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i was look at this again will you have storage for item and storage for food. that would be great and can the limit be 99 

did you work on the cooking to maybe we can make a pot for stew this look great can't wait to see what else will be added keep us updated 

thank you i was so lost 

can we even have babies with the new update

Can we get some new dishes to go with all the new seed look veggie soup or any kind would be nice and can we make some jerky with the meat we get from the seagulls and is there any way for you to put in hard wood to make you raft strong

hey do any one know if they fix the raft and did the fix the baby making problem yet i can't play its been sometime now so if any one know if they patch the 4.1 yet

ok my game don't look like the one i saw on youtube . the girl has white hair and a hat but on the stream i watch she had a hair bun did i get the wrong game

i have the update and i try easy but its not easy i can't have a baby and i had food and my raft just started to break down all at once then i had 10 shark on top of that and just two people and ten shark and my raft was breaking down 

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what do the shark give you i killed one 

it say i need bone for stuff