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Replied to adamok5002 in Bug Reports

It's a character position issue, Check out Slipcor's little save fixer over at http://mlbs.slipcor.net/ get one of the last two and reset character position. - This should fix it for you.

It occurs (for now) when you start and stop being on ground in odd ways - Swimming sorta, toggles that effect off and on as it tells the game "You've gotten in water" and "you've gotten out of water" so to say - but anywhere else - and there's nothing to do that......


I.e - The Cart. Don't ride the cart, really, If you get thrown off it or even if you just ride it uneventfully, you can break a lot of things. - Most commonly it seems more connected (or more noticeable) with going over uneven surfaces that may cause the cart to freak out even slightly

Some surfaces of course REALLY freak it out, and send it off to the cosmos.

Your level sheet probably also is off-set because of your character issue, the Save-game fixer should fix that too.

get yourself a new type of hammer to make them want a new type of metal

Replied to japan645 in Bug Reports

Its known - Restarting session breaks completed items (they'll need to be reassembled) - And You'll need to ensure that only the matching item is offered - If you have a steel greatsword and an iron greatsword both in the customer area, and they want iron, but see the Steel first -they will get stuck - trying to buy the steel but being denied because its not iron. - Its best to just have the parts made/bought - but not assembled, and then assemble them when a customer asks.

ensure your java is path'd up correctly, and/or update/reinstall it.

It's a .jar - which win-rar can usually read and extract classes and such from it, but it should be runnable like a normal application, it has its own little java applet window for executing its functions with. - if its not running at double click, it likely means either that which I said above, or something else is forcibly taking .jar hooks, but I believe update/reinstall will still address that as well

Replied to Halo Nova in Bug Reports

hopefully the context of this statement isn't that you restart - get somewhere in game, break - restart - get somewhere.

From what I've seen, although result times vary, generally the door fixes itself without having to start over.

Things that may be contributing to it are

  • Leaving the door open when Transitioning areas (used to be pretty obvious when you were about to cross over into the mines (outside) but regardless, that's where I'm talking about)
    • This may be Open but shop closed, or open open, I dunno. I've never personally had this problem, and I do all sorts of stuff
  • Leaving door/shop open when Sleeping
  • Leaving Door/shop open and then saving/exiting/reloading
  • Some sort of Graphical combination + slight misclicks of hitboxes and client see both being performed because on one hand, misclick, but on the other, somehow some setting combination has made the real location "off" and you didn't actually misclick, thus, opening the door, but not really because misclick, and then actually opening the door causes it to "break"
  • I dunno. Like I said. I don't ever experience this myself. All things "may" are just speculation on my part
  • Additionals may include something being near it when being opened or shut - Or Hardware/software desync/lag
Replied to TheShade in Bug Reports

Caused mostly by Cart/riding - Fix with Slipcor's save fixer, linked in game homepage ( http://mlbs.slipcor.net/ )

3rd fixer specifically for Player issue - 4th fixer should have everything (though I could be wrong) that is seen in other 3

Replied to Imperiom in Bug Reports

you'll need a New hammer for each tier.

Until you make and equip a hammer of that type, they won't buy.

I don't know if they'll spring for inbetween if you somehow jump a few tiers though. Like if you went from Copper to Titanium, somehow, if they'd still ask for steel, with never having equipped steel

at day 12 and its that short???!

Man I've never had that happen. I'd recommend restarting though if that's the case.

No. The difficulty spike wasn't intended but that is the way it is currently. I imagine the difference in times is both intended for earlier days and difficulty modes, but the sensitivity isn't set right, or something like that.

like I said, I've never seen such short times nor before at least a couple weeks in and it does seem like two weeks or so is usually when it starts decreasing more rapidly, but I've been outwards of like.. 80days and more and not seen 30... or maybe I just didn't pay attention.... hmm...

Anyway. I recommend setting up shop before opening if you're planning to continue in that state - make Tool heads and set them near the counter, and keep handles near the workbench - Keep them on the shelf below, floor below, the three cubbies on the backboard of the bench, or the shelf above. This keeps em close but not combinable so you can make sure the right grip is used.

Plus if the grip goes on last, you can continue holding the item, so you don't need to regrab the handle when its combined.

Then you can turn and hand it to them (carefully as to not blast apart your shop in the process)

Additionally. - I'm recommending tool heads and not completed tools because there's a bug (two) which breaks completed tools after reload, and sometimes even just during session. - and if they're built wrong its more of a hassle to clean them up (example: Customer orders a polearm - but you only have a greatsword on hand, completed) -> ( if you had a large blade instead of a greatsword - you could attach the large blade to a polegrip (with or without guard) and make a polearm - and complete the order in a short timeframe) -> (But If you have a greatsword, (and cannot afford to make the polearm any other way) you would have to take the greatsword and disassemble it at the anvil, then reassemble it at the bench which would take a lot more time (or you could just give up, you have a great sword, go away non-greatsword purchase))

and the other bug that having completed items does is if you have multiple Metals of the same type of weapon (Copper Greatsword and Steel Greatsword, for example) and the Customer wants a Iron Greatsword - You have to assemble or forge one, but when you hand it to the customer they won't accept it - because They're locked attempting to accept the Greatsword you had near them to begin - its because of something in the code that does it - and to fix it, you either A) can't have any item completely assembled or b) have to remove the other items from the vicinity that the customer an "detect"

until a change is made though - You can save and reload  - when you reload the nodes are all repopulated from scratch, if I recall correctly.

