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Please check this post and/or this post
as they should contain information related to this issue (I even was just testing it again on itchio app just recently, reaffirming the findings, playing around with them a little, etc)

Alternatively, come onto the Discord and talk about the issue, or dm someone (like me) if you want further counsel

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something vaguely similar sometimes seems to happen to me (Note: It doesn't stop me from proceeding and playing)

Have you tried just clicking in the game window after that?
Side question: do you have SteamVR installed? This could be getting in the way as well - the only way around this part would be uninstalling SteamVR (disabling it)

There's a post above this that details what you need to do, also how on earth did you manage to go all the way and click on a 2yr dead post?

But yea. need to use the radial menu

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if you haven't gotten the answers yet
Please check post or this post 

Alternatively you could also drop in on the discord
Extra-Alternatively: If you always play easy, you can more quickly bypass by choosing a difficulty that you did not choose in the past versions

check the FAQ for 0.1.1 or the discord bug list( for New Version, New Save). They relate.

Something else I felt I should add (most don't really know if its a bug, if its a test, or if its intended)
Ore Veins
They start in every new game as stone
The amount of time you need to wait for ore veins to initially cycle may or may not... ever come... The depleted vein recycle period is, picky, at best.
If you save and reload the game, the veins should regenerate immediately
Anytime there is an issue that makes the game act like you're a new player though, they will be stone again

From what we know, This actually happens because of Previous save files

The reason it only happens with DarkCloud makes a custom game, is because DarkCloud had a custom Difficulty save in 0.1.0
The Game save structure and place changed this version, but it still creates and references many files in the old location, and because of this, it seemed to largely cause issue when a player tried to make the same difficulty in the new version - They are, after all, both initially referred with the same file-name

Version 0.1.1 engine/game is trying to create a "new" save though
While the game is seeing and reading an "already created" save, with conflicting data

While Paul, Would have, maybe normal difficulty save, or maybe one of each non-custom difficulty.

This is not the only way we've seen recreate the issue, but, its the most prominent way
( I say we, I mean all users)

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a list of some of the heavily reported bugs and some workarounds/fixes as seen on the discord's confirmed bug list (these two images are literally ripped from it)

Feel free to hop onto the discord and message me in regards to any of the ones I specified.... well. I mean to be fair, if you have questions about /any/ of them, feel free to message about them, but in particular, the ones I specified to ask in DM about.

a couple of these are technically repeated because Dasius chimed in on here a while ago with some of the information some had gathered.
If you're reading this one and haven't seen his FAQ on 0.1.1, He said also that SteamVR triggering may also be causing some of the 'new version, new save' stuff - SteamVR currently /has to/ boot if its installed, but it doesn't really have any support yet, if you wanna play MLBS for the moment you should consider not having SteamVR installed.

there's also a few things to recommend not doing, which is not leaving the Shop "open" when you save and exit/reload - It can be done, but its not really ready for it, nothing might happen, or strange thihgs can happen, lagspikes and what not

The wagon - many say locked crated in the wagon, that are then secured in the wagon's version of a locked crate, causes some mixed things...
So I would say to either a) not use the wagon, or b) lock the crate, put it in, and then open it, then when you secure the cargo, it should remain put via that, you can unsecure it and then lock it when you take the crate out

There is a rare issue, more rare than the game acting like you're a new player, with no known triggerable method to it... The only workaround I know of that is clientside involves messing with the savefile. I can elaborate more in DM if needed
you'll know you're experiencing THIS if suddenly all your stations are gone and the wagon is inside of the shop, ontop of extreme lag.

(Edit: %LocalAppdata% is a shortcut to go to C: Drive -> users -> (Your active user profile) -> Hidden Folder Appdata -> Local
Where a folder, shopsim, from MLBS resides) (There's also %userprofile% which does the above, but stops at (Your active user profile)
(You can also just go to My computer, and search for "ShopSim" And then check their address/path to see if they reside within "Local" or not)

At first I was going to say "That's a bug I've never seen before"

But... a gt240??
I've my doubts that is capable of properly running the game... Its extremely old, and isn't even gaming oriented technology (x50's are entry levels in their respective generation, 60/70s would be what most 'gamers' would consider 'pretty much required' and 80(and potentially some special models here and there) are top tier, 40s are just high-tier non-gaming oriented, and the 2xx was.. quite some time ago. I wonder if it was even at the point where HD was becoming more mainstream....

