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A Story Line For Whoever Wants It. (horror)

A topic by DankLord created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 133
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I had a dream last night, that was so hell bound I had to write it down.

Thought it made a good story line, would be good in a "short horror game or short horror film" something like that.

If you do use this, please just comment saying so.

"I was running down this hill, buildings on all sides of me, made from brick. I got near the bottom of this hill, and me and 3 other people were running from something. We jumped into a house (through the window) and it was black dark inside. We all looked back in fear, to see if something would come through the window we had gone through. But he passed. A giant man, wearing dark military green clothing, with blood stains covering his body. We all slowly walked back towards the houses front door, all the sudden without our knowing the door opened backwards. And he was right there, a bag over his head. Everything went black.

I woke inside a large warehouse. The part or corner of the warehouse I was in, was like a gym/car mechanics area. I sat on a raised stairway in front of different metal parts and tools. There was a guard rail in front of me I was leaning onto. I was dizzy and light headed but I looked up, I saw what I think was my friends skinned bodies hanging from the opposite wall. I was scared but not upset, there was a door under their bodies that slowly opened, and it had one window but bars where over it. And the door was wooden with a metal round doorknob. The man came out, he had a large butcher knife in his hands. And he began to walk over to me.

I was in so much fear I couldn’t move. I was frozen. I thought he was going to kill me, but when he got over to me, he just stared in my direction, 1 foot away or so from my face. He began to talk in this deep broken voice, “I spared you because you are young” he said, “I don’t kill someone who has not discovered his full potential.” I was astonished but still scared, this killer actually spared me. He began talking again after a brief pause, “Now that I have spared your life, you will help me”. Those were his last words before he walked off to the bodies and began to cut into them.

I got up shaking, and began to walk and look around, the giant man killer didn’t look at me but took a glance every once in a while. Chains were everywhere but in the back of the warehouse, there was at first shelves and shelves of boxes and cement, then bikes for the rest of the entire warehouse. I walked to the door, and tried to look through the small window with bars on it.

The door itself I didn’t try to open, but when I looked through all I could see was a red lamp in the back left corner, putting off an eerie red hazed light. Following that, I looked on the floor only to see another skinless body.

Again I was shaken, but I knew I had to eventually find an escape, but first I must gain this monsters trust.

So I went down to him as he was still butchering my companions, he looked up at me and stood up, at least 5ft taller than me. He pointed to the 2 large garage doors, but more specifically a small palm sized red button to open the left or the right one. I walked over to them as he pointed to them and I hit the left garage opener, the left door began to open, then did open. My eyes opened wide in confusion as I looked outside, large city like brick houses, so tall I couldn’t tell you how tall. On the slanted hill, I was running on. The city never ended, the brick houses never ended. Many questions ran through my mind. I stood there and the man killer came over beside me, he put his hand on my head and turned my face towards him as to face him. He lifted his left hand and snapped.

Suddenly I was running again, fast, alongside me was a man in a yellow shirt with white hair, he looked like a meth addict. We were running in your average neighborhood, towards this yellow trailer home. Or mobile home. Once we reached it, he told me to go to the right and check it out. He waited at the front door, to the right of the mobile home was a chain link fence, I looked out and saw small chicken feeders. All the sudden the odor in the air lifted into a heavy horrible stench, it was so powerful and rotten. I waved the smell away from my nose and walked back to my companion. “Smells like something died back there, but I don’t see anything” I said, he nodded and then he knocked on the door.

A man in a white T opened the door, he was bald and his eyes were blood shot. His arms where hairy, looked like a very broken down type of person. My companion said to let us in, but the man just stood their staring at us. Then the man opened the door and stepped aside as for us to come in. So we did, and when we went in it looked like an office. The man said “hello, how can I help you?” then my companion said, “you don’t need to” as he took a pocketknife he had in his pocket, and punctured the man’s chin with it, not killing him but wounding him severely. The man fell to the floor moaning in agony as I followed my companion who walked onward towards a medium sized green safe, he broke open the safe and inside was hordes of money and drugs. He told me to go grab the bucket by the door and I did, he threw as much money as he could into the bucket. I began to walk out the door with a bucket full of money. Then I turned back to see if he was coming, he snorted something and came my way with his share.

We both ran away from the house, I turned to look back at the house but nothing was there, blackness. I looked back in front of me, and the man killer was standing right there, but not standing in front of me. He was standing in front of my companion, he lifted the companion into the air by his neck. And crushed his throat, ultimately killing him. I watched as this all happened, and all the sudden I got woozy again, the ground began to shake. Then i blacked out.

I woke up in the same spot as I had before in the man killer’s warehouse, same effects to. I looked up and saw he wasn’t there, the man killer, but a body was hanging from the ceiling, blood dripping down from him. He was wearing a yellow shirt, and had white hair. I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know the guy. Then I wondered, did I lead him here? I didn’t know.

The man killer opened the room door, and walked out. To the middle of the garage and stared at me. He then proceeded to open the garage doors, both of them, and he looked outwards. Outside where about 8 people wrapped in chains screaming, he threw them in the warehouse all laying on the floor unable to move. I sat there and watched, confused as to what was happening, and unable to intervene. The man killer then closed the doors, and began to walk towards his door. Opening it one second and closing it the next, he was gone. I went down to inspect the people, all of them were alive and still yelling in frustration to get out of the chains. I jumped down and freed them one by one, knowing I most likely made a mistake. They all immediately ran for the back of the warehouse, hiding or banging on the walls trying to get out. They must have knew what this place was… Since everyone else hid, I started to walk back in the isles of the warehouse. And as I passed the first isle, I glanced back to check the man killers door, and it was open, he was standing by it looking directly at me. He had this huge, knife – axe mix in his other hand.

I sprinted to the way back of the warehouse where all the bikes where, I went to the back of one isle and hid in between the bikes thinking I was hidden. A person came running down the aisle, one of the biked tires bent and grabbed her leg, dragging her into the bike racks. Her screams loud and echoing off the warehouse’s walls. All the sudden it went deathly quiet. Fearing the worst I tried to be as silent as possible. I knew others were hiding now, just like me, from the man eater. I heard very faint but heavy footsteps as I hid, going through each isle. But I heard no screams, no movement, nothing. We all must have hid pretty well, even though I didn’t know who the others were. The man eater began to walk down my aisle now, slowly, dragging his huge axe-knife weapon thing, I began to shiver in fear as he walked right by me. A wave of relief hit me. Then all the sudden I got a headache, my head getting dizzier by the second. I looked behind me only to see black, and when I looked in front of me, I saw him. The man killer, standing directly in front of me. He didn’t do anything but stand there, it felt like forever, but suddenly he began to slowly turn, then begin walking down the aisle again. About 10 minutes later, all you could hear was the screams of one lady who he caught hiding. Ear piercing screams."

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