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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Commodore Shawn created Jun 15, 2017 Views: 2,729 Replies: 173
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Did something break? Please tell me about it.

I don't know who mentioned it, but when you place a road over a mountain, and then remove the road, there is grass underneath.

But I think in the first place, we aren't meant to be able to build roads on mountains?

I can confirm the same thing happens to the coastline, removing the road turns it to grass 


Roads need a little rework, currently placing a road erases whatever was beneath it, hence why everything turns to grass.

Not building roads on mountains makes sense, maybe with a different type of work designation that could flatten the mountain (to make a pass, or allow for building a mine)

Got a couple crashes as my troops (20) when into combat against a large Maskling force (50ish?)

1.2.4 may have fixed this I'm not sure 

Migrants still idle when they Haven even reached the settlement 


I saw a crash in 1.2.4 around fighting masklings, still trying to chase it down.

Migrants idle when they reach the settlement's influence range (the distance at which you can construct buildings). That influence range is based on population, and can get pretty big. Those idle migrants will stop idling as soon as they're assigned a task.

the migrant groups were outside the settlement range, they were idling in the masklings camp where they spawn (unless they overlapped)

Also sometimes migrants will get stuck travelling to a structure that is just on the other side of something ex: carry bricks to a wall but they walk up to the tower just in front of it instead of going around through the gate

Does that make sense? I often have to delete the structure, and retry but it can happen again, it's almost like I'm guessing if this can be built or not in this place E. Happens almost always with walls in corners that sorta thing


It's possible that a settlement's influence range expanded to a maskling camp, there's no cap on it currently.

As a performance optimization citizens will "give up" if they can't reach a destination or get closer to a destination after a thousand calculations or so. What's happening there is the citizens are getting "stuck" in a spot too far from a door. 

The migrants get attacked bugg and game crashes is fixed but there are some new.

1: if a pig is on top of a construcktion site they will stay there, no villager can reach them and the only way to get them away is to destroy and rebuild the building.

2: Maskling camps. Maskling camps have a large bugg, In a old post I read that you could deconstruct maskling camps in the inspect menu, I tried and it actually works, the masklings decontruckted thier tent wich then became construcktion grounds, they attempted to rebuild the tents, which they couldn`t and since then I never got an attack from that camp (I also don`t know if it got rebuild, but the hammering noise stopped.)

3: in the Settlemend info menu you can tell them to store, for example 600 food...... doesn`t work, same with mudbrick and wheat. Why doesn`t it work, that`s because if you tell them "store mudbrick, food or wheat" they start farming mudbrick or wheat, but not the needed amount but way more, with mudbrick for example I told them to store 600, they went to produce mudbrick, alot of mudbrick and when the brickworks was full they finially started moving the brick to the storhouses, not ending up with 600 stored but with 2200+. Another wierd think is is that storehouses have 40 spaces but I have storehouses with not 40 stored items but almost 250 items per storehouse.


Made a note of those, thanks!

Can the grass green be changed? It's destroying my eyes and preventing me for playing a long time.


Huh, I've never heard of that before. What would be an improvement? Lighter? Darker?

Actually funny too :p

But everything is possible :)

For the future, can the music not play when we minimize the game? Just a minor detail

(Edited 1 time)

I also saw that when the game is minimized and I right click in another program, that the game turns into inspection mode


I know that used to be a problem, but I'm not seeing that behavior in 1.2.5.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I'll see what I can do with that.

Edit: though the game is still running when minimized, muting the game would remove audio cues that you're under attack.

(Edited 1 time)

The settlers get stuck on the road and are stuck in "traveling to farm" mode even though they are next to it. (almost all my settlers are stuck trying to enter the farms)


They could be trying to travel to a different farm, but are unable to reach it. Citizens cannot walk over farms at present.

(Edited 1 time)

Ah ok, i'll try to remove some farms and see if it works(it did, thanks)

Sometimes my Trade Wagons, when they are close together (say 3 of them moving on a route at once) if they path at the shoreline they glitch out onto the water. Also they can sometimes get through walls? atleast in one particular case at one of my settlements.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

The Trade wagon displays as a 3x3 tiles, but in actuallity it only occuplies a 1 tile space. What you're seeing is probably the wagon overlapping onto the water.

