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my folks like to rebel, i don't know why

A topic by gabgab01 created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 677 Replies: 10
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so, half of my settlement is just made out of bronze monuments (an entire field dedicated to them), the other half is housing, a bit of infrastructure, defense and about 2 soldier barracks. for some reason my people are at roughly 80% loyalty, and they revolt from time to time. i can't fix it, already have my capital building on max level, so i can't build more monuments to appease them. alcohol seems to do less than monuments and requires a dude, so imo it's better to try to spam monuments instead of trying to import wine or make more wheat fields and breweries.

happiness is poorly explained. how much happines do i need to appease a population of X? why can't i upgrade breweries? how does the happiness correlate to morale? are there other factors to morale or is it just affected by happiness? then why have 2 different indicators for the same thing? and why do i need to build a ton of monuments to appease my people? 3 max level monuments shoudl be enough in conjunction with a few breweries.

i've got multiple villages. some of them i managed to put up to barely over 100% morale, but still, most of my cities hate me. and since i need to spend all the administration on monuments i can't build trade routes or do breweries.

TL;DR: the happiness system needs an overhaul.

Guess what, happiness got an overhaul in 2.4.



I'm new to the game. This is my biggest problem. I cannot keep people happy. They rebel, murder, feasts appear to literally do nothing, only executions reduce the riots risks. My own population ends up destroying my city and I lose the game. I have built breweries and surrounded them with houses. They don't keep happy for long. What am I doing wrong? 

Surrounding the brewery only works for level one and (if you have the upgraded brewery, which needs limestone) two houses (should also be noted that brewery need to consume wheat for them to work; so you need to get a farm or two up before you start building houses).

If you want to support level three houses you either need a level two winery (which gives three happiness), or have the houses next to multiple breweries.

Hope this helps :)


Thanks! I'll give this a try. 

I'm not a fan of the adjacency thing, for sure. The regions are so big it would seem more logical that adjacency should play a smaller role. Spamming breweries also seems weird. I wish there were other options for happiness.


Feasts were broken. They should be working in 2.4.3


hurry and fix riots made new game and day 3 a riot took out brewery the farm and the homes around the brewery i mean really day 3 come on why are my people rioting when they are at 90% upgrading main building drops happiness to 0% while its upgrading and that is when they riot and took out all the buildings..... can you fix that so buildings effect last while upgrading i notice thats when the riots start you have it set when happiness gets low riots start but upgrading building drops happiness to 0 so poof instant riot when upgrading main building plz help i like this game but can not keep playing as its broken 

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If you're playing the newest version, you require happiness and food equivalent to your population (though you should aim to have those numbers be equal to your population CAP so that you don't have issues once you grow).

Without upgrades, a brewery provides a bonus to each house next to it, providing one happiness to each house. Simplified, it provides one happiness to your total happiness per house next to it. As it does this, it consumes 5 wheat per season. When you upgrade the brewery, it produces 2 happiness per house adjacent and uses 10 wheat.

This means that you will be even on happiness to maximum population if you surround all 6 tiles around a brewery with level 1 houses. If you upgrade the brewery, then the houses can be upgraded to level 2 without any problems.

The other mechanic that causes unrest is food consumption. If your food output is less than your current population, then unrest will begin to accrue. One bakery consumes 5 wheat and produces 5 food per season, and consumes 10 wheat and produces 10 food once upgraded.

You will need:

  • 3 level 1 bakeries to feed 15 level 1 houses (15 food to 15 max pop)
  • 3 level 2 bakeries to feed 15 level 2 houses (30 food to 30 max pop)
  • 3 level 2 bakeries to feed 10 level 3 houses (30 food to 30 max pop)

Of course, you also need to make sure you have enough wheat being produced to keep your breweries and bakeries running as well.

A farm produces 5 wheat per season at level 1, 10 at level 2 (copper tools), and 15 at level 3 (bronze tools). It will produce an additional 2 food if adjacent to a level 1 windmill, 4 food if next to a level 2 windmill, and an additional +2 if built on fertile soil.

6 level 1 farms around a level 1 windmill produce a total of 42 food. This can support two level 2 bakeries and breweries, which can support up to 20 population (8 level 2 homes and 4 level 1 homes) without producing any unrest. 11 of that population will be producing food, bread and beer for everyone else.

Another thing of note, if you have grapes that you can access, a winery produces 2 happiness per adjacent home at level 1, and 3 per adjacent home at level 2... and it doesn't eat into your wheat which means more bakeries as well. A level 2 winery can be surrounded by 6 fully upgraded homes without building unrest (but would require 2 upgraded bakeries to feed).

This is all going into the basics as well. You can also stack the effects of breweries/wineries on a house as well. Its possible to arrange 4 breweries and 5 bakeries in a way that provides enough happiness and food for 16 level 3 houses.

TL;DR -- Riots aren't broken and don't need to be fixed. What needs to be fixed is clarification of how the unrest and happiness mechanics work.

I have a lot of trouble keeping my people happy to, the pop ups spam me.

Yea my own people just killed my own village.... 3rd time.