated a lot of already mentioned issues, but i feel they should be mentioned again. thanks for creating an awesome game. 

1. Right now there is no defined parameters for breeding. Just make sure you have enough space and food for them. The developers have said that they plan to change the breeding system as the current one is temporary.

2. Moss will be changed in later updated to be less annoying. along with seeds and other things. Also I believe they plan on adding attachments to rafts to prevent moss.

3. Weapons are current a work in progress and will also be updated. The same goes for armor.

4.Hammocks must be placed between two trees. You can press R to rotate the hammock if it won't appear. You need a space between the two trees as well. same goes for the Drying Rack

5. To change the focus on a floor you should press "tab".  You always need to build the ladder first.

Also, to make using multiple floors easier there are several view modes. Press F10 to switch floor view mode. 

There are four modes: 

  • Show all floors
  • Show current floor only
  • Show higher floors(including current floor)
  •  Show lower floors(including current floor).

If you need anything else feel free to ask.