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Added "Babies" To The Survivor Page. Go their For instructions on how to produce new people!

There are a few suggestions that i can make.
A: Build up, not out.

It seems a little counter-intuitive, but you want to build upwards instead of outwards. Building up doesn't make more sharks spawn in, but still gives you space. Use Stairs (which look like a ladder) to allow your people up, and pillars for a slightly cheaper option, although they don't let people go upwards. As it is, the sharks are bugged and their are way to many for the people count.

B:Making The Babies

To make new people, you have to have over 8 kebabs and a male and female have to have nothing to do. The 8 kebabs will be used, and a baby will appear. They will then grow up after a short amount of time.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, look on the wiki ( or for when it doesnt have the answer your after (its still very WIP) make another post.

ok thankyou

Another Quick Question,
How does armor work/What does it do?
I Cant seem to find a particular use for it, what is it protecting the survivors from?  Sharks or seagulls don't directly attack the survivors on my knowledge.

Try using the "Tab" Key.

yeah, JustUs (the devs) have said that there will be a fix in the next release, and to just go back to 0.3 if it is physically unplayable. 

Quick Suggestion for you.

Make a Trello Page so that fans can see where your planning to take the game, and it will allow you to see what your fans want over other things (as they can vote on different improvements)

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Ok, ill get all of my resources pages and get the info from them. Ill still keep the pages (for when there is to much on the main pages). Thanks for your help! 

I'll do both. I will keep the other pages, but put all of the info into separate pages and "main" pages. Best of both worlds

Currently, there is no way to full screen. This is a glitch and will (hopefully) be fixed in the next main release.

Another Question,
Out of the pages that i make do you prefer the style with the food page (having all the info in one place) or the resources pages (having all the data spread out on different, more specific pages)? I'm not sure which one to do, so i want your option on it


Ok will do. ill also probably color them differently so that they stand out. Ill also add a new list on the wiki post of pages with values that need to be filled out. The sooner you can do that, the better. It would allow for people who have experience with code to (possibly) work on mods, or try and do bug fixes for you to save you time. Lots of indie games do this, and it works well. 

Hey Just Us, got a quick question.
I was wondering if there is a way i can see the in game values for different things, like how much "heath" the sharks, seagulls or survivors have or how much the armor protects from damage etc. etc.

While i could just send the lots of time experimenting with it, it would save me alot of time if i were able to get these values without hours of work. It would let me work on a lot more pages and save time. If you cant (for whatever reason) i understand, just seeing if this is a possibility.


ok, so iv been doing experimenting and i think this should help.
The number of sharks is a glitch. Your survivors need to have no jobs cued to have a baby. The sharks and sea gulls? well, your screwed. i had to restart that save to get a bone, and then i happened all the time. seemed like the further out you built, the more sharks and the stronger they got, so build up. To get gulls back, your gonna have to restart the game and play on a new save.

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Hi All! I'm going to start a log on here so you can see what i have done progress wise! No longer doing weekly, as irl reasons have made that hard, but ill try to do as much as i can. Going to try and post it frequently, but no promises yet.


Completed Armor Page.

Added "Babies" To the Survivor Page, and to the Starter Tips/Getting Started Page.

Will Work on "Animal" and "Survivor" page next time



Finished The "Wood" Page Table,

Created, Filled out and completed the "Plants" Page.

Moved All "Resources" info onto the page, but still left the individual links.

Will probably leave the bone page uncompleted for now, as i cant seem to be able to kill a shark or get babies for research on values. 

Will Start Working on "Armor" and "Animal" Pages Soon, so look forward to that.



Created the page and started working on it. Have been missing A LOT of days sadly as i have had things on irl (exams for school ect.)

Going to hopefully finish off the resources page this following week and start on the animals page.

Hopefully will be better with my updating, holidays are coming for me very soon, so ill be working on it alot.


Try Pressing "Tab". Look on the side of the screen for a red and white box. The red box is your "current" floor, the one you are looking at. Hope this helps

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Hi Everyone!
I'm working on making a semi-official Wiki for Last Wood (Yes, i do have perms to make it).
I Would love it if you would check it out, ill be constantly adding to it and making new pages.
If you have some free time, prove read though everything i have done so far. If you find an error leave a comment here with a link to the page or on the page itself.
If you want to help me make it, then just leave information in a comment here with a title so i can see what it is. And Suggestions on how to improve it is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you all
(Please Note that there may be some spelling errors. I will do my best to limit them, but i'm also an Ausie so my spelling and time may be different to yours. aka i will put 23/11/2017 on the weekly log, but for you Americans that's 11/23/2017, and i might be a day "ahead)

If you have any requests that i prioritize certain pages please comment on here asking for it.
To Do List:

  • Structures
  • Crafting
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Furniture
  • Animals
  • Any Other Suggestions
  • Make Everything Neat
  • Redo a lot of it for the next update (when it comes out)

Started/Working on

  • Starter Tips/Getting Started
  • Resources
    • Bone
  • Survivors

Values Needed For:

  • Plants Page (Crops Growth Rate)
    • Will Fill this Out once i have more seeds on my test save. 


  • UI/Controls
  • Food
  • Resources
    • Wood
    • Water
    • Moss
    • Feather
    • Cloth
    • Flax
    • Rope

Thank you :D The sharks keep running away before i can kill them, and i cant get arrows without bones. Any particular way to make sure i can kill them and stop them running?

Last Wood community · Created a new topic Plz Help Me

First off, How do i kill a shark? i'm on day 90 and haven't gotten a bone yet
Secondly, what do i have to do to get babies? I'm mass producing kebabs and haven't gotten one yet
Thirdly, how do i get rid of the 100+ sharks circling my raft? Can i stop them from attacking me somehow?
Are walls useful to keep them away? Any other tips would be nice (already read the FAQS section)