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Put Your Suggestions For The Game Here!

A topic by DankLord created Nov 17, 2017 Views: 1,734 Replies: 106
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Thought I'd make this thread so its easier for the game creator to see people's suggestions rather than having to dig them out through different threads so to speak.

Also made it because I forgot to say my own personal suggestion that I haven't seen anyone make yet,

My suggestion:

When you click any type of unit (that's yours), and you want them to go to a desired destination, the game automatically creates a route that shows where the units will go in order to get to the desired destination. What my suggestion is, the option or choice to make your own routes for soldiers or settlers. Meaning you can click the unit, maybe hit a button from there saying "custom route" and then from there it automatically makes your mouse the "route maker" and you drag your mouse, the way you want your units to go and in what directions, etc. hard to explain but I think its pretty clear what I'm making out. Then click when your finished and it officially "creates" that route for your units to go ( doesn't save the route )


Whilst discussing and playing this game with my friends, we thought it'd be fun for a multiplayer feature.

One speed which could be set by the host and/or voted on by the players, and different civilizations for settlements.

I know this is a difficult feature- it's just something to plan for in the future!

Developer (1 edit)

Hi, thanks for making this. I'm pretty sure that I manage to catch all of the comments and posts scattered about (even though I don't respond to most of them), but a centralized location could be handy.

Custom Routes

Why do you want to define custom routes for your units? The pathfinding should be finding the fastest route, already, and it will occasionally need to recalculate the route on the fly (if the path is blocked, for example).


This has come up a few times. It's more feasible in 2.0 than it was in 1.4, but still quite a major undertaking for a one-person operation. I won't rule it out, but it's also not currently planned.


"Custom Routes

Why do you want to define custom routes for your units? The pathfinding should be finding the fastest route, already, and it will occasionally need to recalculate the route on the fly (if the path is blocked, for example)."

Hey Shawn,

reason for this is because I sometimes your non custom routes, make the people go in strange directions rather than straight to the destination, It is Definitely not calculating the fastest route! Half the time when I'm trying to avoid a camp, the only way it will let me go is through the enemy camp in order to get to my desired destination (reason I made this suggestion). And there is no other way to go to where I want to go other than through the camp according to your games calculations. But if I had a custom route, I could make a straight run for my destination and my troops would be fine. And it would just be fun and strategic. 

Yeah waypoints like in rts games like Age of Empires would be really handy. Shift-click to set a waypoint!

You could use the waypoints to set up assigned patrol paths. Handy in a massive-scale world, especially once the diplomacy update complicates things.


A pottery resource. Required for the smelter and an upgrade for the bakery. Could be made in a pottery kiln on a clay tile that would appear next to rivers.


Pottery is a good idea, I think it would fit in nicely with luxuries. It would make Wine a little more involved to produce, which would correspond with it being more effective. The pottery could be consumed as a luxury itself.

With wine you could make restaurants and vinyards!!! vineyard would be so pretty!


I would love to have a pause feature activated with the spacebar like Paradox games. 


I'll see what I can do, it could be really easy, or it could expose all sorts of weird edge cases.

Thanks, it would make it so much easier to focus on one area at a time.


A 'build multiple roads' option. You could indicate the starting point and the ending point and the game automatically tries to build a road using the fastest route, as long as it is possible to do so.

Also, maybe it should be possible to build roads over mountains at a high cost (either duration or resources or both). I see bridges are already planned.

that's a good idea. imo.


I'd like to add an engineer type unit that can build roads and bridges outside of your territory, they'd be a good candidate for long stretches of road inside your settlements as well. They might also be able to flatten mountains given enough time. I've added it to the list, thanks!


Some suggestions i have.

Hunger and morale for military units so you can't deploy them forever. Morale always been a key factor in any battle, units with a poor morale fight poorly. The further away you're from one of the zones you control the lower your morale is (Like 5-10% morale loss for zone). This would make units defending they homes stronger, as they normally are. Ways to prevent morale could be adding captain units (Frail units that boost morale for they units). And maybe slow wagons with provisions that can be used to feed your units when they're far away from your base?. Would be awesome to have a raiding system where you can steal most the masklings and other enemies just like they do with you. 


