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Alright found a newish bug related to the recent updates....

I have a customer asking for a Zinc One hand hammer.... Zinc is non-refinable, so there's no Zinc Ingot to make a Zinc one hand hammer with... I tested (wasted) some zinc to ensure this was still the case.

Dunno how Zinc would become requestable, maybe it was miscommunication when adding in requests for alloys, maybe it was a necessary evil to get the system to logically accept prices and requests for alloys, I dunno. But it's there.

He's listed as a "Novice" stone mason.. so I mean... I would assume I could still pawn a copper mace on him... but. I don't really have any copper currently on hand unless I go outta my way to by it...and then I'd just use it to make brass... which is actually worth a bit more than tin xD

(Edited 2 times)

Haven't exactly done a whole lot this save, kinda just been running around looking for changes, got a steel ingot in the chest, converted the shield to steel so I could make a pick and mine some goodies, etc, picked up 3 of the 4 (5) crystals, - chopped into a bunch of trees just left them there after they were loose... oh and I Appreciate they look like diamonds/chaos emeralds now, that's kinda cool, they look kinda neat (plus they'll look sweet if they were affixed to a handle like that, symmetrical and stuff)


uhh... Right. Noticed that Steel didn't mine adelite which is the next ore up from iron!

So Am I to assume when I start selling these

That Brass sells for a price inbetween Copper and Tin (or if you need higher than Tin to mine Zinc, since I have steel....then a price between whatever level and the next.

Then Bronze would be a price between tin and Iron

and Steel is between iron and adelite


I dunno..

Anywho. Another tidbit I wanna include here is uh...

Oh Them trees you can't cut down... They're annoying with just how much solid/physics blocking they actually are... could they be like.. Taller or less solid or something? like not having them so close to the ground cause its starting to get reeeaaallly annoying when a couple pine needles stops you and then you end up realizing you're almost stuck and then you gotta back out the way you came, can't even crouch under most of these trees...

Some way to prevent that, less "solid" or something, would be a welcome change. I assume they're there to keep at least some "atmosphere" even if you go around and cut all the trees down, but ... I dunno. They just get in the way for me, especially now that spreading out over the map is more necessary thanks to ore relocation.

edit- Sold some brass, its actually like 750 (a little more than a piece of tin) a piece - so bronze is prob more than iron and steel is prob about mith almost

wait a second place...? or... The other crystal was also moved...?

Created a new topic Spawn item that isn't there?

Alright. Before you answer me the way to do that... In my game, I went around and collected the crystals (again, I restarted cause of the version change/random) But when I got to the cave and noticed that the ore veins were changed, I also noticed that the dark crystal wasn't in said cave.. Which there's been times before when it hasn't been there (or anywhere)

My Question(s) are a) is the dark crystal moved?

and B) if not, What do I do to spawn the dark crystal because I would very much like to has it, I know it exists, its "rare" and "unique" thus my mind says "must"

Hurl items you want to take apart at the anvil and then smack them.

In a generalized... fashion.... They'll be dismantled as long as you've done this, but if they don't, simply toss them closer to the anvil.

By this I mean you could stand at the door way of the blacksmith shop, click (toss item from grip) and it would likely be "triggered" and then you could smack it with the hammer, each piece would pop apart (the head may get "rotation locked" so you'll have to grab it, then release it, then grab it again.)

/most/ of the Raised platform by the anvil will "Trigger" but only if you "tossed it at the anvil" or if it "hit the anvil and fell off" (If its on the anvil, of course, it will work too)

The raised area factor - That works with more than just dismantle btw. When you're hammering (namely for shield rims) you can hammer and change the shape of a tool even if it has left the anvil (which is particularly useful in Shields because the rim will likely fly off the anvil)

The raised area factor ONLY WORKS if it has been tossed at the anvil or come from the anvil in a reasonably close and recent fashion

If you're not close enough when you toss, it won't work, and if it hits other things after it's left the anvil, it won't work - Example

If the item falls off the anvil, and lands in front of the forge = Its good, hammer it again and it'll dismantle or go back to the anvil (change shape)

If the item falls equal distance behind the anvil, and hits the ground outside of the raised platform = It's dead, You'll have to pick it back up and set it on the anvil (or toss it towards it, near the raised area) - You cannot hammer it from that location (UNLESS IT IS A LARGE ITEM, AND DIRECTLY TOUCHING THE ANVIL)

If the item falls equal distance or less off the anvil, but hits the short fence separating the forge and the smelter areas = It's dead.

If the item falls onto the forge = it's dead

If it falls onto the bellows = It /might/ be good.. or it might be dead. I dunno It's chance. Maybe it depends how much of the item touched the bellows /first/ or is still touching the bellows.

You can make picks, small hammers, and hatchets of all kinds and Equip them to the blacksmith/player

You can only sell 2h Pickaxe, 1h small hammer (or polegrip polehammer) and 1h Hatchet - they will say "You created" something something in one of the lower corners of the screen.

Polearms can be made from any blade size - Small, normal, or Large - these will all function as valid, saleable polearms that customers would accept (Customers will accept any items that give you the "You created" notification in the corner of the screen)

Daggers are only 2 parts - Longswords are 3 (small) parts - Greatswords are 3 (larg) parts - Most other non-sword items are only 2 parts like daggers. - again. They're valid if they notify you of their creation

Replied to ondrazak in Bug Reports

Sell them one or the other for now, That's the easiest, stay in session, approach.