Anywho. Your PC specs are... darn near brick imo.. and its quite likely that something in the game just doesn't run on your hardware properly. - From what I hear, The next version should bring back Foliage low = no foliage, which will help graphical load.. but... I don't think it'll help THAT much...
You should consider getting pretty much any graphics card you can to replace your current one
You could pick up a pretty much any x60 or x70 GTX and it would make a world of difference, and not all of them, particular some of the older ones, are that expensive

You can also use this site to see some of the price-point choices for the previous.... "well known?" tech
More than likely, apart from the RAM amount, everything in the absolute bottom tier (at the top of the chart), is better than what you have.. whether or not that will actually be enough to properly run games like MLBS.. that.. I do not know. but almost assuredly its better than what you have.
your Athlon is bordering a decade old tech, the Athlon 200GE will almost assuredly outperform it, even though it may not necessarily be to the point of properly running MLBS and other games
of course the r3 2200 and 2400 would be better choices, but its not always simple to just say "yeah go out and start spending money, no no, more than that, higher." and actually expect to see something of it.

If you can get one of those three, and it work just fine with your motherboard, That would be best, then you would simply take your gt240 out, and rely on the vega integrated graphics
If your motherboard can't properly support, or even interface, with the newer chip, that's less ideal, as that means far more reassembly and price.. and/or those that don't like to take apart and rebuild their computer... buying a new computer altogether.

if you're on the discord you can dm me privately, I know some workaround info that may help, though it may also contain spoilers

I know a bit of a workaround for this, but I do not know what causes it, if you message me on the MLBS discord, I can talk you through it or help apply it

I haven't been as active on the forum recently cause I got auto-logged out but

to go to the topic at hand....
The issue is they're all the same save.

You're saving wrong.

When you start, with absolutely no saves, and click save in game, you'll see a square for that current save, right?
This isn't a save.
This is "New save slot" with all the information attached to it for the current game/save
if you click "New save slot" - it will make a new save, regardless of what you name it.

The only way to truly overwrite the previous "new save", is to (well first create one and then) scroll down the list, until you find the one you actually created - If you only have 1 real save, It will be the bottom slot, while new save slot will be the top slot.
 As for changing that save-slots name afterwards.... mmm... I dunno I think that would probably act like new save slot, hard to say.

Not a "bug" per se

0.1.0o has a new station system as well as smelter system, among other things like save slots and difficulty.

Your 0.0.9e doesn't have equivalent difficulty identification - would default as a primary(non numbered) save slot - If it had the smelter, it's possible that could update smoothly however

There building system aforementioned includes the stations being saved to the save file, so it can track their updated positions on the map and such.

now that they're scripted to save in the save file, they're also scripted to reload from the same file - meaning if their entry in the save file doesn't exist

They don't exist.

And 0.0.9e - didn't save them to the save file, it spawned them in with the engine, unloaded them, and reloaded them, all engine.
So a 0.0.9e (or earlier) save file doesn't have entries to reload them.

0.1.0o on a new save trigger - spawns the stations in for the very first time and that alone. - which gives them an initial entry to reload from

Long story short. - Due to drastic feature changes and inclusions, it is impossible to use that save

While it was possible in many cases to ignore changes and continue a save before, these are fairly game-breaking 

If you look further up this page, and possibly some of the previous pages, you'll see me talking about why this happens, and how to avoid it for the most part, among a few other things as well

For the most part, if you could please re... eeehh...  I guess theere has been video postings.. it doesn't really matter... but feel free to redact some of the info here, I won't stop you if you decide to, and would encourage it.

anyway onto the matter at hand.

