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"Greatswords - Specific Greatsword orders appear no different than Non-specific. If Items properly assemble, and customers are accepting otherwise, expect the reason is specific for the greatsword, probably best to save time and dismiss em.
(Unlikely) veerrry small chance that polearms may also be afflicted." #confirmed-bugs 

(quote that I took from my confirmed bugs post on the discord, already had it copied cause I was talking with someone else about it)

Save and reload to unload customers (they don't save to file)

Avoid selling to shield customers though it isn't limited to shield customers there's a good chance any customer that asks for multiple weapons would also trigger it but I haven't seen a multiple-weapon order yet - I just know there's a stat for it.

it should hopefully already be addressed, also.

The second issue is any tool part
Any grip, any guard, any metal head.
You shouldn't run into a problem provided you don't throw (left click charge) or fling (turn+release rightclick) - oh, and also provided you don't actively try and push the item through objects (namely the floor and walls)
I can't claim whether this issue is scaled back or not, in some ways, it is seen as partially a feature, that is being a little overzealous to try and alleviate certain instances of "stuck"

The first issue should hopefully be addressed already. - It can be "alleviated" with saving and reloading (should despawn them, bringing the customer count back to default)
The MAIN cause but not swearing its the only cause of this, is shield customers. Completely avoid selling to shield customers at all for this version (0.1.0o) This should be considered "extended" to customers that ask for more than just a single weapon, too.

There's also a third issue you may eventually run into, that should also hopefully be fixed by the next patch
It deals with Specific Sword Requests, Customers that specify what guard, grip, and blade to use for their one hand sword, should either be avoided completely or.... Do not get their order wrong. If you get their order wrong, or rather, if you're holding Any item that isn't their correct order  they will cause guards to spawn, quickly, in the shop causing lag and probable crash.

Again. your first issue and this should hopefully already be addressed.

Not a bug,  (technically) - Just don't save in the mines, There's areas of the map, particularly the mines right now, that don't load with the engine, they load (or unload) based on you, and it doesn't load the mines when you fall into them, cause that's not normal, and other things.

There's roughly a total of 12 ore veins

Some are outside of the mines entirely.
Some are in the mines Foyer

The rest are in the mines behind the door to the mines.

Charisma was mentioned some time ago by Patrons for this version, I'm not sure why it went on this long without recovering, but its possible its intentional, as 1c is impossible even at 1% It could be getting reworked, similar to intelligence/quality/item stats.

Customer stack can be removed with save/reload, but its being caused primarily (might not be solely) by Customers who request shields (or more than 1 item)
when They get one item and then "wait", the game has gotten confused, the waiting isn't the sign of that, but for some reason, it has started to think the "first customer" is ready to leave, and when you dismiss the shield customer or complete his request a "second customer" is ready to leave, and "both customers" are leaving - So the game sends in a new customer so the game sends in a new customer.....
and if you do another shield customer  - - - So the game sends in a new, a new, a new customer.

Another shield - new new new new customer

and another 30 shields newnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnew~~

Infinitely. So don't even give shield customers anything and just dismiss them, and you should be good, for the most part.

The same, almost, can be said for Sword "specific" customers.

The ones that specify guard, blade and grip they want for their sword
These guys will currently spawn guards if you hold any item that doesn't match their order, and also has a guard, that isn't stolen, btw, stolen and not items don't count. but any item they can detect, that is wrong, will cause the issue.

So if you avoid these two, most problems will be resolved.
(the latter problem hopefully is already resolved)

This is indeed correct, Hopefully it has also already been addressed, so the next version you shouldn't see it
If you avoid holding items that are not the requested sword and parts, It will not occur, If you're holding anything that has a blade, guard, and grip, that isn't their order, they will spawn 

again, hopefully already addressed

You can also for the most part completely avoid them by dismissing the sword specific customers immediately (This applies for shield customers as well, for a different reason, as they are currently the primary cause of multiplying customers)

It's been mentioned a few times ( not sure about on here, but it was mentioned almost immediately on the discord when the public patch went live)

Hopefully, It has also been addressed already, But I cannot swear to that, as I'm not in a position to speak for the team, But *uses magic 8 ball*  signs point to "quite likely"

You can avoid this issue by Not selling to Sword Specific customers (They specify the type of guard, grip, and blade they want)
If they see you holding anything that is not the sword they requested, they start to spawn the guard they requested under the shop
again, expectation is that this has been addressed

There's also a problem you may also run into, With shield customers, or multi-item - If they ask for more than just the tool, (like a tool and shield) serving them EITHER ITEM will make them believe they've left, and cause a 2nd customer to spawn when they actually do leave (dismissed after one or completed with two)
This stacks infinitely, and eventually will become impossible to have customers leave.
again, Can be avoided by dismissing immediately, customers requesting for more than just "one item"

You loaded an old save it looks like

in 0.0.9e, Stations were spawned by the engine every time you saved and reloaded/shut down the game/etc

In 0.1.0o, stations are only spawned on new game, and from there, Save to the file, and reload from the file
This includes position data, as it is now possible to move stations around.