Just keep in mind that reloading should be kept to a day to day basis - If you randomly save mid-day and reload - your exhaustion time also resets., meaning you won't get tired at the same point of time as normal - which could impact operating hours of the shop - forcing you to be awake when no customer come, and be asleep at customer prime-time

I assume you mean for the blacksmith.

Hammers - Can wield either head, I think - 2 or 3 bars heated, blunt heads, one hand grip - equip with.. e?  I think, it always but maybe that's configurable - whatever your interact button is aside from clicks. Must have hammer slot selected for "new" hammers to be equippable

Pickaxe - can be any grip, just needs a proper head - can equip first pick from any slot, but once there is a pick, must select pick slot to equip new picks.

Hatchet - Must be small-ax head, can be one or two hand grip same as Pick otherwise.

To Change select head for Smithing - You must have a specific number of heated ingots on anvil.

1 Heated ingot on Anvil -> Small blade/Knife

2 heated ingot on Anvil - > Small Blunt head, Small Ax head, normal blade

3 heated ingots -> Large Blunt head, Large Ax head - Large Ax head is also Pickaxe head (Must be struck again), large blade.

Any Blade + pole grip = Sellable Polearm

Any Hammer head + polegrip = sellable polearm

Axe+pole =/= Sellable


2h Grip + Pickaxe head = "Pickaxe"  (sellable/customer recognized)

1h grip + Pickaxe head = nothing, But Blacksmith can recognize it for personal use pickaxe


1h grip + small ax head = "one hand ax"  (I call em Hatchets)

2h grip + small ax head = nothing - but Blacksmith can recognize it for personal use hatchet

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

also be wary - as the Horse in general is still one of the buggiest parts of the game, and will likely be so for a few updates until more important aspects are hammered in and ironed out.

If you, for example, ride the cart - You may end up with player rotation being off and/or player sheet being inacessible - both can be fixed with the same save fixer program,  and in general, both (the player rotation and horse freakout/rotation/etc) are caused by the horse

Replied to Whitecoat in Bug Reports

In general anything relatied to horse/cart and or "Rotation" of character/horse - can be fixed, for now, with slipcor's save fixer

You can find it on the game-page from the link text "All here" near the mention for slipcor there - and one of the last two/most recent versions should work for your situation.

( also just in case - http://mlbs.slipcor.net/ )

Replied to ShayanMS in Development.

to the discord? should be on the game's.... front page? home page? whatever itch.io calls it.

Replied to slipcor in Development.
(Edited 1 time)

Welllll.... I don't have Discord(s).

I don't really use much of any of those except for potential "dummy" accounts because of some sites crippling themselves and being 100% dependent on one or the other.

edit - Like I don't think I even have Trello still. I barely had Itch.io - and that was purely because itch.io seemed to have a lot of indie early development, and One particular game tickled my fancy and urged me to, for once, actually mention bugs

Posted in Development.

oh wow days ago. I been checking here every day and only just barely noticed there was a post above the update 82 post - I dunno how I managed to miss the "New" by thread and thread itself for here. It'll prob remain bookmarked for some time but I guess I'll stop checking in day to day (not that it helped apparently.)

Sadly As I've mentioned before when theorizing about code - I know jack-diddly but my instinct/expectation, and have... rather little confidence in any ability to help.

MLBS certainly tickled my fancy...

Replied to BadBoxer in Bug Reports

It would come down to the problem of "Not created"

There's a few ways to "Make a pickaxe" and the BLACKSMITH can hold every one of those ways.

But Customers will only buy one specific way.

2h grip + pickaxe head - and it will inform you "You created a (metal tier) pickaxe!"

The other ways won't say that, but you can still equip them personally.


Alternative Reasons it may not be functional.

-Assembled Pickaxe correctly, but didn't sell it before saving and reloading

-Rare- Assembled and didn't save/reload but 5-30+ mins later no item that was crafted could sell anymore.

(Fix for both)

Take to anvil and smack them with hammer - disassembles allowing you to reassemble (or partially rework after reheating)

(Prevention for both)

Don't Fully Assemble the parts until a customer wants it.

If you never complete the item - saving and reloading will never break the item, meaning you'll never have to disassemble and reassemble it, equally so for rare/random break.


"You created (Metal tier) (item)" is true for all customer purchase items.

For example

Combining a Polegrip + 2h guard + Large Blade (Greatsword blade) = Polearm - It will inform you that you created a Polearm, and customers will buy it.

Combining a Polegrip + small hammerhead will also make a polearm (variant 2) - it will inform you.


Combing a Polegrip + 2h guard + hammerhead (any) will either not combine at all, or won't inform you "You created a polearm" and customers won't buy it as a result. (I can't recall if it doesn't combine or doesn't inform you and still lets you combine)

You /can/ combine a polegrip + 2hguard + small blade (dagger) and make a polearm (spear/variant 1)

But /can't/ combine a 1h grip, guard and small blade, and won't make a dagger when you do so. (won't inform) - customers /won't/ buy either.

I can't remember if you can combine a polegrip and either axe head, but At minimum, they won't sell. (Halberds = no go)

I believe I made a point about using 2h grip and small axe head for player axe - which, if I recall right, the Player can equip any small axe combination much like any pickaxe combination - but 2h+ small axe =/= anything and customers won't buy it.

Player can't equip large axe head if I recall right

Player /can/ equip large hammer head though, If I recall right... I might be recalling wrong, Though, Only if its not a greathammer, I think, If I recall right. - I could be wrong here, again, I did my combination testings a while back, prob more than a month now. - and I don't recall if grip+small head worrked, it might also not work because it makes something that isn't a hammer specifically.