Yes. Some places unload (partially?) when the player is not within their cell/region - This causes foreign entities (anything that isn't ore is foreign, this includes the player(save/reload)) to fall through the now unloaded surface, and generally, into the void, however its not always directly into the void, (player mostly), but it is always "gone"

The area unloading is not specifically "a bug" as that is the intended purpose.

Lost crystals can (somewhat) be solved with Slipcor's save fixer

the most recent one (for 0.0.9e) can be used for some features in 0.1.0o - there is MINOR support for difficulty and primary save file - if you have 3 normal files (I think) and this one in particular is your "2" (3rd, I think) then the save fixer will have a lot of trouble being of any help, as it will be next to impossible for it to identify the save file - it isn't yet designed to support multiple saves.

but if its the primary file (of a difficulty, I believe, so if you have 1 hard, 1 normal, and 1 easy, you can fix any of them.. I think.... I'm not sure, as I haven't had the need to, and it hasn't been priority in my mind to check it cause it isn't updated)

There's no way to recover the crate, though that's small potatoes cause you can chop essentially infinite logs for essentially infinite crates.

If you can't recover the crystals, there's a few options still that remain.

one is to wait till you can
another is to just forget about it for the time being, as the [redacted(long)] this version
And the last, very last, would be to restart your save... 
technically there's one before that too
you can try to be like Slipcor and break open your save and edit the crystals entries yourself - If they don't exist, the engine is programed to make them exist (when you use them, correctly, the engine will reload them on the next save and reload, ) 

as Slipcor does, you should backup your save if you try this, just like his fixer, as 1 wrong step can instantly bork the save file.

Heyo. Just wanted to clarify some stuff that I saw

The increase of Foliage dense....densifies? the ground - it can be one of the larger lag causers and I think that's what you might have been seeing when you suddenly snapped to a new point while looking around - might have to futz with settings till you get to a desireable point between improve quality and optimized performance

Sorry that the setting changes didn't improve the bloom factor, I didn't really mean that it would improve that part, the intention was to help some of the text be more clear, because some of them fail to render properly at random, and changing the settings triggers the update that can fix them.

Let's see what else....

uhh - The Two hand axe situation near the end. - you made it right the first time, I know the clarification and blueprint are not very clear, but double head axe is the correct axe head for two hand grip

You'll know you made it right when it tells you you created the item. - though, that said - The message indicating it's created can scroll off the screen as it piles up.

You can chop trees, yes, when you equip a hatchet yourself ( the blacksmith can equip that axe you made from above, as long as its a small axe head, the blacksmith can equip it, but you must create an item for a customer to buy it.)

The logs are generated from the trees cut - and you can place those on your woodworking bench for crates (and shield boards, though unless you've updated from 0.1.0o I don't suggest selling to shield customers) - you can earn exp from making tool heads, selling to customers, hitting ore, I believe, and chopping  (either)

And "either"
You can chop logs into firewood (which may have more use in the future than just firewood) - Firewood currently is probably the better fuel than coal - at least it claims so on the fuel meter.

and this sorta segways into the picture below.

 I did this up for 0.0.9e (seems to still apply for the most part for 0.1.0o)

I know bronze isn't the best to illustrate for clarity - but in general it is accurate.

The only exception I'd add is in "specific" requests - you need every part to match.
so a "specific" pick like above - needs to be "tier" pickaxe, with "grip" or they won't take it.

if they specify a "iron one hand sword, with rare grip, hero guard, and a pointed blade"
you will need an iron pointed blade, either angelic or dragon one hand grip from Geoffrey's part shop (both are "rare"), and the hero guard (can be purchased either at geoffreys or your order scroll under guards)
If it isn't these parts, it isn't right, and they won't accept it.
(also if its version 0.1.0o (current public build afaik) for sword specific ones, like this, if you're holding the wrong item (any item with a tool head, guard, and grip, that is a "created" (real/existent) item) - they'll cause the guard they're requesting (in this case, hero guard) to spawn under the floor of the shop, eventually physic collisions will cause them to erupt up from the floor. (should hopefully be fixed in the next patch))

what else....

