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Yeah kept forgetting about that art glitch. it's fixed now tho. Thanks for reminding me.

I want to make him a lot more "monkeys paw" like but I'm not sure how I would allow the player to generate favour with him. I also do not know a lot of ways to allow him to monkeys paw players without it throwing off the balancing. Before this you could ask him for military help and would get something between a trader and Twelpwar. I also want him to be a little bit less of a risky choice now that you can always choose him. Before I took him out he could change you from playing the twelpers to some random maskling tribe which was fun but I can imagine some players having some problems with that. 

Maybe I could just let the player choose how much risk he wants to go for and have it be a little bit more risk/reward like in a sense that if you choose low risk and ask for military help you might just get a single soldier or trader if you go high risk it could be an actually good unit or he spawns an enemy invasion right on your doorstep. 

But really I'm open to ideas.

I think a decrease in tin needed in smelters back to 1 and a decrease in tin production in the mines would be good.

This way you can still distribute bronze in your kingdom by shipping tin and smelting it at the settlement where it arrives while at the same time tin is still more valuable than copper.

Well I'm gonna try to look into it.

I'm not sure if that's my Mods fault. Does it only happen with my mod?

Well I removed it. 

Pretty weird I didn't find the problem when testing. Anyway I checked and fixed it. 

Decided to remove the naming patterns for now because they weren't really impressive in any way.

Hey if you find any bugs or had any troubles post them here and I'll try to fix them.

If you find a bug, tell me what happend and what you did before the bug happened. You can also try pressing F3 and see if there a error message and send me your save file/crash report if needed.

Hey just wanted to mention.


I now have an itch.io Page and I updated my mod it now includes Religions and probably a whole lot of new bugs so check it out if you want.

Have you tried <animation type="swim" or <animation type="swimming" yet? I doubt they work because boats/swimming aren't really in the game yet but if that doesn't work I guess you'll have to wait. 

In wg_biomes you can change the move cost for every terrain.

Have you tried <placement_restriction type="not_walkable"/> ? Since oceans are not walkable while swamp pools are.

I send you a friend request on Discord.

I guess that's a little bit of math but I'll manage.

The Farming noise probably because Twelpers have lots of  buildings using them while Humans tend to have only a few. The real problem I think is that whenever you load the game or move your screen to a huge amount of farms it sounds like all the sounds that could play get played at the same time.

No idea why this is happening but I have the same problem. If I can't fix it until the next update I might just remove the sound.

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I definitely noticed that and as Boyardee said if you pause while the Capitol shoots like that you're in for a treat for your ears. And that was one of the pain points because I have no idea how to fix it or what causes this. (I think in general sounds should also stop
while the game is paused).

Well, you could always deconstruct the building or some Livingblood refineries.  But I guess I should lower the price for the Livingblood mine. If you  want to use a glitch in the game you can just wait for the needed amount of resources to show up once in the top and press the building you want to build at the same moment. This way you can build buildings even when do no actually have the required resources anymore. Especially easy to exploit with traders bringing in a bunch of Livingblood that gets used up withing a few seconds.

Yeh that's gonna be fun time having to fix everything once again.

My Pain points were.

  • My ears I played the game mostly on mute after some time. Especially when it was running in the background.
  • The Fact that the game tends to hang up/crash when I type "cooper" instead of "copper" in an XML file and want to see why some game files didn't load (Thanks for the crash log btw. really saved me in that department).
  • When you make a mistake the game or crash log will usually tell you that "building.xml contains no elements" this won't happen if you make mistakes in the upgrade for the building where it will simply not be upgradeable.
  • I would really like some comments in the maskling ai script and the other ones. In the files I have a potential new enemy race but simply applying the maskling ai didn't work and I cannot figure out why or how I fix this.
  • I miss the ability of the classic version where you could upgrade on multiple paths. I heard that you plan to make maskling structures need human resources like mudbrick. Obviously I do not have those most of the time but I could simply add a maskling upgrade that works with Livingblood. (Or alternatively get my own AI to work).
  • Another thing would be the possibility to have multiple admin buildings. (As in main capital, outpost, aquatic outpost) and therefore beeing able to choose which admin building to build. Right now it just builds the first one it finds.
  • If you hover your mouse (while moving units) over a block surrounded by mountain peaks the game is going to have some trouble finding a path. Same goes for islands unreachble by land units and water unreachable by sea units. And if you have a huge army it always takes a while really annoying when you send your giant army over the whole map and the pathing finding searches for a path to every tile between your units and the tile they're acutally supposed to go. Maybe make the pathfinding system wait 10-50 milliseconds for it to start working once the mouse hovers over a new tile.
  • Not being able to add new sounds.
  • I think there were a couple more that I can't think of right now. A lot of those were probably my own fault but I guess another thing that would be nice would be, for the programm to tell you at which point in the xml file I made a mistake. instead of saying "building.xml didn't load" it could say "building.xml failed to load problem at line 12" or at whatever line the problem actually happens. If that is even possible.

All in all I do have to say that once you get the hang of it modding currently is extremly easy and excluding the art it is possible to create huge mods within a short period of time.

Post turned out a bit longer than I expected.

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My Mod adds a new race the Twelperinos a race of wormlike beeings living purely on a resource called Livingblood.