I could definitely get behind second idea, if it hasn't already been changed, which it very well might have been, since that was...rather largely... mentioned... "mechanic" (*cough bug  ("feature")(I dunno really) cough cough*)

I dislike dealing with copper at titanium, and yes, while it becomes less and less requested because there's more choice in customer request, Copper is still requested up to just before Titanium, at least... I didn't see Titanium much before I.... decided... That a fresh save was required...Haven't played hard enough since to be back at titanium again yet.

As for Conveyor. - I know there's ideas suggested/taken into consideration for speed and efficiency of the two units, among other things.. Maybe to "logic" and "theme" something "better" (Conveyor-ish) It can just be an upgrade which "Magically" stores and draws the ingots from one to the other.

One's stats could maybe determine the availability of the upgrade (it'd still cost money but perhaps wouldn't unlock till level 10 and/or whatever stats) and/or the number of times per day one could use the mechanic before being forced to have to do it by hand - Perhaps 1 absolute last time could be drawn after the fact but it'd force the player into fatigue and prevent further usage of the mechanic - as well, if its the end of the day normally and you're fatigued, it'd result in the same - the inability to use it.

Perhaps additional to that; Since Storage options have been 'discussed' as well - Perhaps a special crate could be sold or come with the upgrade as well. It'd consume one of those uses every time ore was placed into it (consume the ore like the "turned on" smelter would (when it's already hot/progress (instantly consumes new ore, instead of "melting' them into nothingness)))

Of course the purpose of the 'special' crate would be to act as a trigger for using "the skill" to transport ore from the mine quickly into the smelter, So that one could remain in the mine for a longer period of time actively mining - since no matter how good a haul or not you get, you're simply incapable of carrying more than one jammed full and over crate at a time, even if you have additional crates to swap off with, it still requires carrying each back out before it's "too late" (fatigue16h/24h)

Alternatively. the Shining crystal nodes that reside in the mine - could be changed so they could "fuel magic" and be mined/procured and required for the function to work (or perhaps both methods could be used, "free" uses based on stats/level and "fuel" uses based on stock of (fuel item for magic) )

Apart from that: "conveyor" sounds .. or at least brings to mind, things that would be outside of the "theme" shown so far...

But that hasn't stop other games from utilizing "technological wonders" far exceeding the theme/era/etc (Dwemer machinations in elder scrolls, for example.)

So who knows.


However back to the point of Copper. While i dislike it too, and feel there should be a hard player-controlled way to negate it...

Part of me does appreciate it's existence... The part that goes "This is a customer either getting what they can afford, or what they can equip"

When I'm level 12 and can use the "4th" weapon of my class or some such thing in pretty much any other rpg game, I desire, at best, buying the "4th" weapon.

I wouldn't want a shop offering me the 1st weapon, just like the shop wouldn't want me to demand the 1st weapon if they didn't sell it.

but at the same time, I wouldn't want a shop offering me weapons 8-12, either, nor one offering 40-50, even if they have a ridiculously good sale that for whatever reason makes a "9th" weapon cost less than a 4th weapon - I can't use it, and I don't have a billion trillion of the currency to go willy nilly spending spree at every deal I see, and then beyond that is ability to equip/use it, which usually by the time I could I'll have found something either rarer and lower tier that is stronger, or better than it in general, perhaps even same tier and rare - or perhaps found literally it, but better stats.

But I'd still like to be the one in control of that. - Unless.

Unless there was a feature added which would drastically change smith/store operation.

a sort've "stock" vs "showcase" - If you've seen Recettear - there's a... sort've... similar thing there.

What most customers see is what is showcase, but if they're looking for "something" in particular, they can come and ask "you" to see if you have "something" or similar in "stock" (inventory) Even though its not on showcase in the limit space you have to "display" items.

There way I could something of that scale easily working for MLB - is eventually getting the option to "Upgrade" the store to contain a "specific" stock storage. - like Copper "stock"

I wouldn't say "require" it to be "fully assembled items" though maybe it should, you /can/ still build them in off-hours, but for the purpose of this post, I'm going to say "not required"

Basically. It'd be an.. additionally and crate/chest (similar appearance as the customer scroll and coin chest)

And you'd be able to drop ingots (not ore), and finished tool parts - and fully assembled items matching the metal type (to "discount" the price to "assemble for stock")

That'd be the function of the crate/chest.

The function of the scroll would be to

  • a) to display how much of the specific metal type you had stored in the scroll (ingots, Part heads, actual items)
    • Example: (metal) Copper
      • .........................Ingots on hand: 32
        • .................Small Blades on hand: 3
          • ........Normal Blade: 4
            • Large Blade: 1
            • Large 2h axehead: 2
            • Pickaxe head: 1
            • Small hammer: 0
            • Large hammer: 0
            • Small axehead: 2
            • Dagger: 4
            • Sword: 10
            • Greatsword: 0
              • etc
  • B) "Stock" Assembled copper items
    • Example - Tab 2 (similar to Ingots/Grips/guards tab in delivery scroll)
      • Display Cost: (Metal)  (In this case, copper, so "10")
      • Buttons for each possible item ("standard" - I.e "Spear/polearm variant 1" is a small blade and grip (lowest quality) But you can /make/ a "polearm" with the best grip, a 2h guard, and a large blade and sell it for more (because it takes price of parts and marks it up by 10+x%
      • Pressing a button will "Buy" an assembled item without markup ( cost of parts)
        • Minus parts on hand.
          • So since there's 32 copper ingots stored in the scroll, even though there's no Large hammer heads nor greathammers stored in it, It'll only cost 1-3coins (wood 2h common) to make, automatically/instantly, a Greathammer (stored and not removable in/from scroll - Any item that goes into scroll is "gone" forever - Much like Incinerator or smelter+ore)

