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i wish i'd be capable of doing something like that.

all i did was take the "basemod" folder, copy it, and in the copy i just changed the file for the ghouls to have 0 stats (or 1 hp, for when 0 would break the game), name them "gabghouls" to see if it worked and also gave them 100 upkeep instead of 1, so they are constantly starving themselves :D

i felt like a script kiddie doing that, but right now i'm trying my hands on retexturing a bit. would like some fancy grass, but that's actually the hardest part to do, because of the way tiling works.

had the same issue here. my guess is that the ai calculation are inefficient, or that somewhere there are way too many ghouls.
river map is currently the smoothest map to play on

i've made a simple mod that makes them weak af, so i was able to deal with them.
i just didnt have the capacity to deal with them at all. they came extremely early and were ravaging a maskling camp, so by the time i noticed it there were already multiple ghoul armies roaming around, and even if i managed to weaken their numbers, they would just continue to eat masklings, and my entire army was defeated.

Awesome! can't wait for the next update, game seems promising^^

no, it wouldn't let me build them on mountains or other stony bits. but i was able to build a tent and my town hall there. also, the light is the only unit able to climb mountains. i can spawn villagers when my town hall is on a mountain, but then they are unable to move, as it costs more action points to move them than they can store.

i tried to place my town hall  on the left half of the default oasis, trying to get water, grass and forest. i then expanded with tents, as the claiming with scouts somehow didnt work. they just wouldnt do it for me. maybe my instance is just bugged?

usualy, stockpiles are displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, and would show things like "stored wood&wood per turn", "stored stone&stone per turn", "stored food&food per turn", "stored water"water per turn".
so far i dont know if/when my buildings produce. i've build a lumber hut for example, and one building which needed just one more wood to complete, and no matter how many turns passed, it just wouldn't generate wood, and the building wouldn't be finished.
also, different graphics for if the building is under construction vs if the building is working would've been nice.
as to how exactly a UI is supposed to be designed, well, i'm kinda the wrong guy to ask, but there are a few guides on youtube, some articles in the web and you can always take a look at how other games did it. maybe even come up with your own way?

thanks for the answer! i'll keep following your game and am looking forward to what you'll be doing^^ and thanks for making this game, it passed some boring hours when i had nothing else to do in class.

i've built up a relatively small empire with 3 zones, i got bronze tools and weapons and quite a bit of wealth.

my friendly maskling neighbours were being attacked by ghoulps, the ghouls feasting on them and increasing their numbers. when i noticed it, i tried my best to help my neighbours, i offered them my troops and they were kind enough to let me into their borders.

whole armies got eaten by ghouls, and no matter how many i would cut down, they always returned.

i've expanded my whole empire to sorely focus on warfare, produced army upon army of warriors, with the best bronze armour my smiths could forge, taxing the hell out of my people to try to contain the undead hordes.

it was all for naught. my armies lay slain and eaten, the ghouls using them as nourishment. my former ally is slowly being converted into more of the undead horde, and the one place they could reach into my empire can not be fortified, as for some reason my sages have not figured out how to stack stones to form a defensive wall.

so here i am, with the last remains of my armies, a few batttered veterans and a frightened troupe of simple vilülagers with spears, conscripted from the surviving rural parts of my empire.

and the undead horde draws closer...

hey, i just downloaded and tested out your game. here are a few ingame issues i'm having:

- ressources. i always lack wood or water. i built a lumberjack on a forest tile, but for some reason it just will not generate wood. no matter how many turns pass. i also run out of water really fast, so now my one worker can not move or build.

i have just built one lumberjack and one hunter at this point, on one tile of the oasis map on the left side where you have a forest, grass and water in range. there is no other place you can settle, as you can not upgrade the town hall, expand your borders far, or do anything else at all.

there also seems to be missing some cobblestone patches, and i cannot build a library to test research.

the tutorial is also kinda bugged, as i run out of water before being able to build the forester.

i also never know how many ressources are in my stockpile, i constantly have to check in the town hall menu, which is stupid.

- small bug: a worker on a mountain tile is stuck, as he will stop regenerating action points.


so, half of my settlement is just made out of bronze monuments (an entire field dedicated to them), the other half is housing, a bit of infrastructure, defense and about 2 soldier barracks. for some reason my people are at roughly 80% loyalty, and they revolt from time to time. i can't fix it, already have my capital building on max level, so i can't build more monuments to appease them. alcohol seems to do less than monuments and requires a dude, so imo it's better to try to spam monuments instead of trying to import wine or make more wheat fields and breweries.

happiness is poorly explained. how much happines do i need to appease a population of X? why can't i upgrade breweries? how does the happiness correlate to morale? are there other factors to morale or is it just affected by happiness? then why have 2 different indicators for the same thing? and why do i need to build a ton of monuments to appease my people? 3 max level monuments shoudl be enough in conjunction with a few breweries.

i've got multiple villages. some of them i managed to put up to barely over 100% morale, but still, most of my cities hate me. and since i need to spend all the administration on monuments i can't build trade routes or do breweries.

TL;DR: the happiness system needs an overhaul.