Hand them either the weapon or the shield and then dismiss them.


You can save and reload when they're stuck after selling them both, but some items may need to be reassembled as a result of doing that, or become unsellable (certain things like the wood part of a shield, when not attached to anything else, become useless on reload)

Replied to Aladzov in Bug Reports

I dunno if you've seen other posts yet where this was addressed, but

My Recommendation on Customers asking for shields is to only provide them with a shield, or only with a weapon, and not both.

The game can be saved after they pay and you can reload to clear stuck npcs away - but - If you only give them one or the other, and not both, you can simply dismiss the customer with the X button that you see when looking at them, and they will pay for whatever you gave them.

I assume, while it isn't verified as I don't really know code and haven't really seen it.

That its essentially an issue with how new the change is - More than likely, The Customer is told to "Wait for item" - normally - This would be "satisfied with weapon/item" and they would leave - however a customer asking for item and shield is told "Wait for items" and when they take one they are reinstructed to continue waiting for the other item....

But then they get the other item, and they're reinstructed again, to wait for the other item (which they already have)

While at the same time, they've accomplished "Wait for items" - and thus, begin to "clear out" - Thus their order and X button disappear like they're about to leave, they pay out, but then realize they've been order to "Wait for the other item"

By this time "The other item" is "Null" "N/A" because they have no Order/request - OR - Even if it remembers the other item is "This" - Their request is already "completed" and they no longer can "update" from "waiting" even if they can verify they have the other item.

Either way, They become stuck, indefinitely, because the order is gone, there is no timer, and no X, they can't accept items, because there's either no items that fit their order, which is to say, no order, -- or -- They already have both items, and know they've already accepted it, so they can't take all your iron swords in a single trip to the shop and only pay for one kinda logic.

Anywho. Point being.

If you have only for example

Copper and no Tin.

Sell them the shield - and then dismiss them for the profit of the shield - which is the most profit you can earn "on tier", I believe.

If you have for example - an Alloy hammer, and they request for example, Mithril, but you yourself only own 1-3 adelite ingots and 7 iron ingots - Then if you have enough to give them an Adelite version of the weapon they requested - you'll get more money, so give them that instead, and then dismiss them.

If they instead request "Mithril greathammer - with a (quality) grip...." - Just Dismiss them. unless You can give whatever weapon they're requesting. - As for the Shield, I dunno, You might still be able to give them a shield, but It'd probably be easier to just dismiss them.

Replied to iMossy in Bug Reports

I hadn't realized I came off as condescending, on the "accidentallly hammer than axe" section - I originally was going to just compare it to making a Pickaxe, then as I was rereading the statement I realized you were saying you hadn't been able to make one of those either and instead of going back I just started off by describing where to look to make a pickaxe and then how to make one, as well as additional variants for other items....

Any capitalization, bold, and/or italics is only really meant to stress the word/separation. 

For Example

The player can make any pickaxe and "use" it- Equip it.

But They can't just sell any old pickaxe, It has to specifically be a 2h grip to give the notification of item creation, and thus have customers able to accept it.

It wasn't meant for anything else.

Replied to iMossy in Bug Reports

The Boss, Wrist Grim, and hand Grip are all on the same Menu.....

It's like Making a Pick axe on Large Axe heads.......oh....


You've never made a pickaxe either nevermind.


PickAXE is an Axe, You take 3 heated ingots, all of the same metal, and open the drop menu to axe heads which will read Large Axe I believe if you have 3 detected heated ingots on the anvil.

Strike it until you get a large axe head, and then strike it again and you'll change it to a pickaxe head.

To SELL Pickaxes, You'll need a 2h grip attached to the head

To USE one, You can make it with 1h grip, 2h grip, and I believe, still polegrip as well. - They can be stolen, the blacksmith won't care and use it all the same

Stolen items cannot be sold.

To create Shield grips, You hit a boss a 2nd and 3rd time

After about 4-6 hits, You get a Shield Boss, Another hit gives you the wrist enarmes I believe, and then the next hit gives you hand enarmes. - You'll need 3 Ingots in total to have all 3, and will need all three plus the Shield rim (total of 5 ingots) to complete a shield, and they must all be matching metal, at least for now.

for Shield rim - also, The Rims appear in the order you see them on the woodworking table - Heater heater round heater heater heater tower etc

Just like with Every blade's alternate form, or switching from axe to pickaxe - you'll have to hit the rim once for every change.

so 4-6 hits and you get heater 1, it won't fit perfectly on the anvil - hit it again and you'll get heater 2 - which will quite likely fall off, depending on if it stayed in the anvil area or flew off into the grass will depend on if you can immediately smack it again to make a round rim, or if you have to pick it up and place it back on the anvil.

to get round shield you'll use about 7 or so hits - Tower will be around 10. Heater is easy since usually they won't ask for a specific number, allowing you to just make Heater 1 and be done with it.

You cannot use Mace/morning star head as personal Hammer

You can sell any small hammer head (including mace/morning star) as a 1h hammer

You can make any blade into a Polearm, Large, normal or Small. - they will make polearms and can only be sold to polearm requests, keep that in mind.