That way displayed items can be the Epic magical +45015 enhance murdersword of galactic doom and "Authentic" +9001 "Over 9000 backstab knife" (Collector's edition, rainbow BlackSmith-New skin)

And the customer can still get their fill of low tier requests, and the player doesn't have to get frustrated over either having to have copper/make it, basically wasting their time or reputation (suggested feature, turning a customer away can happen, but would result in bad publicity/loss of rep)

I'm unsure whether I'd say "allow grip parts/guard parts" to be stored separately in it because its been talked about as well for grips to see massive changes too - making grips (wood) yourself as well as the possibility of future grips being "upgrades" (metal)


a lot of things would be "worse" with the "stock" scroll

Tool heads would "have" to lose their enhances, or rather, They wouldn't lose them, but simply wouldn't benefit from them - The scroll would just treat them as the part they are and nothing more.

Fully Assembled items would likely only sell for the basic grip/guard+ toolhead price, even if it had a better grip going in - again, for simplicity/code-ease/optimization.

But you could at least have -124591-580815089 on hand - I mean. once you get to iron/steel prices, you could probably get 100 of every item in copper - not that currently you'd want to cause it'd suck making them for like a month in game... but you could. - That'd be what I'd think is a good way of going about it...

However, another "worse" would probably be I'd say that "Church/King" requests wouldn't be fillable with it.

You'd have to fulfill those orders by hand, IMO. Neither of them would want your dime a billion crapstick, even if they still requested for crapsticks, and even if you still make literally the exact same thing stored in stock,


And Customers would "Query" "Stocks" for their requested item - So If you don't have the stock or don't have it in stock in the stock, and don't have it on display, They'll still stand there at your counter preventing other customers from coming in for the full duration of their "order time" (Unless you manually send them off) (fail or manual send off would still result in whatever future decided drawbacks (loss of rep))

And of course since there's also suggested talk for hired help or sorts and/or theft...

I would assume one can hire a "counter" clerk who'd ensure full sale prices while the blacksmith is out of the shop map-cell

The stock would still sell an item regardless of clerk or smith presence, but might have a chance of like 1-5% at being reduced price by 1-5% (reverse of chance (-5% = 1% chance) ) (and maybe a 0.1 to 0.01% chance of notifying you of "item stolen from stock/display" (100% loss)

I'm pretty much just rambling off onto different ideas at this point....

So I'll end it here.

MLB wouldn't screen for me in fullscreen. I simply made it windowed, at desktop resolution. - surprisingly....this actually made it basically fullscreen. It overtook taskbar and I don't think I had trouble keep mouse in window

I'm 5 of those people.... wait.. 6? Maybe more.... Unless it really and for truly only counts unique views.. Which I don't think it does....

But I have no clue what you're talking about as of current version.

Replied to ImaHacker in Bug Reports

if its on windows at all, and you've got a standard keyboard to go with it - hit the windows/brand button on said keyboard, usually between ctrl and alt on either side of the keyboard

Then hit R

Usually people will say it like "Win+R" keys. Hitting them at the same time (or holding one and then hitting the other) will bring up Window's run cmd-line - Typing dxdiag from there will give you the basic run down of your computer specs.

There's 2 pages (generally) of basic specs, the first page is nearly all basic except gfx chip/card - the second will tell you that one, along with some connective devices, sometimes. The other pages aren't generally useful in situations like this.

If win+R doesn't work for you, like Dasius was mentioning, you can simply open the start button, and then in the search bar, type dxdiag and hit enter, you don't have to way for it to actually search for dxdiag or find it in the list. - This feature should work on Most Vista+ versions of Windows... I think.. maybe one of the versions of xp had it... but maybe not.. I dunno. My memory isn't "great"

I don't think I follow. Care to elaborate? I attempted what I assumed you meant based on the topic and contents of your statement - but it just amounted to nothing both ways (accidentally kept reading it right and then doing it with opposite clicks. - but didn't change when corrected)

perhaps its 32bit related or you're not quite talking about exactly the same thing anymore....or maybe I'm just not noticing some kinda clue of execution and doing what you're saying, wrong.

Replied to deropp in Suggestion Box

Please don't keep saying that...

Apart from that.

Afaik there only a few... or perhaps. Simply only Dasius. Working on this game.

If you want it in Portuguese, The only way its likely going to happen is if you or someone else who Speaks English and Portuguese semi-fluently - pitches in a fan-translation.

Pretty much the same story as it is with Mac, and any other language. - They don't have it, and likely won't have it for quite some unknown amount of time. Unless Someone else contributes "it"...

Replied to Oceokot in Suggestion Box


Replied to Horia0502 in Bug Reports

You also will not have to restart every time it glitches - either a) give up on the cart or more simply B) head over to slipcor's site and get his save-game fixer - the final one will allow you to fix the horse and wagon, and that one should also allow you to fix the player model (which will also be guaranteed broken if you rode on the horse)


I left a comment about the frozen part - but - I failed to notice you also mentioned the price part

Price is only off when an item comes back out. If it happens, it means the crate lost sight of an item that was in it, unfortunately, causing pretty much the entire deal to go south (I.e Geoffrey calls you a crook, tells the guards to come vandalize your hard earned grips, and mark them all as "(stolen)" - Stolen is in such infancy though, that customers pay it no mind... Which might be a bug all of its own....come to think of it....

