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Commodore Shawn

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Replied to Twonky in Bug Reports

Thanks to that save file I've got a fix. An odd little edge case around training warriors and me being sloppy when cleaning up after training is complete.

Fix will be in1.2.6, which will be out within the hour.

Replied to Twonky in Bug Reports

Thanks, I'll take a look.

Replied to Twonky in Bug Reports

It would

The world generates as you explore it, Minecraft-style.

Replied to Balthezsar in Bug Reports

Made a note of it, thanks.

Replied to Twonky in Bug Reports

That's unfortunate, are you on the latest version? There have been  several world load fixes since 1.2.0

I'm afraid that could be related to a bug around warbands getting stuck while pathing. An enemy warband wants the center of its formation to be in your town, but the warriors can't actually get there. Your warband is trying to fight the enemy,  and is squaring off with where the enemy wants to be.

Unfortunately there's no fix for that yet, sorry about that.

A potential workaround would be to garrison that warband in another settlement, which would put them out of aggro range of the enemy warband's supposed position.

This will probably stay a solo project for the forseeable future, I work with a team for my day-job, and it's nice to have a code-base all to myself for the evenings. 

I haven't decided, funding-wise. I don't want to pull a bait-and-switch, but some sort of funding would allow for hardware purchases to support porting to different platforms, or hiring an artist to do the visuals justice. I'm leaning towards keeping the base game free, however.

Are you getting any errors?

I could see about making a proper Mac build, but I don't have a test machine to verify it on.

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The Trade wagon displays as a 3x3 tiles, but in actuallity it only occuplies a 1 tile space. What you're seeing is probably the wagon overlapping onto the water.

There's an issue in 1.2.5 where pathing can ignore structures in some edge cases. I have a fix in 1.3, but I could release it early if it really bugs you.

Edit: Masklings shouldn't ignore the walls, so don't worry about your defenses being useless.

I have an eventual plan of accounting for "natural" population growth. It's not too high of a priority right now, though.

Are they in the middle of a street, or in a cramped area? Could be a bug with formation movement. You can order them to garrison in a settlement, that should cause them to break formation and move.

For towers and gatehouses it would be easy, since they already have rotation information. For other structures it might be possible, but would take a lot of art work. It's a highly requested feature though.

Replied to BOBROSSU in Bug Reports

They could be trying to travel to a different farm, but are unable to reach it. Citizens cannot walk over farms at present.

I know that used to be a problem, but I'm not seeing that behavior in 1.2.5.

(Edited 1 time)

I'll see what I can do with that.

Edit: though the game is still running when minimized, muting the game would remove audio cues that you're under attack.

Hmm, hadn't thought about that. Something to consider though. In 1.2.5 destroying maskling camps reduces the intensity of raids, so there's a little incentive to going on the offensive.

Huh, I've never heard of that before. What would be an improvement? Lighter? Darker?

Pigs add wealth to your settlement and are used to create wagons for trading.

could we upgrade towers/gates/walls for higher hp? Maybe revising copper weapons increases towers attack?

I was just thinking of upgrading for higher hp, but higher damage is a good idea too.

It's possible that a settlement's influence range expanded to a maskling camp, there's no cap on it currently.

As a performance optimization citizens will "give up" if they can't reach a destination or get closer to a destination after a thousand calculations or so. What's happening there is the citizens are getting "stuck" in a spot too far from a door. 

Do you know what version you're on? 1.2.4 has a significant performance fix that is affected by world size and structure count.

That's a heck of a city you have there, no wonder it lagged....

I like the idea of travelling merchants. An eventual goal is to have trading outside your tribe.

Structure upgrading is planned, though I wasn't thinking of it for houses, mostly for defenses and farms. For upgrading houses, it would seem a little silly to have more than 1 citizen per tiny little house.

Created a new topic Public Issue Tracker

I've made a board on Trello to track planned features and known bugs. You can check here to see if a bug has been reported, and I'll add bugs as I become aware of them.


Replied to Brugink in Bug Reports

Made a note of those, thanks!

I saw a crash in 1.2.4 around fighting masklings, still trying to chase it down.

Migrants idle when they reach the settlement's influence range (the distance at which you can construct buildings). That influence range is based on population, and can get pretty big. Those idle migrants will stop idling as soon as they're assigned a task.

Roads need a little rework, currently placing a road erases whatever was beneath it, hence why everything turns to grass.

Not building roads on mountains makes sense, maybe with a different type of work designation that could flatten the mountain (to make a pass, or allow for building a mine)

Eventually it will tie into happiness, but right now it just affects the homelessness percentage.

Also it affects how you can sleep at night, knowing your poor citizens are hungry and cold, sleeping on the streets. :P

In terms of wealth? Or in general?

Items sitting in a structure somewhere is what counts towards wealth in 1.2.5. When food is consumed the item is destroyed, and no longer counts toward wealth. Food is used by houses and barracks. Every 600 turns (a little over 2 minutes) a house requests a piece of food, and destroys it when it gets it.

Barracks also consume food, but work a little differently. Each warrior garrisoned in a barracks consumes "supplies", this is just a counter in the building. A barracks will request food, and consume it to produce more "supplies". In general, for each warrior in a barracks, that barracks will need 1 food every 300 turns (75 seconds).

Bakeries consume wheat and produce food, on a 1-1 ratio, taking 10 turns each time. Farms consume nothing, and produce 3 wheat, taking 60 turns to do so.

All of these numbers could change, of course.

In 1.2 food and logs add 1 wealth per item. I'm planning on removing that, as it seems really easily abused.

I'm currently testing 1.2.5, which will cap immigration to no more than half the population. That seems to give more manageable population growth.

Currently the immigrant spawner aims to reduce your per capita wealth to target number, and will add as many migrants as it needs to do that. The target number increases over the first few waves of migrants. The first two waves target a per capita wealth of 3, the next two target 4, and every wave after that targets 5.

I'm looking to rebalance this, but that's the logic as it stands in 1.2.4

Towers and gatehouses give 3 wealth, tradehouses and barracks give 4. Most other buildings give 2 or 1.

Next major update will probably be at least two weeks.  Possibility for smaller bug fixes and tweaks in the mean-time.

My current thoughts for the feature are: a pantheon of 5 or so gods and godesses, each with a different area of interest. The player can build temples to curry favor with the gods. The more favor with the god, the more benefit the god gives. The player can also invoke the god for miracles.

As an example: Akkan the Skyfather is the god of the skies, and father of the pantheon. Earning favor with him provides favorable weather (occasional light rains, fewer storms). He can be asked to create a storm, with lighting bolts striking enemies.

Created a new topic New Discussion Board

I've changed from a comments section to a discussion board. Sadly that means the old comments are no longer visible. Thanks for all of your past feedback, and I hope that trend continues. 

Created a new topic Bug Reports

Did something break? Please tell me about it.

I'm curious about your hesitation around gods and religion, would you mind expanding on that?

I have some more types of masklings in mind, some with blow-guns, others riding rats, as well as other species of enemy. Big ogre type guys, mole-men, and giant ants. Eventually I'd like other civilizations like the player's, but that's a lot more involved.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback. I think  found the issue with the crash you're seeing. I fixed it in 1.1, but managed to un-fix it in 1.2. It should be re-fixed when I push 1.2.4. 

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.