You can sell 1h-grip+ small axe head

You can USE 1h or 2h grip + small axe head (stolen or not) for the Blacksmith's Personal axe, same with the hammer.

Both have actually been mentioned - Also its only Ingots that are affected by the consuming Crates, and Only when they're closed.

You can keep them in crates during normal gameplay, when you save and reload, though, you need to ensure the crates are either Open, or not filled with Ingots

Keep in Mind that crates will automatically close if items are detected inside of them on load-in - So if you load in for a few moments, do something random and then get pulled away and are forced to save and exit, that you'll need to have made sure the crates are reopened, or you'll be out of the ingots still.

Any Delivery Box will work like that, not just Geoffs.

It's because they are empty.

If you "purchase" an Empty delivery box from Geoff - it won't open (Possible to do when you've recently bought something and items that you bought "persist" on the shelf - They're not actually there, and when you take what you bought out of the store, they'll properly be moved - if you try to buy the rest of them, They won't be attached to the new crate, the crate will be produced but nothing will exist in it, thus its unopenable, cause there's nothing to spawn in its wake.

When you save and reload - All other Delivery crates are affected by this, as well, They all become empty, They are all Temporary Data and Reloading purges that data, thus causing the crates to be emptied, and thus, unbreakable.

The crates themselves however, Aren't temporary because they're like most other objects that are physically present in game, they have a bounding box, location data, etc, They're valid permanent objects, while the temporary data inside of them are not valid to be permanent - because there's no location data nor are the items physically spawned yet - which is why you get such perfectly aligned items when you order/buy a box full of the exact same thing.

The chest has random loot in it, and.... well. I'll let you find out what "and" is.

the Mastersword Pedestal and Hylian Shield (not actually either of these) are a "trial" all of their own, There's actually other posts about it if you want to spoil yourself some more on that

You can reach the chest with a crate to make it easier on yourself. - Btw the crate can have 0-2 ingots and 0-2 one hand grips - The ingots can be literally any ingot, from Copper to Steel to Titanium to Brass.

The shield cannot properly be made into a sellable shield - It lacks proper identification to do so, however, at the absolute start of the game - before saving and reloading, You /can/ assign a new metal tag to it by attaching a boss to it. The Shield on reload will "Reload its metal" or whatever the changelog said it does - Well - It had "No tags" before, So if you attached - say for instance - an Adelite Boss to it, the entire shield will now register as "Adelite" - It stil won't be saleable, but it'll look like an adelite shield now. (There's things that could benefit you here, but not much)

Would you mind if I said something if its not a bug report? lol

Compared to other things on Steam Early access, I think its safe to say this /could easily/ be on Steam Early Access - regardless of its current state, and getting more attention might make it easier to progress the game's development.. Though could just as easily not.

That's not to say everything would be all sunshine and rainbows. But I mean. Have you seen some of the stuff both on steam and on steam EA? woooof... There's questionable "Is this even 1% of a game?" stuff on there...

But anywho. I don't mind if it is or isn't on steam /right now/ I would be happy if it got to steam eventually, whenever that is, however that is (well not however, if someone tried to pull a Cuphead on IOS with it, I'd Be upset as all hell)  - I'll vote Indifferent for now as a result anyway. But I at least think it could go on there. - Especially since you've had a few youtubers in the past 'review' it - Namely big ol Jackaboy - whose names been thrown around here a few times.

I dunno if getting it placed into Steam would delay progress to do so though, and dunno if Steam/overlay might impede gameplay  (I've seen some people in other games complain Steam Overlay sometimes makes games unbearably laggy for them, so they try to run it without steam or with overlay disabled)

Can delete this message if ya need me to.

I hate dogs.

Nah jk but no other than the Dog most of those have been suggested and thought about. - well, maybe not the like "Stronger beginning" - unless Easy mode does something along that line - but the customers or whatever kinda thing, that's been played with from multiple angles, the mines being expanded - multiple layers of mines or what not. Making your own grips is planned, I believe,  and Geoff (the other shop) has better prices. ._. Every grip you can buy in delivery, is cheaper at Geoff's - plus he has the cheaper wooden grips (1 and 2 coin respectively) - Although, Wooden grips are literally that value, while the cheaper grips at Geoffs are legitimately cheaper, and will get you a few coins more profit.

Geoff also has unique Guards that you cannot buy through delivery. - Not many, yet, but that's likely to increase over time, Likely you'll be able to make these all eventually, but delivery will probably remain limited

Replied to Aladzov in Bug Reports

To start you'll need a new hammer (almost) every time you get to a new metal - Customer buy what your hammer level is or cheaper - Alloys are an exception, which unlock all metals (seemingly)

Additionally. if You're trying to hit heated ingots on the anvil and its not connecting or it is but its not making the right item associated with the right number of ingots, Then something may be in the way of the anvil, or, the anvil may have accidentally swallowed a heated ingot at some point or encountered a hiccup where it assumes it has.

I don't readily know ways to fix this - But you can try taking a pole grip and swishing it around inside the anvil, then removing it from the area, or using your crates near the anvil and seeing if you get a reaction that allows you to close it, and then trying to pull it away.