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dunno if someone found it before me, but when creating a loop with X times within a loop for X times, the outer loop will run indefinitely.


2 times[
    2 times[
         do X]
do y]

you might wanna try that. had a robot set up to make other robots, but only four at a time. ended up with an army of robots :D

i scrolled up a bit. someone else already reportet it.
i also had a hard time starting new because the tree seeds disappeared before i had time to make a workerbot to assign him to collect them. had to chop down an additional forest for new tree seeds to kickstart my tree farm :D

the game is fun, but in my opinion it's lacking online multiplayer :D would surebly be too huge a task to add such a feature, but it would be nice to be able to play with your friends over the internet (especially when they live on the other side of the country and you only have one controller at home anyways)

yep. saving in general doesn't seem to work for me. pressing enter just adds a new character. i can remove him again by holding escape thoug, but the save symbol at the top just never disappears.

not being able to go into any quest-related building is really a bummer for me.

even with the highest tier of base i somehow still feel rushed to go into the city, do things as fast as possible and then return to base. what if i just want to take a stroll? :D (or try to find any other characters besides lady with gun at the left and police girl shouting "find my friend" then dying to a zomzom).

the idea of having to find characters for towers is nice, but you have a hard time finding those characters. they're more like colectables, and with a constant horde approaching, you don't really have time to spend half an hour exploring a part of the city.

the traps and spike ideas are nice, but having to constantly replace them doesn't seem to be worth the hassle.

the walls repairing themselves after each horde is nice, but i still have no clue when they break. do i have to rush to the wall and smash the zombies there, before they tear it down, or can i take my time, lure a bunch of zombies into my traps, while the other zombies peacefully enjoy their wall-meal? a health bar would be nice to have, especially since the wall already has a hidden "durability"-stat. no point in hiding the condition of a wall, if it has a condition.

online multiplayer AFTER ps4 release? sure, i can understand that you want to make a couch coop game, but on the pc, there isn't really a market for such a niche genre. take a look at overcooked for example: fantastic game, if you have friends sitting next to you. everyone is asking for online multiplayer, because their friends are sitting on the other side of the world. online multiplayer would boost the popularity of the game massively, and waiting for it after ps4-release might be hard, as such late in development, adding online functionalities surely becomes a hassle, as everything in the game has to be changed around for it to work with the multiplayer scripts. either you add it now or never.

but yeah, apart from not being able to advance (or save, even though i started the program as administrator and such), the game is still fun, but because of the aforementioned issues, it quickly loses it's appeal. maybe if i would be able to convince a friend to play with me... oh, wait. doesn#t matter anyways :D

so far only found a few bugs:

1: going into the cave to the north (windows version on win7) causes blackscreen with "loading" happening and save symbol at top flashing. left it there for approx 5 minutes, nothing happening.

2: at the end of the tutorial (where tutorial dude gets munched), if you "rescue" that dude by killing the zombie before he get to the dude, the game is stuck. you can still look around and shoot things, but you can not move or do anything else.

- also, it apparently "deleted" my safelile. after restarting the game (alt+f4), i had to start from the beginning.

- pretty sure the above problem did the same, but as i did it right at the start, i'm not sure if it even saved in the first place.

3: when building a tower, the rotation is ignored. (tried to place a tower with the ladder facing forward. tower always faces backwards.)

some issues i found:

- the hordes are very frequent. exploring the map might be problematic, as you have to return to your base to defend the attack, so you can't really go anywhere.

- placing things with the controler seems to be flimsy from time to time. ex: placing a tower on a specific tile. you have to use the right stick on the controller to not "wanky" it. then pressing A is kinda hard, unless you hold down the right stick with the left hand, and then fiddling around with the controller.

- apparently finite fuel. it's no fun when you can't make fuel on your own in any way. maybe a 200 - ressource - pumpjack, like unturned had it? (so far have not played too much, never got to any gas station)

- towers don't have a big range. placing a tower on the top left corner in the camp (inside) doesn't allow it to shoot the zombies on the right. so i have to go out and deal with them myself, instead of entrusting the safety of my base to some random chick i just found.

- repairing (is it even there?). zombies will munch on my wall. there's the issue that apparently you can't repair walls, just upgrade them. and i don't know how much durability is left on them. how can i be sure that my high level steel wal isn't going to burst by the next rotten shambler?

- UI-annoyance: especially when playing solo, the boxes in the corners (press X to join) can be a bit annoying at times. i get it, i don't have any extra controllers and(or friends. you don't have to rub it in my face 24/7. can't you just disappear after maybe 15 seconds or so?

- camera rotation. especially useful when trying to place towers directly into the corner of walls, being able to know how far exactly away they are might be useful. but meh

and last but not least: online-multiplayer?

4 people always in the same location is surely fun, but we can't divide workload. everyone has to do the same thing (defend, explore, etc). if we have multiple people, at least let some of them explore the map while the others defend the camp.

after all, great game, great concept, lots of potential. cute graphics, maybe not enough blood, but fun nonetheless (until your base gets inevitably mawled by zambros). would've wished for more survivors though, i'd like to place 4 towers at the corner and just set off trying to get the goal stones :D