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There is a file created in the folder with the bronze age executable, crash_log, when an error occurs. Anything in that file?

Where did you put the game? Is it somewhere with special permissions requirements? Like Program Files?

Also try installing the latest .net framework.

The usual culprit for the black screen is an out of date .net framework.

No, I don't like them. I posted on April 1st because that's the day Bronze Age Space came out (as a sort of joke that actually exists)

For 2.6 you can refer to the  modding guide

For the beta / 3.0 there isn't a modding guide yet.

You can make graphics mods if you want. Even though the graphics look like 3D models, they're all flat images. There is a modding guide here and helpful people at #modding-help on the community discord.

Sure, try this one:


Different road types definitely. The better the road, the better they'll handle congestion.

Thanks for the feedback.

A lot of these issues will be addressed in 3.0 (see my recent dev logs), but due to real life constraints that will be slow in coming.

What do you think would be a good reward for growing a large city? Currently you get more viziers up to a city size of 600 or so.

That's a very good point about colorblindness. I plan to mostly show congestion with animated sprites. Small people will travel along the logistics paths, based on how many items are being transmitted. Their speed will be based on congestion, travelling visibly slower in congested areas.

There will probably be an option for a color coded overlay, and I'll try to take colorblindness into account.

Please feel free to make any other accessibility suggestions, I would find them very useful.

I agree, there's too much empty space right now. I think hexes per region feels about right, though.

You're probably creating a zip file of a folder of the files, instead of just the files themselves.

I like it, it's a nice improvement. I would suggest, though, not just dripping the files into Base Mod. Any changes there will likely get wiped out any time I release an update.

Instead you can package or as a mod fairly easily, instructions are in the modding guide.

Unfortunately bronze age isn't set up for localization right now 

If the start button isn't enabled, then it sounds like there might not be any starting location options. Try generating another world.

If you can host the save file, I can take a look at it.

Currently there isn't a framework in place for a map editor or pre-made maps. I've thought about some sort of import tool, but it's pretty low priority for me.

Any sort of victory conditions, I think, will be a part of the story. I hope to start work on adding the story in the next few updates.

Is there any additional information on the error message?

I looked though the automatically reported errors, and I see one around game loading. Where the save file appears to be corrupt.

2. Right now saving has to pause the game, so that world state doesn't change mid saving. I don't really see that changing in the future.

6. Yes, I'd love a system like that. It's in the plans, but will likely be awhile.

Thanks for the interest, but Bronze Age isn't properly set up for localization, so it's but t really feasible.

I haven't had a chance to update Bronze Age: Space to be compatible with the latest version of Bronze Age yet.

  1. Yeah, that behavior isn't ideal. I'll likely change it at some point, but I don't see it as that high a priority.
  2. Is that a problem? Things can change when the game is paused, you can change trade routes and order new construction.
  3. I think that's a rounding error, I'm looking into it.
  4. I think this is due to a limitation of the pathfinding system, but I'll look into it.
  5. I'll look into it.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback.

if you update to the latest version it should be playable now

Excellent, found the problem and I'll have a fix out shortly.


For the performance work, or a final release

If you can host the save file somewhere, I can try and figure out exactly what's going on and put out a patch.

I think it could be failing to clear trade routes when ending trade relations.

Try removing any trade routes to that tribe.

It would be nice to be able to quickly order with right click, but I think that could conflict with using right click for panning.

I could try experiment with scrolling by putting the mouse at the edge of the screen, but it's pretty low priority right now (compared to performance).

Not yet. I just finished a major reorganization, and will be migrating logic from JavaScript to C# over the next few weeks. Once that's done I'll have a good view of how performance has improved.

even 4gd patch:D (for exe to teech programm work with more than 2gb RAM)

Where did you find a 4 gb patch? Bronze Age should be able to use up to 4 gb already, it just doesn't need to. RAM isn't the limiting factor for performance. There are two main problem areas right now: render performance in the zoomed out map, and simulation performance. Both of those are CPU bound. I hope to have updates out to address those problems soon. Thank you for your patience.

and more than 256 palitra in design

I'm not sure what this means.

I'm aware of performance problems, and I'm working on them. It seems that the change to bonuses in the last update may have worsened the issue.

In the mean time, try a smaller map, and the continents or mediterranean world type.

I like it

Did you update to the latest .Net framework? There's a link in the installation instructions.

Also, anything in crash_log.txt? It can be found in the bronze age folder.

(1 edit)

They are based on your settlement population. And I just remembered that I rebalanced them, and forgot to put it in the patch notes...

There are several brackets of settlement size for the Humittes. Each bracket gives one more vizier, except for the first. Going on memory they are: 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, and 640. With another level in there somewhere, I can get the exact numbers later.

Viziers are used to operate "royal" buildings, which usually require limestone and copper/bronze to build.

Is there a file called bronze_crash.txt in the folder with bronze age? That's an automatically created crash log.

Curious. I'll take a look at it. Thanks, and sorry about the broken world. If you send me a link to it, it would help with debugging. And I could likely fix whatever is broken in it.

Try updating to the latest version of the .net framework, that's the usual culprit.

I haven't thought about the bigguns in awhile. They probably won't end up in Bronze Age. Tusked cyclopses would be interesting, though.

The AI should be sending traders. Could be related to a trade pathing bug I'm looking into.

Thanks for the heads up.