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Try reinstalling the game

before i read the text i want to know is this an april 1st joke?

LogeeBoi447 is right, worth its prize


so i need to download a third party program (Unity) to run the game?

Survival community · Created a new topic PLZ help

i can't launch the game i receive an error when i launch: the code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

nope is EA12


by saying size you mean for population?

did u tried to redownload?


you just need to build a trade house or dock and then wait to the raft/wagon to train then simply deploy the wagon/raft click on it and then on trade after that click on another settlement that you want to tarde w/


Hmm new release

Ok lets see

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Yes this is probably because too many of ai units in the map

But I'm just guessing

This was kinda a planned feature but kicked out

Feed ur peps well and try get alternative sources of happiness like lux merchants and meat

update excitement

Dead Cell community · Created a new topic Request...

can u add the 1.x version of the game?

its for windows

Apple is not giving apple

1 you need to have a ship
2 move it to a water hex that have a 'land' hex next to it
3 click embark on the selected unit
4 click on the ship from step 2
5 once they on the ship you can unload units on any land hexs near water (any water even shallow (shallow water makes ships to move slowly))
6 congrats now you know how to move units by ships

Like a campaign mod that can be nice

but you can disable auto saving in the settings

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but u already release an update so tnx

Thank u so much

Maybe now you do have an estimated release date?
Just asking

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Well you can completely delete the tribe/delete the tribe knowledge
i assume this will fix it

Oviusly this is a bag

ok np

any estimated time for the next update?

u can raise the terrain flat it smooth it and more, but if you want to create mount Rushmore u can't sorry

Yes there is a button that look like a pile with a leaf on it that's edit terrain in custom battle

I'm so happy for this

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Auto upgrade button (manual)

A button, when turned 'on' clicking on any upgradable building will auto upgrade it instead opening the building's menu.

I also want to suggest auto demolition as same way.

i think i know what cause lag.
When you have more then 11 'known' tribes.
known means that you have a diplomacy with them.

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Territories category in diplomacy:

1. Offer: this is where you can offer to tribes your own territories

2. Request: this is where you can request from another tribe annexation for lands

3. Suggest: place where you offer the tribe to settle in a region or to capture a settlement