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Quote Dasius Last Monday

.... I'll say this on record: Everyone who is and has been a Patron gets a Steam Key. I failed to indicate any limits to Steam Key access. From now until the Steam release, unless otherwise posted, this is will continue to be the case....
End Quote

edit - If you stop being a patron, and end your account, this will no longer apply to you, You forfeit Patron data when you forfeit the account, which prevents Dasius or anyone else running a Patreon from knowing anything about your support.

Replied to EpicBlue in Suggestion Box

VR is already being considered, It's just not priority

Patron support is the "dev version"

Replied to anonymoussy in question

I forget what the game is zipped as, but if its just zipped and not rarred, Then Winzip or whatever windows currently calls their zipper, should come with every genuine installation of windows, unless they stupidly changed it for windows 10. Winrar should not be, its a 3rd party computer, you can get it from rarlabs, If I recall the company right...

Replied to Jtn97 in Suggestion Box

the mine or mines already has plans of being changed

There is no PVE, and its extremely unlikely that there will ever be blacksmith addressed pve - if there is anything, its likely to be something you hire customers to deal with, not yourself.

The horse is buggy. in 9e it was removed to stop the ultra common issues that occurred because people didn't always see the warnings

RAM: (Amount) (Speed) (Example: DDR3, 16GB, 1600mhz (1333mhz)) ( 1600mhz ddr3 ramsticks are just 1333mhz sticks that are overclocked already, If I recall correctly) (could be wrong, been a while since then)

GPU: (Brand) (Model) (Example: AMD Radeon, R9 390x) (Example: Nvidia GTX, 770) (Optional Example: GTX 1080, EVGA(Distributor/sub-brand), 8GB GDDR5X (VRAM)) (OE: GTX 1080TI, Gigabyte, 11GB 352bit GDDR5X)

HDD/SSD: Space is nice and all, but the speed of it is fairly important too, and connection type - For example, I should upgrade my HDD because they're one of the things I haven't been upgrading, and could stand to see improvements. I think If I recall right, I have a 160gb and 1tb 7200rpm (both) SATA HDD, Not sure if both are 6GB/s SATA, one should be, that I play games off of. (the 1TB) The RPM and Connection quality are important on lag sometimes, but most definitely on loading times. I still remember when I was playing APB Reloaded, the difference changing such things made... Had rather ridiculously long load times turn into loading screens that were like 1/100th their previous time.

Other things: (plenty of things, usually come with a computer but can also end up there from other games and websites, slow down/impact computer/game performance)

There's some other things I'm sure that are more important, but my mind suddenly started blanking. 

there's like, 800 ways, to get to the king, Including one where you can almost walk right up to him from the front (its like a small staircase of rock faces)
so that one is probably intended.

The castle isn't intended, but its not important to actually keep people out of it, and I imagine as the Castle is fleshed out more in the future, that there won't even be a quarantine, unless the Quarantine relates to a certain something(s) else, in which case, You, the blacksmith, will have control over/a heavy... say, in when it can be accessed again. (as in quarantine lifted/fixed/etc)

They shouldn't be able to close without something in them.

but there are times where they will prompt to allow just that.

if you get one stuck closed, try rotating an item into it so you can trigger the open

I think I gave my 2 cents on discord for you, I think you came in there, that is. sorry hadn't checked the community board in a few days at the time

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The tiers are coal/stone -> Copper -> Tin -> Bronze -> Zinc -> Brass -> Iron -> Steel -> Adelite -> Mithril -> Adamantine -> Titanium
(This info is accurate as of the current version at the time of this post, Version 0.0.9E)

You need to have a Hammer of TIER or higher (Higher just means it'll be a higher tier than whatever one is being mentioned) (example, Iron or higher to get iron requests)

To get TIER or lower requests
On REQUESTS only, non-specific you can upgrade ONE Tier
(Example: "I want a copper polearm and a round shield" -> Tin Polearm -> any shield (Could even be titanium, whatever your highest metal is, that you have 5 ingots of, should be what you make shields out of, AT LEAST IN VERSION 0.0.9E)
(Example: "I want a tin one hand sword, with an uncommon grip, an embossed blade, and an 1h guard v4" -> Must be Tin. Get a specificity bonus for having parts matching the request, but I don't think there's actually a trigger in place to prevent accepting the item if its not 100% exact, it just needs to be tin, I could be wrong, I don't botch enough orders to be sure)

To mine you need TIER or higher Pickaxe, no upgrades

To get requests you need TIER or higher Hammer, "No upgrades" on requests, specifically (They won't ask for Tin if you only have a copper hammer, but you can sell them tin for copper requests)

Sale can be upgraded by ONE TIER, or downgraded by unlimited TIERS, unless specified.