Ah yes. With the adjustments to gamma/brightness, shadows, post processing, and etc
the darker world, it becomes more important to grab your lantern - its located just above your workbench

You can carry it, and you can also equip it, to the 4th tool belt slot - while equipped it can be used in tandem with any tool, pressing 4 will hold it in your left hand, or put it away - This helps with the mines, mostly, but also at the darkest of night.

Reversing the settings mentioned above will restore a fair bit of brightness to the world.
however. The Mines change based on time of day. - During the midday hours, the interior is light partially by world/sunlight - during dawn, dusk, and night, the cave is darker, and darker

Chances are it failed to download, Try downloading again, or try using  itch's app

0.0.9e did not have the stations saved in the save file - they were loaded by the engine itself.

0.1.0(x) loads the stations from the save file, but does spawn them with the engine on a new game.

If you load an old save - there's no entries that register the stations, and the engine is told "this is a load from a save, not a new game" so it doesn't spawn them.

Resulting in no stations being found.

There's but only one possible fix to this that I can possibly think of that you could TRY and do to try and "salvage" the save - but it'd require having 100g to purchase the house on the hill, as well as a backup hammer (possibly not assembled) - as, for as far as I know, everyone that has shown trying to load an out of date save, all have "copper empty" for their hammer - which is incapable of the necessary jobs of the player.

In general, the only real option though is, to restart and make a new save.

Guard spam is caused by Specific sword Requests

If you're holding an item with a tool head, guard, and grip, that isn't the correctly requested item, The guard requested by the customer will begin to spawn in the middle of the floor under the house, eventually the physics of which will cause it to erupt upwards from the floor.

You can AVOID this by either A) dismissing the Specific Sword requesters right away
OR not getting their order wrong, or not holding the wrong item.

This should hopefully have already been addressed, along with many of the other things I was just talking about in other posts.

Note This gets incredibly harder to avoid if you allow customers to pile up without reloading, as their requests can merge and you'll fail to be capable of even having the chance to notice their presence.

Specific sword requests look like this
blacksmith I need a tin one hand sword with a rare grip, hero guard, and  a pointed blade

If you hold a for example

iron, rare grip, hero guard, pointed blade the spam will happen
if you hold a tin common grip hero guard pointed blade
if you hold a tin, rare, normal guard, pointed blade
Even if you hold a spear in which you've added a guard to while completing it, the spam will happen. (at least it did for me while I was testing one of the times)

If you however hold a stolen version, or a non-existent item, The spam will not happen.

Example of a non existent item
A one hand sword blade, on a two hand grip and guard
A dagger with a guard
A pickaxe with a one hand grip
A hatchet with a two hand grip (small axe head)

Coal ingot and Zinc Ingot do not exist, thus of course it'd never be made, though, It's really not supposed to show coal ingots at all.

As for steel alloy - if there's ever an issue with it not displaying, try removing the ore and putting it back in, and/or moving the smelter, as the detector might have gotten blocked by something (unlikely)
If those don't work, go for a save reload rather than trying anything else, but first, remove the ore that you can, then do the reload.

Note: there's probably several other ways that don't fit in with the ones listed here,

All ore is *supposed* to get "frozen" in the furnace when you try to input it for smelting - The "actor" is supposed to get locked

Currently only "one" actor is getting locked, resulting in some misc bugs/exploits with the other ore and smelting - but the one that is locked, is not a bug.

The "not enough fuel" is an entirely different issue altogether.

Not enough fuel can be caused by various thing
1) other stations/physics hit boxes could be in the way of one or more of the detectors - From my observation I ASSUME... there is a "Fuel detector" an "ignition detector" and an "output detector".
The Fuel detector is tied to the meter that visibly displays how much fuel is present - you can exceed this, though the meter will just remain in red for the majority of that. - The "ignition" detector IMO is what causes the majority of "Not enough fuel" as this would be the detector that targets a piece of coal or wood and starts burning it for heating and smelting. - If this detector fails in some way, it won't burn wood, won't tell there's wood to burn, and thus, nothing will occur. - Output Detector will allow heat to work, but prevent smelting to work, if only the output detector is blocked (near the casting tray) - when only this happens, its usually simple enough to fix.

