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All the expected stuff

Infinite resources

Infinite administration

An ability to control AI relationships (also with others)

Instant upgrading and building time

No workers required for building and free building (no resources cost)

Ability to convert hexes/tiles as your will (optional)

Infinite health to units (but they will have disband button which will destroy the unit)

That's my guess

you can be raided if you are hostile towards an ai
its allow limited hostile actions


i didnt saw such thing

well yeah and thats it?

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is the nether portal is the end of the game?

you mean Russian right?

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alright, i just asked it in hope to get a version before the diplomacy cause it is laggy.
thats all tnx anyway

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic Small Request
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Can you (Shawn) re-release bronze age version 2.4.x pre-diplomacy update? plz

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i dont think you can




this game is $#!t

Where the music is from?

if you press shift when backing you will go faster

Try reinstalling the game

before i read the text i want to know is this an april 1st joke?

LogeeBoi447 is right, worth its prize


so i need to download a third party program (Unity) to run the game?

Survival community · Created a new topic PLZ help

i can't launch the game i receive an error when i launch: the code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

nope is EA12


by saying size you mean for population?

did u tried to redownload?


you just need to build a trade house or dock and then wait to the raft/wagon to train then simply deploy the wagon/raft click on it and then on trade after that click on another settlement that you want to tarde w/


Hmm new release

Ok lets see

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Yes this is probably because too many of ai units in the map

But I'm just guessing

This was kinda a planned feature but kicked out

Feed ur peps well and try get alternative sources of happiness like lux merchants and meat

update excitement

Dead Cell community · Created a new topic Request...

can u add the 1.x version of the game?

its for windows

Apple is not giving apple

1 you need to have a ship
2 move it to a water hex that have a 'land' hex next to it
3 click embark on the selected unit
4 click on the ship from step 2
5 once they on the ship you can unload units on any land hexs near water (any water even shallow (shallow water makes ships to move slowly))
6 congrats now you know how to move units by ships

Like a campaign mod that can be nice