How many do you currently believe there to be? though, I'm pretty sure more areas are planned.

Replied to ToxicSabre in Bug Reports

Sleep is I believe 16-18hrs "tired" and 24hrs "Tired (exhausted)/level 2" (its one or the other, not a range between 16-18hrs) if you go to sleep at 10pm, you will get tired around 9ish or so, give or take the difference in change from what was past the hour.

If you go to sleep at 5 in the morning, you will wake up likely in the later hours of the afternoon, and not get tired again for that "tired" frame of time, and you can't go to sleep till tired or exhausted, soyou will essentially be off schedule for days, until you slowly reset the schedule, or be tired for a very long time (exhausted/level 2) until you can sleep at the proper time to keep schedule.

I personally find it best to sleep between 10 and 11pm if at all possible, to keep the most store hours available, if I'm "bored/done" with a particular day, and tired too early, I'll wait around messing with stuff until its between 10 and 12, if possilbe, if its already well past 12, I don't bother sleeping.

Yes. If the stolen tag is present on your tool, it is unsaleable. It may change to be more "developed" in the future. - For instance if the reputation system that's been whispered about from fan to fan, were implemented, A customer may not only refuse to take the item, but may report you for stolen goods (lower rep) or notice that its stolen, and walk out immediately (double lower rep) (They'd get offended that stolen goods were offered, and that'd cause you to not sell to them, and not selling to them is the primary rep "dinger" that has been mentioned with this suggestion)

you can craft with them, and you personally can still use them, by your own choice, ignoring the stolen tag, but nobody else except Geoffrey will take them.

As for Geoffrey, I think Stolen still counts as his spawns and not your items, so if you carry it back into his shop, I believe he not only charges you for stealing, but then deletes it as the shop respawns its selection.

Replied to Akiiii in Bug Reports

Then you're probably not building them correctly, 9e iirc starts having item names.
1h grip 1 ingot blade
1h grip 1h guard 2 ingot blade
1h grip 2 ingot hammer
1h grip 2 ingot axe
2h grip 2h guard 3 ingot blade
2h grip 3 ingot hammer
2h grip 3 ingot axe
2h grip 3 ingot pick axe
pole grip 1 ingot blade (guard optional)
pole grip 2 ingot blade (guard optional)
pole grip 3 ingot blade (guard optional)
pole grip 2 ingot hammer (guard barred)

polegrip 3 ingot hammer (used to I think, not tested in 9e, feel like 9(something) I saw it not work haven't tested since)

It must notify you that you've created an item in order for it to be correct and saleable.

The blacksmith can equip any 2 ingot hammer, 2 ingot axe, and 3 ingot pickaxe.
This includes a 1h grip 3 ingot pickaxe, used to and possibly still includes a pole grip 3 ingot pickaxe
a 2h grip 2 ingot axe, and a 2h grip 2 ingot hammer, used to include 1h grip 3 ingot hammer, used to include pole grip 2 ingot hammer, can't say I tested pole grip 3 ingot hammer
Most of the things the Blacksmith can equip, cannot be sold.
BS can also equip stolen items.

Replied to SinfulDark in Bug Reports

First recommendation, Try reloading one of the versions from itch, or from itch app, That's definitely a first I've heard that, unless you have like 2200 charisma or something... even then I don't think Tin is expensive enough to zero out.

Also I would try to recommend starting a new save, as I feel like maybe it almost sounds like you're using an old save where the Currency was a different type.

Previously the current was just " a currency" and you'd have hundreds of millions of "currency"

Now its Copper, Silver, Gold, etc coins, and I know Slipcor made a save fixer related to money issues from one specific version to one specific update, but if you save and reload, before using that, you're pretty boneroned I think.

I didn't have either of those cases, so I don't know how "being boneroned" looks like, but what you describe does sound like what I could imagine would come from that.

as 1000 copper, is 1 silver

and hitting more than 1000 copper, Turns that into silver, and any extra beyond, turns copper, until 1000 silver, which turns to gold.