Course, Maybe Geoffrey can't tell crook from fake, and just calls it all stolen, but the game engine can actually realize you didn't actually steal it, and allows you to sell "fake(stolen)" - but if you were to actually /steal/ items (somehow) then you'd not be able to sell them, and they'd be "real(stolen)"

anyway. You can avoid it entirely by using your own order scroll

avoid it entirely by carrying them out of his shop one at a time (or going to the doorway and tossing them out with physics)

or by VERRRRYYYY carefully setting them inside his basket, close it but then open it (If you don't close it before you leave the shop, you won't be able to after you've left) and then crouch and pick it up with your knees rather than your back, minimizing the item physic explosion... Carefully carry them out, don't flail around/whip around instantly, doing so the items inside can't keep up with the basket, despite them staying inside and being pulled around by the basket - They'll "exit" the basket and fudge the price - Just take it nice and slow, carefully and walk out, once the coin chest goes away and you're firmly on the grass, you can then close the basket (now a crate)

Its a basic crate with a lid at this point, not a player crate - it will not lock physics, but it' ll keep the items from exploding across the map.


You can look at the other post I made for ways to "fix" it

Replied to Dasius in Bug Reports

There's actually a fix for it, two, now.

Masonator discovered you could incinerator the crate with minimal loss to items inside if you're careful, Once the crate is incinerator, it deletes the related lock, freeing the items, seemingly. (Masonator discovered, I did not test)

The Alternative I did test, and I discovered through methods of which utilized other bugs and fixes. It's definitely safer, but its far more complicated to actually perform.

Using the Fix for "Unlocking Menu-Grab-lock items" (Hold item, hit esc, and attempt to hold it again, Forces the item to be locked into position (it was the "ingot stuck on smelter" bug, it works on any items)

The Fix is to use another Crate to force-relock and then unlock with that crate's parameters - The same can be applied to a shopping basket, It's just... harder.

If you can manage to get the lower half/corner of the basket into one of the Blacksmith's-Crates - and then quickly close it before the crate or basket is pushed away, You can do one of two things.

  • 1) you can free SOME of the items, whatever happened to be at that corner - If there's only a few small grips, this will likely be ALL of the items.
  • and 2) It will "free" the Basket from the location of the lock. - It will NOT fully reset the ENTIRE lock, However, Doing THIS part will make unlocking any other items far easier.
  • Once the BASKET is free, You can then ROTATE the basket away from the items, first ensure that all freed items that you can manage to shake out are shook out, otherwise when you quickly rotate the basket, You'll send freed items flying, Matters less if you're already in the blacksmith house.
  • Once the basket is rotated away, it will likely become FREE entirely, and there will no longer be a physical container blocking you from netting the other items with another crate HOWEVER...... The Locked basket physics will be ATTACHED to the Player-Crate used to break the basket out. - You'll need two player crates to fully unlock everything.
  • Once you've netted most of the Contents with another crate, you can just close it and open it, freeing them and causing them to fall/move away - continue until you can close and open the crate basically on top of the other one.

as I said. It's less risky, but it takes more steps/more complicated.

Alternatively. Going to sleep, Saving, and then reloading, causes shopping baskets to despawn - freeing the items


Doing that may result in Additional charges.

In fact. Doing anything may still result in additional charges - I mean. Carrying them one at a time and tossing them out the door into the "yard" won't (whatever you do after that, crate, no crate, drag with one polearm grip scraping them along like a plow, etc)

I didn't exactly have.. a lot of attention to small pocket change ... when I was doing my testing. - Just know it worked.

Not unless you include the Not-Master-Sword-Altar (which has a crystal) and the Not-Hylian-Kite-Shield...

Oh my. You just gave me an idea, and I've already gone ahead and tested it.

You can use another crate to force unlock the items.

Dip the shopping basket in via corner and then click at the box below a couple time to seal and unseal or unseal and seal.

Managed to buy two 2h grips, verified locked to crate, able to carry all 3 with just the 2h grip being held, and then managed to get both unlocked by fiddling with another crate

As I read your post it made me think about Items locked via ESC/Menu - and how you can lock them in air by holding them, ESC/Menu, releasing while in menu, returning to gameplay, and then attempting to hold them again, immediately. (Displayed picture of locked items in mid-air in third post ) - You can break their locks by wrapping another crate around them and then closing it, binding their physics to that crate


More to the point. There's a few things you can do with shopping basket locked items, I've managed to successfully buy nearly the entire store (minus most pole grips) and unlock them via another crate.

Primarily the easiest thing to do, is to lock "crate" of locked physics, to the other crate.... Note: I said the "crate" of locked physics... As in the non-existent shopping basket that you can't unlock.

when you close the player-crate around the Crate that is spawned from leaving with the shopping basket, it UNLOCKS the crate from the "location" at which the shopping basket was, leaving the Shopping basket, and all the locked items, detached from the crate-SB (Crate-SB will now be shoppin basket that's left and turned into crate)

The Crate-SB then can be ROTATED off of the location, Nearly entirely free, if not entirely free, of all the locked items - leaving them locked mid air above the other crate - They're locked to a "crate" (the shopping basket) and that is locked inside your other Player-Crate

After you've Removed Crate-SB from the equation - successfully unlocking other "floating" items is a TON easier since you don't have to work around the physics of the crate - Simply rotate grips so they're a little straighter, and drop another Player-Crate ontop of them, Lock, bam, they're all free now. Unlock and work with your new grips.

