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I'm being completely honest, the games story was awful. *cough* smoking weed and being WAY soft *cough* 

But I like the graphics, and that part.  idk why the election was a big deal, another president. ta da. 

Very nice game, stunning graphics, amazing concept. I feel like this is a singleplayer .io game. Overall its very impressive, and very short yes. 9/10 in my book!

update would be nice though.

Really fun game... Good for if your bored :)

Created a new topic Needs Improvment. Good conept.

Good concept your shooting for.

After 5 minutes of playing I encountered about.. 5 glitches or so.

When you ride a horse into water, you obviously dismount the horse, but when you get out of the water from there you cant walk, you swim.

You cannot dismount a horse by keyboarding "E" you have to go all the way into your inventory, etc etc.

Trader is way to expensive, very discouraging.

Jumping is Very slow, not even worth it.

Doesn't show HOW many arrows you have in your inventory, eventually I couldn't shoot. Idk if it was a glitch or I ran out of arrows, and I couldn't attack to get more if there was more.

Game crashes once you reach the village.

I jumped off a hill, small hill, and I got glitched in the jump setting, again I couldn't walk. 

Animals chase you for a Very long time, even if you are very far away. 

Need more class choices

Name requirement, shouldn't be required.

But their are pros, many, I'm not getting into that though.