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Last Wood

The last couple, with one lemon tree. · By JUST US

FAQ Sticky

A topic by JUST US created Aug 27, 2017 Views: 7,942 Replies: 53
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Frequently asked questions:


Q: How to get wood?

A: Chop down a tree to get a wood pile. Your survivors would fetch when assigned a building task. And they'll organize wood pile when they are not occupied. You can rebuild trees to get continually wood supply.


Q: How to get food?

A: Currently there are 3 kinds of food:

  • Lemon: Click on the lemon tree and wait for your survivor to chop it down.
  • Fish: Click on the fish rod and wait for your survivor to fish.
  • Fish kebab: With 1 lemon and 1 fish, click on the campfire and wait for your survivor to cook.


Q: How to feed my survivors?

A: They will feed themselves when they are hungry.


Q: How to beat enemies?

A: Just click on a shark or seagull when they attack. Currently, you can only drive them away. But you can hunt them down in the further update.


Q: How to make babies?

A: To make survivors ready to raise babies, besides enough food and surviving space, they must have enough spare time( not assigned to any work).


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ADDITIONAL(version 0.3.4):

Q: How to build hammocks?

A: Hammocks must be placed between two trees. You can press R to rotate the hammock if it won't appear. You need a space between the two trees as well. same goes for the Drying Rack so you can make dried fish while you bide your time until you can get your kabob engine going.(Thanks to @remeranAuthor)


Q: How to build rafts above the ground floor?

A: First of all, you should build a stair. Then, you can press number 2 on the keyboard to focus on second floor, and placed a land blueprint near the stair.


Q: How to hide other floors when I just want to interact things on specific floor?

A: Press F10 to switch floor view mode. 

There are four modes: 

  • Show all floors
  • Show current floor only
  • Show higher floors(including current floor)
  •  Show lower floors(including current floor).

When i press 2 i doesnt go to the second floor thats why i cant build

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press tab

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ADDITIONAL(version 0.3.7):

by @Puddincakes

Tips for other players: 
-When you die, and you will die a lot, learn from your mistakes and try different approaches. 
-Get all your basic necessities built as soon as possible: Water, fishing pole, campfire, a few storage boxes, workbench.
-Keep the wood supply flowing: The last thing you want is to accidentally build something and realize you ran out of wood and trees. However, if you run into this situation you can always demolish something to get a few pieces of wood back.
-This one is a given, but attack birds and sharks as soon as possible.
-The pause option (Space bar) is your best friend. Take advantage of it so you don't waste time trying to decide what to do next. That's valuable time that could be spent doing something productive. 
-Hammocks/Meat racks can only be built between two trees.
-To build on additional floors you need to select that floor on the keyboard: Base floor of the raft=1, floor 2=2 and so on.
-Build more floors as quickly as you can


ADDITIONAL(version 0.4.1):

Q: Why I can't attack seagulls sometimes?

A: You can not attack seagulls when they are sowing (for lack of time, we use the same animation when seagulls eat things and sow). 

But they will fly away when your survivors approach them.


Q: What are moss for?

A: Moss are for making cloth. And cloth is for making water filter or clothings made of cloth.


Why Floors are needed?  it does not give more  space?


Floors do give more undisturbed space.

Hello.  And why should  craft Walls?  the sharks dont atack walls  


Sorry , that is a bug.

We have fixed it in newest version (0.4.1).

Sharks won't attack rafts untils walls on its way have been destroyed.

Thank you for  reply

Rly cool Idea and  nice game! 

 When its finished and @ Steam? 

Can i preorder?  

Have a nice day!


The exact time to go to Steam has not been decided yet.

We will continue adding stuffs before that.

Thanks. Have a nice play! :D

How to save survivors when they fell into sea?


Just click the drown one, others will give him a hand. 

What the white line at the left side means?


It means which floor you are focusing on right now. 

"To build additional floors you need to select that floor on the keyboard: the Base floor of the raft=1, floor 2=2 and so on."

How to get bones? Also I have tried to make babies, and I have 50+ kabab but 0 babies (I have only 2 survivors) so idk.

Nice game


You can get bones from harvesting dead sharks or dead residents. To make babies, your survivors need to be in good state (not hungry, thirsty or sleepy) and they have to be idle for a while.

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I tried it and no babies yet, how much time of relaxing they need? or maybe is my raft empty space?

*I started a new game since the first post


To describe the exact conditions of making babies is really a hard job.

First of all, survivors should be satisfied.

And,  they should be idle for a while.

Meanwhile, there must be enough room, such as more than 30 pieces of rafts.

What is the latest version? 0.4.1 or 0.4.2



Can you please make the 0.4.2 available for MacOS?


0.4.2 for win just fixed some bugs that already fixed in MacOS ver. 0.4.1.

We missed to increment the version number for MacOS.

You really should work on resolution options, my resolution is 2560x1080 and I can't see some essential contents. at least make it's window resizable.


Recorded, thank you for the feedback, we'll fix it in later updates.

YES PLEASEEEEE.. the resolution hurts my eyes.. if i can resize it, it would be a wonder..

Still getting the hang of it but I like it. Just to note with the resolution, my native is 1920x1080 but in this resolution at fullscreen some things still go off-screen like the top crafting item description. Thank you for the game!

I'm running out of space on my raft, but no matter what button i press, the game just won't focus on the second floor like you said so. Is there something i'm doing wrong? I tried placing pillars beside the stairs, and that didn't do the trick, so is this just a bug? 


Try 'Tab' key.

It worked! Thanks.

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There is a bug when you play in peaceful mode and when you load it turns to easy or normal i cant tell also you cant repair walls

Edit: I think you should add a sound for when sharks attack

There is also a bug when something grows on a floor above you when you have it on current floor mode you can then see the thing after it grows

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Why did this game stop updating?And when will it go to steam?


Sorry for that.

That is because we found it difficult to add more significant new features if we keep updating itch version once a month.

From version 0.2.x to 0.4.x, we add some experimental features, and spend much time fixing bugs of some temporary or intermediate features.

Stop updating here, we could put our full effort on developing features that trailer demonstrated, and things go well.

And for the second question, it should be not later than end of this year.

is there a mute button if there is please tell me ty :3

If you want to mute the game just press "M"


Thanks. :D 

Forgot to reply this.

ty sooo much

also i dot think my save game works ill try again just to make sure


Operating System?

And if you could find a folder named "save" the same level as your executable file? 

yeah sry to ask but the save button wont work does anyone know what the problem is

What version of the game are you using?

And this update, brings the lightning, statue, that kind of boat and how to make the rafts a boat? that is, the one of 0.4.2

you cant make the raft a boat in this update. That will be added in the next update

It's been a year since your comment.
any news on 'the next update'?

Uh, JUST US, I have a question.

I downloaded 1.4.2 (resolution) win 64 and I can't build new rafts.




idk if this FAQ is still active but I have a question:

How do I use the water filter? It says put in sea water but how do I even get seawater? 

how to delete structures


There is a button displayed "Demolish" on the right-bottom of screen.

How to get moss? :/

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Are you guys aware this game is being used to advertise a different/copycat game on QGames?


Not yet. Have no idea what it is in the second picture!

It's the actual "game" that's using your thumbnail on that website, hahaha

i cant make ropes