You will need to restart in 0.1.0+

see above

The horse was disabled back in 0.0.9 for crippling blacksmiths and shooting their items out of the cart by use of its weapons, as the horse itself began to identify as an attack helicopter, spinning and flying, defying physics in some cases.

For the foreseeable future, It will remain disabled until Dasius and volun can either hire a new horse that will properly act like a horse, or convince this one to do the job it was hired for, We don't mind what it identifies as, if it'll properly do the job of "Being a horse drawn cart"

The chances are it isn't fully implemented yet. The roadmap for 0.1.2 suggests that it might not be 100% implemented until at least by that time, as it directly correlates with the topic

There is no real direction or end of the game yet. It's version 0.1.0, not version 1 or 0.9.1 or something, the previous version was only 0.0.9e - while the process of content might start getting a little easier/faster with the funding now avaialble, it's still really early on.

0.0.9e was an update ._. it certainly hasn't been like that forever.
It isn't cancelled at this moment in time,

something publicly may or may not be in the "Soon(tm)" category
but Patrons have access to the newer/newest dev-version - which just recently became 0.1.0m, If I recall right.

The crystals have had a single use altogether since 0.0.9e (the current public release)
It's currently still the same use in 0.1.0(x)

Yes (and no)

But for the short and most part, yes.

Someone else mentioned having this problem somewhere, I dunno, Maybe it was you and you're looking for alternative answers....

But if not, Try VPNs, or alternate methods of connecting, perhaps even checking (if you're not the owner of your internet and its control settings)  modem/router issues and settings. 

as it still sounds like some kinda other factor preventing it. - Perhaps an ad/virus/malware, a browser that doesn't like Itch.io, some anti-virus that is being overzealous because of Itch.io having... well.. rather seemingly "freedom" in content, ISP or router/internet restrictions, etc etc.

Patreon pledges are subscriptions, (monthly)

The only way to get benefits from patreon, is to pledge

When the payment is processed and charged, you're given access for a month, if you're unable to pay after that, you lose access.
"Not being able to pay" also includes "Not paying"... or in otherwords, canceled. - But you will only have the one month's access, so if there's an update the next day after that, you're out of luck.


If you pledge /right now/ with the way it is currently set up

You would gain access for the month of July. (July 1st to August 1st)
If you pledged and then stopped, You would lose access August 1st - Discord Benefits may very well end immediately upon stopping though, even if before the patreon period. - So its possible other 3rd party services, like Itchio may close access immediately on stopping as well.

As hunter stated. Zinc is only used in alloying for Brass - It, and carbon, currently (0.0.9e specifically) are smeltable but produce nothing alone, there are no items for them, either.

You need to put copper in and zinc in, in order for it to alloy into Brass.

And Iron, and Carbon, in, in order for it to alloy into Steel.

Bronze is, as result, definitely safer to screw up on, because if you don't follow the recipe, you might end up with components of the alloy in ingot form.

For example

1 copper in, and then 1 tin in, before the copper finishes, will make Bronze.

5 copper in, and then adding tin in over time before the copper finishes
Will result in maybe, one of them combining as bronze, while the rest will probably be Copper and Tin.

1 copper, 1 tin, 1 copper, 1 tin, 1 copper, 1 tin, 1 copper, 1 tin -> would result in all bronze, provided it is done, That way, Smelter on, 1 copper, 1 tin, waiting for it to be taken, and then repeat.

But ore or ingots of tin and copper, can make bronze, where as thin air from "carbon ingots" (which don't exist, thus thin air) can't be "tried again to make  alloy"

The current public version 0.0.9e - Is supposed to still have snow. The dev version for the next update has green back on the scene.

The horse was having an identity crisis, it was hired as a horse/carriage, but decided it could actually defy physics and identified as an apache attack helicopter 

 while THAT, is okay..... That's completely against what the horse was hired for, so it was laid off work while they're trying to either find a replacement horse, or convince the attack helicopter that used your items as ammo for its missle launcher, that if it wants the job it's gotta follow the job's expectations, which is to act like a horse/carriage

i.e The Horse was disabled in 0.0.9e for flying and using you and items placed in the cart, as ammo that it catapulted across the map.