There's an issue in 1.2.5 where pathing can ignore structures in some edge cases. I have a fix in 1.3, but I could release it early if it really bugs you.

Edit: Masklings shouldn't ignore the walls, so don't worry about your defenses being useless.


no hot fix required! They're just some real strong pigs

so I'm not sure if this has been said or come up before but I have seem to have spam clicked houses so they half overlap each other. So I can effectively have 2 houses in a 2by3 area.


Made a note of it, thanks.

I currently have 2 Settlements one with about 200 and one with 50-100 People and 1 migranting group + 5 Wargroups.

Crashes got a little bit more frequent after 2 hours of play (had 3-5) but now I have constant immediate crashes whenever I load the game.


That's unfortunate, are you on the latest version? There have been  several world load fixes since 1.2.0

Yes I'm on the latest Version.

I don't think the problem is necessarily the world load since it crashed before that.  Would providing you with the save help you with fixing this bug?


It would


I tried it and it's the same fatal error as I described before. But since the 1.2.5 I didn't encounter this


Thanks, I'll take a look.


Thanks to that save file I've got a fix. An odd little edge case around training warriors and me being sloppy when cleaning up after training is complete.

Fix will be in1.2.6, which will be out within the hour.

(Edited 1 time)

Units sometimes go through buildings (tested with warbands and migrants). I started this game yesterday and they didn't do this, they only began doing it after the game had been saved and loaded.

gif of this happening: https://ovnize.s-ul.eu/vDWmADn... (I don't think it is related to the gate being close to where they did it,  I've seen it happen with a lot of other buildings)


There's a known issue around pathing calculations sometimes missing structures. It's fixed for 1.3. I can put out the fix early if it's epecially bothersome. Importantly, it wont affect Masklings, they'll still stop to attack instead of walking through walls.

Oh don't worry about it, it's not bothersome at all, just wanted to let you know in case no one reported it before.

Also, I've seen a group of migrants getting stuck for some reason since my last post, but I haven't been able to replicate it yet

(Edited 1 time)

I broke another save. Thanks for "fixing" the first one btw.


This one was created in 1.2.5 but I copied it to 1.2.6 originally it worked and I could close and reload it without a problem but now at the end I closed the entire application and then tried to reload and it just shows fatal error. Got up to over a thousand people this time.


When someone is hurt you can see the "!" in the grey area around the screen.


Savefile fix is in 1.2.7 Looks like world generation was running during the saving process, resulting in a corrupted world. A preventative measure will be in 1.3. The would should load correctly, now though. On a side note, that world will be great for my performance profiling work. Thanks!

That graphics glitch is already fixed in 1.3

Hi Commodore,

now I broke my save, after the lags occurred and so on it somehow broke through saving or something.

Can you take a look, what went wrong in this save?


Hope it helps you for bugfixing :) 


I'm not seeing any problems loading in 1.2.7 (brand new this morning). Could be that this world had the same problem asTwonky's world. If it doesn't load for you in 1.2.7 please let me know.

oh have not updated yet, thx for the information.
I will try the update and let you know if it is working normal again

I have updated the game, the save is working again. Thx for the update!

Not exactly sure if its a bug or something you intended to have, but i've noticed that new immigrants are only going towards my first settlement


Immigrants are attracted to the settlement with the highest Wealth Per Capita value.

My first settlement has the least welth per captia value of 5 compared to my other 2 which are 7 and 11


What version are you on? Prior to 1.2.5 I think there was a bug where the priority was backwards.

Version 1.2.7

I had that problem too with a wealth of 32 and a wealth of 11 and they choose the 11 wealth settlement although those settlements were founded at a later date and the 32 wealth one was the second.

Developer (Edited 2 times)

Curious, I'll take another look at the logic.

Edit: Do all of the settlements have 0% homelessness? Immigrants will only travel to settlements with sufficient housing. Or sufficient housing under construction.

Yes it did. It had enough for around 70-100 people I built the whole settlement with the starting 17 people.

I even send in a second migrant wave from the capital after a few Years and started importing food from other settlements because the 17/34 people couldn't support all the houses I had built. It took 3-4 Years for the first real migrants to show up.

You should actually still have the save with that settlement it was the last I uploaded the settlement between the 2 mountain areas. Btw. you said you wanted to use it for performance test. Were you able to fix some of the crashes happening every few minutes?