Morale is a good idea, games have always bugged me when battles almost always result in the total annihilation of one side. I've been planning on adding it in some capacity in a future update, with Nobles that can boost the morale of nearby troops. Instead of making the Nobles frail, however, I'm thinking they should be strong. The Noble and his guard would be equipped with the best gear money can buy. The Noble could die permanently, however, and would be hard to replace (I really like that Risk/Reward aspect of using generals in Total War).

I'm not sure how to handle logistics. I'm leaning towards an invisible supply line with limited length, encouraging the creating of support outposts which would be easy for the AI to attack.

Player controlled raiders are a good idea, but right now there's nothing for them to steal.

your suggestion is the first to be put to work! congrats!

(1 edit) (+1)

A suggestion I have is a way to send an unit to scout or a scouting unit that has the ability to scout automatically. That is for the unit to go around the world on its own without much player interaction.

agree. I like that idea.


That's a good idea. I'll see what I can do


Maskling walls. Maybe wooden barricades? I tried out masklings on test mod and died many times. It seems to me like they need some kind of advancements. Perhaps some kind of 800-day building upgrade to barracks? Would also be neat if they could build new totems to expand administration.


Masklings will eventually get some sort of advancement, but they're not supposed to be a fully fleshed out race. They fill the role of a goblin or a skeleton, a simple, basic enemy that isn't too threatening. In the future there will be other enemy races, and rival humans who will be much more dangerous.

Is there ever going to be some kind of political aspect to the game? You could, say, offer the masklings 50 wine in exchange for an alliance. Or for them to attack someone for you. Would be cool if each tribe had a name, and whenever you encountered one there would be a pop-up. Then you could say : "Attack FireHammer tribe and destroy (not capture) their settlement. You could start manipulating the masklings into destroying each other, all the while plotting your eventual takeover.


Yep. Diplomacy will be getting its own update, after Boats and Nobles.

Great, thanks!

(2 edits)

An easy to implement feature which would greatly aid in structure diversity would be an adjacent to placement  / operation tag for structures - one which is checked on placement and world update within the adjacent regions only. This would allow for systems such as easy multi tile structures (have a preset of adjacency dependent structures which access the same UI) as well as water dependent resources not necessarily on water tiles (like fishing huts). Additionally, a system for multiple structure layers would be useful for things such as placing road underneath gate houses (versus having road speed and graphics logic tied to the gate house / structure itself) or buildings on raised platforms or fortifications in swamps or military areas. The same logic would be useful later for things such as seige engines, which could then be coded similar to settlers to be able to deploy into a structure and unpack later utilizing layers.

As a less pressing but still easy to implement - with a large payoff - concern, there should be a way to set certain resources to be visible only to certain races in the UI - as right now one can technically custom balance resources for different races in the API - but the visual support lags behind a bit (A nice way to do this might to be only showing the resources for the current races the player has under their control - you seem to already has a race.query function, so that plus some additional lines in r_race would go a long way towards making multiple player friendly races  possible.

And finally, if there is the possibility of adding a quick build bar of some kind to settlements / hold shift to place multiple - it would greatly aid in building up settlements quickly. A priority queuing system would be ideal, but the first statement would be a simple step towards improving player UX. (Though the second could be done through a say: 1-10 array of lists collection with 1-10 being the priority level for each structure. That or a simple linked list ).

An easy to implement feature

It's a universal truth that any feature described as "easy to implement" is no such thing. That being said, I'd like to do more with structure adjacency. Like an irrigation system that boosts the output of adjacent farms, or docks that require adjacent water.

a system for multiple structure layers

I'm not sure how multiple structure layers would work from a UI perspective, or how useful it would be. The "building on swamp" case could be handled by having a worker unit that could fill in shallow water(changing it to grass or dirt). Siege engines could also be done without layers, they wouldn't work well as structures to begin with, as structures are assumed to be owned by whoever owns the territory (i.e. the town you're attacking).

there should be a way to set certain resources to be visible only to certain races in the UI

I have a note on the issue tracker around item based progression. The idea behind that is to hide certain things until the player has discovered the items they require. E.x. the player wouldn't see the option to construct a bronze statue until they have discovered bronze. And they wouldn't see the option to construct a bronze smelter until they've discovered tin and copper. This would have the side effect of hiding items that a race can't use. Masklings would never see copper in their UI because they have no way to obtain it.

 a quick build bar of some kind to settlements / hold shift to place multiple

That's a good idea, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for the suggestions!

