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Discord's Confirmed Bugs list for 0.1.1, with some workarounds

A topic by Kurzidan created Apr 25, 2019 Views: 284 Replies: 2
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a list of some of the heavily reported bugs and some workarounds/fixes as seen on the discord's confirmed bug list (these two images are literally ripped from it)

Feel free to hop onto the discord and message me in regards to any of the ones I specified.... well. I mean to be fair, if you have questions about /any/ of them, feel free to message about them, but in particular, the ones I specified to ask in DM about.

a couple of these are technically repeated because Dasius chimed in on here a while ago with some of the information some had gathered.
If you're reading this one and haven't seen his FAQ on 0.1.1, He said also that SteamVR triggering may also be causing some of the 'new version, new save' stuff - SteamVR currently /has to/ boot if its installed, but it doesn't really have any support yet, if you wanna play MLBS for the moment you should consider not having SteamVR installed.

there's also a few things to recommend not doing, which is not leaving the Shop "open" when you save and exit/reload - It can be done, but its not really ready for it, nothing might happen, or strange thihgs can happen, lagspikes and what not

The wagon - many say locked crated in the wagon, that are then secured in the wagon's version of a locked crate, causes some mixed things...
So I would say to either a) not use the wagon, or b) lock the crate, put it in, and then open it, then when you secure the cargo, it should remain put via that, you can unsecure it and then lock it when you take the crate out

There is a rare issue, more rare than the game acting like you're a new player, with no known triggerable method to it... The only workaround I know of that is clientside involves messing with the savefile. I can elaborate more in DM if needed
you'll know you're experiencing THIS if suddenly all your stations are gone and the wagon is inside of the shop, ontop of extreme lag.

(Edit: %LocalAppdata% is a shortcut to go to C: Drive -> users -> (Your active user profile) -> Hidden Folder Appdata -> Local
Where a folder, shopsim, from MLBS resides) (There's also %userprofile% which does the above, but stops at (Your active user profile)
(You can also just go to My computer, and search for "ShopSim" And then check their address/path to see if they reside within "Local" or not)


Something else I felt I should add (most don't really know if its a bug, if its a test, or if its intended)
Ore Veins
They start in every new game as stone
The amount of time you need to wait for ore veins to initially cycle may or may not... ever come... The depleted vein recycle period is, picky, at best.
If you save and reload the game, the veins should regenerate immediately
Anytime there is an issue that makes the game act like you're a new player though, they will be stone again (going to add this link to this post to both force it back up in the lineup for better visibility, and illustrate where you're wanting to go and how you're wanting it to look when you're getting there, for dealing with "New version, New save" (or "being stuck in the floor")