I do have the save, so I'll take a look. I just started the performance profiling, and I'll make sure to quash any crashes I see in the process. 

(Edited 3 times)

In 1.3.1 World spawning can occur immeadiately beside a maskling camp - things do not go well for the migrants.


  • Also Maskling forces seem very large early, the first raid on several new worlds is upwards of 10.
  • Storage capacity can still be exceeded
  • Masklings sometime get stuck in water? unless they're grouping location is very close to the settlement? either way it casues my settlement to continually be in Alert mode
  • Roads dont seem to be constructed until every last thing in the construction queue has been completed 

I've made a note of them, thanks.

Are the masklings just sitting outside your settlement in shallow water (light blue)? Sounds like they're waiting for buddies to show up.

Yes they are! But its like directly beside my settlement, literally a couple pixels out of tower range.

I did settle directly next to fetile soil near the shallow water though so it may be coincidence

I was just not sure if the interaction was on purpose, since i lose a few villargers to continually alert mode.


I'll take a look at the "wait for buddies" behavior of the Masklings. Maybe have them wait further away, so as to not trigger an alert.

If a warband becomes too big, the info, split and merge menus gets covered with the list of warriors, which makes them hard or impossible to use.


I've made a note of it, thanks.

Found some new bugs.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vi9... Maskling camps can spawn on rivers which is kinda weird.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmq1... If you have a bunch of migrants and send them through a bunch of streets the may become stuck and completly unable to move. I had that situation happen twice in that settlement. Just make a new migrant group and send them north (You can just send them to join the city again and then form a new migrant group).

Another thing I noticed was that masklings camps can be built/spawn on top of each other.

Also the performance stat window in region map mode.

Gets only displayed on the unexplored area.

Some other things that I'm not sure about are.
Does the homeless counter round up?  Had no one showing up to one of my settlements until I built 1 more house and suddenly people came. Might have just been a coincidence.
And I think if you have skirmishers and archers in your army your army should stop/slow down at a range of 20 instead of 10.
Also the fast forward buttons could be linked up to + and - and a pause button right next to them would be nice i think

Apart from that though I currently have a 1000+ Population world that has only crashed once. So I'm pretty happy about that.

I've made a note of them. Thanks!

Hey! When a villager is repairing a wall, it shows in the inspect menu "a tribemember is inside" and they are litterally inside the wall repairing

Dunno if this is intended, manned walls might be a cool idea though

Manned walls was something I was going to suggest!


It's a side effect of the way citizens interact with buildings. I'd like to change how repairs are done generally, which would avoid the issue.

so I'm not sure if this is a bug per say, but everytime I load my world the notification for "a settlement requires copper but cannot produce it" displays makes the alert sound then goes again.


Made a note on it, thanks.

i cant da download any version except the 1.2.0 and when im playing it gets fatal error help me please


Why can't you download a newer version?

(Edited 4 times)

I download it I start the game and when it starts is the version 1.2.0 but until then I did not see problem that version was cool  the problem is that When I started to get better more houses large population I click to see the information and gets fatal error, i already tried download again but of the same says that it will be corrected in the next update but I can, every time that I download is the 1.2.0 help 


1.2.0 has some bug and some performance problems. The current version is 1.3.2.

If you click the "Download Now" button, you should see a popup with payment options, right above the payment amount box there is a link: "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".  Click that, download "bronze-age-windows.zip", and find where it was saved. Unzip and play.

Alternatively you can use the itch.io app which makes installing really easy. 

I have some issues with my copper mines. Somehow nobody is working in them. I placed them close and directly on copper ore areas.
But both ways are not working as planned. They have also free access from all sides.
Did I miss some requirements for the mine or have I encountered a bug?

ok my fault, I need to order copper throught the settlement info window, got it ^^


Citizens will also mine copper as it is needed. Currently copper is used to make Copper Statues, for several structure upgrades, and for spearmen and archers.

I can't play more than 5~10 minutes because it crashes without a specific reason.

Here is my save: https://nofile.io/f/o9f2jyiBl1S/Isall+The+Lands+Of+Hammering.xbt


I'll take a look

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

I loaded the save and played for several minutes without crashes. It could be that whatever the problem was it has been fixed by the patch I'm working on. If the problem persists in 1.3.3 (due out today or tomorrow) let me known and I'll take another look.

