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Also, bug I noticed:

An enemy axeman was attacking one of my archers. I moved the archer out of melee range, but the axeman just stood his place and attacked. It seems like the archer was still recieving damage as well, and died shortly afterwards. The axeman was quite a distance away at that point.

I love the art style. The food needs are a little unintuitive, maybe a tooltip when hovering, to explain it?

Have you set the items to trade?  Trade routes will accumulate items to send based on their "item per season" rate, and the storage of the destination settlement.

They will automatically fulfill any trade routes you've created. As long as they are ordered to trade for a settlement (which they are by default), they should take care of the rest.

The Masklings not being self sufficient is central to what makes them different. If they could make those materials they wouldn't need to raid and steal. They might be a little too overpowered, even.

Yep, I'm working on that right now.

Have you installed the latest .net framework? That usually fixes that issue.

There are some good ideas in there.

A game editor inside the game most likely isn't going to happen. I could set up  a converter to handle maps made by an outside tool, but that's very low priority right now.

Tower range overlays are a good idea.

Olive trees for happiness would make sense. But I think Bronze Age is ok for happiness sources now.

A northern world type could be neat. Might make for a good small update in winter, a thematic holidays update.

Replied to hurleyef in Bug Reports

Thanks for letting me know, I'll see what I can do.

Replied to demolish238 in Bug Reports

Did you try removing some waypoints? I have a hunch that the waypoint right next to the dock was confusing the pather. I'll take a look.

Unfortunately, that's not possible without entirely rewriting the game.

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The fact is that I already have a job. Bronze Age is my hobby, and as much as I like working on it, and all of the interactions with players around it, I have a family to feed.  Bronze Age doesn't pay the bills.

Additionally, how am I supposed to gather sponsors if I'm not charging for the game? Wouldn't investors want their money back at some point?

Hi, thanks for playing, and for your feedback. Replying point by point:

  • In the future I plan to have military units without a barracks suffer attrition and die, but for now they will hang around until killed.
  • The only ways to reduce population are to create settlers, or kill them.
  • In ancient Mesopotamia wood was too rare to burn, other fuels would be used instead (dung, brush). I've had some good suggestions around coal and charcoal (which could be produced from wood) for further bakery and bronze smelter upgrades, but  they seem low priority for now.
  • You can trade wheat, is that not enough?
  • You can send multiple settlers, and have them join the settlement once it's founded.
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Did you exit the game before trying again? There could some memory held on to by the previous world.

Replied to miloszgost in Bug Reports
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It looks like it's failing to generate a trade route, and crashing every frame. I'll look into it, thanks.

Edit: yep, it appears to be failing to calculate an impossible trade route. I'll have a fix to more gracefully handle it out tonight. Thanks again for reporting the issue.

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Downloading Bronze Age with the itch app will avoid any problems with permissions, and keep the game up to date as well.

I have thought about it, but I don't think it's feasible. The game makes a lot of assumptions about there only being one player.

Yep, that's the one

It should be in there. A function called AddUnit (or something like that)

You can create a unit directly through scripts. See t_unrest_incidents for examples, when it creates rioters.

Feasts were broken. They should be working in 2.4.3

Replied to eyalonsky in Bug Reports

That's actually deliberate. TestMod is designed to demonstrate some things you can do in mods.

Oops, totally slipped my mind. I'll up the base storage amount.

Replied to hurleyef in Bug Reports

Yes. In 2.3 it felt like once you had one Tin source that's all you ever needed. I could bring the cost back down a bit, though.

Replied to hurleyef in Bug Reports

Yeah, I noticed that this morning when starting on diplomacy. They should be generating again in 2.4.2

Replied to ubiest in Bug Reports

That all sounds very odd. What's your setup?

Bronze Age: Space has it's own issue tracker. https://trello.com/b/6HyAvjyk/bronze-age-space

Work on Bronze Age itself takes priority, though. Space is more of a "when I want a change of pace"

Good catch, thanks

Replied to HJVT in Bug Reports

I'll take a look, thanks.

This is just fine for publishing mods. I'm curious as to how well the "Alolan Exeggutor WatchTower" works though. That's quite the sight range. Any performance issues with it in the world?

There should be a small patch next week, with a couple bug fixes, tweaks, and compatibility with Bronze Age 2.4

Try the Terrans or the Seekers

Which race did you pick?

The Terrans are the new space race. The terrain in the solar system map wont work with the vanilla Bronze Age buildings.

Seems the Seekers settlements have gotten too big. I can put a cap on their settlements which will prevent the problem from reoccurring, but that won't do anything to salvage that save, unfortunately.

There are some performance improvements coming in Bronze Age 2.4 that should help though. That will probably be next week.

Replied to wishcraft in Bug Reports

I'm glad you got it working. 

F2 will bring up the performance window. Could you screen shot it?

Is wow good or bad?

Replied to wishcraft in Bug Reports

Honestly I have no idea.

Replied to wishcraft in Bug Reports
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That looks like a change I'll have to make on my end. Doesn't seem to be a problem, though. I'll test it out and push out a patch shortly.

EDIT: Version 2.3.5 is out, which should address the issue.

That sounds suspiciously similar to some of the story ideas I have. Those probably won't be showing up for a couple of updates, but I really like the idea of extended story events that can chain together in a larger narrative. Similar to Stellaris.