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Do you have any cargo in it? Might just need to drive a little more careful, it's a low gravity moon so there's not a lot of force pulling you down.

I'll think on how to do a "unflip the vehicle" action as well

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Ah, unfortunately most of the crucial information was handed out on the community discord server, as this wasn't supposed to be quite so visible on itch yet... oops.

In short, each Brewery should be sustained by 2 barley fields (presuming they have enough room)

For clothing you need 2 flax farms, 2 retters, and 1 weaver.
For 40 houses you'll need: 4 barley farms, 1 brewery, 2 flax farms, 2 retters, 2 weavers, and enough markets that every house is covered by market range

The game as it is now is just a proof of concept, proving out the basic economic mechanics.

If you select one of the houses you can see that the residents have needs, the current "gameplay" is to just meet those needs, while balancing income and workforce.

Oh, though this would have been harder to find without a direct link.
As a warning, this is super early in development.

Try changing to or from full screen mode.

What version of windows do you have?

You're probably wanting one of the 2.X builds. Get the bronze age classic download.

I'm not sure on mod support. I've never really tried it with godot, but the game itself is open source so an interested person could make a modified version.

Player bases are on my "want" list, time will tell how practical implementing them will be.

The basic mechanic is clicking and dragging your people around, and giving them special orders with the buttons on the side of their portraits.

I'm not planning on adding anything more to industrial age.

But the mod itself is open source, so anyone else is free to copy and modify it.

The Naqada, though, I've talked about them on the discord since... maybe from 2.0 days. They've yet to actually make it into the game.

The Masklings always have. In terms of the overall history of Bronze Age, the Shontu are actually fairly new, only showing up in 3.0.

I thought I did update it to be roughly compatible with the  latest Bronze Age before stopping development. I'll try to find time to double check this weekend.

I used this handy little tool:
Converted the 6 cubemap images into a single panorama image for godot.

Ok, I'll make a note of it. Thanks

Unfortunately I've stopped work on Bronze Age, see this dev log for details

Huh, I remember people complaining about the AI not being aggressive enough. I wonder if I did something silly and flipped the effect of hostility. Try with maximum hostility, see if the experience is different.

If memory serves there's an option to change the sensitivity of those warnings.

The game is primarily CPU bound, instead of GPU bound. Try playing on one of the smaller maps, like middle land or river valleys.

I'm planning on handling the differences between the Shontu and Humittes differently in Bronze Age Tribes than previously.

While previously the Humittes and Shontu were (in game terms) entirely different "races", in Tribes cultures will be a more mutable concept. The Shontu and Humittes will both be of the Atlantean race (as are all humans), but with different cultural traits. The shontu won't be coming for awhile, though.

I love bugs like that.

Yeah, totally understand that. I have some other ideas, like a bonus to an archeology system like Stellaris, revolving around discovering and recovering Atlantean ruins. But that's pretty far into the nebulous future.

There will be seafaring to some extent. Fishing was long request in Bronze Age 3 that I never got around to, but the new pop system I'm working on would support it better.

Actually that sounds about in line with what I have planned. Cities won't be just a single tile, but a bunch of "urbanized" tiles next to each other. Urbanized tiles will also be able to house multiple pops.

More on that in a bit, as it gets closer to development.

What do you mean by a little buggy?

Could likely be the LoD

Two additional notes. Bronze Age: Deluxe is now free for everyone.

If anyone wants a refund of your donation, let me know and I'll figure out how to do it.

Hmm, that actually sounds like a bug to me.

You should be able to pacify them by providing chickens.

Select the wolf den, and click "Details" to view the pacification options.

Interesting, that part seems more easily fixable, at least. I've been pretty burned out lately, but I'll see if I can take a look next week.

Thanks for playing and reporting issues. Better an issue reported than one not reported.

Interesting, thanks for the info.

I think that's the first I've heard of that issue. The xnb files are just the internal format that monogame uses after importing, you shouldn't need any additional software.

Are there any sounds being produced at all? In Bronze Age music and sound are loaded differently.

Warehouses do two things: they store items, and they increase delivery range. Most structures can only deliver items to 10 tiles away or so. Warehouses have a practically unlimited delivery range.

The wheelbarrow people technically exist for each city (not villages) in the world. Their overhead is incredibly small, though, as it's essentially moving along a number line. I believe that the current performance drag is down to logic running on individual structures, but I'll look into that more after tactical combat.

Units consume a certain amount of supplies, and require deliveries of items to restore supplies. When they've run out of supplies, they start suffering damage.

The root problem, I believe, is that for some reason the items aren't getting delivered.

There is a good comparison shot at the bottom of this update:

To be honest I haven't spent much time playing the main game lately. Most of my bronze age time has been focused on tactical battles.

I should be able to focus more on the game as a whole once tactical battles are in place.

I'm thinking of overhauling how armies are supplied entirely, to make it easier to supply them in friendly territory, but still keeping logistics an important concern.

I haven't taken the time to look deeper into the "delivering items from a city to things outside" problem, I've been pretty focused on tactical combat.

There are issues with delivering items from within a city to armies camped outside. I believe it's related to haulers needing to physically move items to the edge of the city map.
Do you use warehouses?

You have it correct

All settlements adjacent to a city belong to its province, and share items amongst each other. Provinces are automatically created whenever a village is upgraded to a city.

Yeah, I've seen that too. I'll take a look.