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I currently have 2 Settlements one with about 200 and one with 50-100 People and 1 migranting group + 5 Wargroups.

Crashes got a little bit more frequent after 2 hours of play (had 3-5) but now I have constant immediate crashes whenever I load the game.

That's unfortunate, are you on the latest version? There have been  several world load fixes since 1.2.0

Yes I'm on the latest Version.

I don't think the problem is necessarily the world load since it crashed before that.  Would providing you with the save help you with fixing this bug?

It would


I tried it and it's the same fatal error as I described before. But since the 1.2.5 I didn't encounter this

Thanks, I'll take a look.

Thanks to that save file I've got a fix. An odd little edge case around training warriors and me being sloppy when cleaning up after training is complete.

Fix will be in1.2.6, which will be out within the hour.