The "black swirling cloud person" Has no yet implemented purpose, that I know of, It has none of the crystals, and cannot be interacted with in any way, aside from forcing it to disappear by approaching it.

Items you've equipped cannot be unequipped at this time - They can be upgraded, but not unequipped 

Upgrading for example, your starter copper hammer to tin hammer - will just overwrite the slot, for now.

If you meant something else... I dunno what it was.

That which is spoken of here has no yet implemented purpose that I know of, it was just something interesting that was added, I guess, tested mechanics, so to say.

Upgrading tools requires you to select the slot that corresponds to that tool you're trying to upgrade.

Select your pickaxe when trying to equip a new one.

It will not unequip you're previous one (at least not yet), it will overwrite it, gone forever, so make sure you're also careful.

Must be a small axe head.

Can be equipped to a 2h or 1h grip, but must be small axe head, I usually use 2h myself to make it, in my mind, the most like a fire axe or woodcutter's axe kinda deal.

2 ingots.

If you have no axe equipped, you should be able to just equip it while on any slot, but if you do have one equipped, you need to select the corresponding tool's slot to equip a corresponding tool (said this way as it applies to all tools and their upgrades)

It can be a matter of playstyle as well... I mean... if you want to, or try to, you /can/ stay in the blacksmith shop pretty much 24/7  and still make it to titanium. - sure, Geoffrey has some cheaper pieces that can help you pinch and save early on, sure mining can boost you quicker if you get good lucks, but they're not erquired.

Agility is completely unnecessary, and speed is almost completely unnecessary, if you just stay huddle at the anvil for the most part.

at around 10-30 it's a beaut - by like ... I dunno how much, possibly as low as 30, but maybe more..., it's basically maxed out, and there's only really a slight difference between walking and running at that point.

That's about the same story for Strength, at around 30, it's done deal for everything - at least, in 0.0.9e - as I understand it, there's a strong possibility there could be tweaks to the stat system as well as difficulty modes

Sorry, I was out a while back and hadn't been checking the days leading up to and after it.

Pickaxe for the blacksmith is 3 heated ingots of a tier (copper > tin > bronze > zinc > brass > iron > steel > adelite > mithril > adamantine > titanium) - on axe selection

connect it to any grip (I think this still applies, I haven't recently tested it on Pole grips, but I always use one hand grip for myself on pick, just because)

YOU MUST USE 2h GRIP FOR CUSTOMER/TO GET NOTIFICATION OF CREATED ITEM.... but the blacksmith can use more than customers will buy..... just.. stressing that.... Don't want it to lead to confusion on someone's part...

Pickaxes can mine Ore of their tier or lower. - There's 6 ore veins available with no additional steps required on your part, but there are more in total. 2 veins are left of the Mine foyer, 2 right, and 2 in the foyer, the rest are in the mines themselves (though potentially more will be added for other reasons other places, I cannot vouch for these)

Ore that are undepleted reset/change at the turn of a new day, regardless of anything. If you were swinging your pick, for example, and the day changed before you hit, it likely won't count it and won't give anything. Old or new. - This can, in some cases, be advantageous, and of course, disadvantageous in others (more).
Depleted veins refill on some kinda timer which I don't really fully get, which may or may not, be borked this version - though, regardless, they will unload and respawn like trees and most other things when the game is saved and closed.

As a result, many have taken to, and recommend, Mining to 10% depletion, as this will cause it to reset/cycle over night (fills back to 100% of the new ore tier as well) with no miss, at the cost of 1/10 chance.

After you've equiped an item to each slot, you need to also select that slot in order to replace an item.

I dunno if you've asked on Discord

but its been reported/added to try and alleviate/be a clearer sign of AI pathing issues

If you're getting more than one customer, check around the map, see if there some kinda AI/NPC issue brewing near the Bridge, or the two Exit portals (left and right of the shop)

If there is, good, coming near it and helping clear it up should help the issue

if not, Switching free mode/shop mode, and saving/resloading, will help by despawning npcs, but it may not change the overall situation.

we still, or rather, I still, which is rather unimportant, seen a reasoning to explain the issue.

it could just be overzealous codework that was introduced in the dev build that is reacting to even the slightest NPC issue.