Newest versions

Older Versions----

V 1 Download here Works for 2.1.x

V 1.1 Download here Works for 2.2.2

The newest version brings a whole new feature: Religions chose 1 of currently 4 Gods (with 2 more planned) for your Twelper tribe. Also the Download to the Mod is now on it's own itch.io Page.

Have to agree with skd the game feels really slow right now and you have to wait quite a bit from time to time.

Maybe increase the amount of migrants you can get at the beginning of the game and scale pop growth with the size of the settlement since I think it's weird that my 40 pop grows as fast as my 5 pop new settlement.

Combat or general unit management needs some improvement I think. The trade caravan I have, spends most of the time in front of my admin center blocking the road like every other unit does so raising an army and getting it out of a crowded settlement is time consuming. A way for them to travel through each other in some way (Maybe only when they are standing on roads?) would be nice. Also some sort of way to control multiple units instead of giving each unit the order to move up one hex it would be neat if I could just tell all units I selected to move up one hex in their current formation.

Also, I think settlements are bound to the biome they were started in, right? I like the idea, however I made a settlement on the border of one without knowing and couldn't build any walls around it. Settlements should not only be limited by biome but also be given a radius of  2 hexes around the admin center in which they can build regardless of biome areas so you can always build roads and walls.

That all being said I will miss the classic version, but think these new changes were worth it. Settlements make more sense now and combat feels a lot better.

Yes that's it, ain't the first time this has happened.

Also a little question. Is it possible to destroy/capture maskling settlements yet? And if yes is there a period I have to replace involved?

I played around some more and actually found the bug. I noticed everytime something in the files said 0.75 I noticed it acted like it was actually 75. So I decided to go through the files and exchange every "." with a "," and now it works without a problem and a lot of bugs that I found are resolved at once.


Here is the REAL fixed version. Worldgen works and roads can now be used without the player dying of old age.

Alright played around with some of the files and finally created a somewhat working Version for me.


For everyone with the same Problems that I'm having just put it into your mod folder and load it. I deleted the ocean and sand biome and added limestone and copper to grasslands since that is the only biome that can generate so this way you can play around with everything in the game. The map just looks pretty ugly since there is only grasslands and weird River/Mountains.

Very happy that it's finally here but.

For me it doesn't crash instead just generating pure water worlds with everything being ocean in preview and giving me only ocean starting points that do not really work for starting a game.


Also saved one of the maps just to see if the save data is anything different but as you can see there is literally just Water/ocean.

So I continued by playing around with the files and I think the noise maps have some problems. I deleted the ocean biome from the files and now I live in a world with only deserts and mountains.

Found some new bugs.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vi9... Maskling camps can spawn on rivers which is kinda weird.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmq1... If you have a bunch of migrants and send them through a bunch of streets the may become stuck and completly unable to move. I had that situation happen twice in that settlement. Just make a new migrant group and send them north (You can just send them to join the city again and then form a new migrant group).

Another thing I noticed was that masklings camps can be built/spawn on top of each other.

Also the performance stat window in region map mode.

Gets only displayed on the unexplored area.

Some other things that I'm not sure about are.
Does the homeless counter round up?  Had no one showing up to one of my settlements until I built 1 more house and suddenly people came. Might have just been a coincidence.
And I think if you have skirmishers and archers in your army your army should stop/slow down at a range of 20 instead of 10.
Also the fast forward buttons could be linked up to + and - and a pause button right next to them would be nice i think

Apart from that though I currently have a 1000+ Population world that has only crashed once. So I'm pretty happy about that.

Yes it did. It had enough for around 70-100 people I built the whole settlement with the starting 17 people.

I even send in a second migrant wave from the capital after a few Years and started importing food from other settlements because the 17/34 people couldn't support all the houses I had built. It took 3-4 Years for the first real migrants to show up.

You should actually still have the save with that settlement it was the last I uploaded the settlement between the 2 mountain areas. Btw. you said you wanted to use it for performance test. Were you able to fix some of the crashes happening every few minutes?

I had that problem too with a wealth of 32 and a wealth of 11 and they choose the 11 wealth settlement although those settlements were founded at a later date and the 32 wealth one was the second.

I have a small suggestion.

Right now I when you build a pasture your tribesmen walk around the entire map trying to find pigs and while doing so are excellent scouts. I would suggest a building like an explorers hut where one tribesmens job is to just walk around the map and instead of  walking towards the next pig he should walk towards the next "black" square.

(Edited 1 time)

I broke another save. Thanks for "fixing" the first one btw.


This one was created in 1.2.5 but I copied it to 1.2.6 originally it worked and I could close and reload it without a problem but now at the end I closed the entire application and then tried to reload and it just shows fatal error. Got up to over a thousand people this time.


When someone is hurt you can see the "!" in the grey area around the screen.


Yes I'm on the latest Version.

I don't think the problem is necessarily the world load since it crashed before that.  Would providing you with the save help you with fixing this bug?

I currently have 2 Settlements one with about 200 and one with 50-100 People and 1 migranting group + 5 Wargroups.

Crashes got a little bit more frequent after 2 hours of play (had 3-5) but now I have constant immediate crashes whenever I load the game.