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Thank you for reading and respond to all of my suggestions, means a lot that the developers take the time out of their lives to read about what fans have to think.

Prepare yourself lol

(Thank your for the quick reply to my last question <3)

1: Priorities, there should be priorities (That could be edited in an external config file maybe) for certain functions.  Like I would rather my people put away the food then to sort the seeds.  I would like to be able to say like, Planting a tree comes before repairing the raft.

2: Weapons shouldn't all be exhausted right away, I end up just using my fists because taking the time to craft up a bunch of weapons that will be used up pretty much the next night seems like a waste of time.  There should be a more expensive sword that may take a lot of stuff in a lot of craft able parts that either doesn't break or doesn't break for a while at least.

3: Internal Leveling, I know this is a big one and it probably wont be added but, Your survivors should have like an internal leveling system for certain actions.  So that they can harvest trees faster, punch harder, move faster, ect.

4: Compassion, I have had survivors die because there were two bunks and 4 people, and one of them died because there were no open spots.  So maybe like if a survivor is more in need by a great interval of sleeping they could switch places (I know I can just build a third hammock but when you are just starting out and most of your people are sleeping, and one is dying that option isnt as viable), and split the food if another survivor is hungry.  I've gotten to a point where they kept breeding even though there was hardly any food provisions.  And a survivor would hold a stack of stuff and eat that while another starved.

5: Eat food before they put it away, I have had survivors harvest food, put it away, and then pull it out to eat it.  It would go by much faster if they were set to eat the food right away.

6: Breeding, This is a big one.  I know the developers have said this is temporary and is going to be fixed, but like I had 7 survivors all starving on my raft because they would breed two at a time (Assuming because of two hammocks), and then just end up making a mess of the raft.  I got to the point where I let all but one starve to death.  So like maybe toggling breeding by clicking on a hammock and being like, No more kids please kind hammock gods.  

7: Automation, I get why this wouldnt be added but water collection is automated so like maybe some expensive way to automate food production, even if its slowish (I know theres fish nets but that food needs to be cooked first).  

8: Bird Repellent, So by end game most people will notice 8 birds minimum constantly flying around.  They would constantly drop seeds (Which became annoying because the survivors would move the seeds instead of putting away the food, so the birds would eat the food).  Also they just kinda die and cramp up my raft ya know.

9: Sharks, so like I have had 6 at a time eating my raft which isnt fun, so maybe if there was a cap for each level.  So normal has a max of like 8 sharks (Ive seen 12 before), and hardcore can have twelve that can swim around.  And have a cap for the amount that can attack the raft at once.

10: Possible Bug, I have a fort completely lined with the reinforced walls.  However the sharks occasionally ignore the walls and damage my raft, and then I cant fight them because the wall is in the way.

11: Shark poison, Mannn I just want a way to kill all the sharks, so if there was a type of fruit that would have a low chance of growing from seed, that could poison sharks or at least stop additional sharks from spawning for a few nights I would be so grateful.

12: Higher Tier Plants, Maybe have trees that grow bigger (More wood), and flax that grows more flax, ect.  But it has to be grown on a expensive raft plot that uses a lot of bones or something to make.

13: Specific Jobs, It would be cool if I had survivors that would only plant/harvest trees if I toggled it.  So that when I say hey go build more rafts, I still have some harvesting the trees for wood.

14: Shark poison but for people lol, I want to be able to kill my survivors.  If I feel like I have too many people, I'd like an easy way to kill one without having to stop feeding them and wait 10 minutes for one to die.

15, Hide support beams, Ok this is something that genuinely bugs me.  I like the idea of a second, or third floor.  But I hate seeing support beams every other raft.  So if you could toggle them on and off like you can with the layers that would be really cool.

16, rare chance of stronger enemies, If there were different types of sharks that could spawn randomly that could more easily tear stuff up and ruin somebodies day that would be great.  After you get the reinforced walls, sharks arent really that much of pests except for the ram their existence is taking up.

17, AutoCrafting, You can already do this by placing a crafting table and spam clicking something.  I do this with fish on drying racks, but it would be cool if you could make it so villagers would automatically know what to do with the fish.

18, Smart rearranging, The survivors currently will travel long distances repeatably (Moving fish to drying rack). So maybe they realize the fish is going to be dried and they move the stack in front of it.  Or you could specify raft spots for them to place each item.

19, Chests, Currently they put food in the big 40 chest btw so its way more useful then the food box.  But I would prefer if they stuck the feathers, rope, ect into the item chests (It seems like they only stick food in there).  Also maybe a crate that could store more than the original stack limit of wood so I can keep all my wood in one chunk of the raft.

20, There is no 20, but thank you for reading all of this if you did.  I understand there is a lot here, and I know coding isn't easy and all of these additions/changes wont just happen.  But I think they could all greatly improve the game (especially the AI changes).  So thank you for creating such a great game, and I hope you will consider a few of these changes.  (Also I am aware that I use the same words a lot, like so maybe its a real problem lol).  (I know three of these are already in the voting part, but I wanted to give my opinion on how I thought they should work/be dealt with) Thank you again :). 

Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware this function was already in the game.  I don't know if it's the official page but does not contain info on panning the camera.  

Last Wood community · Created a new topic Camera Angle.

This is a really cool game im enjoying it quite a bit.  However the lack of the ability to pinch the camera and move it around its pretty frustrating.  My raft has gotten to the biggest It can  be without becoming uncomfortable, and Expanding upwards seems to be the only option.   I believe having the ability to pinch your camera and move it away from the center point would improve the game.  Also the ability to turn off breeding would be nice..  I dont have use for tons of people.