Also keep in mind that alloy bronze, is a wonderful thing.

Bronze (1 tin 1 copper) creates 2 bronze, and each bronze is worth 650, instead of tins 500 and coppers 10

Brass is 750
Steel is "enough" more than Iron to be noticeable, but then again, you get 2 steel for 1 iron (and 1 carbon)

Shipping/delivery crates are delivered to the back of the shop on a landing pad right next to the order form

Presents and Storage Crates are both Player Crates, They're located in the same spot as always, The presents are slightly thinner and slightly bigger than the crates, so they actually hold a considerable amount more ore/things.

Additional Storage Crates can be crafted on the wood workbench, additional Presents cannot, and unfortunate as it may be, they are unlikely to be present when the winter theme is gone.

The Horse was removed because The horse and cart were buggy.
In v0.0.7x or maybe it was 80/81 - The Horse and cart could just simply hit a bad spot and catapult everything into oblivion
In v0.0.82 They would still be able to do that, But riding the in the cart/driving it around not only could still hit a blade of grass wrong and send you twitching into space, but dismounting even a "good clean" ride, could leave your Character level sheet off (because your player model, despite your view being right was off rotation) and/or could result in you swimming in the ground or "Gliding" around incapable of doing anything for the most part.

Technically speaking the Horse *is* still present in 0.0.9, It's just locked to a cabin (stable) near the castle gates.

well. I mean. You don't *have* to do that... so.. While I understand it is still a bug/exploit... 

It's definitely not something that should ruin fun, or "need" to be fixed, as there are other fixes and features that are definitely more important than something as optional, trivial, and almost unknown, as the chests

see this is why I made my own thread when I had a similarly large list ready to go... it becomes a bit more of a hassle to deal with when its here.

The first thing i can remember from what I read.

That's not how metal works.

"rarity" means nothing, really.

Coal is mineable

copper mines copper

Tin mines copper and tin

Bronze mines copper and tin

Brass mines Zinc Copper and tin

Iron mines Iron Zinc, Copper and tin

Steel mines Iron zinc Copper and Tin

Adelite mines Adelite Iron zinc copper and tin

Mithril mines Mithril, Adelite, Iron Zinc Copper and Tin

Adamantine Mines Ada, Mith, Ade, Iron, Zinc, Cop, and Tin

Titanium Mines. (There's a possibility, a slim one, That brass might be able to mine Iron. Unlikely. But I haven't tried yet.)
Putting a crate into a crate ain't exactly a bug
Shield "Visual" in Customer hands isn't "exactly a bug" either, All that really is is simplication, Probably mostly because They didn't ask for a specific shield, They just wanted a sheield - You could give them a Copper Polearm and a Titanium shield for all they care. (on a copper polearm request) - Which is why it probably does that, in both ways. Because they didn't ask for a type of shield, they'll accept any type of shield
and because they'll accept any type of shield, it turns all those shields into a generic placeholder kinda shield, reflecting the type of shield (Round, Tower, Heater) because /THAT/ part /was/ defined.

3 and 4 aren't really bugs, also rarer veins have a chance of dropping absolutely no ore, between the vein being rarer, and the chance of ore being lower generally for rarer ore. 
The Blur isn't exactly a bug either, though it may be over...reaching its boundaries. - It's part of view depth, Though View depth of field should prevent it from working if turned off, and I don't think it does, so that may technically be a bug. But it's supposed to blur, When things are very in front of your face, You're supposed to focus on them, causing distant things to become unfocused, When something squishes up into your eyes, your vision in game, will blur, It just happens to be there's a lot of places, should and shouldn't be at, where it blues very heavily.

Screen resolution scale can also affect it.

Not sure if 6 is a bug, sounds like you're just talking about rotation and how it's currently supposed to work, and don't necessarily agree with that.
7 isn't necessary a bug either, It's just not designed to function the way you did it, either, Though I can't swear it isn't desired for it to eventually function that way.
To make an Alloy, You need to make the alloy, You can't stick a bunch of one thing in at any one time, Cause then you're just making that one thing.

So you *should* putting for example
One Tin, One copper = 2 bronze. - One Tin, One copper= 2 bronze, one tin, one copper = 2 bronze.
you /can/ mass queue up the production, and get it to churn out all 10 (about 7 or so by the time you've inserted it all though)
AFAIK you can also "intersect" it with other materials, You just /have/ to properly fill it.
so something like One tin, One copper (properly accepted), One Adelite, One Iron, One Carbon (Properly accepted)  (DO NOT JUST drop a bunch of them in, nor just drop them in even in order) one mithril -> 2 bronze, one adelite, 2 steel, one mithril.