(2 edits)

I was thinking of a new way to do a tech tree when that comes up.  With most stratagy games we see, the tech tree is static and the same across all factions.  wait x turns until this new thing becomes available to us then we can begin production of this standalone unit/structure.  What i was thinking was a more fluid design where the whole point is to improve existing technology; put enough effort into some topic and you get a "eureka" where some scientist creates some revolutionary improvement.  For instance select improve spears to improve their damage through new modifications like serated tips or poison dipped tips.  Eventually you'll max out on what the tool can output and so as you're progressing with your improvements you'll get an ever increasing percentage chance of achieving that new eureka item as research progresses (with a 100% once the item's abilities are maxed out).  Also i don't think it would be very immersive to show a direct tree branch link between tech x, which progresses to tech y, finally to what you need with tech z.  I think it would be cooler if when you get a eureka the game rolls for a new technology to unlock in that category (it would be stupid to unlock a new food producing technique by putting your research efforts into armor).  This would provide tenser moments where a player has to cross their fingers to hope for the specific tech they want to beat a situation (i.e. better weapons to stave off rapidly encroaching Masklings).  A point i forgot to add would be that in games like civilization, i hate how there is no cultural difference between empires in tech (besides 2 specialized units); throughout history we see different nations investing in different concepts that work with the land their given to end up with drastically different item designs from those across the world (EX: 17th century Europe with advanced ships that could decimate any navel force in the Indian Ocean with breeze, or even the Russians pushing both Germans and French out due to them not paying enough attention to winter clothing nor food supply lines).  Things like this would make every game very unique and not so predictable that experienced players will always know what route to take to maximize their situation.  

Sorry for the long post I hope this sparks some creative ideas among you guys.


It's still a way off, but I've been toying with not even doing a tech tree. From a thematic standpoint I don't it really makes sense. When I think of the bronze age, I think of large palace complexes, expansive trade networks, the first laws, and a devastating collapse. The typical progress-through-technology aspect of Civilization and the like don't fit into that image for me.

Instead I'm thinking of something more akin to the Book of Laws from Frostpunk. Instead of a linear progression, you would be able to specialize your empire through laws. Most laws would offer some form of choice and trade-off. Religion, for example, one of the early laws could be a choice between venerating the gods, or venerating the king. The first choice would lead to a stronger priesthood and temples, the other would lead to a stronger king. Forcing the player to choose between options will cause their empires to evolve and specialize, so that one player could end up radically different than another.

Tech trees in games are often used to gradually ramp-up complexity, helping to ease players into the game. The  book of laws wouldn't really do that, so I see a separate progression system based on access to items (such as Mudbrick, Wood, Copper). This system would hide items in the UI until the player has gained access to pre-requisite items. For example, at the start of the game the player wouldn't have discovered mudbrick yet, and so wouldn't see the option to build any structure that requires it (i.e. most of them). But they would be able to construct farms or a brickworks. Once they build a brickworks they'll discover Mudbrick, and gain access to more construction items.

This would move players along a chain of items, and increasing complexity. The end-state could involve a dozen items all linked in intricate production chains, requiring long ranged trade. I think this would be a fairly natural way ease new players into the game, without needlessly slowing down to progress for the player, without locking experienced players behind arbitrary gates. It would also fit thematically, mirroring the complex trade networks at the height of the late bronze age.

Thanks for the post!

Sounds very fun.  I think you could really do a lot with an ever-changing law code, and it would be refreshing to see a stratagy game that doesn't require you to sit and wait for the next new toy.  I'm looking forward to what you can pull off with it.

Those are some excellent ideas, I'll keep following the progress to see how it turns out

it would be great if you hired someone to draw the sprites and a debugger so you could focus on coding more and developement would speed up by a thousandfold!

just a farfetched idea i thought of so it'd be great if you replied!


That'd be great, but not feasible right now. I am looking into a tool to build sprites from 3D models, which would allow me to more properly render units for all 6 facings. 

I probably only spend about 20% of development time on the art assets. Right now writing the in game help is bottleneck.

