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Awesome! can't wait for the next update, game seems promising^^

no, it wouldn't let me build them on mountains or other stony bits. but i was able to build a tent and my town hall there. also, the light is the only unit able to climb mountains. i can spawn villagers when my town hall is on a mountain, but then they are unable to move, as it costs more action points to move them than they can store.

i tried to place my town hall  on the left half of the default oasis, trying to get water, grass and forest. i then expanded with tents, as the claiming with scouts somehow didnt work. they just wouldnt do it for me. maybe my instance is just bugged?

usualy, stockpiles are displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, and would show things like "stored wood&wood per turn", "stored stone&stone per turn", "stored food&food per turn", "stored water"water per turn".
so far i dont know if/when my buildings produce. i've build a lumber hut for example, and one building which needed just one more wood to complete, and no matter how many turns passed, it just wouldn't generate wood, and the building wouldn't be finished.
also, different graphics for if the building is under construction vs if the building is working would've been nice.
as to how exactly a UI is supposed to be designed, well, i'm kinda the wrong guy to ask, but there are a few guides on youtube, some articles in the web and you can always take a look at how other games did it. maybe even come up with your own way?

thanks for the answer! i'll keep following your game and am looking forward to what you'll be doing^^ and thanks for making this game, it passed some boring hours when i had nothing else to do in class.