2) a second possible way is both fake fuel and fake readout - Not much I can really say about this one, sometimes it just seems like fuel disappears or that the readout is empty with fuel in it. - saving and reloading will usually eliminate this - as its usually either the fuel is actually burnt already, and for whatever reason their visuals remained,  or perhaps the fuel detector had something happen, I don't know.

3) This way is more user error, and can be avoided by not trying to smelt more than a small small number at a time - and that's by putting too much ore in, and requesting too much output - not only would it take forever to heat up for each additional ore chosen, but the thing only reads so much fuel at a time, right? - even if it can have more plaed inside that it knows what to do with.

Saving and reloading will purge the non-save file data, yeah - which includes customers

The reason the additional customers are spawning IS NOT LIMITED TO WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY.... but what I say below here is DEFINITELY one of the main ways.

Shield Customers currently cause an issue when they "Wait" for the second item, No matter what, if you sell anything to a shield customer, they will cause one more additional customer to spawn, one for every time you repeat this. - These are not intentional spawns, and as a result, other issues associated with them are not necessarily bugs, because the additional customer itself is the bug.

Avoidance can be done by simply dismissing Shield customers right off the bat, and if you accidentally allow two or more customers, it is likely safer to just go ahead and save and reload then and there, rather than wait.

additional as I said, not limited to Shield - There could be some other less obvious things that are triggering additional spawns as well - and while I've never seen it personally, The custom difficulty also has a setting for "Multi-order" which sounds like a customer could ask for two or more items, not necessarily being shield(s)  - if this DID occur ever, that customerr too would likely cause another customer, as well. - since it seems tied to the "Waiting" 

Ensure first that if you downloaded 64bit before, that you redownload 64bit as it was accidentally a reupload of 32bit originally

However, now beyond this.

Go to the the blueprint or to the podium in your room, keep the contents of either to one side of the screen, and pause the game

go to graphics settings, and with either effects or shadows, keep futzing with them until the clarity changes - You can keep doing this until your setting is what you want it at, and keeps clarity.

Why specifically it decided to start breaking/failing to trigger, I don't know, but it has something to do with those two settings primarily, and with the settings failing to update or trigger or something. (possibly as a whole)

If you keep adjusting those one of those two, though, eventually it'll correctly update

Currently reported/confirmed (discord)

The Second/Hill Shop costs 100g to view what you want to do with it

it has a single set of choices that can be chosen from a multiple set of choices

The resulting cost from the single set of choices claims that it costs 90g to do everything stated.

A charge of 810g will then be made - if you have anything less than that, it will zero you out, anything more, it'll still charge 810... (obviously...)

The only real thing a client can do atm to combat this is to buy it with very little above 100g, or to spend enough of the extra on ingots and parts, as long as you have 100g, you'll be able to make the transaction.

if you have 8 gigs of physical ram - then no you can ignore the part about 32bit.
I made that suggestion based on the amount of memory usage your system was saying and didn't think you could have many things open apart from the game that could add up to that amount out of 8 gigs.

However. I still recommended installing the game to its own dedicate place.
the Desktop is not a dedicated place, It might work for some things, some of the time, but it isn't really designed for it.

you should try cleaning up your desktop, should probably try clearing some stuff out of appdata as well, etc

If the game worked, and properly so, even once, there should be a Shopsim folder in %localappdata% 
if you look in that folder, you should see Saved -> savegames -> settings - you could maybe try deleting that, or maybe try looking around for that "low settings" emergency file (might be on the discord)

Deleting it should honestly do about the same as downloading and placing in the low settings file since its supposed to default to low, but there's been claims sometimes of it having a different result... if it does end up working at anytime from messing with the settings file, Then I suggest very minimally altering the settings in game further than that, mostly, just making sure that the resolution is set up good and in the mode you want, personally I use the exact same resolution as my pc normally uses

This happens because the weapon you were holding was not exactly correct for a Specific Sword Customer.
If you hold a weapon with a single piece wrong (currently) they will cause the map to generate the guard related to the request
It should hopefully be addressed.