(1 edit)

oh ok im not surprised it is pretty hard setting up online interviews and applications while trying to communicate.

thanks for replying!

P.S i'm excited for 3D gameplay but thats in like 3.0 or something.


I don't have any plans for 3D in Bronze Age. I toyed with it for a bit, but it would pretty much involve a rewrite from the ground up. That's pretty risky.

Wizard Towers.

A single unit with ultra-long range attack, but also one that, in the bottom bar with "move" and "rest" has a "burn" option, which creates a tile of flames.  They would take a while to set it up, and it would be temporary, but it would help with mountain chokepoints and stuff if you haven't built out that much yet.

On a recent game I utterly destroyed the masklings. I mean, I methodically claimed, dismantled, and abandoned their settlements. But now I'm wondering about continuing using that world. I mean, there isn't much more combat I can do. Even if I migrate it into the upcoming morale update and suppress a settlement to create a rival empire, it still won't be the same. Could you throw in some kind of maskling revival? Essentially, they could rebuild a new village, starting from scratch. Unless you have settlements spread across the map, you might not know about it until all your fancy new settlements that don't have walls go up in flames.

I posted it in another thread, but I think it would be cool if migrants/traders/invaders would sail in from the edge of the map. The difficulty and frequency could be tied to some metrics relating to the players advancement. You could have multiple factions, possibly tied to the direction they came from, so some might just send trade envoys and be friendly while others might launch invasions. Some may just attempt to colonize unclaimed areas and be largely neutral.

Obviously this would all have to wait until the boat and diplomacy updates, but I think it could really add a lot to the end game.


Masklings rebuilding could be tricky. From a technical standpoint it'd be pretty straightforward, but from a gameplay standpoint I could see it devolving into  a tedious game of whack-a-Maskling. I've been toying with the idea of shipping experimental features as mods, so you could toggle them off and on, and this might be a good candidate for that.

I agree that end-game challenge is currently a major problem. Mostly, I think, because there's little getting in the way of player growth, and Maskling growth is capped. The Morale update should partially address this, as will the Nobles update. Long term, though, there needs to be a larger, more threatening enemy. 

How about Trolls? Or some kind of fallen human. Maybe an Orc-type being? Something that could exist along with the rival empire.

Developer (1 edit)

I did a bit of planning and design yesterday, and here's what I'm currently looking at for AI settlements.  Some of these may show up as built-in mods, rather than in the core game, and some may be cut.

  • Bigguns - Large, ogre like, giants.
  • Diggers - Underground dwelling mole-people (probably tied to a post-release update that adds an underground layer like Age of Wonders).
  • Mushroom People - Durable, peaceful, fungus people.
  • Villages - Villages of fairly peaceful humans.
  • Hill People - Primitive, aggressive humans that like raiding neighbors.
  • City States - Advanced human settlements that can grow and expand (these are the rival empires).
  • Pirate Cities - Coastal human settlements that raid on the seas.

Maybe you can discover the Diggers when you find their settlement, like their Admin Centre is the cave entrance. They could have tunnels to each other and other fun surprises. Would also be a great mining opportunity.


My vision for the diggers is to have them inhabit an entire underground world. There would be caves dotted along the world that lead to the cave "layer", which is effectively a second world map. By travelling underground you can exit through a cave in a different area on the surface.

It could add a neat dimension to trade and warfare, with armies appearing from caves potentially well inside your empire.



I'd like to be able to build walls across shallow water. Gates too, for trade ships.


Glad this thread proves itself helpful ;) 

Is there a way to restart your world, or be able to see the seed number after you start the world game?

Developer (1 edit)

There isn't a way to see it in game, but it's stored in the save file.

In the BronzeAge directory, under "saves", open the world's save file (these files are big, it might take a bit).

The seed is stored on the second line, something like this:

<world schema="1" name="Itera The Lands Of Hammering" seed="62777761" date="1/13/0543 4:13:09 PM" hostility="0.25">

Yours will look slightly different, this is taken from a save from a previous version of Bronze Age.

Thanks! Very helpful. I like the new updat, but are you planning to add things that allow increased infrastructure that goes above the max upgraded administration center amount? Or are you planning to keep the amount you can build limited per settlement?