Alternatively you can try and work around the crate-SB - Like I did for the first two grips. - Which is easier if its a smaller purchase without a lot of stacked item items,

Additionally - Maybe alternatively - You can actually still highlight and ROTATE all the items, despite them still being Physics-lost/disabled. - This won't free them physically, however, you might be able to make it easier to hook another box onto them, and free their physics that way.

All without bringing your hard-earned cash anywhere near that trigger happy incinerator

Which. wasn't a bad idea, actually, Since it was the crate despawning that freed the items in other ... example?

Now how to word this a bit.. less... words..y. so it can serve as a more condensed, to the point, workaround/fix in the actual second post...

Unfortunately. Or fortunately but WIP....

You'll need to have a (Metal) Hammer equipped before Customer Believe you can work in another metal.

Also unfortunately (or fortunately but its a WIP and not ready) - They still will ask for Copper, too, always,

It just raises the bar, not sets tier to only that.

So even at Titanium, they'll still ask for Copper, occasionally.

Could be a matter of "unfortunate" due to the new settings....

Or it could be a feature in the works, which may eventually gear Customers to only request that Metal-tier Perhaps even special requests only being in that tier, forcing Hammer upgrades to be a requirement (Previously, I don't think they specifically made the job any easier nor harder, nor was it required to change.. Could be wrong about that though.


You want to, currently, strictly speaking only for 0.0.82, as it may fix/be different/more realized/etc in 0.0.9x - Have 3 tin Ingots before you stop stocking Copper/trying for Copper.

  • Either  A)
    • Have 2 for hammer and at least 1 for Spear/Dagger (1 or less Tin veins at time of 3 ingots)
  • Or B)
    • Have 3 for Pick, and go mining for 1 or more veins immediately, and aim for a minimum of 3 or more tin before opening again. (technically, you can take as long as you like FOR THIS CURRENT VERSION ONLY... in obtaining more tin so technically, a pick is more... "easy pace"?) (Only for current version issues - 0.0.9x is speculated/suggested/whatever to have Tax as well as multiple customer types (King, Church, NPC or some such) - You can see the beginnings of this idea near your bed, where a letter from the king demands taxes will begin eventually for whatever.)

I'm sure you could find this on your own but just it case it slips by I'll just cheekily slide this link in here.


I too didn't know the Trello was quite so much the "Hub" of .... Progress?... Roadmap? - Just thought at the time (a while back) that it was something akin to Discord/Teamspeak/Ventrillo (Mostly though it was some new Vent- I mean 'Trillo" "Trello")

Replied to Dasius in Bug Reports

Thanks for taking the time to input about it. I wouldn't have minded had you not though, I'm just a end-user, I don't particularly need to know the specifics.

Personally. I feel like I should refrain from trying to respond in full to the additional information.. like I said - I'm Just an end-user.. Knowing the specifics won't provide me with any method to actually help - nor further my own pursuits.  - though, I /think/ I do understand what you're saying/adding.

At the same time. I'm making a reply (this one, right here....) because while I think I should refrain, I still want to thank for the input. Otherwise I'd either be making another massive list trying to respond in full (potentially still being very wrong in interpretation) or not making a reply at all

Well. the current version is "Hold in your hand"

It's been suggested/planned/discussed for the "equip" one and I assume that just means the next version (content version) will have it

along side flails and the beginnings of some other things... ( think tax... Alloys and handles might also been in that too.. maybe.. I dunno. we'll see what all can fit nicely when we finally see a stable update/release for the next content version (Content version like "0.0.9" like how this is "0.0.8" with the additional version/hotfix/etc being "x.x.x2"))

There's no current method off purchasing more lanterns.

You /could/ try stringing up the crystals (fear, light/protect, unknown orange, unknown blue)....

But I don't know how well the cave would treat them.. I have ore remain in the cave, but I'm fairly certain I've seen someone mention or maybe I had it happen to me, leaving their lantern and it no longer being there on return/reload

If you try REEEEAAALLLYY hard.... You can lock a crate, inside a crate. - That'll give you maybe 1.5 to 2 crates worth of space (1 crate on top will be full, if you have 3, the other two can't be entirely full, need to have enough room to drop the corner in and QUICKLY lid without it popping back up from physics tension (i.e, full crate)

One crate will likely have lantern in it, and/or a crystal for lighting, keeping such will allow you to hold the crate near the surfaces and see where you're going.

Turning up gamma will help drown blackness out.

Turning down shadows/effects/post processing will drown vignette and a decent bit of darkening effects. - Low is "0" in most cases, which really means "off" - In other cases it means low, namely, view distance.

On cave treatment again - It's possible nothing might happen - its also possible they might somehow get sucked into the void/space behind surfaces during some part of map reload/transition - sometimes it seems to be the only explanation - strange and lacking game-logic as it may seem

Most will recommend to not use the cart and only use 1 crate at time, just running back and forth. with default agility or maybe a little higher - you move about the same speed - and don't have to deal with any of the glitches associated with the cart.

The cart is really more of a....Optional... feature at the moment.

It's known buggy.... but to just "disable" it would mean the option of taking the risk to maybe get a /lot/ of ore, isn't present.