Repeat. DO NOT just toss them in. Don't toss in tin and let go, and then toss in Copper, letting go immediately after, without it being "accepted" and then go to toss in another tin or another thing

You need to Insert a core (one of the main materials, that isn't Zinc or Carbon)
It will react, then you need to insert the other ingredient, keep trying to insert it until it actually disappears from your hand while you're holding it, When it disappears, that's when the smelter has accepted it as part of the alloy, Then you can put in another Tin, or Copper, or Iron, and repeat, waiting for the 2nd ingredient to be accepted.

18- It takes two pressures usually because it wasn't shut off, Much like a circuit breaker when you go to reset it, You're supposed to take it from "Not on but not off" to "Fully off" and then "Back on" (at least that's what I've always been told)

The tree thing has been mentioned, It's mostly because of them spawning in the log/world (or lack of spawning because the stump/world physics were where it was going to spawn) - If you use a "solid object that you can lift yourself with" you can easily push the tree down and cut it, allowing more consistent results for logs, The tree not falling is the real bug, previously almost all the time they did, but something changed which ended up causing them not to fall over, will likely be fixed next time, but no guarantees

The chest - The reason is because the spawn location is designed for two ingots

but the spawn pool is designed with the option of a handle. or ingots

A handle is slightly.. bigger, than an ingot, causing the top ingot to spawn in the handle, and more often than not, be flung into the air as it tries to resist the edge of the handle... I believe this is known and/or addressed, I think i've mentioned it along with "nothing sadder than watching (insert ingot) swimmin with the fishes" (or something like that)

(Edited 1 time)

Welp darnio, I was hoping this thread would quitely slip into the netherworld, but you went and necro'd it., couldn't just let it be a little treasure ya found, huh? (deleting my posts with images)

Replied to Gokana in Suggestion Box

yur'a blacksmith not a swordfighter, Jim.

But no seriously. Not in MLBS, if Dasius makes another game after or during MLBS's project, maybe, but fighting is one of the least likely things to appear in MLBS, unless its in the vein of somehow giving an unforeseen quest (as in it just happens eventually and never visually seen) given to a customer for materials in which you'd be paying them for, But even that is pretty low on the totem pole, at least, I think, Hard to say since I've seen suggestions of hiring NPCs so many times, and so many varied responses to different kinds of them..

Replied to Dasius in Bug Reports

Are you not supposed to be able to give any shield?

Then that may be a bug. I constantly gave out shields all willy nilly whenever the opportunity arose to sell a customer a ridiculously high-tier shield even though they were only asking for really low tier.. even been telling people of this possibility, (Not the weapon, The weapon follows what you said and I've been repeating that too, that its can be tier or lower)


You can only give "any tier that is lower" if they're vague

If for instance we look at the pic, and they instead asked for a tin polearm, no extra specification, You can give them any polearm that is tin or copper.

But if they ask for a Tin Polearm with a (something something) small blade and an uncommon grip

They will ONLY accept Tin.

Shields ignore this afaik, at least right now, in 9e

Also I have a few bucks in Paypal if you wanna tell me which choice fits best for that, donate or pay-to-buy, or not Itchio, or whatever.
can't be a patron thing, thou.

Replied to Diamorr in Bug Reports

as for the horse.

The horse is currently disabled for being a naughty bad horse :< He broke a bunch of people's spines and forced them to crawl slowly in the ground and kicked their things sky high into the air and then spat on them as he decided to soar away and scoff at our ideas of physics and gravity. It's planned to eventually come back, I think... when its not so psychopathic.

Replied to Diamorr in Bug Reports

IIf you're having trouble recording or screenshotting the game, Try running it in window mode at screen-resolution

From my experience, the game runs borderless and priority, so running it window works perfectly fine in comparison to fullscreen with it at your desktop's resolution

Me personally again, cannot take screenshots unless I run it in window. Fullscreen just comes up black

That said, The Shield and some other physics items still "flying" are known, its not as prevalent or easy as before this recent version, though.

