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ok actually, just tried to download and neither one worked im 99% sure that i need the win one but it dosnt show up as a runnable or zipped file

thanks for replying and I just want to say if you did end up persuing this idea (or a different version of it) it would be really cool. I like the "god" position in games, especially when theres little tiny people. I will try out the game later, when I have some extra time.

Thanks for having good ideas and being good at coding.

does anybody still care about this game?  if a creator puts a message or replies i will try it out.

please. i beat the game on easy, cuz i wanted to mass produce children. problems:

1 had nothing qued, ppl still didnt have a kid. how long, you may ask? 30 minutes enough?

2 moss is ANNOYING and ultimately an infinite source of food. my people could literally live off of moss and it would still keep building up.

3 it is impossible to make a weapon BEFORE you kill a shark. i feel that you should give the shark a little more health, but add a beginners weapon such as a knife or club or somthing

4 how do i hang the hammock and drying rack? i tried a million different ways. help.


please respond and try to fix these bugs... its kinda hard to play the game. also, I know that i have restated a lot of already mentioned issues, but i feel they should be mentioned again. thanks for creating an awesome game. 

download did not work, would not let me unzip- it wasnt even zipped. it said "open with app"

just downloaded, looking forward to supporting this growing game. please notify me of future updates.

you should also have some professional testers run over the game, I think it would help get the bugs out faster

YES! 9, 2, 3, and 7 Srsly tho. Tiredness bar would mean no more "surprise, your out in the middle of nowhere doing something, and NOW you have to WALK all the way back. Great."

2 things. Make the boxes easier to flip just in general, and mane make it so its a TINY bit less of a mining sim. I mean , if I bought the ingots to make a shortsword for a person I would make two dollars in profit misusing all costs. Come on. You got to do better than that. Mane add a miner you can hire or something but it takes time, produces random ore, and the miner can only collect ore equal to the level under his pickaxe. So you have to give him a tin one to get copper. That would make it fair.

ok, I went into the new shop thing where you can buy handles without ordering them, and I put them in the sell box to buy them. I closed the box, and shook it quite a bit while trying to figure out how to actually buy the items. Then I looked at the sale price, and it was -2,000$! Wat? Hmmmm ok. Plz fix. I think its because the game is sensing the items are leaving the box, but not sensing them come back in? I THINK this is version 0.0.82, but I could be wrong. Also, when I got a skill point, and I went to open up the menu, I couldn't see it because the charichter looked down past the upgrade paper. So have like ten unused upgrade points. Plz fix! One more small thing. The cart is INCREDIBLY glitchy. Currently the horse is leading the cart from what I would estimate to be 2 ft to the left of the bars that would normally be on either side, but it acts like the horse is centered somehow. Also, sometimes my horse randomly won't turn. It fixes if I play with it a bit, but its really annoying. Check into it?                             

P.S. I still LOOOOVE this game think its really cute. Keep up the good work

maybe it would help if you opened up the thing you installed?

for me I just left click on the box

you should make the crystals really hard to find and then make it so each time you find one it makes your job easier. like, the fire stone could be infinite fuel for the smelter, or you could put it on the place where you heat up your ingots and it will make the ingots stay heated.

the cart started flying.

I picked up the ore box and tried to rotate it but every time I let go it just zipped back to its original position, so I just decided to take it with me and I couldn't move it it was as if the box was attached to a bungee cord plz help I need my box to be right side up AND not stick to the air