If you know you have a bunch of objects near the anvil, Simply first try clearing the space of these objects, An item may not even appear close enough to the anvil to count, but in reality, its hitbox/connection triggers are actually in the way and you just can't see it (possibly)

Then the next time you put up ingots open the radial and ensure the correct Group is /possible/ even if it is selected.

You'll see "Large Blades" for example if you have 3 heated ingot on the anvil and go to select blades.

If you see "Large blades" and only have 2 ingots on there - The anvil must assume there's another despite there not being. (Again, Aside from fishing around into a solid object, I don't really know what to do here)

If you have 3 on there and only see "normal" or "Small" - then something is blocking the Anvil from reacting properly to the other ingots. - Example - If an item is sitting ontop of one of the ingots - The anvil will not react properly. This is a readily apparent example - But It's possible a grip could be near by and causing an issue too, even not being near the top of the anvil.

Also. If you set the in-game resolution to your desktop resolution, and then select window mode, you'll be able to take screenshots with the print screen key and paste them into Paint and upload them to whatever photo site you fancy using.

The game won't play much different than if you were to have it fullscreen, aside from the difference of Fullscreen = black screen print screen - and Window = visible print screen.

Replied to InfinityV in Bug Reports

Dasius has been recommending people to simply finish the trade, get the money, then save and reload - this will clear their temporary spawn data

I recommend only selling them one item, and then sending them away.

Make sure they only accept either the weapon, or the shield, and then send them away. - They aren't familiar with "returning" items- and will always pay for what they've taken before leaving - Likely set in place because someone may not finish making the second item before time is up-  So the customer still has to pay when they walk off.

Most of the time - a shield will be the choice, as it is 5 ingots worth of value.

But sometimes you may discern that it is more profitable to do the weapon - In cases where you have 1-3 next tier ingots (Only applies if you have an Alloy Hammer or next tier hammer already made and are just waiting to make a sale in the next tier.)

Replied to Tr00p3rB0B in Bug Reports

In order to sell items - You need to have a hammer.

What you start with is copper hammer - you sell only copper.

If you make a tin hammer - you sell tin and copper.

If you make a Titanium hammer - you sell any metal in the game.

There's a bit of a "WIP" here though - Due to Alloys being so new.

Brass (Haven't found zinc, but Brass ingots can be obtained for a certain place on the map)


And Steel

All will unlock selling more advanced metals than what you currently have.

They will /at least/ ask upwards of Mithril - but it's possible that all 3 alloys will have customers ask all the way up to titanium - The alloy hammers seem to be registered "Above all other metals"

The Alloy picks work seemingly as intended - Brass Pick will only mine up to a certain level - Bronze up to Adelite I believe, maybe only Iron - Steel will mine up to Mithril

Customers that request Alloys (don't exist) - except they technically do - When You have an Alloy Hammer, you'll occassionally have a customer come in asking for "Blank" tool/weapon - No specific Metal is given.

They're actually Asking for Brass, Bronze, Or Steel, At least, they seem to be.

Depending on what they're asking for, You may be able to sell them anything under the sun.

If they're asking for Steel (Seemingly) they'll accept Anything.

If they're Asking for Bronze (Seemingly) they won't accept titanium but eventually they will accept /something/ you can give them, and above Copper.

Brass has the worst options - Seemingly being restricted to Tin or Copper only.

If the Customer asks for "Blank" Tool  "Specific Grip/Tool head" - Send them away.

They will only give you exp and be worthless to you. - They will only accept whatever they are asking for, which you cannot hope to fulfill, and even if you managed to fill the order - Alloys are So new, They have no value registered, So they sell for nothing.

It's possible that there's a bit of mixed signals here - and that the "Blanks" are what is supposed to be the "alloys" and the "Alloys" are "separate" thus if you ACTUALLY sold a "Blank" - you'd "actually" sell that specific alloy and actually make a profit - but because "Alloy" somehow is separate and has no price - you sell "Blank" instead..... if that made sense...


Customers will buy what is in their price range - Unless - They specify extensions. - in which case they will /only/ accept what they asked for.


A Customer asks for a Mithril Greathammer.

You can give him an Iron Greathammer, No problem.

You cannot give him an Adamantine or Titanium Greathammer - As these are more expensive.

If a Customer asks for a Mithril Greathammer with a common grip and a large hammer head

You must give him a Mithril Greathammer - The grip/head I believe is negotiable, with the loss of a specificity bonus (10%) - but it /must/ be Mithril.

If you only have an Iron Hammer equipped - They will only buy Iron, Tin, Or copper, Never will they ask for something "More expensive" than your hammer - which is what makes Alloys "Oddities"

Either new game - or download Slipcor's Character reset - its for version 0.0.82 but I can confirm that it does actually seem to work for 9... Only the character position one though, The horse one will not work since it doesn't exist in 9

Replied to Blaheart in Bug Reports

Oh I know they  alloy picks don't mine up to Titanium - but the Alloy hammers cause Customers to Buy up to Alloy - which believes itself to be higher than Titanium.

I don't think Zinc ore actually exists, At least, I haven't found it yet either - but Brass Ingots can be found at random - There's a specific spot on the map that has a chance of generating 2 grips, 1 grip 1 random any ingot, or 2 ingots (any)  - Every reload. - There's a chance to get titanium steel etc. - literally any ingot.