Personally. I rarely see a need for more than one light-source filled crate  - If I ever saw a point that I could maybe manage 3+ crates in a single run - I would /maybe/ set up the cart to be used to transport it....

But I'd honestly probably just leave the other 2 crates of ore in the corner of the mine while I take one crate back and smelt and open shop for a bit, then go back for another crate before bed - its 24hrs in game (I assume at time of depletion) that depleted veins change over, so usually, That ore is a few trips worth, anyway, and I won't be mining anything the next day, regardless if its picking up the last crate, or just checking veins.

Having to go back for ore gives me more sense of purpose in the trip over though, instead of being disappointed when none of them are new or good.


Associated with cart

  • riding shatters player sheet/orientation to some degree.
  • Heavily Physics sensitive, You're lucky that pole grip fell in, and not sent the cart and crates skyrocketing off into the distance.
  • If it shatters Player orientation/height enough - can leave the player "swimming" (sliding) inside the ground or high in the sky.
    • (point 1 and point 3 can be fixed with Slipcor's Reset Player model, point 2 can partially be fixed with Slipcor's Reset Horse/waggon - "fixed" is a "reset", not a "It doesn't break anymore")
  •  Ish kinda slow... it really should be more than two crates a trip...


more towards your issue

  • Try jumping onto the cart (manually, not riding) till you can see inside, there's a couple areas you can, and jump-crouch may help further. - then you can have an easier time seeing grabs.
  • Simply fish around from the side for a "highlight" and grab - You can grab things, within some level of reason, through the cart and other solids, and then move them around that object/solid.
  • Be careful and good luck.


It's outdated, however, It likely still remains true.

making a new post with this stickied isn't going to get anywhere.

are..... are you deleting your smile post, and reposting it..... to bump this ...? Please don't. The video is outdated. That's just wrong. >.>

It'd be different if you were changing the video to a newer version of the game's gameplay... but this is just wrong.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

As for... what the code is. I have no clue. I imagine the code is in the engine and I'm just a user who sees this and speculates things. Dasius is the one that does things.

I just assume based off the misc clues pointing.

That there was a line of code introduced from Version 0.0.81 to Ver 0.0.82 - That was intended to "destroy" customers refusing all but "the one" Type they came in for.

and that this code basically told them to accept all that match type requested.

But then another code tells them to "Only accept matching  material and type as requested" - and that this part, is newer than the bugfix - that it was added along side them "requesting material"

and that these two codes are conflicting (because one says to only accept Copper Greatsword while the other tells them to accept every greatsword) - causing a customer to become logic-stuck as it goes

"accept all that match type requested" - OH HEY, a greatsword that's right here in front of me (closest to them) I'll just grab that

"Deny - Doesn't match Material requested" - Oh, It's not iron, Nevermind

"Accept all that match type requested" - OH HEY, a greatsword (cloest) right here in front of me

Not Iron


Not Iron

and it does this likely hundreds of times in a second.

To me. this is what it looks like goes on, especially since before.

they'd walk in go "I need a Greatsword" and then deny Greatsword after greatsword until the ONE greatsword they were actually asking for was given to them - even if they were all (insert material)

and now, one of the changelog "fixes" for 0.0.82

"Fixed: Customer will not refuse any weapon no matter how many there are of the same /Type/ "

This specific Line gives me all the confidence in my speculation being what is happening.

Only I'm horrible at explaining things, and this is probably overly simplified or crudely so.

like saying "does this likely hundreds of times in a second"

The code probably does that hundreds of times in a second.

The customer themselves probably only work through a small fraction of that per second.  - And normally that'd be fine.


  • Check Timestamp 1:11:1
  • check failed 1:11:1
  • check 1:11:2
  • check failed 1:11:2
  • Check 1:11:3
  • check failed 1:11:3
  • check 1:11:3
  • check failed 1:11:4
  • Check 1:11:5
    • Item Detected matching Type 1:11:5 - clearing queue, accept?
      • Item Detected Matching Material and Type 1:11:6 - Accepting
        • Run Animation for Accepting item 1:11:7
          • Accepting item matching material and type, marked at 1:11:6 (1:11:8)
            • Run price calculation/pay blacksmith
  • check failed 1:11:5
  • check 1:11:6
  • check failed 1:11:6
  • Check 1:11:7

Really - this would probably look more like "check scheduled 1:11:6" and scheduled every "however long it takes to scan detection area"

But then you get that logic loop

  • Check 1:12:1
    • Item Detected matching type 1:12:1 clearing queue, Accept?
      • Deny
      • (potential) Reject denial "accept any no matter how many there are of same type (Potentially just endlessly loops here.)
  • Check !:12:1
    • Item detected 1:12:1
      • Deny
  • Check 1:12:1
    • Check failed - Item previously detected no longer exists, removing redundant obsolete instances of item detected at 1:12:1
  • Check 1:12:2
    • Item Detected Matching type 1:12:2 Clearing queue, accept?
      • Item detected matching Material and Type 1:12:3- Accepting
        • Run Animation for accepting item 1:12:4
          • Accepting Item match, marked at 1:12:3 (1:12:5)
            • calculating payment
  • Check 1:12:1
    • Item detected 1:12:1
      • Deny
  • Check !:12:1
    • Item detected 1:12:1
      • Deny
    (This probably goes on for dozens to hundreds of additional lines. - all for 1:12:1)

It runs through it much faster because it can quickly and easily see the "wrong item" as opposed to scanning the entire view area only to come up empty handed - and do it again.

