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HELP! ghouls are too strong, my empire is being eaten!

A topic by gabgab01 created Aug 16, 2020 Views: 342 Replies: 6
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i've built up a relatively small empire with 3 zones, i got bronze tools and weapons and quite a bit of wealth.

my friendly maskling neighbours were being attacked by ghoulps, the ghouls feasting on them and increasing their numbers. when i noticed it, i tried my best to help my neighbours, i offered them my troops and they were kind enough to let me into their borders.

whole armies got eaten by ghouls, and no matter how many i would cut down, they always returned.

i've expanded my whole empire to sorely focus on warfare, produced army upon army of warriors, with the best bronze armour my smiths could forge, taxing the hell out of my people to try to contain the undead hordes.

it was all for naught. my armies lay slain and eaten, the ghouls using them as nourishment. my former ally is slowly being converted into more of the undead horde, and the one place they could reach into my empire can not be fortified, as for some reason my sages have not figured out how to stack stones to form a defensive wall.

so here i am, with the last remains of my armies, a few batttered veterans and a frightened troupe of simple vilülagers with spears, conscripted from the surviving rural parts of my empire.

and the undead horde draws closer...

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With ghouls, you want to hit them early and hit them hard. If needed, swarm them with multiple armies.

Remember, if even a single ghoul gets away, they can eventually become a full unit.

i've made a simple mod that makes them weak af, so i was able to deal with them.
i just didnt have the capacity to deal with them at all. they came extremely early and were ravaging a maskling camp, so by the time i noticed it there were already multiple ghoul armies roaming around, and even if i managed to weaken their numbers, they would just continue to eat masklings, and my entire army was defeated.

I thought about that last night, actually; my idea is splitting ghouls into two types:

* Ghouls use the current graphics, but weak stats (say, on par with levies). They'd form Ghoul Lord leaders who have lower stats (maybe half the current Ghoul King stats).
* Armored Ghouls would be ghouls in run-down armor (broken leather, green copper/bronze,). They'd have the stats and leaders that current ghouls have, but would not show up until a certain amount of time passes in the game.

Fortunately, since they work the same, 90% of the coding is already there.

i wish i'd be capable of doing something like that.

all i did was take the "basemod" folder, copy it, and in the copy i just changed the file for the ghouls to have 0 stats (or 1 hp, for when 0 would break the game), name them "gabghouls" to see if it worked and also gave them 100 upkeep instead of 1, so they are constantly starving themselves :D

i felt like a script kiddie doing that, but right now i'm trying my hands on retexturing a bit. would like some fancy grass, but that's actually the hardest part to do, because of the way tiling works.

I have experience with small graphics, so I should have no problem creating an armored ghoul mod, but it's Shawn's decision whether he wants to do that or to take another direction.

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Come join the discord if you want. Shawn's quite active there, and it's got channels for modding. I'd be interested in what you have done.