I tried to clarify that I think - That The Picks can only mine up to a very limited seemingly accurate level - Like That's what allll the levels should be.

But the Hammer cause Customers to pop in asking for everything under the sun. - though It doesn't always let you sell titanium to the "Blank" (no metal type) orders. - which I assume means that not every "blank" is the same and not every alloy will "accept" titanium - Like I would assume Brass wouldn't, but even though Steel can't mine titanium, steel seems to be able to accept titanium - And both brass and steel hammers would allow customers to ask for titanium, specifically.

Replied to brandonius in Bug Reports
(Edited 1 time)

It's a known persisting glitch from the previous version, there's a few bugs from previous build that haven't been solved yet, and some that were solved, or thought to be, and have managed to weasel back in other ways


As the previous version had it suggested as well - I recommend organizing your shop to house tool-heads/parts and grips ready to be finished rather than pre-assembled so that you do not run into this issue of item's "breaking"

Do not. However.

Construct a Wood Shield part and keep it on hand.

On Reload - Shields not only break like items

but the wood part tends to become solid, and once that happens, it is useless - May not always happen, but won't ever happen if you wait to do the wood part last 

Replied to Blaheart in Bug Reports

Yea if you get non-specific specified grip - Just dismiss them - They're currently no good to you, just a waste of parts (well I mean you'll get exp but yeah)

It seems all alloys are scripted somehow above Titanium, while not quite actually being so.


If you have an Alloy hammer - any, alloy hammer - Customers will request anything "That hammer or below" - same with any other hammer - But even if its a Brass hammer - You'll get fairly high level requests, possibly even sometimes titanium requests.

But at the same time.

Brass can only mine so much

Bronze can only mine so much

and Steel can mine up to I believe Mithril - Not 100% sure on that - I might have tested and mentioned in a different post, but can't recollect it.

So they act like they're better metals than Titanium

They Perform like they're about what you'd expect from their alloy components

But then after all that.

They Sell like they don't exist yet. - No price seems to be set for them, despite being above titanium seemingly

And then there are times when it would seem like they /do/ have their own specific levels ... Like....

Okay remember I said brass sometimes gets Titanium requests?

Well if they requested "brass" (no specified metal) - despite brass allowing for titanium requests

You wouldn't be able to give them a titanium item.

but as long as they didn't specify grip/head - You could give them anything brass can mine.  <- (I believe, and, that's what it /should/ be. what it can mine is what it can sell and what customers should ask for, nothing more)


If they break into specifics of head/grip - 9/10 of the times, just send them away, they usually not worth the trouble.

Switching to a Mithril/Titanium/Etc hammer may reduce the number of "blank" requests you get - This is both a blessing and a curse - as a nonspecific-unspecified request can be milked for all the possible coins - and sometimes the requests you want can be few and far inbetween. - and of course, the thing we were just talking about is the curse.

Replied to Jonmooreread in Stutter

when you say it persists, are you ensuring that you're deleting all Shopsim data from User/Username(Computer name)/appdata/local/shopsim ?

And then also ensuring it is a fresh download in a fresh folder?

These usually play a part in glitches.

For example

when I first downloaded. I loaded up, realized i hadn't deleted my save, Crashed on my first attempt to new game/main menu - deleted shop sim, got new game and worked fairly fine but would still crash if I tried to main menu for any reason aside from the initial boot up.

Later I redownloaded the game because I was worried it was bugged cause I couldn't get the Mastersword Pedestal to work - erased shopsim, erased old game folder, unpacked new game folder and booted it up - Now I can actually go to main menu (at least half the time, sometimes I oddly "freeze" (doesn't acknowledge its frozen/not responding, but is), but this also occurs mostly on boot up, not in-game.

So try a fresh download started up after clearing out the old data.

Also Ensure misc other things are up to date, there can always be an odd one of those causing issue.

Also also Just because nothing else is affected, doesn't mean it can't still be hardware related. - Example. I had a hardware issue some years back that I didn't realize was there - I was able to browse the internet absolutely fine, I was able to watch high quality, and even HD youtube vids, I was able to play many games, with no issue, Many of those games felt to me like they were "hi-tax" games - Good graphics, large demands from hardware, etc - ran just fine.

Plenty of other games though caused a complete system hang (everything turned off except the computer was still technically on, forcing me to have to hold the power button till it turned off all the way, in order to reboot) - and these "plenty" of games almost all felt "low tax" a couple weren't, but many were, it didn't make sense for there to be some kinda power or gfx card issue at fault here, cause they were so low-spec So I replaced my CPU, Nothing. someone suggested maybe it was Mobo, Nope, nothing.

Eventually after talking about the specifics to a few friends and family members - someone finally said that they thought it could actually be Power supply. - and it was.

The Power supply was actually going bad. and Even though I could play plenty of my usual games just fine for hours on end - It was failing to properly run certain games for much more than a few minutes.  After getting it replaced, this was no longer the case. - The First few days I even put it through very torturous experiments, leaving multiple games that caused it to hang running at the same time, mostly just in their main menus, but running, none the less, half of them windowed a couple borderless and a full screen. Nothing went wrong.