The trees aren't the only thing that can blur you, if you manage to get your eyes too close to anything, they can become that way, its just easiest with trees that are solid because of size and solidity

Replied to Krtek in Bug Reports

For an item to be accepted by a customer you must see a notification in the bottom corner of the screen saying "You created (item)"

There's 5 ingots worth of parts for a shield, the boss, the two handles, and the rim

I don't know entirely, but Try not to create a wood piece and/or combine the wood piece and a rim, and then save and reload - at minimum, the wood piece will break and be unusable, and I dunno on the combined rim/wood, Afaik, a fully assembled shield will be fine

I think if i recall right... There's actually a (very very very) light explanation on your bedroom wallboard, as well as the small blueprint sheet on the shelf, I know those aren't 100% detailed nor 100% accurate, but they should be enough really to give an idea...

You could also use sandbox before really getting into the nit and gritty to play around with how things work....

But anyway, disregarding that.

In order to utilize the Radial menu (Z default)  - you need to heat ingots and place them on the Anvil, if done right they snap into 1 of 3 spots on the anvil.

For 1 heated ingot, Shields and Blades will light up - With 1 ingot you can make one of three (all necessary) shield parts, and a small blade (dagger/spear head)

For 2 heated ingots, All icons will light up - with 2 you can make normal blades, shield rims, small blunts, and small axes, which is to said one hand hammers (and maces which will sell like hammers) and one hand axes (hatchet, if you please) - All of these use a one hand grip
For the Blacksmith's tools, the blacksmith can actually make a 2h grip small hammer, and a 2h grip hatchet (like your everyday woodcutting ax and fire ax seen in stores and stuff) - These cannot be sold and will not make a notification of creation when completed However, The Blacksmith can equip these, if you so desire. Personally, I can't not make a 2h hatchet, its just something I always do, just seems "right"

Side-note: Dagger, or spear head, as I said earlier, Can also be affixed to a pole grip, with or without a guard - ALL BLADES of any size, ALL, can be affixed to a pole grip as well, they will all successfully create a polearm, which can be sold for accurate profit, to any customer requesting a generic polearm.

For 3 heated ingots, which will probably be the most commonly used amount - All but shields will light up.
Large blades
Large blunt
and Large axes
The Large axe has two heads, a pickax and a war axe/double sided axe/great axe/battleax, whatever.
To obtain a pickax much like any other "alternate" item, you'll hit the "completed" item more times to cycle it to the next "look" - Large axe only has the two. - Blades have many variants, but no alternate items. - Small Blunts has hammer heads and "mace"  type heads, The Blacksmith cannot use a mace head as a hammer tool, but any customer will buy it if they're requesting 'hammer'

Shield rims have many "alternates" rather than "variants" - each rim goes to a specific shield type, you'll unfortunately have to go through several heater shields in order to get to tower or round shield - there's only 1 "alternate" for tower and round, but there's like 5-7 heater Alternates, personally I just use the first heater, round, and tower versions, as its still in its early stages and not the most blacksmith friendly. - you'll rarely if ever, get a specific request for otherwise, they're usually just generic shield requests.

Shield parts are, as i said, 3 different parts and all necessary, the boss (first) the wrist enarmes and hand enarmes... or... whatever their exact names are... two grip-parts, all in all it takes 5 ingots to make one shield, if you have 5 ignots of a quality metal, It's usually best to focus on that, as shields are definitely the most profitable at 5 ingots while the next closest is 3 ingots and a pole grip or really expensive 2h

Ah. It should probably go without saying, but, 2h guards are used on great swords (Large blade/2h grip) and 1h guards are used on longswords/one hand sword - polearms can use both, but require neither.

Wood parts should be stored in raw form (logs)

That's all I can think of atm pertaining to specifically making parts.


Wait no. Pickax is a "large" ax, It uses a 2h grip, The blacksmith can equip it with a one hand grip, but it won't be saleable unless its 2h.

Replied to Arca in Suggestion Box

If I recall, There was speculations among the team about the possibility of personalizing parts if you're a patron/donor of a high enough tier

....? why would you need a video...?

Heat 2 Copper Ingots
Heat 2 Any other Metal ingots

Place on anvil while they have the "heated" status
Use the Radial menu to ensure Blunts are chosen

Hammer it into a small hammer head.
(Must look like a hammer head for the Blacksmith to make use of it, but a customer will buy it regardless of type (mace/etc)

Take head, cool it in the oil, place it on the Workbench, attach a one-hand Grip to it

You're Done. (When you attach the grip with a cooled head, it will tell you in the bottom corner that you created the item) (All items that Customers will purchase will give you a notification in the bottom corner, If they don't give the notification, You didn't do it right, and it isn't saleable.)