Several of my civs have gotten stuck on the edge of rivers and oceans. It looks like they think the ocean is accessible terrain and is trying to cross it. I have also noticed it is always in areas where there is a small sea between two rivers.

Not necessarily a bug per se, but unbuilt structures (just placed by the player) seem to have just as much HP as a fully-built one. I abused this to instantly create a triple-layer of walls to defend against masklings. Pretty effective. Should probably be fixed. Most games have just-placed structures at 1hp for this kind of reason.


Made a note of it, thanks.

(Edited 1 time)

Another one: the pigs have escaped their pasture and I have no idea how. Nobody seems intent on putting them back either.

Edit: The pigs mostly got re-gathered eventually, but one dude got stuck on a peninsula while gathering pigs (again), which seemingly stopped all pig-gathering business altogether, despite half a dozen empty pastures.


1.3 has an overallocation bug around pigs and tradehouses. When a group of pigs reaches the tradehouse, another batch of pigs is sent out. That's been fixed in 1.4.

There is currently a limit of 1 shepherd per settlement as well, which is why the stuck guy is preventing any other pig gathering. Could you send me the world so I could see how he's getting stuck?

After reloading the game it seems that he got unstuck somehow. He was at the tip of that peninsula while he was stuck. I don't recall having tradehouses when the pig escape happened but maybe I'm wrong.

On a 1440p monitor, the world doesn't fill the game window, I get black bars on the sides like mario 3. 

When I go to place roads, I'll click and hold with the mouse and then move the window with the arrow keys. I'd like them to be straight the whole way. But the game won't render anything new so I just scroll into oblivion.


Made a note of it, thanks!

If I place a road that is too long, workers only build the final stretch. So much better than before, though.

Something I noticed, you can see enemies through the FOW by simply inspecting the area they are at.

You can also use the "move to" cursor to detect coastline beneath the fog of war.

Pathing for trade carts gets pretty wonky. They'll follow the road one way and then take a detour across a mountain on the way back. I'll have them walk next to the road sometimes too, following it just not on it. It would be nice if trade carts (and other agents) had a stronger preference for roads, especially outside the city limits where it may be dangerous to wander.

(Edited 2 times)

Trying the new export feature, it crashes my game consistently. I have a lot of people in four settlements, so that may be why. Graphical mods don't seem to influence the crashes. Panning through all the settlements seemed to help, as the game took longer to crash, so I suspect it's a matter of the world being too big. My settlements have overlapping  influence radii, I don't know if it changes anything.

Edit: I highly doubt it has an influence, but my world is called Eror the Plane of Chopping, not the most encouraging of names...


The crash happens when the image export is running?

Is Bronze Age "installed" in a directory that needs special permissions (such as Program Files)?

Yes, I click "export image", it sometimes run for a second or two, and then it gives me the regular "fatal error, bronze age has crashed menu/quit" message. It is in a subfolder of Documents, not Program Files. I'll try running it with admin, see if it changes anything.

PS: Nope, admin doesn't change anything. It creates a folder for it in the export folder ("Eror the plane of chopping turn 76858", number varies a bit), but it's empty.


Could you send me the world file so I can investigate further?

Here you go, savefile on dropbox.


Thanks. Got a fix for it.

Hey man, i cannot play this game on 1366x768 monitor. Things like work are missing.


As in parts of the screen are cut off? Would you mind posting a screenshot?

2.0 bug report time!

Everything is black when I preview or generate a map, it only shows the name of the region, can't play yet :(

Same problem here.

In the map preview is everything blue, but there i can see some black hexagons ...

Yeah same for me

I use a laptop with Intel HD graphics 520 btw, 2.80 GHz Intel i7 processor,  8 Gb RAM, with Windows 7 64-bit

It outright crashes on me.

So Twonky made a temporary fix for those of us eager to try stuff out! Check the comments here: https://commodoreshawn.itch.io/bronze-age/devlog/14251/20-new-era-update


a) It's awesome that someone was able to put out a fix for the game while I was sleeping.

b) I think the bug is due to different cultures when loading the mod data. Do you use commas for decimal places where you live? That might explain why "0.75" is being interpreted as 75.

