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what does that mean? I'm don't really know much about computers :/

When I go to the files or the app it doesn't work. Files it says "Fatal error!" then above it says it crashed. then when using the app in just says Error: Spawn EPRM. is it my computer or something as lack of graphics or something. EXSPLAIN TO ME

do you mean just documenst or my documesnts . trying just documents doesnt work

when i do that all that happens is another small screen comes up and says fatal error. that is starting the game. not for the link

can you tell me how. im only able to see the newest ones

can you tell me how. im only able to see the newest ones

Going to the app and launching it says.  Spawn EPERM. Doing it in files it says it crashes and below it just says Fatal Error! WHAT DO I DO PLEASE HELP ME

it wont launch in ANYTHING. for the app the only info it gives me is "spawn eperm. I WANT THIS PLS HELP ME

i dowload it. launch the game. doesnt work. i do it on the app to BUT IT STILL DOESNT WORK