The Blacksmith can use only small hammer head, but they can use one or two hand grips for it. But Only one hand works for Customers.

Large Hammer is done with 3 heated ingots.
When making a weapon, all ingots must match, You can't have 1 tin, 1 iron, and 1 copper, that won't do diddly.

Large hammer uses a 2h grip, same overall process as above.

Post title can be edited, I do believe.

The horse was glitchy so in version 0.9x it was disabled. 
You can find the non-responsive horse up near the castle.

If you have any copper at all, and by that, I mean any, tools, weapons, things waiting to be sold, etc
Take it apart, smelt down the head
Then take one of the copper ingots and put it back in the smelter, and then take the tin ingot, and put it in the smelter

Now you can at least make a bronze hammer (or wait for something)
You can also search around the map, You never know when you may find something extra valuable laying around near certain areas of the map.

You could also collect the 3 crystals scattered around the map, Make the sword and get the 4th crystal and find the 5th crystal
(There might also be more ore veins...)
(There might also be more something extra after finding those.)

Posted in Awesome game!

To create things, You need Heated ingots ontop of the anvil, they will "snap" into place if close enough, but if they don't snap, they're not in place, and likely you won't be able to do anything.

  • to make a 2h weapon. (require 2h grip)
    • 2h sword -> Large Blade -> 3 ingots + 2h guard
    • 2h axe -> Large axe head-> 3 ingots
    • Pickaxe -> Large axe head -> 3 ingots -> requires you to cycle through the different variants
    • 2h hammer -> Large Blunt -> 3 ingots
  • Polearm (require polegrip)
    • Large Blade
    • Small Blade (1 ingot)
    • medium/normal blade (2 ingot)
    • Small Hammer head (2 ingot)
    • Potentially Large Hammer head (I've not checked recently.
      • the bladed polearms can be combined with Guards, any guards, and still successfully create an item.
        • I think I tested once upon a time with blunts and found they wouldn't attach if you used guard, But haven't tried recently to verify.
  • 1h weapons (obvious grip)
    • Small Blade
    • Medium/normal blade (Requires 1h guard (any))
    • small axe head (2 ingots)
    • Small hammer head (2 ingots, can be changed between Hammer, and Mace-type)
      • Mace Type cannot be used by the blacksmith - But can be sold to any customer requesting Hammer PROVIDED... they do not request a specific hammer head.
  • Blacksmith Tools
    • The blacksmith can attach and use a 2h Small-hammer Head, This is not an item that can be sold, but the blacksmith can assemble it, and can wield it.
    • The same Goes for pickaxe, You can make a 1h pickaxe - It cannot be sold, but it can be equipped by the blacksmith
    • The same goes for Hatchet, You can make a 2h hatchet - make it look like an normal fireax or wood cutting ax that you might see in stores with a 2h grip - you can equip this, but it cannot be sold like this.
  • Saleable Items
    • All Saleable items will and must notify you upon their creation, You'll see this notification in the bottom corner of the screen saying "You created such and such" or something like this.
  • Shields
    • Shields are a 5 ingot item, They're a bit of a time consumer, but you can make virtually any quality shield and sell it to any quality customer.
      • Example: You have a copper hammer, and the customer requests for a copper sword and a shield
        • by some twist of miracle, yOu happen to have 5 titanium ingots. You can make a titanium shield, and sell that copper customer, that shield, and he'll buy it... Or at least that was how it was the last time I played. I haven't had a recent shield customer to be honest and took a break from playing again more recently.
    • 3 ingots are used in creating ONE INGOT Items.
      • 1 ingot for the Shield Boss
      • 1 ingot for the Wrist grip
      • and 1 ingot for the hand grip
        • These are all in the same 1 ingot category, they're obtained by cycling through the variants (hitting the item another time)
    • 2 ingots are used in the rim, there's 3 or so types of shields, but only 1 of them has like 8 variants. - each variant and type require a hit on the item to cycle through to it.
      • as of Version 9, the anvil and shield are not necessarily ideal for each other, and you will run into difficulties with it falling from the anvil, Do not panic/fret/whatever, Just put it near the top of the anvil and hit it again.
  • If I missed any. Sorry. I forgot.
Replied to GrimaIkin in Bug Reports

O.o you really shouldn't be able to throw something across the map in the 9's versions... everytime I've thrown something they've hit an invisible threshold and "hung" in the air (kills their momentum) - Once I walk towards it, the "threshold" moves, the item, falls - free from "hanging"... 

