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Are you going to add more in the future?

Yes, I understand. I've played only a few games on low hostility and my own civilization always does me in because of unrest and murders. I know that hostility has nothing to do with unrest, but ... it does seem a bit too difficult to understand happiness ATM. I hope your mod can make leaps! Cheers for your work.

Thanks! I'll give this a try. 

I'm not a fan of the adjacency thing, for sure. The regions are so big it would seem more logical that adjacency should play a smaller role. Spamming breweries also seems weird. I wish there were other options for happiness.

I'm new to the game. This is my biggest problem. I cannot keep people happy. They rebel, murder, feasts appear to literally do nothing, only executions reduce the riots risks. My own population ends up destroying my city and I lose the game. I have built breweries and surrounded them with houses. They don't keep happy for long. What am I doing wrong? 

This is cool, but it makes a difficult game more difficult. I like the expanded chains, though. I hope we can get more options for increasing happiness. That's the thing that needs adjustment.

Been playing the game for a few days on and off. The game is nice and interesting. It has a great potential. Is it just me, though, or is the happiness thing still a problem after the rework? I have positive flow of goods and stockpiles, and I get justice problems very frequently and always escalating. I could be doing 100% fine, and then suddenly my region is in ruins because the population is unhappy for a reason that I don't understand. I have surrounded the breweries with houses and I have used the Justicar (to what effect, I'm not sure, because when I throw a feast, I am not exactly sure what happens; I still have the same amount of food and there's no message or indication that the unrest has been reduced). 

Hi there. I'm looking to make a Dwarf Fortress graphic tileset. Are you against the idea of me including some of your artwork in the tileset? I will purchase the artwork from you and credit you, but release the tileset for free, maybe some donations on my time for converting. If I can, I would like to purchase your whole collection and make a request for GOBLINS :) and UNDEAD. 

Also, do you have 24x24 versions of these?

Love this! Is it possible to get these in 24x24 or larger?