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2.0 Feedback

A topic by Commodore Shawn created Nov 04, 2017 Views: 530 Replies: 24
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2.0 was a pretty major change to the game, and I'd appreciate any feedback you all have on it. 

The next few releases are roughly planned out on the Issue Tracker. I'm planning on the Conquest Update next, as the Masklings feel particularly weak right now. Any feedback on prioritization or new features is also welcome.


I dunno about anyone else, this might just be a problem with my monitor and it's size, but when I'm playing, the size of the town icon and how much resources it has is obnoxiously large. There's no way to minimize it and it takes up a good quarter of the screen. It's just a personal thing but it's annoying, at least for me


Strange, could you post a screenshot so I can try and figure it out?

I agree with this, you mean the box at the top of the screen that shows your town and resources? I also agree you should be able to minimize it. I never look at it lol.

Hey! I like the game, but I have a few things that I noticed with the update that get in the way.

  • The game is a lot slower than 1.4. Population grows very slowly, I can never seem to get immigrants, and the buildings seem to take forever to build. There used to be a fast-forward feature that I used all the time, but I can't find it in this version, if it's there.
  • In terms of building, a few things stand out. I already mentioned the slow building times, but also it took a while before I realized that the game pauses entirely when you enter the build menu. I was hoping to sort of "pass the time" reading up on the different buildings while the game ran in the background.
  • I got confused when I saw the pre-designated areas for where your settlements were allowed to be. Is there something I'm missing there?

I hope you don't take this as me being mean or anything. 1.4 was excellent and I know you spent a lot of time on 2.0, and I'm really excited to see how this grows. 

I agree with these points


Have to agree with skd the game feels really slow right now and you have to wait quite a bit from time to time.

Maybe increase the amount of migrants you can get at the beginning of the game and scale pop growth with the size of the settlement since I think it's weird that my 40 pop grows as fast as my 5 pop new settlement.

Combat or general unit management needs some improvement I think. The trade caravan I have, spends most of the time in front of my admin center blocking the road like every other unit does so raising an army and getting it out of a crowded settlement is time consuming. A way for them to travel through each other in some way (Maybe only when they are standing on roads?) would be nice. Also some sort of way to control multiple units instead of giving each unit the order to move up one hex it would be neat if I could just tell all units I selected to move up one hex in their current formation.

Also, I think settlements are bound to the biome they were started in, right? I like the idea, however I made a settlement on the border of one without knowing and couldn't build any walls around it. Settlements should not only be limited by biome but also be given a radius of  2 hexes around the admin center in which they can build regardless of biome areas so you can always build roads and walls.

That all being said I will miss the classic version, but think these new changes were worth it. Settlements make more sense now and combat feels a lot better.

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Great game overall, but I think a few features could be added.

1. Possibly a time control feature like the old game, normal speed, quick and fast.

2. Building queue feature (for like creating multiple roads, not having to manually create them)

3. More immigrants. I barely get any.

4. More food output for bakeries.


The amount of immigrants has been deliberately reduced. They are designed to help get you started to the point where you should be able to grow settlements naturally.

Have you upgraded the bakeries?


It's really slow getting copper, and my trade caravans are having a lot of trouble delivering, so upgrading isn't a very viable option.

true as well.

Looks great but when I want to preview or create a world it tells me that there was a Fatal error after the region centers get picked. And also in the menu it shows me that almost every file of the game failed to load. I tried playing a little with the files and I made the most progress with the Comma fix where I could generate the world and preview it but I couldnt start in the starting point, it wouldnt allow me to press the button.


That problem should be fixed in 2.0.1, which went up last night.


I like the new version but unfortunately not as the previous one. I would love to see a time control in the game, the pace in the beginning of the game is sleepy for me. 
I don't like the idea of bonding the city to a specified region, it makes my city not being able to grow into reach ground, trees or materials that are just 1-2 tiles from my settlement. It does not look natural, I loved that I could create large cities and small villages and towns around it to help the main city in the previous version, I was feeling free and only my imagination could stop me, now I am feeling very limited. I am sad I cannot build metropolies anymore. 
However, I will still play this game, newer versions as well and possibly create some graphic mods. I admire the amount of work you had to put in this game, it is amazing. 

different but i like. needs a fast forward button. :)

So far I am enjyoing it, but I do not quite understand the settlers beacuse on the start I can create settlers but as my settlement advances I cannot create settlers. Does it scale and I need more free workers by how much my settlement has advanced?


You should be able to create a settler as long as you have a free citizen. You also need empty space (or a road) next to the administration center (the tents).


I played 2.0 and was enjoying, until I found a maskling "village" after that everything went down hill because they started to attack every unit I had, that was not in the city, whether it was near them or extremely far away. Also because after a while I started seeing more and more huge hoards of masklings and less and less frames to the point where it was unplayable. Other than that it was pretty good, didn't really get far enough to find many/any bugs or come up with a feature that people might enjoy in this game, keep up the good work. 

I got a city with 3 completely full regions with buildings and once I saved it and than loaded it up I had like 10 frames per second. Normaly when I have this FPS drop after loading I have like 2 frames per second

My city was rather big and I had fine FPS. How long were you playing, like in a matter of years?

I was at Mid Summer 624 and I think it starts on 530 so 94 years. That's longer than I thought.

Liking the new 2.0 game. think its balanced nicely masklings actually protect their camps alot better now, atleast from my interaction with them. however is it possible to effectively "group" the warbands so you can tell them to go to an area at the same time as moving each individual warband is obnoxious. Also i got to about 110 citizens and my game slowed significantly. One last nit picky thing i have to ask is could you add a sound control bar for each building type as i find the lumber mills get annoying after a while :) other then that looking forward for more!

Tried out 2.0.2, performance is terrible. I'm getting low FPS practically from the outset.


Strange. Does performance improve if you turn off the construction grid and the border display?

I'm having the same problem, can't say anything conclusive but it's usually the worst when im building things in rapid succession.