I suppose I haven't tried with old or new crate... but ores, ingots, and Logs all stop midair before they go skyrocketing away. 

Although. I've never attempted throwing things from very high up on the map, like from the roof, if that's what you mean.

Perhaps the "threshold" only triggers if you're on the ground. I wouldn't know since I've not tried.

Posted in Made a Video

You can equip a lantern to help with darkness

You can crouch after jumping to see if you can "climb" certain areas, if you're jumping "high enough"

You have to be tired to sleep

Turn the foliage setting to low/off - Foliage is pretty taxing in general, but on a game like this, the.. I dunno... style? and optimization of the foliage - is super taxing.

Some of the other things can be played around with to gain more performance, or quality of image, but generally it'll be negligible compared to foliage.

I don't think you need to ultimately worry about the other settings, since you managed to get at least one recording. But for me, for example, I can't take pictures of the game unless I have it windowed. - Which works fine, it seems to essentially have borderless window, which works pretty well.


on tired to sleep.

Try to make it close to nighttime when you sleep off fatigue.

Otherwise you'll burn daylight hours. You won't get tired until a set time has elapsed since waking up.

meaning if you fall asleep during the day, you'll start waking up closer to night

Customers only come to the shop in the (generalized) time frame of 7am to 9pm ish give or take a couple hours on either side of the clock.

You can make. (Use the Blueprint scroll and your displays to gauge what you're to use to make them, or simply look at the radial when putting ingots onto the anvil and see what they say - the names generally give you more info ya know? I mean a large blade just isn't going to make a dagger, yea?)

  • Dagger - One Ingot, 1h Grip
  • Spear(polearm) - one ingot, pole grip
  • polearm - 1 to 3 Ingots. heads include
    • 1 ingot - > Small Blade
    • 2 ingot -> normal/medium blade, small hammer head
    • 3 ingot -> Large Blade (I forget if large hammerhead works)
      • When you successfully create a saleable item, it will indicate you've done so in the bottom right corner.
    • Additional option - Guards
      • Any Polearm can be adorned with any Guard. Got the little toothpick dagger head?, Make it comical with the 2h guard, barely existent blade!
  • Pickaxe - (you learned this one)
  • Player/Blacksmith's Pick
    • You may be asking, Why I have a second entry for this? - because the Blacksmith isn't as strict on what can be used.
    • Pickaxe head + 2h grip is normal, saleable version, but you can also use a 1h grip (you used to be able to use a polegrip version too, but I dunno about this patch of the game)
  • Hatchet - (you know this one) (Small ax/1h ax/hatchet)
  • Player/Blacksmith's Hatchet. 
    • Small or Large grip can be used as long as the head is small ax head. The Blacksmith can equip either. I can't recall if current version polegrip + ax can be equiped
      • You can't sell items that don't give you the notification of having created an item.
  • Hammers
    • Warhammer/Greathammer are made with 3 ingots, 2h handle (Large Hammer)
    • Blacksmith/Player can use either 2h handle or 1h handle
      • Maces cannot be used by the Blacksmith for their hammer, however.
    • Mallet/Mace/Flail/etc is made with 2 ingots (small hammer) (Customers seem to accept /any/ small hammer unlike the blacksmith, So if a paladin asks for a hammer, you don't necessarily need to give him a mallet, you can give him a mace.) (It really doesn't matter, That was for example)

When you're fatigued, You have to release sprinting key in order to "recuperate" the ability to sprint, otherwise you'll remain walking. (It takes a good amount of Agility stat to make it so you walk/run fast enough that it really doesn't matter whether you're walking or running.) (Probably not legitimately possible to accomplish, but Agility is incredibly useful, practically more so than Charisma.)


And hammers and customers.

Customers Buy items based on your hammer.

If you have a copper hammer, they'll buy copper.

If you have an iron hammer, they'll buy Copper, Tin, and Iron, (and maybe some alloys)

To equip newer items than what you've already got equipped, you must select the item in question

You do not have to select the item (that doesn't exist) if you don't have one equipped (Which would mean it doesn't exist)

you don't?

