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The last couple, with one lemon tree. · By JUST US

Camera Angle.

A topic by SpiDrone created Apr 18, 2018 Views: 226 Replies: 2
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This is a really cool game im enjoying it quite a bit.  However the lack of the ability to pinch the camera and move it around its pretty frustrating.  My raft has gotten to the biggest It can  be without becoming uncomfortable, and Expanding upwards seems to be the only option.   I believe having the ability to pinch your camera and move it away from the center point would improve the game.  Also the ability to turn off breeding would be nice..  I dont have use for tons of people.


Thanks for your feed backs!

In the newest version(0.4.2), you can scroll mouse wheel to zoom in / out. And you can use WASD to pan your camera.

As for turn off breeding, current breeding system is a temporary design and we're add more details to it.

Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware this function was already in the game.  I don't know if it's the official page but does not contain info on panning the camera.