The next update will add at least one more level of administration center, with higher Administration supply.

If you'd like, you can check out the Tyrrany Mod which adds structures that produce Administration.

Cool, definitely will check it out!


     Maybe as an add-in for the Battles and Boats mod, a range of vision statistic for units. Essentially it would determine how many blocks they could see through the fog of war. Handy for modding and vanilla gameplay.


Funnily enough, that was one of the planned battle improvements. And just yesterday I decided to split the "Battles" part of the Battles and Boats Update out to it's own update.

I'll keep the vision statistic in the Boats Update, though.

we need horse archer raiders or nomad people 


Agreed. When diplomacy gets added I plan to diversify the enemy AI, and include a lot of human AI as well. Steppe nomads would  be a great fit, especially for the Mesopotamia map type.

I'm not sure nomads would work well as a playable race, though. Bronze Age relies on the city-building aspect for its core game play, and nomads tend to have small, temporary settlements.


YEIY BOATS ARE HERE! my suggestion though is that you need to make a system that makes sure you can produce things without deleting buildings 


You're not supposed to delete buildings. The buildings support and maintain the units. In the future unsupported units will slowly die off.

The intent is that units act as a drain on your economy, requiring you to expand in order to support more units.


A batch upgrade tool. You select this tool and click on buildings to upgrade them. It's just too tedious to upgrade all those 150 walls 3 times. Or even an "auto-upgrade" window that lets you tick boxes of buildings to upgrade as soon as you get resources. 


(2 edits) (-1)

I think however you should work on gathering a group of people, the number and amount is up to you, to make the game "better". You already are working on a website and many things by yourself i assume, if you look at this game from a financial and/or business standpoint like i am now you can clearly see people would invest in this. 

Things to think about:

  • Gathering a team to help enhance the game, create updates, enhance features, website developers, etc.
  • Work on gathering sponsors so you have a source of income and a source of help (this is a major factor to take in).
  • Dont begin to sell the game (ex: 1$ to play) or else your player base at this point will Drop significantly. 
  • I think you should begin to not only think of this game as a fun project, but as a dedicated Job. (fun job) To take it to the "next level" aka an official game. 

Just to make myself credible here, i own my own business Dutch Aquaria in Arkansas. So that's where my experience comes from.

Developer (1 edit)

The fact is that I already have a job. Bronze Age is my hobby, and as much as I like working on it, and all of the interactions with players around it, I have a family to feed.  Bronze Age doesn't pay the bills.

Additionally, how am I supposed to gather sponsors if I'm not charging for the game? Wouldn't investors want their money back at some point?

(5 edits)

NO, sponsors are people who pay you for your game (not buying the game, see below)

I have over 50+ sponsors which gave me over 40-50g for my own business. Sponsors (in this tense, different definitions) are companies, or businesses (large or small) who will pay you to put their name somewhere on the product. The amount is up to you, they sometimes will contact you for this (in my case) or you have to contact them (your case) you wont Advance without asking TO advance.

I think you took what i said in the wrong way when i said think of it as a fun job, it wont pay the bills if you dont Make it pay the bills. A game in this small of a formula or stage will Not pay the bills i can 100% assure you that. If you want it to pay the bills (like i said) you gotta think of it as a second fun job. My business when i started it out was simple, i sold plants to individual people online made about 30$ a month now i make around 24$/hr including expenses. And that took months and months and a few years of meeting people, and researching different things. 

I recommend you research on how to make a proper Business plan.

If anyone invests in your Game and requests their money back, do not give them their money back. That is NOT how you invest in something like this or other.

Sponsors do NOT look if you charge for anything (side note).

Do note the business i own has absolutely nothing to do with games. 

Anymore questions feel free to ask, as im happy to answer.