Once you equip it, that's it. That's where it'll remain, if you don't want to equip it, you can just hold it like any other weapon or box and carry it around, setting it down, etc

afaik at least, I didn't actually try and see if it still had physics

Posted in Bed

when you get fatigued, you can sleep? I mean, if that's what you're asking.

you can't drop tools, they equip and overwrite old ones at this time.

to equip a new version of a tool (whether for better or worse) (Copper -> iron -> copper (start -> better -> worse))  - you must select that tool, then hit e on the new tool

if you're not selected on the same tool, hitting E will do nothing.

the only time this doesn't apply is at the beginning when you have no tools to select - you can hit E while on any other tool as long as the slot the tool being equipped goes in is unselectable/empty

Empty -> any

Filled -> must be selected

very rarely, My "view" will "spam" (if I looked up slightly, I'll WHIP UP all the way maybe even most of the way towards a direction other than up for the slightest unnoticeable shifting towards that direction) but, I play on pretty much lowest settings apart from view distance being next tier up.

Aside from r9, I have a similar setup - 16gb ram, win7 64bit and FX8350 - so it could just be a matter of the game not really being super-optimized yet, foliage on pretty much any game being set "super high" just begs for issues to occur, Usually I just recommend people mess with that setting (I think it was actually called foliage, not going to check right now)

Replied to Arca in Suggestion Box

O.o I've never gotten game freezing from going to the edges of the map on a Magic Shield Carpet (TM of Blacksmith of Little Blacksmith Shop)

I've been past the castle gate, under the castle, ontop of almost every mountain range I wanted and rode across the skybox (as in with my head generally pressed into the roof of the map until the shield was forced through my feet causing me to plummet back to the ground)

Perhaps the freezing part is more in line with a possible corruption in the data, (redownloading sometimes changes that) or more specifically with how you computer reacts to the information, and just doesn't like that information

The secret grip has yet to be readded, The formula for the sword pedestal doesn't require it. There's a specific handle from the ones you can buy, a specific grip from the ones you can buy, and a specific sword which may or may not be the one you think it would be, that work as the combination for the formula.

If you want to figure it out yourself. This is all the info.

If you want spoilers, snoop around posts... there's spoilers here and there.

Created a new topic devlog patron devlog
Didn't see the devlog when it was made, and didn't see the incinerator there. But HOPEFULLY...... the incinerator is moveable and/or just defaultly moved from where it exists now.

I generally feel worried having it so close to the crafting bench and if all the other workstations get moved/can be moved, I'd probably have the incinerator off at the corner of the yard.

Yes. I understand the crafting bench was there in the gif, and thus, it's one of the moveable features, but I mostly like where the bench is and I'm not sure yet if I would move it for some convenience factors that I can't test for without moving them myself... so I would still want to remove....well. er.. move far away... the incinerator

There's probably a way to delete their location data in the save file.

They actually do respawn already just not if they simply exist.

There's something else that "eats" them and they'll respawn after that, but obviously the abyss is not that "something"

That said.

Dasius while you're near here.

You can actually feed multiple swords into the sword pedestal, I do not know if it respawns the crystal, or duplicates it.

You can also still get stuck at the blacksmith shop between them pillars. Please in the next map change/update ensure that the pillars are not physics-based, or remove that one, or move it so the player cannot fit between it or can easily walk through the gap. It's a very very very unnecessary "bug" (glitch/problem)

It only became an issue because the wood pillars used to be non-physical, and in the previous patch and this one, they became and remained physical. Now that they're physical, if you wish to keep them physical, the pillar positions just aren't right, but personally moving it more out, to make the gap large enough to pass through, feels more of a burden cause it'll be in the pathway, though you could move it to center/close to oil so its beside the path but more gap.... but that still might cause an issue since the anvil is physical too, you might end up causing a new pinching location that players can get stuck in.

thus I would say the best answers would be

Remove the pillar (it's not really needed for immersion sake. The overhang can just be attached to the house, if not already, and then it sits propped up on the far off corner/pillar - the one near the house is redundant for the house's corner)


shrink the pillar, and angle it, make it a support-board that is just in the corner of the wall/roof and tarp/overhang - this way it can remain physical, be out of the way, and prevent it from locking a player up, forcing them to have to reset position data