As long as the sword is 100% correct, it shouldn't happen, but, they will do it ANYWHERE - which means if you are just holding the item without even moving and not even near the shop, there will be guards spawned, even if you can't tell there's a Specific Sword customer at the counter.

This becomes particularly even more problematic if you sell ANYTHING to Shield Customers who will cause additional customers to spawn due to an error (that should hopefully also be addressed)
Unlike Specific Sword Customers, You should immediately refuse any and all Shield customers, it isn't the shield that causes it, its the waiting they do while waiting to accept the next item. If they trigger that, they'll trigger a second customer, regardless of what comes after that. - Then customers can start stacking, and if they do that, they can grab the same item, and it can be hard/impossible to see when you have a Specific Sword customer, which will then cause the game to lag when more guards get spammed

See other reply


It happened (for this patch) because You had a Specific Sword customer, they specified what grip, guard, and blade they wanted, and you didn't provide that.

Don't mess up a Specific Sword Sale, or, don't be holding an incorrect item while the specific sword customer is still there.


Just Dismiss them to begin with and don't serve them.

Don't serve Shield Customers either, as they will cause multiple customers. - just Dismiss them immediately (hopefully both are already addressed, as it sounds)

You Shouldn't store games on your desktop and try to avoid storing them in C:/

Your OS is 90% of the time going to either be on C:/, or using it for main functions - and when C is bogged down, Your computer will run slower, and slower, and slower

The effects of bogged down C:/ (or OS) can be any sort've alternate issues as well, Like inability to....."house" a game as it starts running. - especially when those games are in the C:/ drive.

I would first suggest (if Possible) moving (several gigs) of the data that's on your desktop/C:/ to an alternate drive/Partition - Change download locations and etc so they don't crap all over the C:/ drive, etc.

Ensure having the system requirements necessary for running the game - if you have 4 gigs or less, It's probably be easier/better to use 32bit version, but I can't swear there'd actually be a difference on that part.

Ensure the game is properly Extracted  (again, recommended NOT on the Desktop, the desktop isn't going to have problems running everything, but it also isn't designed for you to store and run games directly from it, It's designed for Shortcuts to those directories, where it "Run in/Start in" at

Ensure supporting utilities are installed or up to date, as well as drivers (Primarily for GFX)

And if nothing else seems to alleviate the issue - Try the App - But again, I do not recommend storing/running these things from your Desktop, Store it somewhere else, 
If, you only have C:/ drive, and no other drive or partition, Then make a downloads folder on C:/, and store and install games to Program Files. (and also consider getting another drive, or thinking about Partitioning your one Drive (C:/) so that it acts like two drives (or more) - again, while Desktop may work for some, things, running some games etc - it isn't exactly designed to, so some things just won't.

Open explorer or use run and type "%localappdata%"

Scroll down and you should see ShopSim (if you've ran the game and stuff)

"Greatswords - Specific Greatsword orders appear no different than Non-specific. If Items properly assemble, and customers are accepting otherwise, expect the reason is specific for the greatsword, probably best to save time and dismiss em.
(Unlikely) veerrry small chance that polearms may also be afflicted." #confirmed-bugs 

(quote that I took from my confirmed bugs post on the discord, already had it copied cause I was talking with someone else about it)

Save and reload to unload customers (they don't save to file)

Avoid selling to shield customers though it isn't limited to shield customers there's a good chance any customer that asks for multiple weapons would also trigger it but I haven't seen a multiple-weapon order yet - I just know there's a stat for it.

it should hopefully already be addressed, also.

The second issue is any tool part
Any grip, any guard, any metal head.
You shouldn't run into a problem provided you don't throw (left click charge) or fling (turn+release rightclick) - oh, and also provided you don't actively try and push the item through objects (namely the floor and walls)
I can't claim whether this issue is scaled back or not, in some ways, it is seen as partially a feature, that is being a little overzealous to try and alleviate certain instances of "stuck"

The first issue should hopefully be addressed already. - It can be "alleviated" with saving and reloading (should despawn them, bringing the customer count back to default)
The MAIN cause but not swearing its the only cause of this, is shield customers. Completely avoid selling to shield customers at all for this version (0.1.0o) This should be considered "extended" to customers that ask for more than just a single weapon, too.

