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How to INSTALL/UPDATE My Little Blacksmith Shop! (Installation Tutorial/Guide) Sticky

A topic by The Hard Croc created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 26,515 Replies: 47
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Figured I'd throw this together to help everyone! Have fun in MLBS! :)

i need a component called microsoft visual c++ 2015 runtime

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my download says the program cant start because XAPOFX1_5.dll is missing from your computer. why is this. i have all the requirements. can you help please as soon as possible.

I needed it to after download it still said it. just give it 10 -n20 minutes it should configure also remember to extract all files as it is the only way to access the game without those messages

how do i get it

same problem for me


Hey guys, you can download that from here-

hey crock i im having a problem with my little blacksmith shop for some reason i get stuck on the title screen is there a specific button i have to press or something

when i do that all that happens is another small screen comes up and says fatal error. that is starting the game. not for the link

Hey Croc,i need some help,i installed the microsoft,and it still says i have to install it,WHY?

maybe it would help if you opened up the thing you installed?

It needs time otherwise restart I had this problem just some configuration issues

how do i up date

and thanks

and how do i re boot the game


ya ik downloaded it from itch desktop app buuuut it keeps telling me to instal unreal engine AND I AM AND NEXT WHEN I CLICK LAUNCH IT SAYS I NEED 2 DOWNLOAD BUT WHEN THE TAB GETS THERE IT SAYS UNINSTALL?!?!?! like im stuck in a infinite loop and i cant do shit about it please freaking help

This video doesn't show how to install through the itch desktop app. It shows how to download the zip file and extract it.

yes ik its off topic but can you do another vid showing throo the itch app and if you can and coud it woud help me alot cuz i keep seing that unreal engine problem...sorry if its a problem if its off topic i just wanted 2 ask cuz i cant download it throo the zip says the file is damaged or somthing so im again sorry but i woud like somone to show me what 2 do cuz i really want to play the game and i never coud get it 2 work...THIRD TIME IM SORRY

and sorry i cant serbian :/

my game says it needs direct x runtime, why


You need to update Direct X Runtime

how do you do that

i have the dll runtime and dll sting file but the game its not opening i need help!!!

What do you mean by it's not opening? Have you extracted it with the proper version of WinRAR?

"The program can't start because api-ms-crt-runtime-L1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Please help I have tried things online to fix it and they don't work...

Deleted 3 years ago

Try running Windows Update before trying to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime and see if that helps. Also, check your system settings and verify whether your version of Windows is 64 bit or 32 bit (x86), and run the run the proper Visual C++ installer.

I have been doing that, and when I was doing it, the same two updates would always pop up after I try to install runtime. The updates said "no updates left to install" and that those 2 updates always installed correctly but I would always have the same problem, followed by he two updates popping up again. I have checked for updates since then and found more so hopefully it works soon. I am running the 64 bit version of windows 8.1 off a dual boot mac, that I just got set up so it need some a lot of updates

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I have a little problem, I don't know how to start the game. ._. Like I already installed everything wich I needed to but the game just don't start, it freezes in the photo at the start. Please someone help ;-;

and we guy this happened to me (and it's happening more with 0.1.0)

it wont let me download the unreal engine

what do i do?

game no work always gets stuck on the photo at the start please help

Hey I bought another computer and I can not figure out how to get my progress from my other computer to my new one. can anyone help me?

  • C
    • users
      • old login name/computer name
        • appdata (hidden folder)
          • Local
            • Shopsim
              • Saved
                • Savegames
                • Copy savedgame, or just copy the entire folder (may put new computer at risk due to settings maybe having a resolution out of bounds or something.)
          • Save to flashdrive or something
        • Transfer to same location on new computer (new login name/computer name though)

thank you:)

I can't play the game, it has too much lag! And I can't reduce the quality because of the lag!

I was able to get into the quality settings, but I will have to access the quality settings files and change the default settings before I can play the game without it crashing due to lag. I can play the game, but when I make a new game, it just lags like crazy. My computer can withstand up to 720p video quality, learned from YouTube, and yeah.

Okay, I actually got it working. Had to, well, change the shadow settings and the other things to get it working, but I gotit working at the speed of... 8+ frames per second/fps.

Can you tell me what did you do exactly, my game is crashing due to laggggs

can previous versions save games carry over to new updates or is it to unstable?

Do I have to redownload the game every time an update is released?

yes. There's an itch io app though I believe it manages updates much like any other platform's app

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I've got an odd issue, I double click the ShopSim exe, and get a loading mouse cursor for a few seconds, but that's it. the game doesn't start. I've gone as far as to install the unreal engine redistrobutable, along with any other required files mentioned in this thread, but that's the result I get

EDIT: Works fine with the app, still not with the none app download

no intentaste abrir como administrador?? (traduce this message pls)

ok so i have the game and its runing smoothy BUT, it says its alpha 0.0.9e but its not actually updated

0.0.9e is the most recent public build. If you're a patron, you have earlier access and dev-build version available, its labeled very differently


Si tienen un problema de descargas llamado: prohibido , es porque deben uniciar secion en esta pagina

What is the newest version of mlbs.