Hope you have a good day :)



And another suggestion for the game:

I made a small world i got going (didn't kick me that time, but it does with other new games though) and the spam of villagers doing something is Crazy, i get a pop up about every 10 seconds that says they are doing something. And they're restless rate raises all the time constantly Even when in reality your town would do less in a year and people would be fine. Think that's the one negative thing ive said about this game sadly lol. Still building up my lil' village though. :) 


please make a browser version

Deleted post

Unfortunately, that's not possible without entirely rewriting the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

Inside game editor (world editor) i know, this is possible by editing an exist save file but its not very easy and takes long time

Tower ranges overlay same from classic version

Olive trees simply another happiness source, "Olive trees --> Olive grove --> Olive Press" equivalent to "Grapes --> Vineyard --> Winery". olives can be found commonly in mediterranean generation around grasslands or savannas

Taskmaster levels: lvl1: like current but only gives +2 administration and -2 happiness, lvl2: upgrade cost: -10 wood -5 limestone -1 worker (building time is unspecified), result: +4 adm -4 hpy -1 worker, lvl3: upgrade cost: -10 wood  -10 limestone -1 worker (building time is unspecified), result: +6 adm -6 hpy -1 worker

"Northern" world type that feather: no deserts/savannas/swamps/ no grapes/fertilized soil/ rarely mountains/grasslands/forests/oceans commonly new biomes: (snowy/ice/frozen/could) (grassland variant)/(snowy/ice/frozen/could) (pinewood/pinewoods/sprucewood/sprucewoods/spruceforest/spruceland/sprucelands/pineland/pinelands/pineforest/coniferforest/coniferwood/coniferwoods/coniferland/coniferlands/taiga)/(pinewood/pinewoods/sprucewood/sprucewoods/spruceforest/spruceland/sprucelands/pineland/pinelands/pineforest/coniferforest/coniferwood/coniferwoods/coniferland/coniferlands/taiga)/(snowy/ice/frozen/could) (mountain variant)/(snowy/ice/frozen/could) (ocean variant) new hexes: pines hexes that equivalent to trees hexes (slower walking, +1 more wood product then normal trees), snow hex (slower walking, you cant place farms on it, cant place pasture on it), ice hex (slower walking, cant place anything on it), deposit/trees/anything with texture of snow hex instead of grass, trees/peaks with texture of snow on top (like a snowy peak), gravel (cant place farms on it), trees/deposit/anything with texture of gravel (gravel texture is like a brown hex)

Granite a rare type of stone that allow you to go to even higher level then limestone on buildings like walls, housing, bakeries, windmills. granite can commonly found in deserts or savannas next to hill spawns.


There are some good ideas in there.

A game editor inside the game most likely isn't going to happen. I could set up  a converter to handle maps made by an outside tool, but that's very low priority right now.

Tower range overlays are a good idea.

Olive trees for happiness would make sense. But I think Bronze Age is ok for happiness sources now.

A northern world type could be neat. Might make for a good small update in winter, a thematic holidays update.

NP i always like to give feedback and ideas

2nd idea post

If you are interested of more world generation features/types you can try Anatolia type: "generate oceans near the borders of world and belts of hilly biome in the middle most of the land is desert or savanna no marsh/forests and rarely grapes/fertilized(?) soil", Balkan type: "lushy green forests/coasts/mountains(uncommon) commonly grapes" Europe type: (because of europe being so big and i selected only part of it the name of the world generation may change. locations: austria, north italy, swiss, south germany, slovenia, and most importantly for this type is french) "lot of grapes, commonly forests, commonly rivers, uncommonly coasts, anything else is normal" Archipelago type: (suppose to resemble the greece archipelago) "small islands with small sea between them, hard to find resources like tin copper or limestone, beside that anything else is normal".

Does anyone know how to get more administration? like a console command? or any way you know? im stuck because of it.


how do I get trade routes to work? I have ships but they just go to the other port and sit there and do nothing.


Have you set the items to trade?  Trade routes will accumulate items to send based on their "item per season" rate, and the storage of the destination settlement.

also how do I put resources on a caravan?


They will automatically fulfill any trade routes you've created. As long as they are ordered to trade for a settlement (which they are by default), they should take care of the rest.

(7 edits)
New ideas:

1. Roads and bridges will be in decoration menu instead of civil, i think it make more sense to be a decoration after all is not really do anything beside faster transport/enable transportation, also make the civil menu to be less full and easier to find stuff on the menu as well. or, you can merge the decoration menu with the civil one.

2. AI will be able to destroy bridges especially if a trade route is going through the bridge only of course if the AI tribe is hostile. friendly AI should complete roads and bridges as well, for example, let's say you build a bridge from one side of a river the AI should complete the bridge from his side.