Here we use commas for decimal places, but that's only an issue with some microsoft software


Bronze Age is written in C#, which is developed by microsoft.

Okay, found a better fix than using Twonky's mod. This is for people who live in regions where commas are used for decimal place. Instructions are for Windows 7 but probably apply to different Windows.

Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language.

Change the Format to some type of English, or else it probably also works if you go to Additional Settings and change the Decimal symbol to "."


I'm not sure I'd call changing windows settings a better fix that Twonky's mod. Are there other issues the mod doesn't address?

I downloaded the new version but I cannot create a new world, everytime the progress bar completes ,,Picking region centers", the fatal error occurs. In the main menu there is a notification that some data files were not loaded. It happens all the time, restarting the game does not help. I have Windows 10.

Same over here, and I have Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit OS)

(Edited 1 time)

UPDATE: I tried moving the files around and I managed to find out that I made the most progress with the Komma's fix beacuse with the normal file in the game the fatal error occured but with the Komma's fix I could get trough the loading without any fatal errors but once I was in the starting point choosing menu I couldnt press the [Start] button, it just didnt allowed me to.

Cannot see anything, the whole map is black after loading or creating a new one.


That sounds like part of the "number conversion" bug, which should be fixed in 2.0.1

Can't create limestone mines for upgrading bakeries apparently.


Look for grey speckled ground. It will be in some of the biomes that have scattered mountains and trees.

I see it, but there is no way to interact with it to create limestone mines. Possibly a bug?


Possibly. Is your settlement in the same region, with another structure adjacent to it? If the hex isn't highlighted it could be in a neighboring region, which you can settle to build the mines.

I dunno, I settled pretty close to it.

(Edited 1 time)

Cannot build over limestone deposits or near certain moutains


It looks like that the limestone may be in a different region. Try creating a settler and founding a new settlement next to the limestone.

It wont let me create settelers, I am having the same issue with deposits nearer me

I am constantly getting the fatal error screen on my world. I was invading a maskling base and when a was nearly done I was brought to the fatal error screen. Tried reloading the game multiple times with no luck. 

Developer (Edited 1 time)

That's strange. I've taken a look through the reported errors and don't see anything that looks like what you describe. If you could send me the save file I'll take a look and see what's going on.



Thanks, I think I found the problem. Looks like a weird corner case around saving right as a unit died. I'll have a fix in 2.0.3, as a temporary workaround try changing (or disabling) the autosave interval from Settings in the main menu.

(Edited 1 time)

Ok tyvm! As I was waiting for the response I made a bigger and better world. atleast you fixed a bug!

My city cannot create settlers, and are you supposed to be able to capture maskling capitals because i cannot do that either.


Settlers are spawned at the Administration Center (those tents near the left side), there's no empty space for them to spawn. If you remove one of the structures (like that brickworks) then you should be able to create settlers.

Capturing Maskling settlements is coming in the Conquest Update.

Ok, I feel kind of dumb because I have been dealing with things like that anyways, but thank you.


when place road and auto-save starting,  world crashes

FATAL Exception
   в Bronze.Common.GameState.Modals.AbstractProgressModal.HandleException(Exception exception)
   в Bronze.Common.GameState.Modals.AbstractProgressModal.Update(Single elapsedSeconds, InputState inputState, IAudioService audioService)
   в Bronze.Monogame.BronzeAgeGameBase.Update(GameTime gameTime)
Inner Exception Follows
Значение не может быть неопределенным.
Имя параметра: value
   в System.Xml.Linq.XAttribute..ctor(XName name, Object value)
   в Bronze.Common.Services.WorldSerializer.WriteNotifications(ReportStepProgress reportStepProgress)
   в Bronze.Common.Services.WorldSerializer.SaveWorld(ReportProgress report)
   в Bronze.Common.GameState.Modals.SaveProgressModal.<createworkaction>b__9_0(ReportProgress report)
   в Bronze.Common.GameState.Modals.AbstractProgressModal.<onload>b__16_4()</onload></createworkaction>

Happens to me too. first time the Auto save actually saved before world crash. next few times, not so much. Doesn't happen on old worlds that I migrate into 2.1 though. Strange.


Weird, I'll take a look.


