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Army units don't use any resources once you remove their buildings so I don't see much point in trying to get rid of the units. I'm pretty sure that if you order units to rest and destroy the building while the unit is inside, unit will disappear with the building. Never tested that, though.

1&2) Both suggestions are implemented in my mod

3) Or you can load a trade cart or a boat with resources and send it together with a bunch of settlers.

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I had an idea that making something of a turn-based multiplayer could be feasible.

Kinda like this. Server generates the world and shares it with players. The game is paused until all players choose to end the turn, then server takes inputs from players and runs the game for like a season or some other amount of in-game time, then syncs up the game state once again.

There are 108 occurences of 'unit' in the mod_api.d.ts and none of them relate to anything like adding, placing, or spawning a unit. one of them is:

declare function CreateUnit(unitData: UnitData, position: Hex, tribe: Tribe)

Huh. I went through mod_api and couldn't find anything related to units other than interface of that name.

I'm pretty sure that the easiest way to do this would be to have a dummy building that builds instantly, supports a unit and as soon as unit leaves you destroy it.

When population increases you tell the AI to place the building, then you deploy the unit and destroy the building.

Post your Issues & Suggestions here.

And that's pretty much what I'm doing for the next update on my Admin++ mod.

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I am working on this. In my experience the issue lies not with morale, but with unrests. I haven't made any changes to how they work and It looks like vanilla unrests are way to harsh. At least in the context of this mod, where having low morale for a couple seasons is within expectations.

Guess what, happiness got an overhaul in 2.4.

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The Seasons Update!

Version 5 for Bronze Age 2.4 includes:

  • Seasons!
  • Taverns, which use beer or wine produced by breweries and wineries to produce happiness bonus.
  • Market, which uses bread, meat and clothing to produce food and some happiness bonus.
  • Hamp fields, which produce fibers.
  • Tailor, which turns fibers into clothing.
  • Butcher, which turns pigs into meat.
  • Watchtower which has large vision area.
  • Wells&Water infrastructure.
  • Windmills turn wheat into flour which is used for making bread.
  • Leatherworks.
  • Administrative building for your town expansion needs.
  • Public baths to keep your huge towns clean and happy.
  • Changes to morale mechanics.
  • Charcoal pit and Charcoal which is required for bronze smelter.

Seasons Explained:

This version didn't get playtested and might be unbalanced, any feedback is appreciated.

When this caravan crosses from land onto the bridge when carrying resources, game freezes for a second.