3. If you thinking about idea num 2 you may as well like this one, limestone upgrade to the bridges, make them stable and harder to destroy.

4. Sculptures: a decoration, lvl1 three limestone sculptures on a mudbrick stand,  lvl2 three copper sculptures on a limestone stand,  lvl3 three bronze sculptures on a copper stand. this idea is just a bonus.

5. Shorting the process of getting silk, by removing the item 'raw silk' and the structure 'silk weaver' from the game the process will be silkworms -> silk shed -> luxuries instead, make the swamp with the rough terrain to be more reliable to get settled. i almost never start in a swamp also because they bit rare and i don't want to start in a rough terrain such as swamps, don't get me wrong the rough terrain of mountains still worth it because of the more valuable resources. please consider applying this idea.

6. Massive overhaul:

new: sheep (item), donkey (item), riders (military unit), sheeps (resource), riders barracks (structure), shepherd (structure), sheep pasture (structure), donkey pasture (structure) mill (structure).

removed: pigs (item), windmill (structure).

new lvls: grill (1), fishing dock (2), mill (2), butcher (2), riders barracks (2), tradehouse (1), shepherd (2).

explanation: pigs are no longer give up meat, instead sheeps will do, also will give luxuries if used by the shepherd. the trade house will require donkeys, and will be upgradable to level two with wolves, after the wolves upgrade the caravan will move faster like the rats of the muskilings (donkeys consumption is 1, wolves consumption is 3). fishing dock will be upgradable up to level three, copper hooks and bronze hooks, in sense of balancing the fishing dock will yield: meat = level but the wood consumption upgrade by two each level. butcher up to level three, the butcher will receive new tools made out of copper and bronze, but the butcher will work differently, on first level the bucher will consume one sheep for one meat, on the second level the butcher will consume two sheep for two meat, on level three the butcher is more efficient he will consume two sheeps for three pieces of meat. mill will replace the current windmill and there is a good reason behind this, the mill third level is unique, the mill will consume one donkey instead of using up a worker, grill have a limestone level which will work the current grill and the first level will work like the old grill, this leveling supposed to make the grill easier to use. shepherd have three levels copper knife and bronze knife are the upgrades, on the first level consume three sheeps for one luxury, on the second level consume two sheeps for one luxury, on the third level consume one sheep for one luxury. riders and rider barracks, simply a new military building and a melee unit that consume donkeys, the special feature is they move fast as the muskilings rats, the barracks is upgrade able to level three just like normal barracks. if you read everything thank you for reading it's appreciated.

  1. The categories do need a bit of restructuring, but I don't think roads and bridges belong with decorations. They provide a very useful service.
  2. That's an interesting idea, but could be tricky. I do like the idea of friendly AI trying to link road networks with you, that one might not be too difficult.
  3. If I can get automatic building upgrades working well, then I'd likely add a limestone upgrade to roads and bridges in general.
  4. More decorations would be good.
  5. Silk is a rather involved process by design, mirroring the labor intensive real-world process of producing it. Some more resources in swamps might be a good idea though, as a reward for building in the difficult terrain.
  6. A rework like that is totally doable through a mod, but doesn't fit my vision for the core game.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Maybe you can found more use to raw silk?


Raw silk has a use in that it allows you to distribute silk production. Producing raw silk is only possible in swamps, and benefits from agricultural bonuses. Processing raw silk into luxuries is labor intensive, however, and benefits from industrial bonuses. Fully optimized silk production requires two settlements.

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Still you can make the silk and work with it in one structure don't you think?

Could the upgraded bridges have an added effect of allowing boats to travel "underneath" them?  I've had a few games where there's a river that i put settlements on either side of and put a bridge between.  Although, i always need to remember to put my shipyards beyond them so they don't get traped. 

Nice idea

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New idea for diplomacy change:

If you have above two settlements, and total population above 450 people, and one of the settlements is not happy with your rule, they will create a new tribe that will be hostile towards you, and swich your unhappy settlement to be owned by this new tribe. This can happen only to humans types and not to muskelings.

I'm sure the unhappy status need to be advanced so only if 65% of the settlement is unhappy they will worn you that they consider leaving you, and above 80% they will automatically leave after one season.


