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nvm, i figured it out with the tradeships. :)

is there some way of transporting migrants across the sea?

you know its a good game when the depth of the mechanics need a tutorial so I dont mind waiting to be honest :)

Just got back into this game since the "new era" update, and have to say i am loving it! One thing maybe you could add is like a pre-set tutorial that explains how to capture, maybe the tiers of leveling from mud bricks to limestone to copper, ect. showing how to combat and things like that? I found that alot of the mechanics goes unexplained?

Liking the new 2.0 game. think its balanced nicely masklings actually protect their camps alot better now, atleast from my interaction with them. however is it possible to effectively "group" the warbands so you can tell them to go to an area at the same time as moving each individual warband is obnoxious. Also i got to about 110 citizens and my game slowed significantly. One last nit picky thing i have to ask is could you add a sound control bar for each building type as i find the lumber mills get annoying after a while :) other then that looking forward for more!

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Still sometimes get issues with "ghost items" in which a zombie drop wont really be there, and wont pick the item up regardless of inv space. Just wodered if this is a client side problem?

Can there be a zoom out/in as i feel its a bit of a headache to play with such a small field of view? Also could there be a wood storage/ storehouse as it seems like when you get to a decent size raft it just clutters. Maybe a spiked raft so that it "scares" the shark away, maybe a scarecrow for the seagull? Just a few ideas, great game so far :)

NVM, i just used the reinstall feature on the itch app and it works now? 

Just downloaded but got an error while trying to launch for the first time, doesnt work?

ah ok. Now that i know thesorta sizes the world can go to i dont mind so much. 400 chunks a side sounds more then enough. :)

Will there be an option to have a procedurally generated world or will it be removed altogether?, as a predetermined world would allow for an "end" of the game effectively?

Another thought is the further from the starting region you go the stronger the masklings get?

Just wondering if this is still a maybe?

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Keep track of whats to come on trello

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I thought of maybe fishing spots for rivers and oceans to have an alternate food source? Could be an interesting use for rivers

I was wondering could you add a plant tree type deal in the work settings, as I am abusing the copper statues and have quickly exhausted all the trees in the area. maybe the growing could take a whole in game year or season?

Several of my civs have gotten stuck on the edge of rivers and oceans. It looks like they think the ocean is accessible terrain and is trying to cross it. I have also noticed it is always in areas where there is a small sea between two rivers.

Like allowing a type of wall to be built on them as a river is running straight through one of my settlements and it allows masklings to enter through it

Yes its simple, the more/higher the population you have the bigger the settlement range will be. The formula for the specific range is 33 + Population *(times) 5

So I took a long look at the trello page and couldn't see any plan to allow any kind of fortifying rivers?

Maybe the pigs I was seeing were out of range because they are gathering again now :)

Manned walls was something I was going to suggest!

so I'm not sure if this is a bug per say, but everytime I load my world the notification for "a settlement requires copper but cannot produce it" displays makes the alert sound then goes again.

Its irrelevant to this post but didn't want to make another, could you take a look at adding a search for pig work setting as my current civs don't even bother trying, 

Thanks, not restrictive as such my settlement is maybe 60-70 tiles too far from a copper deposit. My play strat is to have one settlement that produces everything and trade wagons it to smaller, newer settlements.

Whats the radius increase for settlements influence per citizen, or however its calculated? How can I enlarge the settlements influence quickly and by a lot?

Nice job on 1.3. Its even more binge worthy now.

When you add boats, I was thinking could you add maybe a pier work designation much like the road but for water? Also just a thought maybe some time in the future a fishing hut for an alternative food source.

so I'm not sure if this has been said or come up before but I have seem to have spam clicked houses so they half overlap each other. So I can effectively have 2 houses in a 2by3 area.

none of which download

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No there is never a failed/error its just stuck in limbo as an active download.

no guide on how or what to do within the stoney/mountain biome? I assume its a future plan but I don't enjoy not being able to build on it

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I was thinking you could add a butchers so that you can control the slaughter of pigs?

Also perhaps allowing towers to be upgraded to allow for more citizens to occupy them(allowing for more and faster arrows for defense.

Make paths need stone so that there is a reason to find a mountain biome?

Allow warbands to use wagons for faster transport?

I also think a simple change should be that the new migrants message should say what settlement they are joining.

Yes, it works fine straight from the website as I did it to double check if that was the issue but still doesn't work?

I try to download games, but the download bar doesn't change and it doesn't download. just stays on the "downloading" screen? I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong ive uninstalled and reinstalled the itch app but without luck?