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Soooo many valuable ideas, excellent!

We'ill reply to these one by one after a disscussion.

Though some of above is under development in dev version, which has not been synchronized to vote page.

I'm back.

1. An in-game priorities controller will be brought in. We have tried several plans. Still undecided.

2. Durabilities of weapons and equips are necessary, though the numerical needs to be tuned a lot.

3. Survivors will have skills in release version. It is under development.

4. First, survivors should behave more reasonably, that is, when they feel tired and found no bunks to have a rest, they can just rest on a raft. And next, switching places and sharing stuff are both good.

5. We have fixed this.

6. Toggling breeding sounds like a temporary way to solve this. Maybe there is a better solution.

7. Sounds great. But automation of food production seems kinda high-tech. lol

8 & 9 & 16. Birds and sharks are just for demonstration. More events of danger will be added. We will make events triggering reasonable enough.

10. It is a known bug. We have fixed it in dev version.

11. Sounds great. We'ill add it.

12. Plants mechanism has been remade already. Look forward it. lol

13. I'ill put this together with Suggestion.1. These should be in a universal UI.

14. The number of survivors won't be too high in release version. Every single survivor has his/her own irreplaceability in the future.

15. Pillars support 9 rafts above now. Things may be better.

17. It is a necessity. We will add it.

18. Things like this are not dealt with in other simulation games. We will try.

19. Yes, more kinds of chests and more kinds of storage ways will be added.

Glad you like this game. 

This game grows so much since we created it in the gamejam last year. And this will not happen without feedbacks and suggestions here in the community.

Thanks for you and players like you and all of the community,  for making this game more and more complete. 


Thank you for reading and respond to all of my suggestions, means a lot that the developers take the time out of their lives to read about what fans have to think.