But. The point is. That the powersupply was bad, and I still had plenty of games that had no issue, while those few games, did. so never rule out the possibility that you could have a similar issue. - Where seemingly only this game is having trouble, while none of your usual games are.

You can also try using the itch app (or not using it) to see if that changes anything

Equally you can try lowering certain settings, namely the.. last one? I think? controls like grass density or something. - Also should probably ensure the resolution is chosen and not default - and You can use Window too - which helps with taking screenshots - The windowed mode is windowed borderless, I believe, and if its resolution is your desktop resolution, it'll play almost identically to fullscreen.

I've never had an issue with a customer who asked for a shield, not accepting the type of shield requested (heater, circle, tower) - Clarify - Are they "not selling" but actually ARE selling, and the customer just isn't leaving, or are they not selling, not even being looked at, at all.

Also. While I have no place to be able to say it otherwise (it's not like I can make or opt for a sticky thread) in the very very current version - If you do get a customer who wants a shield

Only give them the shield, after they've accepted it, and it alone, tell them to go away.

They aren't fond of giving back what they've already taken, and will simply pay for what you've managed to give them. - This allows you to keep playing.

If you give them both items - they will actually Freeze currently (issue mentioned at start of post) Likely because there is a trigger on both weapon and shield that says "Wait for second item" and they glitch up because of that - if this were close enough to the case, it'd be because they triggered "Order complete" and also "wait for second item/other item" which both is "already obtained" and after the order is cleared the "other item" is now "Null" - which obviously can never be filled in anyway shape or form - and there's no order timelimit - because the order was arleady cleared, and so they're waiting, with no time limit, for the other item, which is null and cannot be produced or handed to them, nor accepted.

If you do reach this point - you'll have to save and reload to get the customer to unload.



If for instaance.

You have say - 2 mithril ingots, your best material, and a customer asks for Mithril (or adamantine/titanium) weapon and a shield.

And you cannot afford 5 mithril for the shield

You can instead - Reverse what I suggested earlier.

Make them the 2mithril ingot weapon (Hopefully they asked for a 2 or 1 ingot, obviously) give them said weapon, and then promptly dismiss them, They will equally, pay for "whatever you managed to give them" whether that's the weapon or the shield. - It's always just a matter of whichever of the two will provide you the best profits. It you have 3 or less of your best ingot - and they want your best ingot or better weapon (WITHOUT SPECIFICATION VERY VERY IMPORTANT if they ask for say "A titanium one hand hammer, with an uncommon grip and topspot head, and a shield" Just send them away. (Unless you wanna pawn a shield on them) If you do not provide them with a titanium 1h hammer, they will not accept it, but if they ask for "A titanium one hand hammer and a heater shield" Give them whatever you got. If you got Mithril, give em mithril, if you only got iron cause of bronze gear - give em iron. They'll accept anything in their price range, which is everything (if its titanium) - That means if they ask for Iron, and you have mithril, You'll have to give them iron or less.......) ) )?) However many of these I needed )

Where was I...? Well I dunno how to continue my statement from earlier, Point being.

Choose one or the other for now. and then send them away.

This'll keep you playing in the same session without having to save and reload to clear them out.

Replied to BurritoBot3000 in My horse

Push them over, it especially happens if you cut them down faster than slower - but take a shield or something and just push them over - or perhaps another log, though those are a bit clumsy and not very heavy

armor has been said - Both In making and in repairing (all repairing including armor) 

Quite likely the system that lets you smelt objects back down to their ingoty form will likely be utilized at the start whenever (if) it gets introduced unless a more specialized method is made. - as for the other two... 

Well. There's uhh alt? and Alt-ctrl? or maybe that's ctrl and ctrl-alt which allow various rotations.. though they're not always perfect because the directional compass of an item isn't always upright and forward...

Also I hate games that take the use key away from use to incorporate some silly leaning/rotation key that I would just remove if possible or at least rebind. It's so absurd to have the longest string of games use E for use, but then the stray game with spin/rotate/lean goes "what's that? WASD and E and Shift and Ctrl are the same in 99% of games? F that lets make ours reversed and upside down and make you have to turn the keyboard over because unique!" It's dumb. so Dumb, so easily hate-able and dumb.


But that's just my Opinion.

And I assume you know about the rotation buttons - and are suggesting a "auto" version, Essentially speaking - Where Alt/Ctrl "hold" and Q/F "pulse"... or rather "Hold without additional action" - while alt/ctrl would be Hold "with additional action"

Also afaik most of those are currently rebindable - I at least know I rebind action wheel from Z to one of my mouse buttons as well as character sheet, and there's still several others in controls...

Posted in Update 10

This update came out like.. less than half a moth ago... It isn't likely to be anytime soon for version 0.1.0/0.0.10

There might be a version 0.0.9x - but it isn't likely be as different/more as v0.1.0 (v0.1.0 because that's how Trello lists it)

I think I've had one Pole request, but I'm not entirely sure - but I have noticed a severe drop in requests for them since the previous patch - if that was what you meant.