There's also a third issue you may eventually run into, that should also hopefully be fixed by the next patch
It deals with Specific Sword Requests, Customers that specify what guard, grip, and blade to use for their one hand sword, should either be avoided completely or.... Do not get their order wrong. If you get their order wrong, or rather, if you're holding Any item that isn't their correct order  they will cause guards to spawn, quickly, in the shop causing lag and probable crash.

Again. your first issue and this should hopefully already be addressed.

Not a bug,  (technically) - Just don't save in the mines, There's areas of the map, particularly the mines right now, that don't load with the engine, they load (or unload) based on you, and it doesn't load the mines when you fall into them, cause that's not normal, and other things.

There's roughly a total of 12 ore veins

Some are outside of the mines entirely.
Some are in the mines Foyer

The rest are in the mines behind the door to the mines.

Charisma was mentioned some time ago by Patrons for this version, I'm not sure why it went on this long without recovering, but its possible its intentional, as 1c is impossible even at 1% It could be getting reworked, similar to intelligence/quality/item stats.

Customer stack can be removed with save/reload, but its being caused primarily (might not be solely) by Customers who request shields (or more than 1 item)
when They get one item and then "wait", the game has gotten confused, the waiting isn't the sign of that, but for some reason, it has started to think the "first customer" is ready to leave, and when you dismiss the shield customer or complete his request a "second customer" is ready to leave, and "both customers" are leaving - So the game sends in a new customer so the game sends in a new customer.....
and if you do another shield customer  - - - So the game sends in a new, a new, a new customer.

Another shield - new new new new customer

and another 30 shields newnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnew~~

Infinitely. So don't even give shield customers anything and just dismiss them, and you should be good, for the most part.

The same, almost, can be said for Sword "specific" customers.

The ones that specify guard, blade and grip they want for their sword
These guys will currently spawn guards if you hold any item that doesn't match their order, and also has a guard, that isn't stolen, btw, stolen and not items don't count. but any item they can detect, that is wrong, will cause the issue.

So if you avoid these two, most problems will be resolved.
(the latter problem hopefully is already resolved)

This is indeed correct, Hopefully it has also already been addressed, so the next version you shouldn't see it
If you avoid holding items that are not the requested sword and parts, It will not occur, If you're holding anything that has a blade, guard, and grip, that isn't their order, they will spawn 

again, hopefully already addressed

You can also for the most part completely avoid them by dismissing the sword specific customers immediately (This applies for shield customers as well, for a different reason, as they are currently the primary cause of multiplying customers)

It's been mentioned a few times ( not sure about on here, but it was mentioned almost immediately on the discord when the public patch went live)

Hopefully, It has also been addressed already, But I cannot swear to that, as I'm not in a position to speak for the team, But *uses magic 8 ball*  signs point to "quite likely"

You can avoid this issue by Not selling to Sword Specific customers (They specify the type of guard, grip, and blade they want)
If they see you holding anything that is not the sword they requested, they start to spawn the guard they requested under the shop
again, expectation is that this has been addressed

There's also a problem you may also run into, With shield customers, or multi-item - If they ask for more than just the tool, (like a tool and shield) serving them EITHER ITEM will make them believe they've left, and cause a 2nd customer to spawn when they actually do leave (dismissed after one or completed with two)
This stacks infinitely, and eventually will become impossible to have customers leave.
again, Can be avoided by dismissing immediately, customers requesting for more than just "one item"

You loaded an old save it looks like

in 0.0.9e, Stations were spawned by the engine every time you saved and reloaded/shut down the game/etc

In 0.1.0o, stations are only spawned on new game, and from there, Save to the file, and reload from the file
This includes position data, as it is now possible to move stations around.

You will need to restart in 0.1.0+