I dunno. That could still be horribly simplified or technically incorrect because of my lack of expertise/knowledge in the area But it's how I imagine it's happening.

If its way 2 - it's able to run code faster than the game/npc can process it. - causing them to constantly restart the process, but still stay locked onto the item because it's processing code that was ran seconds ago, and will still be processing that code for seconds more.

if not, Then it has to be way 1, and it's becoming fixated and locked onto the item purely because the code is telling it "No, you can't "not" accept the item, you have to accept it' and the other code is refusing to budge. - never relinquishing the search for a new item (essentiallly... recreating the "does not accept" bug from prior.)

Here. Lemme show you the picture I had up in response to Slip, and that I showed M..mr..MrManvi..? something...

Anyway. This is how I set up my "tool heads" unless I know i can sell through the assembled items and intend to go mining.

If you just do something /like/ this. not necessarily this.

then you don't have to worry about any of the other issues associated with customers not paying attention.

They won't break randomly, cause they're not assembled.

They won't break on reload (every. reload.), cause they're not assembled

They won't slow you down all that much, because they're already heated, hammered, cooled, and placed near the workbench/assembly table.

And. As you could see in that specific pic/moment. having iron, tin, copper, and steel large blades (which would be greatswords, assembled)

They won't (can't) lock onto them and prevent a sale either - because they're not items

Now like I said. You don't have to set it up exactly like this - do it however you like. You don't /need/ to keep all material stocked - you could just go with /only/ the best or maybe best and 2nd best. In this specific picture I just happened to be doing all of then.

I'd in fact  recommend only doing top 3 at most - and only fulfilling orders for the current metal if you don't already have the metal for it.

i.e - if you have Steel (current)

and have Steel on hand (3 ingots), iron (28 ingots) and Tin (1 ingot)

I would Leave the steel on the forge- so that I had enough steel ingots to complete any one steel request (and then likely buy more to replace them)

Make /all/ of the iron into tool heads - If they don't ask for one of the ones I made, then I send them away

Make the tin either into a tool head, or just stack it on a shelf for fun because it isn't worth the hassle at one ingot. - if I do that, I send all other tin away.

 Have no Copper, isn't worth ordering more in. Send them away.

And as the picture mentions. I keep 2h spare handles on part of the shelf nearby (dunno why I just find it easier to keep them there for some reason, you could place them anywhere else) - I keep 1-4 one hand grips with guards attached already on the backboard of the workbench - I keep 1-3 (2h) grips with guards attached - backboard in another slot - and 1-2 no grip handles, either size, but only one of whichever size. - sometimes I make it 1h guards.

Under the bench on the lowest shelf I tend to keep 1h grips, on the floor, pole grips (just order a few, set the box flat on the ground, open, then use one to line them all up and push them all under with that one (slowly)), and on the shelf with the lantern - I set 2h guards - Everything is in a quick to reach, fairly 'separated' area - that I can get into a pattern of muscle-memory/remembrance of where it is, and quickly assemble it, without sending 8 different things flying trying to get a one-hand blade out of a pile of 12 different tool heads.


If you /were/ to want too keep assembled items.

I'd recommend one or two types (e.g Greatsword and Greathammer) - of only the best material (e.g steel and mithril) and not making more than you think you can sell in a single session.

Keep them under the counter, stacked ontop of one another (like how you see the large-blades in the pic, only, reversed, you want the handle near the walkway/customer, not the bedroom) - However. Only use the first and second shelf - they can't reach the third, even if they can see it. - you can instead stack them above the counter. - again. You want the grip - which is the "thicker" part of the handle, to be right under that cloth you see on the front counter- and customers can "reach" for it.

For Pole arms - this often means Blade towards customer, because the thick-grip part is so high on the grip.

For almost everything else - the blade/tool head should be towards your bed, and the handle to the customer.

I recommend this method for /sale while mining/ but do not recommend it in general for ver0.0.82


If you want a different idea, and do not plan to be mining.

Perhaps placing them outside the front door will suffice for "out of box"

There is a different, unrelated to sale bug, bug that plagues 0.0.82 - It's Mad Strafe Disease

Customer pathing is faster but much sloppier than normal NPC pathing. Normal Npcs can be smacked around with physics, Customers will walk right through most physics, but not Terrain, and they will NEVER EVER walk backwards while walking towards your shop to purchase.

As a result, one of the most common accidents is them getting stuck and never ever being able to reach the shop.. and one of the most common places for that... is at the shop. Behind the door. - They strafe, again, for whatever reason, once they've gotten to shop, and lock themselves in the small gap between the backside of the door, and small stool/table outside....

YOU. can stand in that area and walk against them, causing them to slide off you and inwards towards shop if you do it right (note: if you just stand there or do it wrong, they actually can strafe beside you and get even further off course, I've had it happen.)

So. Anyway. Placing the items outside might be an option. Since you might stand out there anyway to ensure MSD doesn't take the life of another sale, you may (or very well may not) be able to see what they want, and then carry it inside, they can have items handed to them, through them. And they /can/ reach a little bit beside them.

I pretty much have never tried this and don't really recommend it for anything. - in general for ver0.0.82 I recommend just going with tool heads.

Hit Reset on the graphics and/or readjust the resolution scale, setting it to something really low and then back to really high, if its not already really low.

Resolution scale can make it super duper pixelated.

in the event that res scale isn't the culprit though, there's some minor combinations that can cause it, but the Dev has previously recommended resetting the in-game graphics and most have claimed it working, from what I've read.

tons old, practically half a year, I think.