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Game Slow Down

A topic by alutz54 created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 307 Replies: 4
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Hi everybody,

I'm new to this game, only have a few hours under my belt. I've gotten to the point where I've settled a few territories and been able to keep my citizens happy and defend my borders. However, I've noticed in every one of my few games that once I start to reach about 200 population, I get this incredible lag and the game pretty much stops working. It runs very slowly and the game won't even register when I click on things so I can't even pause. Does anyone else get this issue? Are there any fixes? I feel like it starts to happen right when my empire is getting into its full swing.

Thanks ahead of time for any responses.

I've noticed in the previous version that the game slows down if the following three things are true:

(1) A city gets too large (in my case, 356 people)
(2) Optimized Tile Drawing is disabled.
(3) You mouse over a business in the big city.

I have not seen as problem with general empire growth (my current game has 683 people over 10 settlements; then again, AI incompetence means three ghoul armies are giving the AI trouble).

Have you tried a game on the 50x50 map? A small map with fewer AIs may help.

I did try the small map yesterday and it ran fine. I also then tried a game on the river valley map and it has been smooth as well. Not sure what the problem was but it might be solved.

had the same issue here. my guess is that the ai calculation are inefficient, or that somewhere there are way too many ghouls.
river map is currently the smoothest map to play on

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On a late note I'd like to confirm that yes, after playing long enough, 3.1.0 slows down for me. In my case it's mid-summer 1257, and multiple forces are expanding (the AI apparently like scattershot expansion). For reference, here's the minimap:

If you want the savegame (Hinome The Lands Of Choppin07.bwa), let me know.

EDIT: Somehow I missed the latest news (which recognized the slowdown) until just after this post. Still, the offer stands if you want to see the save game.