Found the problem, it looks like it's due to the "Not enough housing for migrants" notification being present when saving the world. I'll have a fix in the next patch, in the mean-time you should be able to avoid the problem by adjusting the autosave interval, dismissing any notifications, and/or building more housing.

i just crashed from that

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Curious, I'll take another look. Thanks for the update!

Edit: Got it! Same problem but in a slightly different area. I'll push a patch out tonight.

when i dismiss it, a hundred more need more housing notifications are thrown at me

managed to clear out 2 maskling vilages in quick succession, and i have 2 issues; first is what you see in pic1 i was going for a racial purity match and so once i got the first tribe under my belt i starting demolishing their roads (first).  This lead to whatever mess we see on top of some of these buildings.  The second is that since the whole tribe became commanded by me the second i destroyed their home base, i sent their 15-20 units into the adjacent village with my troops while doing that i decided to demilitarize them and destroyed their war huts.  After the war was over they came back to the ruins of their hut and just stood there.  Sadly i was spawned on an island so i can't send them on a suicide mission (not even into the ocean), so i think it would be great if there was a disband button on them, or maybe you could speed up the HP degeneration time on the base-less units (idk if that's been implemented yet, i've only heard about it). 

As a side thing, i was managing my second town when my troops took it and i had no idea until i saw all the masklings wearing my colors; so i thought it might be nice if once a totem is taken we get a menu screen like in civ where it gives us the option to raze, colonize, or maybe make the citizens into migrant slaves to be moved to another city.  You can kinda raze them by destroying the camp, thus killing all maskling slaves and turning the humans into migrants that you can use to resettle the area, but i'd like a simpler option. (PS - if ya need my save file, just ask)

When in speed 3 the gui becomes a bit unresponsive and buttons don't really work unless you click 100 times.

when it autosaves i get fatal error

You can't capture maskling camps in 2.2. Your Units walk up to them, and then stop and wait for orders. No matter how much you move them around they won't attack the Totem. Has anyone else experienced this?


That should be fixed in 2.2.1

Thanks Shawn.

(Edited 1 time)

I can no longer capture maskling settlements. This seems to have started with 2.2.3, but reverting to 2.2.2 doesn't seem to resolve the issue. I tried to capture multiple settlements and had the same issue with all of them.

edit: reverting to 2.2.1 fixes the issue. I'll use that for now


Well, ain't that just annoyingly weird. I'll take a look, thanks


Found the problem, will have 2.2.4 out with a fix tonight

Awesome, thanks!

That did it, thanks!


So i lost my capital sometime in the middle of my game, i eventually brought up a secondary city, amassed a whole army, and reinvaded my capital.  The only problem is now, because that city was so far along, once i recaptured it, i started back at a level 1 palace and all my citizens were busy doing their own jobs.  

In the next update could you add some feature to make captured cities, well, able to grow?  Maybe just something simple like a check-box when you bring up the building management screen; checked indicates it can be worked by a citizen, unchecked means it can't.  That way i can redistribute my population to focus on building the city back up rather then having to destroy literally every building in the city just to free up enough citizens to be used.

I've had the same problem. It would be nice if we could disable structures and then reenable them later.


The ability to abandon and reclaim structures is already done for the next update. Abandoned structures won't drain or produce resources or infrastructure, and will slowly decay.

Cool, thanks

I get always a bug when i want to load a world of mine. The bug says:"Fatal Error. Bronze age encountered a fatal error. The exception has been reported, and we will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.  Check itch.io for updates, as the problem may have been fixed already.

The game autosaves regulary, so you should be able to resume playing without much lost progress."

what can i do to fix the problem?


In the Bronze Age directory there should be a file called "crash_log.txt". That will have details on what happened.

where is the directory?


Where ever you downloaded Bronze Age, if you installed it through the itch.io App there is a button in the bottom right (when looking at the Bronze Age page) called "Show local files" that will open the install directory.

I'm seeing some reported errors around trying to load a save file "Inhe The Island Of Hammering". They could be your errors, in that case you may be trying to load an old (pre-2.0) save file. You can check for it in the "saves" folder in the Bronze Age directory. If the file doesn't have an XML extension then it's an old format save file that sadly can't be opened in Bronze Age 2.0.