That I know of

  • Pole + Large Sword
  • Pole + guard (any) + Large sword
  • Pole + Medium/normal blade
  • Pole + Guard + normal blade
  • Pole + Small blade
  • Pole + guard + small
  • Pole + 1h hammer (a....well I haven't actually tried mace head)
    • Previous Patch I believe did allow Pole + Large Hammer head - but I don't think it works this patch
      • Equally. The previous patch used to let the Blacksmith equip 1h grip, 2h grip, or pole grip hammers - any hammers - Whether they were small or large head - They counted as "hammer" to the player and could equip them, regardless of whether they'd make an item that could be sold or not
      • This Patch doesn't seem to have the Large hammer capability for Blacksmith - It likely Bled into the polearm incompatiability
  • I don't believe axes of any kind currently make pole arms...

Obviously the Only choice for Curved greatblade is on a Pole at this moment in time because Two-hand guard looks meh with the curved greatblade

Replied to JohnTrever in Bug Reports

It has been acknowledged

You can reload to clear that


you could also do one of the following.

  1. Simply send them away. Begone Thot
  2. Ensure they only get ONE of the items. Preferably shield as that is the one that will give the most money and has the least restrictions (usually they don't tell you the metal type, allowing you to sell literally whatever, as long as the form matches)
    1. Once they've got one of the items they've requested - you can send them away, They'll pay for the item they got, They don't really know how to return items and they're not thieves - so again, Shield them up and they'll pay you a pretty penny.
  3. Experiment. See what you can and can't do - maybe you'll find a better answer than others have.
  4. The above, but instead you maybe take the order-time to recheck Ore-veins or go mining, maybe pick up some cheap handles over at Geoffs, and otherwise restock some supplies, chop some trees, get some E-x--p's - etc - THEN.... do whatever you were going to from above.

interesting. That kinda looks like the figure that appears momentarily in the middle of the woods between house and mine, I'm guess since there's a bit of a path that at some point the mine is intended on being extended (That's a given) and that somewhere beneath the middle of the woods there, is this dudes tomb... What that might entail beyond that.. I dunno... I'm guess That place has been drawn up since the figure started appearing, which was at least the earlier version, but possibly earlier.

something may have clipped into the anvil and its hitbox is impeding workflow....

Can you swing your hammer at Items/ingots when they're not close to the anvil? If no, I would probably copy save files, back them up somewhere if you really care about them, and delete the save appdata/local/shopsim folder entirely, and see if you can hammer in a brand new save...

If you can swing at other things but not the anvil, Try taking one of your present crates over to the anvil and try working it onto the anvil from different directions - This might be able to help you learn if something is stuck in the anvil's location.

Alternatively, Get a pole grip and place it near the anvil in a way that you can rotate it through large areas of the anvil, and stir it around inside and see if it gets caught on anything, or if it forces something out/removed - and afterwards - whether you got a reaction or not, try hammering again.

Posted in Mac Version?

If you'd like to send Dasius or one of the volunteers (by one, I actually mean /all/) a nice Mac capable of properly working on the game, and then would like to send them extra time each day (so they'd have more than 24 hrs in a day to do whatever they pleased with) as well as payed them for the extra time consumption.....

Then maybe a Mac Version would be more feasible....

at this moment in time, afaik, None of that is happening - So a Mac Version isn't going to happen for some time.

Afaik, None of them own a Mac - And TBH They would *ALL* need to own one, preferably of similar but not necessarily identical builds - Because it can't actually just be *ONE* of them - Dasius nearly dropped MLBS once before the volunteers jumped onboard, unless They're all getting paid much more, and there was more of them added onto (of capable experience) - Adding the time consumption and workload for a Mac Version that remained fully up to date in sync with the current platform - would likely result in the project stagnating or dying off again, Which nobody would really like to see.

You however. Could much more easily buy an actual gaming device for much cheaper than it would cost to buy Dasius a Mac (let alone all of them a Mac) - and much faster than it would take for them to receive said mac(s) - and be playing the game (as well as many other games because Mac isn't really a gaming device and only a fraction of games have mac support) In much more timely fashion

You could also try emulating - which I've heard mixed results for...

Also there's a Stickied thread about Mac version already >.> why did you skip right past that.

Also please don't spam - You should delete the duplicate posts >.>

When you start the game, You have a Copper Hammer - And customers will only buy Copper.

When you get 500 copper coins - You should use that to make a new hammer, It'll make customers ask for almost every metal, but that will be better for the time being than needed to replace your hammer every tier. - Plus you get double production for the price of one.  - With the 500c, you can buy one tin ingot and then Toss that into your smelter and then toss a copper ingot in immediately after it -This will make two bronze ingots.

You can then make a Bronze hammer and customers will ask for Tin, But also Iron-Adamantine (and maybe Titanium) - A Bronze Pickaxe (1000C (so its cheaper to do bronze Pick than tin pick) can also get you I think Iron and Adelite veins. - So that too is an option.

If you already have Tin items - It's probably best to break their tool heads off and stick a few of them in the smelter - Then take the resulting tin ingots to get yourself the aforementioned bronze hammer and pickaxe - Then go get yourself the highest ore you can mine. And try to keep three of them at the ready

You can sell Anything underlevel. If a customer asks for Titanium, Sell him whatever you can make the most profit off of.

If they ask for a Shield but Copper tool/weapon - ignore the Copper and just make a shield of whatever you can make the most profit off of - Then Send them packing after you give them the shield - This way they don't get stuck, and you make the most bang for your buck.