That sounds similar to what I'm thinking of for loyalty. Though in loyalty there will be an additional stat authority, which is produced by some buildings in your capital. 

The balance between authority and how much population is living outside your capital will determine how rebellious other settlements are.

This all going to be affected by happiness and further feature 'rules' right?



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New Ideas:

1. 4th temple, temple of "...", will give loads of happiness to the settlement, like 40 to 25 or so, if you think is imbalanced you can adjust it yourself.

2. When you have an ally with an AI you can also export (give) to the AI settlement resources.

3. 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th temples, the first one is gives you 600 storage space! and the second one provide +3 food production bonus, the third one provide +1 luxuries production, and the forth one helps you with army strength, +60% buff.

4. More world type: 'Hilly'  wich create a world with huge mountain belt that pass through the center of the world from edge to edge, the mountains belts will randomly generate, what important is to give a few gaps so you can travel through one side to the other, and the mountains belt will pass through the center.

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A suggestion about the Bigguns.  Legends of giants and cyclops were often inspired by Mammoth and elephant skulls.  So maybe  having the giants be tusked cyclops would be cool. 


I haven't thought about the bigguns in awhile. They probably won't end up in Bronze Age. Tusked cyclopses would be interesting, though.

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Territories category in diplomacy:

1. Offer: this is where you can offer to tribes your own territories

2. Request: this is where you can request from another tribe annexation for lands

3. Suggest: place where you offer the tribe to settle in a region or to capture a settlement


I like it

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Auto upgrade button (manual)

A button, when turned 'on' clicking on any upgradable building will auto upgrade it instead opening the building's menu.

I also want to suggest auto demolition as same way.

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I was thinking about putting some pre-made maps, like Italy, Spain or the Mesoamerica, if you didn't plan on something like hat. Maybe an editor would be good, I don't know.

I'm also suggesting some victory conditions, for example the classic ones from Age of Empires: Conquest (destroy all opponents), Wonder (build any wonder before anyone else, such as a Pyramid, a Ziqqurat or an Hanging Garden Complex) or Territory (control the most settlements in a certain time limit).


Like a campaign mod that can be nice

Also Swordsmen and Cavalry. I have this in mind:

Daggermen -> Swordsmen -> Legionnaries

Horsemen -> Cavalrymen -> Cataphracts

Sword units could be more effective against spear units and - moreover - against bow units, while cavalry could be extremely effective against sword and bow units (expecially bow units), but suffer alot against spearmen.

For Cavalry units one could replace Pigs with Cattle, and a Cattle Ranch could unlock the chance to build an Horse Paddock. Horse Paddock doesn't need an horse source, and it needs Wheat to function. Horse Paddock unlocks simple Cavalrymen Stables.

Finally, siege units:

Stonethrowers -> Catapults -> Trebouchets

Siege units require Limestone and Copper to work, as well as  abit of Wood. Can be built on Siege Workshops, of course.


Currently there isn't a framework in place for a map editor or pre-made maps. I've thought about some sort of import tool, but it's pretty low priority for me.

Any sort of victory conditions, I think, will be a part of the story. I hope to start work on adding the story in the next few updates.

I have a bug  does anyone know how to fix? whenever I try to load my save It says we have encountred an error


Is there any additional information on the error message?

I looked though the automatically reported errors, and I see one around game loading. Where the save file appears to be corrupt.

it tells me that it reports it and it should save my progress because the game autosaves  alot, i think my file corrupted


If you can host the save file, I can take a look at it.


i just created a new game i had not done much in that one save so its all good

My suggestion: Region merging. It would cost some stuff, maybe you would be able to build another settlement tent, but it gives half the administration, while still giving a priest.

This was kinda a planned feature but kicked out

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I propose (for now) to reduce the number of hexes, approximately cut in half, and increase the hexes size themselves (for biger and detail buildings/teraine and so on, place on hex) and map, even SMALL - are insanely huge, but empty & useless( for now). I think all this will greatly increase FPS and bring more action/intresting gameplay. Also, not bad to reduce the number of hexes per region, thay have too many territories.  

Thx for "listening" ;)


I agree, there's too much empty space right now. I think hexes per region feels about right, though.