You could download Bronze Age Classic to play that save file, though.

ok thank you very much


Settlements with both land and sea trade will occasionally send a wagon out to drive from one side of a neighboring territory to the other, as if they are attempting to find a land route to the destination reached only by water. This happens whether the sea route goes to a settlement that shares a river for a border or if the land masses are separated by sea regions.


Thanks, I'll look into it.

Game crashes every time i click generate 


Try updating to the latest .Net version (4.7.1) That worked for one person with a similar problem. I'm also working on a fix on my end, but I don't know when it'll be done.

had the same problem to  but it works so do it

I installed the bronze-age-windows.zip and when I run it, I just get a black screen. 
No menu, no crash message, just black screen.
Im using windows 7, any idea what can be the reason for this?

OK, installed latest .NET Framework 4.7.1 as somebody recommended, and it worked.
Issue solved.

When I open the game I cant play it. It only shows a black screen with static.

i had that problem but realized not all the files where in that folder after extracting it to the desktop so i had to extract it to a folder then it worked. also make sure your PC will allow the game to play i get a notification every time i start the game and i have to allow it to play

I ordered a unit to embark on a ship, the ship was unaccesible for him, but he still teleported into the ship. Now the unit is forever lost on that ship, because when I click to unload it, game stops for 2 seconds and does nothing. Demolishing the barracks didn't help either.

Also, when I demolished admin center while it was being damaged, this crash happened: 

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Bronze.Common.World.Behavior.UnitCaptureBehavior.AttackStructure(Structure structure)
   at Bronze.Common.World.Behavior.UnitCaptureBehavior.StepSimulation(SimulationContext context)
   at Bronze.Common.World.Data.Unit.StepSimulation(SimulationContext context)
   at Bronze.Common.Gameplay.WorldSimulator.StepSimulation(Single elapsedSeconds)
   at Bronze.Common.GameState.States.GameplayState.Update(Single elapsedSeconds, InputState inputState, IAudioService audioService, Boolean inForeground)
   at Bronze.Monogame.BronzeAgeGameBase.Update(GameTime gameTime)


Well that's unfortunate. I'll look into it, but that ship and unit may be stuck. If you sail the ship near some Masklings they might do you a favor and kill it for you.

I told my ships to trade but instead of trading they go around in circles.


Are they going around in circles near borders between regions? (the white lines). That may be a bug in pathing optimization.

i downloaded the .net thingy but the game still wont open, i've tried using the admin mode and the compatibility version, but for some reason nothing seems to work

you need to download and install net. 4 7.1


There should be a text file in the Bronze Age folder named "crash_log.txt". Is there anything in that file?

Not really sure where to make suggestions at or if there is a place to have conversations about the game like a discord group or something but its a great game.

was wondering if there was another way to boost moral for the city other then building brewery's if you don't find a place with wine.

also is there a way to find resources after already discovered them maybe like icons.

is there a way to create outpost or another type of building to keep territories lit up or atleast make it to where if you have a settlement on the section it'll stay lit?

you can  build a monument too boost morale


There's a couple suggestions threads, and feel free to make your own as well. I've thought about making a discord group, but I'm not sure I have the time to manage that as well as the game.

As znuffy said you can build monuments. When fully upgraded they're a very efficient source of morale. If you have patches of fertile soil you can also build gardens.

Resources show up on the zoomed out map, but I like the idea of a "find a resource" window. Stellaris has an "expansion planner", and that sort of thing could work well in Bronze Age.

Towers are a good candidate for keeping vision throughout your territory.  They can also slow down attackers that pass through.


If you start upgrading your town center, but something else uses the materials before the town center can finish being built, there's a very good chance that you won't be able to finish building it, because resource buildings will stop producing.

First time I ran into this bug I was upgrading my town center. Hit upgrade, then it shipped off some bronze, used the rest somewhere else then got stuck. I had to abandon the province and re-settle.

Second time, same thing but this time with mud bricks.

Might be a good idea to add a 'cancel upgrade' button, or to immediately reserve the materials for the upgrade.


I'll see what I can do. Probably cancelable upgrades, but also have the structure keep operating while being upgraded. That way the whole settlement doesn't shut down.

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nope, not working, im only getting a black screen...

crash log here: Crash Log (pastebin.com)

and i got latest version of  .NET Framework