If they ask for something more specific than Metal (uncommon grip and topspot hammer head for example) then you have to give them the metal tier they request - if you can't just dismiss them.

All Blade sizes can be sold as spears/polearms - The curved blade looks best on a polearm, with whatever guard you fancy. (Large Blade + any guard + Pole grip) (normal blade/Small blade + any guard (or none) + pole grip)

Don't bother trying to Pawn Bronze, Brass, or Steel items on customers - They've got no price/value for the ingots atm. And Customers will rarely (never that I've seen) ask for them specifically. - This are only really helpful for you.

A Tin hammer will force customers to buy tin or copper

an iron hammer - iron tin or copper

Alloy Bronze - A lot of them... Possibly All/Any

Alloy Steel - A lot (All)

Titanium - (All)

Adamantine - Adamantine or Lower (Never Titanium)

Mithril - Mith or Lower (Never Adama/Titan)


Alloy Brass - A lot of them (possibly all)

Should probably take a screenshot next time it happens (use Windowed mode with your screen resolution set at the in-game resolution, It'll look fullscreen and act it for the most part (then hit prt sq/prtscn key, paste it to mspaint if you got nothing else))

I have to assume something blocked the activity if all three ingots popped into place. - A Handle, other item, shield, frame, crate, anything, if anything is touching the anvil, Make sure it isn't nearby - You only want the ingots you're working to be near the top of the anvil, and preferably, you want to only have ingots near the anvil unless dismantling. Anything can cause an ingot to fail to react even if its just barely near it, since there's some hitboxes to some items that are fairly large considering their purpose (Connecting trigger boxes - for connecting items together/activating combination)

Most of the Youtubers who I noticed tend to have old older versions, Like Jacksepticeye - - Metal ingots, big floor space in shop, second story bedroom, mirror, not necessarily a better shop.

Probably the really older versions. - It's not necessarily the new shop though.

Some versions back, There was a staircase outside the shop and it went upstairs to a 2nd floor big(ish) bedroom and the entire bottom floor was basically just a walk in shop, the anvil and forge were inside said shop.... and depending on the version - the Metal was only "Metal ingots" (if I recall correctly) and then inbetween that version and the new shop and yard version we currently have - there was also tiered Metal variant of the one I've been talking about.

The Oldddd Tiered metal version if I recall right had drrasstically different prices, too.... But yeah there were also like, titan/golems outside, though I'm not sure which versions they were and weren't, kinda seemed like they alternated from existence to not to back again to not again every few versions...

access was removed this version... the changes are really coded yet either

so dont worry about it for this patch. it wasnt helping or hurting anyone even till now

Posted in Fatal Error

since you haven't given a ton of info.. gonna link you to the sticky first.


took my own advice and tried to look for areas that might have reactions to them while carrying them in a crate - But didn't seem to get anything - and that stupid guy in the misty pass wasn't out when I was carrying them so I couldn't try it on him (*he appeared while I was messing with the fear crystal though, saw him momentarily but even with my speed couldn't run to him, makes me think he's got an immediate "approach -> vanish" trigger...

But thought this looked good enough for a reason to place them somewhere.

Dark/Fear beside Fire as red/fire is generally associated with darker/eviler tones (Red = enemy, etc.)

Red blue green in their respective order (also all 5 are on a section of the pedestal)

Light protection beside green because those two are generally more associated with good, healing, friend, etc 

sucked it out of my hand.... so why didn't it work earlier then? why did none of the react, I did /all of them/ before, and many, including the pointed blade like above, with v2 rare grip. - they were the ones I thought would work !! Never a reaction! Until this time - But why??? so many reloads, so many tries, so much fiddling and then it straight sucked it out of my hands the moment it touched, The sword you see above wasn't even removed because I didn't want to risk losing /any/ kind of reaction only to see no reaction from embossed.

And I made it out of Mithril but because of the lighting in your pics, I couldn't tell it wasn't removable afterwards - that it shifted from the copper it looked like you were testing with to an iron/steel look.

I'll edit the other post to remove that image but I wanted it nearby for comparison.

again. I barely touched the slot and it ate the sword out of my grip (granted, I had the pointed sword from above still inserted) - So why here. Why did it have zero reaction. It's the same sword minus metal quality - which dasius said to not care about - and I had it /well/ into the slot, free, droppable, dropped (as in I made sure it was free and then dropped it back into the slot and usually it settled where it landed but sometimes I'd pull it back up to recenter it)

Finally a reaction.

A very very clear reaction. and its even less off-center (and was tilted wildly around when I saw the reaction) than previously....

Now to just figure out if its an embossed blade or something else that has to go in. But still. Above doesn't lie. They're both very properly in the slot and clearly it doesn't need that precise a fit so if it is strictly Emboss that's wrong, Why didn't the above work?

The very first image you had a reaction you had the royal/rare/uncommon grip - But I've had that in so many insertions as well - but the gem that lit up was the red one - The green one didn't light up for you till you had the v2 guard - Which does suggest that the blade is what's wrong in mine. But Why?

How did it not work the half dozen times I tried the exact formula, or why did it not work when I had any mixture that involved V2, Rare grip, or Embossed blade??