Lots of factors, if its way off, Try adjusting UI scale, Resolution (in game and out of game) and Font size/DPI (Out of game)

Some of these things can interfere with how some things function, including matching/syncing up correct positioning of items and cursors

in Dev Build, You can move furniture around, You can probably do it that way


In all builds, Items can be rotated, and pulled at, If you rotate it to certain points, its hit box will try and force it out of the table, as well if you keep pulling at it,, it may spring free, pulling and rotating would accelerate the process

It has been mentioned on the discord - Charisma is currently broken on the dev version - It probably has to deal with how the difficulties interact with stats and custom difficulty and stuff, From what I know, there's some... Crossed wires... that seem to happen 

1 (additional) point of charisma will drop the bonus to 1c, I think, Hard to say since I haven't got that build to play around with it.

0.0.9e can Upsale, by 1-tier.

Should still be 1-tier in the newer IGP videos

The reopened part is known. - It deals with the fact that it is impossible (currently) to save the contents or lack thereof of it, thus, the game has to deal with it that way..... It's probably going to be resolved in some time, 

i... er?... 

I guess your help needed is about the Radial? you should see a note somewhere in the Smith's bedroom for activating the radial

Small, Normal, Large -> 1 ingot 2 ingot 3 ingot

Shields (parts) and daggers are 1 ingot (non-hand/one hand)
Shields (rims), Swords, hatchets, and Mallets (and maces) -> 2 ingots (one hand)
Great Swords, Great Hammers, and two-side axe (and pickaxe) -> 3 ingots (two hand)

First equip can just be equiped, upgrades/2nd+ equip, select the tool slot before trying to equip

You'll be notified when you properly assemble an item, only properly assembled (or rather, only items that notify you) can be sold to customers
The Smith can equip certain others that can't be sold. Which can be a smidgenly helpful because one hand grips are cheaper.
The Pickaxe is a 2h item, only 2h grip pickaxe will make an item/be saleable - but the Smith can use a 1h grip pickaxe
the one hand axe (hatchet) is a 1h item, but the smith can equip a 2h version of it, but, they cannot equip a large axe head, regardless of 1h or 2h, only the hatchet/small axe head - same applies to Mallet/hammer for smith, 1h item, but the smith can 2h-version it

"Sliding bar minigame" is just the quality "mini-game" its not a functional feature yet, it was disabled for 0.0.9e

You need to use the Radial Menu, which I think... defaulted to Z? It tells you the default key when you first start the game, look around in your smith's bedroom at the papers and book

You have to select Axe heads from Radial, 3 heated ingot to make Pickaxe - to sell a pick, it needs to be 2h grip, but for the smith, you can use a one-hand

Dunno about that.

0.0.9e doesn't have themes, The map wasn't expanded until winter, so there was no green version of the larger map at the time of 0.0.9e's release.

The next update will have it back to green.

The Present Boxes and Wood-working bench's crates are used to store ore, ingots, etc in  - and then you can carry that around instead.

When items are inside of a crate, it will have a prompt to close a lid, which will disable the physics of the items inside, and reenable them when opened.

Crates aren't supposed to open or close without items inside, so if you randomly see a prompt to do so with nothing inside, don't, as that will just make it more difficult for you later.

in 0.0.9e the horse was disabled and moved - It had identity issues that didn't fit in line with the job description.

The mine's entrance is behind the blacksmith shop, down a rather open path in the misty forest  - The mines are connected to that. - There are other veins outside, too.

There's a basic blueprint (very basic) on general items on your shelves - (literally blue)
There are other items, and there's some additional ways to complete some items - for example, Polearms, a pole grip + any blade (optional: + any guard) can create a polearm 


and there's no real saving grace on computers. we hope and expect them to work outta the box, and last for years.

but randomly some just don't work outta the box, or die shortly after, and may not even perform well at the start. there's all sorts of those.

well no computer is safe really...  a Beast computer can run one thing fantastically and struggle to run another thing all the same, compatiblity of parts and optimizations of games matter in that aspect.

Particularly Foliage settings in most games can be very taxing, even more so when in general, the settings aren';t super fine-tuned and optimized - and even more more so when computer parts just don't like dealing with that specific element, Parts can also fail or begin to degrade, and one thing might trigger it, while another, almost identical thing or more, might not.

For example a few years back now, I had a PSU issue, my PSU was pretty much dying, but it ran so biger, more intense games just fine still, for hours on end, etc. so it didn't seem like it was actually a PSU problem,
and it would crash on very light intensity game(s), sometimes immediately. sometimes after an hour or two.
Replacing my PSU completely removed that issue, at the time, hours on end, left it running overnight just to ensure it, etc.